How to sleep on curly hair

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2 561 views | 9 Dec. 2020

A huge thank you to

A huge thank you to LilySilk for providing the silk beauty products for today's video!

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Silk beauty set: https://bit.ly/3q8pYT4

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Silk bonnet https://bit.ly/3n4wx7q

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Keri Wallace

Question. I do my wash routine at night, plop my hair and sleep on it. Should I be doing this? I would have to get up for work super early to fix it before work. Help I need some advice

Camila Montiel

Hey can I ask a curly hair video that is cheap/drugstore with silicone and sulfate free hair products. I’ve been trying to find hair products that can give me the best 2c- 3a curls. I love your video so much they are super helpful. I am starting my curly hair journey. As a little girl I had good curls but as I got older I didn’t know how to take care of them.


Super helpful! I'll be investing in a silk pillowcase. Can you make a video on how you refresh your next day curls after a wash day? I always find that my curls look stringy and unless I submerge them in water all over again they don't bounce back. At that point I give up and brush it out and then just braid my hair until my next wash day.

Nutree Cosmetics

Very helpful video ? Thanks a lot! Please visit my channel about tried hair products that really work, and don't forget to subscribe! ?


I love the Video. But what is about shorter hair, which doesnt stay in a high ponytail?

Bell Mendoza

The second one works for me ?❤️

Relaxing Music - By Alê

Woww, this is very good - My daughter has curly hair, and she always wakes up messy, thanks for share it ?

Kathy ONeil

Very helpful. Thank you.

How to sleep on curly hair

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How to Sleep with Curly/Wavy Hair | Wrapping with a Silk Scarf

173 154 views | 26 Jun. 2019

This video is a run

This video is a run through of how I wrap my curls in a silk scarf to preserve them over night.

Silk Scarf - https://amzn.to/2Xa81c3

Denman Brush - https://amzn.to/2IJZXpJ


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My name is Maddison or Curlmesweet!

This channel is all things beauty, life, and everything in between!

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Ayesha Qureshi

Thank you! This was the only video that explained it properly.

Samantha Flatt

Thank you for this!! I think this might work for me, I have yet to find a way to keep my curls intact overnight. Off to Amazon I go ?

Diane Evans

Thank you for putting this video together. My hair just recently went from straight to wavy/curly and I'm having to learn how to deal with this new texture. The length of my hair doesn't allow for putting it up in the "pineapple" so I'm looking forward to trying this and seeing if it will help my day 2 hair. Wondering if you could do a video of your hair the next day and what you do to refresh it. Thanks again for such a great video.


You should just order a silk beanie. They work great and it’s easier

Ellen Batkin

Thank you this really helped my curls


your curls are gorgeous and this is a great technique!

Lindaaa aaa

This literally changed the game for me! My curl clumps now stay pretty & in tact for DAYS ?

Rose from UK

Please do more videos, your hair is just like mine.


omg i literally think that this is a first aid knot for head injury with triangular bandage ?

Kelly V

Thanks for sharing. My hair is much shorter than yours so no pineapple for me. I do have a silk pillowcase but going to give this a try too. Does the silk let your head breath so it doesn't get hot? I am at that age in life where I get a little hot while sleeping ;0) I am fairly new to the CGM found it back in summer of 2018. I never knew my hair could be this curly! I feel like our curls are very similar. Will be checking out more of your videos. TY

Emily Lian

Omfg I’ve been sleeping on getting a silk scarf. I knew I needed one but this is literally the solution to all my problems. I struggle to get my hair in my bonnet and then I think I mess it up ?

Jessica Wilson

Just FYI/heads up. The scarf you are using and the one linked is not real silk.... it is "silk like polyester". Now having said that, it is neat to know that you like the results and haven't had issues with a scarf that is not true silk but I wanted to say something in case someone was under the impression the scarf was genuine silk.

Victoria Lozada

Will be trying this real soon!

Nonmi Hiseddeo

Great tutorial! I got it right the first time, curls looked fabulous the next day, thank you, Thank You, THANK YOU ╰(▔∀▔)╯


Damn, where do you buy your scarves from ?

Martin Romano

I have very rough, wavy and easily matted hair so I need to shower almost everyday which i dislike due to my busy schedule. I’m hoping if I can stop my hair from moving and turning with me all night I can prevent the rats nest that always seems to form

April Carbone

I need help with my hair I’m getting older my gray is kinky and wavy and it freezes. I never had trouble with my hair I don’t know what product to use what do you think?

Christi Farris

Denman brushes rule! But it took me a little while for me to learn to use it correctly. I don't know if I would ever get that kind of definition any other way.

Joey M

Step 1: Dont go to sleep


i have stuck out, protruded ears and it always falls down ?

B Smith

Dead give away to my husband that I am concerned about aging: head scarves, face masks and gloved hands and feet all at bed time. If we were younger, it would make for great birth control!

Alyssa Cornelius

I am so glad that I found this!! Thank you! I have curls that look to be a similar texture to yours so will definitely try this.

Lydia Lenington

Maybe a strange question form a new curly girl (yay hormones!): do you wrap your hair before sex? Does your husband have an opinion on the matter?


I’ve never been able to get a silk scarf to stay on my head for 2 secs before this


Thank you so much! What size scarf did you use?

Ray Hayden, J.D.

Dropping another LIKE on your video, Watching and Supporting!

Kristi Fenrich

I've tried this, but having a knot at the back of my head is super uncomfortable for sleeping! I don't know how people can stand it. Maybe y'all are strictly side sleepers only. :/


Thanks! I especially appreciate the link because it's hard to tell quality with online retailers.


Trying this method... will update once I wake up, I am a crazy sleeper.? Edit: it stayed! Yay


I'm a crazy sleeper and have a lot of hair and it stayed!!!

Pravljični kanal

Finally someone with my curl pattern! Subscribed!

miss kitty

Can you use Polyester scarf?

Dayana Jimenez

Please make a video for the Denman brush!


Thanks I was having trouble tying mine this is the only video that has a good explanation

Maribeth Haczewski

Holy S**t!!! Thank you!!! Perfect explanation and demonstration !!!

Natyh Deggerone

omg thank u!! it works!

but i have a question...how u hold ur hair ? (u know, when its sumer, like ponytail)

Jenifer So

Hahahaha I start wanting to take care of my hair now , interesting !!!

Monique Reads

Finally! Someone with my curl type! So glad i found you lol love your content!

Meph #

You explained it so well. Thank you!

Rachel Schultz

What do you tell the hairstylist when you get a cut? Love your hair! Is your hair thick; or fine?

N. S.

FYI, if a scarf costs $6 it is NOT silk, it's polyester, which is plastic. Wearing plastic and sleeping wrapped in plastic is very bad for you, as it breaks down into tiny particles which rub on your skin and which you will inhale. Plastic does not disintegrate, it stays in the environment and in your system forever. On the other hand, 100% silk is a natural fiber - breathable, moisture absorbing, soft, warm when you are cold, cool when you are too warm, biodegradable, non-toxic, and just all the benefits of nature. A lot of people are sadly out of touch and choose cheapness over quality of life.

Andi Philippe

Is it possible to wet plop in a silk scarf?

Magdalena Prettycripple

Great. Thanks for this video. I will try it. AND it is so much cheaper than the SILKE Head scarf that I have been reading about on Sephora and other sites. The SILKE scarf is very attractive and a turban but for over $65??? WHA? No thanks. I have been sleeping on satin pillow cases but still get frizz, so I will try your technique.


for curl types this is actually more 3a or 2c, but not type 4


Omg thank u so so soo much. But my waves are poofier, like u could say "fatter than urs". Like if i did ur kind of curls we would have had the same lenght of hair but mine has a different style right now and i feel liek it could break easily when i sleep so I'll try the scarf tecknique and it hopefully lasts fingers crosed???, thanks again❤

god slaya

Thanks a lot❤️❤️

Bianca Davila-Denizard

You explained it soooo well!! I kept having the issue that my scarf would slip off my hair at night but this method changed my life. My curls now stay intact for days.


My curls are exactly this type! and almost the same hair length! Thank you sooo much for this video!! ✨?

Alyssa Foxworth

Can you do this with wet hair?

nafees Qureshi

Amazing sis.


Thanks so much! I just received my scarf in the mail today (I ordered the same one you are using). I’ve been using a silk cap, but it is too big, and my hair “falls” to the sides of it. I am so excited to try this scarf technique, as this is exactly the kind of thing I’ve been looking for.❤️

phine newcombe

honestly i don’t even have curly hair, it’s just super thick and reasonably long and i move a lot in my sleep, so i almost always wake up with matted sections. i tried this and it worked WONDERS. 10/10 would definitely recommend and will be using for the foreseeable future ?

Victoria Yirka

I have fine thin straight hair. I love wearing curls because it gives me volume but I can ever get them to stay overnight... I’m trying the head scarf to see if it can save them for the next day!

Alice in Middle Earth

Oh wow I was looking everywhere for a tutorial just like this! Thank you so much for showing me how to properly do this head wrapping magic after I've been flailing about with my silk scarf for weeks ?♥️

Swavy Curly Courtney

WOW! I have never been able to get a silk scarf to work for me! But you explained it so well I'm going to give it another try!

kelly reijntjes

I just curled my hair right before going to bed, ‘cause I was bored. Usually my curls don’t make it till the morning if I sleep on them, so I hope this will work for curls made with a curling iron, haha! Thanks for this video, it was so easy to follow! ☺️

Es Daniela

Very helpful! I'm trying this in my 1C/2A hair tonite!

Robin Zavala

How big is this scarf?

YouTube Blast Off

Congrats on 1,000 subscribers! I think I was number 1,000.

Ray Hayden, J.D.

Grabbing your hair and skincare playlist today whilst I study for the bar exam! Watching and Supporting!

Mona Loré

Silk is not satin and satin is not silk. That is what makes the difference between curls that stay kinda intact and not as dry and curls that STAY COILED AND LOOK GLOSSIER THE NEXT MORNING. ONLY SILK CAN ACCOMPLISH THIS. Your link leads to a satin scarf whose description is purposely misleading so that people who don’t pay attention buy it thinking they are getting silk when it’s actually a synthetic fiber called SATIN. Great job on the wrapping style though, that one is perfect for short hair, it’s not quite as easy but could still be doable on long hair with a bigger scarf maybe?


I have the exact hair length as you, so this is gonna super helpful! Thanks!


My hair is too long and my scarf is too short


ugh my hair is too long

Maeve D

my hairs too big for scarves:(

Ale F

Great! I’ll try it...thanks!!

Judy Moore

I didn’t see the link to purchase the scarf, help!

Gavin Daphne King

I was really struggling with this and this helped a lot, thank you!

A. B.

I’m gonna try this. I’ve tried plopping overnight in a silk scarf but that smashed the top of my hair into my head and gave me weird side bangs.

Carly E

Thank you for posting this video! So helpful and trying it tonight ?


Do you get marks on your forehead/cheeks/face from the scarf?

Shanna Robertson

My scarf isn’t quite big enough for my length. Any way I can still do this? I want to be able to curl my hair the night before and have it last.


Can you basically do a plop method and get the same result? O

Screw you

The scarf she linked is 100% polyester not silk

Caroline Casey

Holy shit, this is the only video that’s helped me do this. I move a ton in my sleep so silk pillowcases don’t do anything for me. Thank you!!

Sierra Baby

I just bought the pink with belts and ropes design I wanted one for this ???

Abby Noonan

i tried this and my hair is too long ?

Nyoka Brooks

Black girls have been doing this forever... it called the pineapple??‍♀️


Does the knot in back bother you? I'm s back sleeper so I'm concerned


this is so useful

Shannon Phillips

This is the same way I sleep with my curls at night (my hair is really similar to yours) but it seems to press/ straighten my hair above my ears and haven't figured out a way to keep those in tact more.

Anna Georgiou

Can you show how you would do it leaving overnight to dry? I try doing with a tshirt it works but sometimes it’s frizzy-any tips? Is a silk scarf bette? Less frizz ? thank you!?

Marron Stone

Hope my hair will eventually go like yours. It seems to have that potential, just not sure how to get it yet (it's there when wet, so need to improve my technique). Gonna try the scarf today!

LN Braden

Thank you! Great explanation! Just put a scarf in my Amazon cart.

P Heart

Dont you get forehead marks?

Ansley Mac

Does it work for long hair

Tori Hawthorne

I want to see Denman brush video


THANK YOU so much for this video!! After looking for the longest time I finally found someone who has my hair type. I swear I'm gonna wear this to sleep every night now

Chris Slayer

Thank you for this!! I’m a dude that has hair with a lot of volume. It’s overwhelming. I have to wet style it, clip my hair down so it looks wavy and not poofy. This takes about an hour from start to finish (I typically do everything else while it air dries for that hour)

I love how it turns out when i take the clips out. However the next morning I wake up looking like a hot mess. Hopefully this silk wrap works for me. Going to see if there is a black one on amazon. Thanks for the video. Love your hair btw! What products do you use?

Sugoi Harris

Ive tried all kinds of things to protect my hair at night and I'm not happy with any of them. We have very similar hair types so Im hoping this works.


I might have to try this. My hair is naturally wavy, maybe it will help make the waves looking better.

Jennifer C

Can we see how it looks in the morning?

Diana Reynolds

Thank you so much I had a silk scarf and a pineapple wouldnt work on me cause i dont have curls on my roots and i followed ur vid along and i am forever greatful to you when i let my hair in the mornin it looked stunning and not frizzy so thank you ❤

Sara Aysan

Such an easy way to tie it!!!


Finally! Someone with my curl type.

Meg Love

I'm trying this tonight. Feels super comfortable! Thanks!!

Mikayla Hoover

My scarf just came in so I’m trying this for the first time tonight!! I’m so excited!!

Holland Baker

i have short wavy hair pretty similar to yours and i’ve never been able to find a way to sleep without completely ruining them! all the high ponytails everyone recommends don’t work that well for short hair like mine! i will have to try this.


Thanks. I have never quite been able to figure it out. Ordered using your link!


I'll try this tonight bc I am tired of straightening my waves to fix it