Sleep beauty

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Sleeping Beauty - Philip Fights The Dragon - Kiss From a Rose

3 752 972 views | 27 Nov. 2010

Once upon a time...

Once upon a time...

James Sparkman

Maleficent: so I can turn into a dragon and burn the forests on purpose
James uh uh yes as a matter of fact

Antti Nissinen

666 dislikes now.

MBart MBart

Why did Aurora feel glad to see Philip again at 4:11?

Jason Yu

Only one prince can kill a dragon


Maleficent: I go up to the top of my tower. Can I see Prince Philip?
DM: *rolls die* Yes, he's sitting atop his white horse, holding a Shield and a Sword. Flora, Fauna and Merryweather are with him, too. They're headed for King Stephan's castle.
Maleficent: Gonna pay them back for what they did to my Familiar... Are there any rock formations, narrow ledges, cliffs, precipices and/or caves he'll have to ride through or cross over or ride under in order to reach the castle?
DM: Yes, there is.
Maleficent: Okay, then I use "Call Lightning" to take control of the overhead storm and try to strike down a bunch of debris on top of him.
DM: Uh, why not just strike him with the attack?
Maleficent: He had no Sword or Shield when I caught him, which means that they were probably given to him by those little pixies. And knowing them (and YOU) that Shield probably has enchantments tailored to giving him resistances against my spells specifically.
Philip: Hey, isn't that meta gaming?!
DM: *rolls die* Nah, her Int check checks out. Plus, it's a pretty reasonable assumption given her centuries-long enmity with the Three Good Faeries.
Maleficent: Yeah, so he'd probably get halved damage at best from Call Lightning, but I bet you that Shield provides him no resistances against falling debris!
DM: Fair enough. *rolls die* Rocks fall, Philip. What do you do?
Philip: I raise my Shield above my head and try to protect myself and Samson as well as I can.
DM: *rolls die* Very well done. Maleficent? What do you do?
Maleficent: Another Lightning strike! I try to raze the road ahead of him!
DM: *rolls die* Philip, the road ahead of you is struck by a bolt of lightning, the very ground crumbles and falls down a deep abyss.
Philip: Cr*p! Uh, I hit the breaks and try to hurriedly find the narrowest spot in the fissure and then I get Manson to jump across to the other side from that spot!
DM: *rolls die* Manson rears back but you manage to get him under control, you guide him down the abyss to a ledge and you leap across unscathed! The castle is not far off now.
Maleficent: I cast "Wall of Thorns" on the bridge leading over into the castle!
Philip: Uh, that spell only has a range of 120 ft. There's literally NO WAY you can cast it all the way from your castle to King Stephan's castle.
DM: Actually, thanks to her staff, she can. However, the increased range and AOE of the Wall of Thorns cast with her staff costs her an 8th level spell slot rather than a 6th.
Philip: What the f*ck kinda broken-a**, homebrew sh*t items have you given her?!
Maleficent: Pretty sure the boy with the magic Sword and Shield has no room to complain.
DM: Right. *rolls die* A thick wall/forest of brambly bushes covered in dagger-long thorns instantly sprouts from the ground on the castle bridge, cutting you off from the building.
Philip: Urgh... Can this sword cast "Horrid Wilting"?
DM: No.
Philip: Yeah, f*cking figures! I swear, you've given her the most broken-a** items but my stuff, that was tailor-made to combat her stuff, btw, just plain sucks... Urgh, fine, I try to cut my way through the Wall of Thorns, but I also keep my Shield up to push branches and stuff out of the way.
Maleficent: *snrk*
DM: *repeatedly rolls die* Hm... Okay, Manson got a bit hurt by the ordeal, but with the help of the Three Good Faeries you manage to cut your way through.
Maleficent: WHAT?! No, he doesn't! That Wall of Thorns would've killed him long before he got through! There's literally no way he did that without dying, or at the very least getting hurt! Even if he's able to slowly move through the Wall of Thorns, the branches regrow if you try to cut them down!
DM: If you're using a non-magical sword, sure, but-
Maleficent: -but this is a Sword tailored to cutting through my spells, yeah, yeah, I gotcha...
Philip: Yes! Suck it!
DM: Okay, Philip, you're finally crossing the bridge and heading into King Stephan's castle-
Maleficent: Oh no he's not! I use "Teleport"! I put myself between him and the castle!
Philip: Teleport is not on the Druid's spell list!
DM: *rolls die* A swirling will-o-the-wisp strikes the bridge right ahead of you, Philip. Flames burst forth and there, among the flames, stands Maleficent, dark and foreboding.
Philip: ʷᵉˡˡ ˢʰ*ᵗ...
Maleficent: Okay, consider the following an Intimidation check to get him warmed up for what's to come: "Now shall you deal with me, o Prince! And all the powers of HELL!"
DM: ᴰᵃᵐⁿ, ᵗʰᵃᵗ ʷᵃˢ ᵃ ᵖʳᵉᵗᵗʸ ˢʷᵉᵉᵗ ˡᶦⁿᵉ...
Philip: ᵈᶦᵈ ˢʰᵉ ʲᵘˢᵗ ˢᵃʸ "ʰ*ˡˡ" ʷᶦᵗʰᵒᵘᵗ ᵍᵉᵗᵗᶦⁿᵍ ᶜᵉⁿˢᵒʳᵉᵈ...ˀ
Maleficent: Following the Intimidation check I use "True Polymorph" to transform into a Dragon! And the first thing I do as a Dragon is reinforce my Intimidation check with "Frightful Presence"!
DM: *repeatedly rolls die* ...Philip. You're intimidated.
Philip: You don't say?! Also, how many levels in how many classes has she taken?!
Maleficent: Mwah-hah-hah-hah-hah-hah-haah!
DM: Yes, you're demoralized, but not frightened.
Philip: Right then... Charge!
Maleficent: Oh that's absolutely precious. Fire Breath!
Philip: Don't fail me now, Shield!
DM: *rolls die* You block the jet of flames, but it knocks you out of Samson's saddle!
Maleficent: Again! Fire Breath!
Philip: Time to get the f*ck outta dodge!
DM: *rolls die* You manage to evade the stream of searing flames yet again, but they destroy the bridge leading forward. You're standing on the ledge. What do you do?
Philip: Can I actually reach her from my current position?
DM: Well... no...
Philip: Then I fail to see what I'm supposed to do?!
Maleficent: Well, isn't that a terrible pity? Seeing as the good Prince here is running out of options, I'll go with another Fire Breath followed by a Bite attack!
Philip: Uh, I block the Fire Breath with my Shield and then dodge the Bite attack by throwing myself into the Wall of Thorns to break sight!
DM: *roll die* Hmm, complete whiff on the Bite Attack. Maleficent? You lost sight of him. For all you know, he may have been turned to ashes by the Fire Breath attack.
Maleficent: Ah... I peer into the brambles and see if I can see his charred bones.
Philip: When her head gets closer to me, I attack her twice, plus extra action for another attack!
DM: *rolls* The first attack lands right across the Dragon's snout! The following two attacks unfortunately doesn't make it past her AC. Maleficent? Your turn.
Maleficent: Double Bite attack!
DM: *rolls* Hmm, nope, that Shield gives him a way too high AC.
Philip: I use the Wall of Thorns to break line of sight again and await my next opportunity.
Maleficent: Fine! I use Fire Breath again! I'm setting this whole damn Wall of Thorns on fire!
Philip: Oh cr*p.
DM: *rolls die* "Oh cr*p" is right! You're standing in the middle of an inferno!
Philip: Okay, I pull back! I try to find a safe space!
DM: You back up to a steep cliff. Flora calls for you to climb up.
Philip: Not like I've got any choice now, do I? I climb like my life depended on it.
Maleficent: Can I see him now?
DM: Yes, you can. He's just reached the top of a very steep cliff surrounded by burning thorns.
Maleficent: I lunge! I use double Bite attacks!
Philip: I fight defensively, trying to hit her whenever her head gets close!
DM: Mmhm... *repeatedly rolls die* ...blasted ACs... Nevertheless, she's got you on the ropes, Philip. Though neither of you manage to draw blood, she's pushed you to the other edge of the steep cliff. *roll die* You almost slip off and fall down into the brambly inferno below.
Maleficent: I take the opportunity! I use my last Fire Breath!
Philip: I try to block it!
DM: *rolls die* Uh-oh... You managed to avoid damage, but your Shield was knocked out of your grasp and falls down into the raging fires below.
Maleficent: Hah! You're dead!
Philip: What about the Three Faeries? Can they help?
DM: Hmm... *rolls die thrice* Yes, each one of them cast a blessing upon your Sword.
Maleficent: I rear up to do a lunging Bite attack!
Philip: I throw the Sword at her when she rears up, trying to hit her in the heart!
DM: Uh, okay, just a sec. *rolls die* Whoa... Nat 20... *rolls dices* Oh... Oh f*ck... F*****CK that's A LOT of damage! Uhm, sorry, Mal, but this is, as they say, "it" for you...
Maleficent: It's not over until it's over! I did a lunging Bite attack! Did it hit or not?! If I'm going down, I'm at least going to try to take him with me!
Philip: I try to dodge!
DM: D'uh, obviously! *rolls die* As the Dragon lunges at you, you leap aside. The monster tumbles past you and over the cliff, down into the roaring flames beneath the cliff. Seconds later the fires die down and at the bottom of the cliff you see Maleficent's empty robes pinned to the ground by your Sword, the sacred brilliance of its blade swiftly turns an accursed black as the seething evil in Maleficent's impaled heart defiles the very weapon that pieced it.

Jude UK

Cant believe this is 61 years old it looks like it could have been made this year the audio gives it away though

Sir ClogsworthYT

When my mom was a kid this scene would scare her to death, no joke when I was young and watched this movie, she just skipped this part even though it was one of the most iconic Disney battles,


2:55 how did he survive that? Lol

erdem kara

Gosh, Maleficent's death might not be the most disturbing among Disney villains but it's likely the most painful, in the space of 15 seconds she is stabbed with a sword, burn to a crisp, crushed by rocks and fell over thorns. I don't recall many other Disney villains that has this much to deal with while dying...

A. Rose Cash

One of my favorite scenes from Disney animation ☺️

Chris Balanda

Philp let's get my fusion razor blades for a closer cut


Link would've trashed maleficent

Jedi & sith king 123

This is righteous

Da Lime

"now shall you deal with ME oh prince, and all the powerssss of HELLL!!!!"

never knew how badass this line was as a kid


I know hell isn't. Bad words but I did think they would put it in here xD

Chrissy Luginbill

Great MOVIE by the way!! ?❤?❤?❤?❤?❤?❤?❤?❤?


This is etched in my mind cz it was my favorite sequence, its just AMAZING✨

Sunni Corran

Shortly after Malificent dies, she finds herself in underworld with Hades, who brings her back from the grave, they get locked up by the heroes of Auradon, and later have Mal. After they break apart and Hades leaves. Thus is the start of Descendants.

Viny Pig_120

And all the powers of HELL!

Me: seriously Disney??


1:48 "The seal was broken and a new era of terror has begun....."

Blue rose Koro

Wait a minute....

Where’s Aqua?

Justin Quigley

Maleficents eyes burned with fury.Thrusting her arm forward,she sent a lightning bolt from her sharp bony finger.It smashed against a stone archway just ahead of the Prince.Samson whinnied in fear but kept going, Prince Philip held up his enchanted shield, and the falling rocks knocked against it and fell to the ground.Samson raced off the castle grounds.Ahead of him was a crevice in the earth just narrow enough to leap over.CRRRAACCCCK! Maleficent hurled another lightning bolt.It hit the crevice, opening it too wide to cross.Horse and rider slid downward on a steep pile of rocks and dirt.Samson struggled to keep upright.He hit the bottom on all fours, and leaping up the ravine with all his strength,made it to the other side.The fairies followed him,three specks of bright light.Maleficent watched,her rage boiling inside her.If the prince wanted a fight,she was ready for him.She raised her staff high and chanted,A forest of thorns shall be his tomb,Borne to the skies on a fog of doom,now go with a curse and serve me well, round stefan's castle cast my spell! Prince Philip dug his heels into samson's flanks.He could see King Stefan's castle in the distance.There were only a few miles left...CRRRRAACCCCK! Maleficents lightning coated the countryside in blinding whiteness.For a moment, Prince Philip could see nothing.He shielded his eyes and pulled back on samson's reins.When his eyes recovered,he no longer saw the castle.A black forest of thorny vines now blocked his view.The vines were rising upward at an uncanny speed, twining around each other, choking off all light.They hardened and thickened, and the thorns became as sharp as daggers.No ordinary sword could possibly cut these vines,but Prince Philips blade glowed with the magic of the fairies.He rode forward at full speed, swinging with all his might.Whack!His sword sliced cleanly through a vine.It fell to the ground with a heavy thump.Whack! Whack!Whack!Vine after vine tumbled away.With each thrust,the prince fought his way over to the castle.Far behind him, Maleficent stared in disbelief,It cannot be!She said.In a fiery whirl,the witch rose into the air.She hurtled herself across the countryside, landing in front of Prince Philip in a blazing ball of fire.Samson reared up at the flames.The prince struggled to keep him steady.Now shall you deal with me,o prince, Maleficent thundered, and all the powers of hell.She disappeared into the ball of fire,which began to swell.The prince drew back his sword.The fairies looked on, terrified at whatever might happen next.BOOOOMMMM!An explosion shook the ground, and the ball of fire seemed to swallow everything around it,as if Maleficent had suddenly brought the sun to the earth.Then,in the midst of the jumping flame's, Maleficents figure shot upward and transformed into a huge dragon.Its head loomed higher than the highest tree and it's eyes were a fiery orange.Its deep violet scales glinted like armor.Each time it breathed,it's mouth spewed a roaring column of fire.The heat of its breath knocked prince Philip off samson,who galloped away in terror.HHHHHAAAAA!A fiery blast shot toward the prince.He scrambled behind a thicket of vines.By the silence that followed,he could tell the dragon lost sight of him.He waited, watching the shadow of the dragons head coming closer...closer.At the last moment the prince jumped out of hiding.With a solid wack,he struck the dragon over the head.The sword bounced off.Bellowing with anger and pain,the dragon blew fire over the entire forest.Flames rose from the ground, surrounding Prince Philip on all sides.Up! Came Flora's voice from above.Up this way.Philip looked around to see his only path of escape-Up a smooth cliff untouched by the flame's.Digging in with his fingers,he scrambled to the top.The prince barely had time to get to his feet before the dragon materialized before him.Now it too,stood on the cliff.Prince Philip was trapped,if he moved backward,he would fall over the cliff into the bed of flame's.The dragon lunged toward him.It opened it's mouth to draw breath.Prince Philip raised his magic shield.HHHHHAAAAA!The flame hit the shield like the volley of a cannon.The shield flew out of the prince's hands and over the cliff.He held up sword,but it was of little use.The heat was now too great for him to get close to the dragon.In desperation,he drew back his arm and took aim at the dragons head.Above him,the fairies hovered anxiously.Together they sent a flurry of magic dust toward his sword.Flora quickly chanted, sword of truth fly swift and sure that evil die and good endure.Prince Philip threw his sword, and it sliced through the air,its point gleaming with the good magic of the fairies.For a moment,it seemed to disappear into the flame's.But the anguished screech of the dragon left no doubt where the sword had landed.Staggering forward,the dragon opened it's huge mouth.The sword was buried deep in it's Heart.It barred it's teeth and lurched toward the prince, ready to swallow him whole.Prince Philip ducked away.The giant jaws snapped shut inches from his face.The dragon, weakened with pain, could not stop itself from falling forward.With a bellow that seemed to blot out all other sounds on earth,the dragon plunged over the cliff to it's fiery death.The prince looked over the edge.He could see the shank of his sword among the smoldering flames.Impaled on the sword was a black cape.It was all that remained of Maleficent.The prince sank to his knees.His chest heaved with exhaustion, and his eyes burned from the smoke.Around him fluttered three white lights.The prince knew that the fairies had saved his life.Someday he would thank them,but right now no words could escape his parched throat.Beside him, sniffing curiously,was samson.He had returned to his master.For the first time, since his capture, prince philip smiled.Tgen he noticed more movement around him.The thorny vines were shrinking, dissolving back into the ground.The fire blew out like candles on a birthday cake.The smoke vanished into the sky, and the sun shine brilliant and warm.The fairies smiled, jumping up and down excitedly.Rising before them,no longer hidden by thorns and fire,was King Stefan's castle.It glimmered as if washed by a spring rain,and it's gates stood open.Inside,the courtiers and townspeople were still fast asleep.Prince Philip walked past them, escorted by the fairies.They went straight to the castle tower and climbed the steps to the room in which Aurora lay sleeping.The prince pushed the door open.His breath caught in his throat.She was almost as lovely asleep as she was awake.The prince was overcome with the desire to look into her eyes again.He knelt beside her and planted a soft kiss on her lips.The fairies held their breath.Slowly Aurora's eyes flickered once,then twice.When they caught sight of Prince Philip,they opened fully.Then a warm smile brought the princess's face back to life.Bursting with happiness,the fairies squealed and hugged each other.Come,you two!Flora said to the couple.To the royal court!All over the castle, people began to stir.Arms stretched, and mouths yawned.


What an adorable movie!


Prince Phillip is one of very few Princes who fights for the girl he loves. The three good fairies used their magic to help him but he did the fighting himself.

DarmawanMelody SherinaPSFanatics

Fun fact; Maleficent is one of few Disney Villains who say "Hell"

Jose Velez


Dreamon's Lair

My favorite final battles in movies are when the antagonist turns into my favorite mythical creature ?

Megaman Z

Prince Phillip: A real Hero-Prince. Granted there is also Prince Eric, but there was something about Maleficent that was far more terrifying than Ursula. Not to mention, unlike Eric, Phillip actually fought face-to-face with Maleficent. In dragon form no less with a forest of thorns burning all around him.

Alex P.D

If you pay attention Flora casts a spell on the sorde that's why Phillip is able to kill Maleficent , also without the help of the fairies the prince was next to useless ... The fairies saved the day not the prince ,he played a part ... But the fairies are the real heroes of the piece

James Sparkman

As dragons go that one was scary y to o say the least

Kaden Williams

' how far the pawn shop downstairs Capital deal with me yo princess


She snaps her jaws like Tic Toc and other Disney crocs.

Princess Butterfly Sadie

When I was a kid, I didn't think it wasn't the sword that killed her, only good fairies' magic because after she died, there was nothing left of her but only her coat. They didn't just stab her, they dissolved her as if she was melting.

James Sparkman

So let’s go where science meets imagination and ecology meets make believe now a dragon can blow fire on forests and dome trees need flame to sprout in fact a dragon can use fire in when there is an abandoned village and the flame is burning allowing seeds to SF grow from species of trees

Joshua Lowe

Maleficent & Frollo were the few villains to say the word hell. Hades said "underworld"

Elijah Walker


Lemony Crinkles

I remember watching this movie as a young kid & this scene when Maleficent transforms herself into the dragon was especially terrifying ! ? I can still see myself hanging on to the edge of my seat ?

Blaine Ward

Total carry by the fairies

Bernard Bill Chee

Flora: oh sword of truth fly swift and sure and let evil die good and endure. Maleficent: ahhhh


This reminds me of the 2016 presidential elections...


"Now shall you deal with me O Prince, and all the powers of HELL!!!!" One of the greatest lines in cinematic history!

Larissa Gaudêncio


Andrew Glatfelter

I would put the intensity of this scene up against the HALO jump in Navy Seals


1:32, I'm just now noticing this after 31 years of living, but does anyone else see Maleficent's outfit bunching up behind her? Like it's about ready to explode or she's subtly transforming just before the big boom?

Jonathan Roberto


King 2202

Hercules: oh, sure give it a second.........SERIOUSLY, fuck you Disney.

Marlana Riley

Love this movie, even as an adult

Brayden Roth

I'd say Maleficent is probably a pretty scary villain as a dragon, really amazing of how they gave this ol' film an epic battle to the greatest villain of them all.

Anna Bugtong

the dragon looks like ender dragon ngl


To think, we COULD have gotten to see this in live action, but Disney wanted a feminist version of the story where one of their most iconic villains is supposed to be sympathetic and all the male characters useless or malevolent.

Astartes Willum

This whole fight is badass.

Jeremy G

check out the documentary about making Sleeping Beauty. This pushed the boundaries of animation incredibly! They even had live action recordings so the artists could use physical references for the movement, such as during the dragon fight. It has added another layer of appreciation for me.

Comprehension Password

Landed on the football field.

Adeline Walter


Simone Chèrie

Flora even said that spell like a bible verse ??

Joshua Lodico

What kind of swordsmen throws their weapon? He was screwed if he missed

Kaden Williams

is a

The Official Andy Saenz

Prince Philip was the bravest Disney prince ever! ????


the musical score to this sounds very much like the 1812 overture.


1:51 vaguely sounds like the beginning of Fatalis' theme

Spell Champ

I love this ❤️

James Sparkman

3:21 if you look around the reason the thorns are disappearing because maleficent as a dragon was killed and when a witch or evil fairy dies all of her evil magic dies with her


“Now, Sword of Truth, fly swift and sure. That evil die and good endure.”

João B

his action was basically gardening. the fairies did it all


Wow Dark Souls looks lit


What confuses me about Maleficent is that she was a dragon disguised as a human this whole time or just a human that can transform in a dragon ??

Elkanah Dixson

the music is perfectly scored and LOUD!

yung muney

Is it an unpopular opinion to say that the 3 faries are the actual main protagonists of this movie?

Nintendorak Yamato

The animation quality looks like in the Akira movie

Larissa Gaudêncio

Ed ggf fg gff gd GG vc h vc v do vc fg ggf g vc g vc g vc g vc fg vc vc fg vc vc g vc g vc dg vc g vc g vc vc gb

James Sparkman

James maleficent
Maleficent yes i realized you’re dragon transformation has a good use
Maleficent what would that be prescribed fire

tony shumway

Chapter 2
1But speak thou the things which become sound doctrine:

2That the aged men be sober, grave, temperate, sound in faith, in charity, in patience.

3The aged women likewise, that they be in behaviour as becometh holiness, not false accusers, not given to much wine, teachers of good things;

4That they may teach the young women to be sober, to love their husbands, to love their children,

5To be discreet, chaste, keepers at home, good, obedient to their own husbands, that the word of God be not blasphemed.

6Young men likewise exhort to be sober minded.

7In all things shewing thyself a pattern of good works: in doctrine shewing uncorruptness, gravity, sincerity,

8Sound speech, that cannot be condemned; that he that is of the contrary part may be ashamed, having no evil thing to say of you.

9Exhort servants to be obedient unto their own masters, and to please them well in all things; not answering again;

10Not purloining, but shewing all good fidelity; that they may adorn the doctrine of God our Saviour in all things.

11For the grace of God that bringeth salvation hath appeared to all men,

12Teaching us that, denying ungodliness and worldly lusts, we should live soberly, righteously, and godly, in this present world;

13Looking for that blessed hope, and the glorious appearing of the great God and our Saviour Jesus Christ;

14Who gave himself for us, that he might redeem us from all iniquity, and purify unto himself a peculiar people, zealous of good works.

15These things speak, and exhort, and rebuke with all authority. Let no man despise thee.

Joshua Lowe

Hades has one crazy wife


They just inchant his sword ,armor and shield before they battled??

James Sparkman

But dragons can have their good point to they can breathe fire which can be medicine for forests

tony shumway

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tony shumway

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Now what kind of horse is this??? braving dragon fire breath, raging through the stickiest vines... You gotta just wonder who wants the girl more? the prince or the horse danm it??!!!

Larissa Gaudêncio

F gff gd dg ggf g vc gff vc fg vc fg vc vc vc vc v vc

Chris Balanda

I'd of kept the sword

Tilly The Patterdale

Original Dark Souls fight with Kalameet

Larissa Gaudêncio

V vc vc vc vc vc vc vc xg f vc do vc ff vc fgf vc do vc do vc ff vc g vc fvg vc vc v do vc vc vc vc vc vc

Marco Antonio Vicencio Cano



Even when she’s killed she still takes a bite at the prince on her way down

That’s one bad bitch.

Dam fairies getting in the way of her kill. buying prince Phillip an upgrade off the internet

And you can have one too for the price of 19.95$!


My man Philip slayin' dragons when I cant even get a text back


The reduced 4:3 aspect ration kills this clip.

PhilipTonyMcGrawJrThePhilMovieMaker Marino

I'll Make Maleficent Said: "Now Shall You Deal With Me Heroic Fools And The Powers Of A Hell!" And She Transforms Into A Giant Fire Breathing Dragon And The Characters See Her And I'll Use A Clip From Mighty Morphin Power Rangers And I'll Make Kimberly The Pterodactyl Power Ranger Said: "Watch Your Mouth" And Ed Said: "This Is A Family Movie" And My Godzilla Character Said: "Let's Kill Her!" In PhilipTonyMcGrawJr And Twilight Sparkle's Adventures Heroes Vs The Villains Sequels??????????


What a great ending! This must have been amazing to watch for the times. Nintendo and other video game companies must have really drew inspiration from this movie.

Wiseass Skeleton


Wow, her head moves like it's CGI-animated. That's pretty amazing.

Lux Vella

When Jon Snow killed Daenerys Targaryen.

Canal Olá Br

nossa jureg

Muhammad Sijil Naman

Maleficent will always remain one the greatest, well crafted and elegant villains Disney has ever produced

Rose Cruz

2:49 same sound effect as the wicked queen falling off the cliff in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Christian E. Y.

You know, whenever I see this, I think "oh that poor horse!". Even as a child, I couldn't help but feel for the poor horse

Sam Prusa

Okay that music score is extremely awesome.

princess peach and Amy rose and toadette

This is my other favorite movie

Larissa Gaudêncio


Jon Walton

She's a great villain and all but somehow I think wanting to kill a teenager because you didn't get invited to a baby shower is a bit of an overreaction

Little Ray Ray

Samson has to be the bravest Disney horse to go running up to that dragon

Adeline Walter


Sleep beauty

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Tchaikovsky - The Sleeping Beauty, Op 66 - Rozhdestvensky

617 808 views | 14 Dec. 2014

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Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky

The Sleeping Beauty, Op 66

00:00:00 Introduction and Prologue

00:31:23 Act 1

01:03:16 Act 2

01:40:35 Act 3

BBC Symphony Orchestra

Gennady Rozhdestvensky

London, October 1979

Ahab Bellamy

2:19:07 Vive Liouse

Amelia Lam

Its really a nice piece !

Swan of Nutella

Classical enthusiasts don't know what lozenges are.


Does anybody know where to get the studio Eurodisc recording that Rozhdestvenky made with this same orchestra?


what landscape is this? beautiful!


I wanna do ballet again!(I quit the ballet two months ago.)

Edward Malenfant

what is the name of the part at 1h25 ?

Brady T Schultz

0:00 Introduction
2:59 1. Marche
7:40 2. Scène Dansante
11:51 3. Pas de Six
22:34 4. Finale
[Act 1] 31:22 5. Scène
36:51 6. Valse
41:28 7. Scène
43:02 8. Pas d’Action
55:52 9. Finale
[Act 2] 1:03:16 10. Entracte et Scène
1:05:23 11. Colin-maillard
1:06:30 12. Scène
1:10:21 13. Farandole
1:11:58 14. Scène
1:16:16 15. Pas d'Action
1:24:20 16. Scène
1:24:52 17. Panorama
1:27:42 18. Entracte
1:34:09 19. Entracte Symphonique (le Sommeil) et Scène
1:40:35 20. Finale
[Act 3] 1:42:20 21. Marche
1:43:55 22. Polacca
1:46:39 23. Pas de quatre
1:52:19 24. Pas de caractère "Le Chat botté et la Chatte blanche"
1:54:32 25. Pas de quatre
1:59:15 26. Pas de caractère (Chaperon Rouge et le Loup) [red riding hood and the wolf]
2:03:05 27. Pas berrichon (Le Petit Poucet, ses frères et l'Ogre)
2:04:10 Coda
2:04:23 28. Pas de deux (Aurore et Désiré)
2:14:32 29. Sarabande
2:15:55 30. Finale
2:19:05 Apothéose


Can anybody kick out the coughing jerks? Please

Joselito Torrecampo


Adèle Mrd


J. Eduardo Batres

Aunque toda la obra es hermosa, el pas de deux realmente hace llorar. Mezcla ese toque fortísimo que Tchaikovsky suele aplicar también en el Lago de los Cisnes, es decir esa manifestación potente del amor entre dos personajes y lo grácil de su melodía. El resultado de esa dupla algo realmente maestoso...

Sharon Carter

this music surely proves that there is magic in the world x

Anna Bermudez

Coughs at 1:02:40

Joselito Torrecampo

1:52:22 cat pas de deux

Александр Ярков

Bravo super music grandiose


This was my first ballet and listening to it completely again maybe 12 years later is a breath of joy and emotion..
Heaven <3
I am so glad to see your comments enjoying this peace of heaven

Eddie Hutchence

Tchaikovsky is my study buddy!!

Anson Yeung



male Blue bird 1:56:40


The beautiful lake Bohinj in the picture!

The Knight Family2010

Entrance of the Fairies: 7:41
Adagio: 11:52
Variation I: 17:03
Variation II: 17:37
Variation III: 18:33
Variation IV: 19:05
Variation V: 20:09
Coda: 21:07
Carabosse: 22:34
Lilac Fairy: 28:11
Act I
Garland Waltz: 36:53

Maria Glam Arce Lagos


Markus E

For me, Tchaikovsky has the better music of all classical music composers/writers. For me.

nasa anazodo



This is the music of my childhood... (still love it even though being in my twenties)


the rose adagio at around 44 minutes is so beautiful

sage4now Ty

My favorite Tchaikovsky ballet score!! Awesome! Thank you.

Leonardo Albuquerque de Abreu

2:19:06 Bourbon restoration

Mario Escudero

Gracias !

Chaos Tade

tchaikovsky was a true genius.



Teddy Sears

Excellent, wonderful, brilliant. One of the three famous ballets by th thirds greatest composer in history ( after BEETHOVEN and MOZART) ... TCHAOCOVSKY.

skady skedy

2:11:31 aurora variation (act3)


I went and saw the Australian ballet company perform this tonight. It was incredible

Blank Scroll

1:43:58 Polonaise

Aqila Z Fakhira

I always loved the sleeping beauty waltz scene, and when i discovered about Tchaikovsky, i discovered this gem as well. <3

N.B : Sometimes hearing this while studying makes me imagining things about Malleus Draconia lolol

svetlanov 1

제발 러시아에서 겐나디 로제스트벤스키같은 지휘자가 또 나오게 해주세요

Dennis Ross

What a treasure Tchaikovsky left the musical world. It always pains me as to what we have missed if he had only lived longer. His output during his last years are all of his best work.

Stasha Novak

Picture is Bohinska Bistrica, Julian Alps, Slovenia

antoni boleslawowicz

I meant to say, below, that the concert was delayed because the bass trombone player was stuck, etc.

aishah yosof

Was that coughing at 43:36-43:39?

Rosa Parker

Beautiful! Does anyone know where this picture was taken?!


Forest of Thorns shall be his tomb! Borne through the skies on a fog of doom! Now go with a curse, and serve me well! ROUND STEPHANS CASTLE, CAST MY SPELL!


Wtf classical music fucking slaps

NewEraOfThe ChamberMusic

10:40 5th symphony 1 mvt!

السومري The Summarian

Beast part 1:25

Andrew eel

being part of a pit orchestra for the entirety of the musical was probably one of the best and most stressful performances I have ever done, much more stressful but fun playing in the pit rather than the stage because you have to sync up with the dancers.

Yoga tonga


John Hellier

His this generally the default Version on the whole thing ish? I know there are variations

Julia Rae

Best Song ever!

Chloe Presley

1:52:21 - my favourite part. When Aurora is walking through the fireplace and up the spiral staircase in the eerie green light. She's in a daze and an almost hypnotic state. So mysterious, so jarring, so gothic and dark...No wonder it is my favourite part.

George Bozhidarov

Russia is notorious for her severe winters. Her answer to harsh Nature? Ushankis to keep the head warm, and Tchaikovsky to warm the heart!

Christopher crispytwo

Happy Birthday, Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky. 179 years later, you are still loved!


1:00:40 the epicness...

Chaos Tade

imagine if tchaikovsky lived nowadays and was writing music for films. He would make god worship him. Imagine if he had the visual and cultural and historical inputs modern musicians have and the help of technology.

svetlanov 1

소름끼치게 지휘 했다ㆍ



Miki Mandello

GoatZ Lecca Goat

Alexandra Bagdasarov

I hate 2:21:04.

Anne Gottfried

pov: you’re scrolling through to find good timestamps

Elana Vital

As a little girl growing up, I always thought of Tchaikovsky as "Princess Music".

Quantum Wannabe

The beautiful Rose Adagio. My favorite. I always cry.

Coltin Anderson2


Irgendwie Anders

Did someone insert a Star Trek teleporter at 28:31 ???

svetlanov 1

러시아에서 이런 지휘자가 또 나와야 될텐데ᆞ

Cláudia Pinto

Which painting is it at the screen?

antoni boleslawowicz

Is this recording commercially available? I don’t know how true this is, or where. I read it, but the story goes that this concert —- offering Tchaikovsky’s complete score in one evening —- because the bass trombone player, so essential to the ferocious opening of the Prologue, was stuck in traffic. When he finally took his place, Rozhdestvensky was incensed —- and his downbeat was a swordsman’s lunge; and the opening bit was taken somewhat faster than planned.......the result: Magic! This is the most gorgeous realization of this wonderful score I have ever heard.

Роман Демин


Chloe Presley

To think I never realised that all of this music was used in Walt Disney's Sleeping Beauty - my favourite childhood film of all time. Incredible...no wonder the music was so magical and beyond anything in any other Disney movie.

Samuele Tozzi

1:52:21 This is the theme dedicated to "Puss in Boots & The White Cat" (near the end of the final act, several fairy tale characters appear in the scene, including Cinderella).
Curious how this moment was used for the most intense part, in the Disney film, with Aurora falling into the eternal sleep.. but one can certainly hear why disney chose this theme! :D

Amelia Lam

so wonderful



Smitty Werbenjagermanjensen

Is it just me, or there's actually a cough on the minute 8:12 ?


casual teen wolf lad here


00:00:00 1. Nyitány. A Gonosz tündér dühös átka. Az Orgonatündér enyhíti az átkot (03'00")
00:03:00 2. Előjáték, HAJNALKA KIRÁLYLÁNY KERESZTELŐJE 1. A tündérek bevonulása (Induló) (04'40")
00:07:40 3. Előjáték 2. Össztánc. A tündérek belépője (04'11")
00:11:51 4. Előjáték 3. Hatostánc 1. Bevezetés (Nagy lassú. Kis gyors) (04'24")
00:16:15 5. Előjáték 3. Hatostánc 2. Az Őszinteség tündére (00'47")
00:17:02 6. Előjáték 3. Hatostánc 3. A Gyöngyvirágtündér (00'34")
00:17:36 7. Előjáték 3. Hatostánc 4. A Búzavirágtündér (00'58")
00:18:34 8. Előjáték 3. Hatostánc 5. A Csicsergő tündér (00'31")
00:19:05 9. Előjáték 3. Hatostánc 6. A Szenvedélyek tündére (01'04")
00:20:09 10. Előjáték 3. Hatostánc 7. Az Orgonatündér (00'58")
00:21:07 11. Előjáték 3. Hatostánc 8. Záró (01'27")
00:22:34 12. Előjáték 4. Záró 1. A Gonosz tündér belépője (04'33")
00:27:07 13. Előjáték 4. Záró 2. A Gonosz tündér átka (00'58")
00:28:05 14. Előjáték 4. Záró 3. Az Orgonatündér enyhíti az átkot. Boldogabb zárás (03'19")
00:31:24 15. 1. fv. HAJNALKA KIRÁLYLÁNY 4 KÉRŐJE 5. 1. Zajlik Hajnalka 16. születésnapi ünnepsége, ám a király nyugtalan az átok miatt (02'57")
00:34:21 16. 1. fv. 5. 2. Kötőtűs parasztasszonyokat fedez fel a szertartásmester. A király haragos (02'31")
00:36:52 17. 1. fv. 6. A királyné kérésére a király megbocsát nekik. Össznépi keringő (04'38")
00:41:30 18. 1. fv. 7. Hajnalka belépője (01'34")
00:43:04 19. 1. fv. 8. Mozgalmas tánc 1. Hajnalka tánca a kérőkkel, egy-egy rózsát kap (Lassú rózsatánc) (06'02")
00:49:06 20. 1. fv. 8. Mozgalmas tánc 2. A koszorúslányok és a kérők tánca (01'46")
00:50:52 21. 1. fv. 8. Mozgalmas tánc 3. Hajnalka tánca (03'02")
00:53:54 22. 1. fv. 8. Mozgalmas tánc 4. Záró (01'59")
00:55:53 23. 1. fv. 9. Záró 1. Hajnalka tánca az orsóval (02'10")
00:58:03 24. 1. fv. 9. Záró 2. A Gonosz tündér varázslata (00'47")
00:58:50 25. 1. fv. 9. Záró 3. Az Orgonatündér érkezése (04'28")
01:03:18 26. 2. fv. DÉSIRÉ KIRÁLYFI VADÁSZATA 10. Közjáték. Vadászjelenet (02'07")
01:05:25 27. 2. fv. 11. Szembekötősdi (01'07")
01:06:32 28. 2. fv. 12. Nemes hölgyek tánca 1. Bevezető (00'45")
01:07:17 29. 2. fv. 12. Nemes hölgyek tánca 2. A királylányok tánca (00'56")
01:08:13 30. 2. fv. 12. Nemes hölgyek tánca 3. Az úrinők tánca (00'45")
01:08:58 31. 2. fv. 12. Nemes hölgyek tánca 4. Az úrinők tánca (00'37")
01:09:35 32. 2. fv. 12. Nemes hölgyek tánca 5. Az úrinők tánca (00'47")
01:10:22 33. 2. fv. 13. Kartánc 1. Bevezető (00'18")
01:10:40 34. 2. fv. 13. Kartánc 2. Tánc (01'23")
01:12:03 35. 2. fv. 14. A vadászok távozása. Az Orgonatündér érkezése, álomban felidézi Hajnalkát (04'12")
01:16:15 36. 2. fv. 15. Mozgalmas tánc 1. Hajnalka belépője. Tánca Désiré királyfival. Nagy lassú. A nimfák keringője, kicsi kacér gyors (05'07")
01:21:22 37. 2. fv. 15. Mozgalmas tánc 2. Hajnalka tánca (01'30")
01:22:52 38. 2. fv. 15. Mozgalmas tánc 3. Kis záró (01'29")
01:24:21 39. 2. fv. 16. Néreiszek, vagyis tengeri nimfák mutatják az utat a kastélyhoz (00'31")
01:24:52 40. 2. fv. 17. A táj szépsége (Kilátás) (02'54")
01:27:46 41. 2. fv. 18. A királyfi álma (Összhangzatos közjáték) (06'29")
01:34:15 42. 2. fv. AZ ALVÓ SZÉPSÉG KASTÉLYA 19. Jelenet az alvó kastélyból (06'19")
01:40:34 43. 2. fv. 20. Hajnalka csókkal ébresztése (Záró) (01'45")
01:42:19 44. 3. fv. DÉSIRÉ ÉS HAJNALKA ESKÜVŐJE 21. Induló (01'39")
01:43:58 45. 3. fv. 22. A meseszereplők bevonulása (Nagy lengyel tánc) (02'45")
01:46:43 46. 3. fv. 23. Nagy mulatság (Négyestánc) 1. Bevezető (01'36")
01:48:19 47. 3. fv. 23. Nagy mulatság (Négyestánc) 2. Az Aranytündér (00'49")
01:49:08 48. 3. fv. 23. Nagy mulatság (Négyestánc) 3. Az Ezüsttündér (00'54")
01:50:02 49. 3. fv. 23. Nagy mulatság (Négyestánc) 4. A Zafírtündér (00'46")
01:50:48 50. 3. fv. 23. Nagy mulatság (Négyestánc) 5. A Gyémánttündér (00'46")
01:51:34 51. 3. fv. 23. Nagy mulatság (Négyestánc) 6. Záró (00'46")
01:52:20 52. 3. fv. 24. Csizmás Kandúr és Fehér Cica (Jellemtánc) (02'11")
01:54:31 53. 3. fv. 25. Négyestánc 1. Bevezető (02'07")
01:56:38 54. 3. fv. 25. Négyestánc 2. Hamupipőke és Szerencse királyfi (00'44")
01:57:22 55. 3. fv. 25. Négyestánc 3. A Boldogság Kékmadara és Virág királylány (00'53")
01:58:15 56. 3. fv. 25. Négyestánc 4. Záró (00'59")
01:59:14 57. 3. fv. 26. Jellemtánc 1. Piroska és a farkas (01'16")
02:00:30 58. 3. fv. 26. Jellemtánc 2. Hamupipőke és Szerencse királyfi (02'36")
02:03:06 59. 3. fv. 27. Pindurtánc: Hüvelyk Matyi, testvérei és az emberevő óriás (01'18")
02:04:24 60. 3. fv. 28. Kettőstánc 1. Hajnalka és Désiré királyfi (00'09")
02:04:33 61. 3. fv. 28. Kettőstánc 2. Bevezető (01'21")
02:05:54 62. 3. fv. 28. Kettőstánc 3. Igen lassan (04'42")
02:10:36 63. 3. fv. 28. Kettőstánc 4. Désiré királyfi (00'54")
02:11:30 64. 3. fv. 28. Kettőstánc 5. Hajnalka (01'41")
02:13:11 65. 3. fv. 28. Kettőstánc 6. Záró (01'19")
02:14:30 66. 3. fv. 29. Zajos: törökök, etiópok, afrikaiak és amerikaiak négyestánca (01'26")
02:15:56 67. 3. fv. 30. Záró 1. Bevezető (03'07")
02:19:03 68. 3. fv. 30. Záró 2. A 14. Lajos öltözékében pompázó Napot körültáncolják a tündérek (Megdicsőülés) (02'08")
Teljes hossz: 02:21:11


34:40 Very similar to parts of the 1812 overture

Lucia Navarro

Fantásticos conciertos, el domingo es el único día que tengo ocasión de escucharlos acompañando algún arreglo casero o una buena lectura. Gracias a quienes lo publican desinteresadamente.

Werner Schott

What a dramatic start! Sheeesh!


58:23 The absolute best part of the entire piece

Tia Hinata

42:40 ?

Delali Adon

43:00-48:57 is always a masterpiece!

Paul Riet

0:52 A Fairy Tale Come True
2:59 Hail to the Princess Aurora
6:57 Hail to the Princess Aurora
16:14 Aurora's Return
18:33 The Gifts of Beauty and Song
22:56 Battle with the Forces of Evil
23:46 Forbidden Mountain
26:20 Forbidden Mountain
28:11 A Fairy Tale Come True
30:02 A Fairy Tale Come True
34:38 Battle with the Forces of Evil
35:28 Aurora's Return
37:24 Once Upon a Dream
49:04 A Cottage in the Woods
56:33 The Fairies Plan
57:41 The Burning of the Spinning Wheels
58:01 Battle with the Forces of Evil
58:59 A Fairy Tale Come True
1:01:11 A Fairy Tale Come True
1:12:12 A Fairy Tale Come True
1:34:22 Forbidden Mountain
1:36:24 A Fairy Tale Come True
1:39:50 Battle with the Forces of Evil
1:49:08 Magical House Cleaning
1:52:21 Maleficent's Evil Spell
1:54:35 Do You Hear That?
2:19:06 Awakening


I know you, I walked with you once upon a dream...

V u k e e e e e

Có ai từ Facebook qua đây không ?
Tom and Jerry Vietnam With Love

Karl Lieck

Now I can hear the entire score (in concert performance)without the fear of some asshole choreographer and conductor cutting big chunks of Tchaikovsky's incredible music out during a performance of the ballet. Thank you.

fabrizio maria Garzi

Colore sgargiante,zarista,spettacolare...forse i tempi sono tutti troppo rapidi indipendentemente che e' un disco e non va ballato in teatro.

samleman Molina

23 minutes is where its at.
Tchaokovsky is probaly the only composer that leaves me eyes misty.

Charlotte Whyte

too fast

Coltin Anderson2

37:24 Is what you came for

Steven Parada

Tchaikovsky is underrated as an innovator in harmony. His textbook is very radical and is based on stuff he wrote like this. Not Swan Lake and the famous Violin Concerto.

Carmela Micallo

Hepl meeeeeeee!!!! It's important!!!
What is the title of the music at 2:04:26 ?

Agnese Coco

hey who's coughing in the background, you rude

Ila Ly

Cute duckies!

ches e.

Where the hell is the waltz? I feel like I'm going out of my mind, but years ago I had the waltz from the sleeping beauty, 0p 66

sandra anderson

Fabulous ?

Gazal Kashyap

6:43 thooo

Georges Le Gal

pas assez de poésie la dedans ! Dorati est beaucoup plus juste surtout avec Minnéapolis !

Sleep beauty

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Sleeping Beauty (1959) - Ending/Once Upon A Dream Reprise

192 827 views | 28 Feb. 2019

Taken from 1997 VHS of

Taken from 1997 VHS of "Sleeping Beauty" (Version #2).


I'm sorry but when she woke up her face really looked like ?️‿?️

Alexandros basketball

Who is here after descendants

Isaac Kumi

No dude they didn’t like pink so they organinly made her dress blue

Christophe GAMO

OMG, is that what I think it is. 1:50 That song I recognize it. It's the National Anthem of the French Monarchy King Louis XIV ( true fact ). This Disney Movie was really set in France and futhermore "les Fleur de Lys" were mentionned as well

Will Haggerty

I have loved sleeping beauty since i was a little boy and i will always love sleeping beauty forever

Tamara Castellano

2:25-2:31 Awww... So sweet :') I'll do the same when I see my mom again.


Looks like Flora won at 4:07...


All my DISNEY PRINCESS ARE ALL RAMPAGE....the only way for them to be able to stand on their feet in time of trouble...to be a FIGHTER....


Phillip definitely deserved his happy ending.

princess peach and Amy rose and toadette

Happy endings make me happy ?????

Justin Quigley

Wheather Auroras ballgown is that stunning pink or that gorgeous blue,it is a beautiful and desirable gown.

charleene miller

Yay the pink it’s back again

Apple Jack

Bravo ? I love it ?

Justin Quigley

0:55 The fairies held their breath.Slowly Auroras eyes flickered once,then twice.When they caught sight of Prince Philip,they opened fully.Then a warm smile brought the princess's face back to life.Bursting with happiness,the fairies squealed and hugged each other.Come,you two!Flora said happily to the couple.To the royal court!All over the castle, people began to stir.Arms stretched, and mouths yawned.In the throne room,a groggy King Stefan picked up his head.Oh...forgive me,he said to King Hubert,who was yawning beside him.You were saying... something about Philip?Huh?King Hubert mumbled.Oh,yes!Well,to come to the point,my son Philip says he's going to marry a-The blare of a trumpet fanfare cut him off.All eyes focused on the top of the grand stairway.Prince Philip and Princess Aurora appeared arm in arm, beaming with joy that lit up the room.King Stefan rose to his feet.His heart filled with happiness.His daughter was alive and well-and more Beautiful than he could have imagined.Its Aurora!He cried.King Hubert rubbed his eyes.And...and...Philip?The young couple approached the throne.Queen Leah's eyes brimmed with tears of relief.The years of worry seemed to rise from deep within her and fly away.When Aurora got close to the queen,she could restrain herself no longer.She ran into Leah's arms.And she received an embrace that poured sixteen years of a mother's love into her heart.

The Official Andy Saenz


That was the first dress challenge! #thedress ??

Matthew Hedrich Jr.

When I die play this music at my memorial!

Mr Wilfred Myers


Me too

Disney Rules

Fun Fact: The final scene of which Aurora and Phillip are dancing in the clouds is actually based on an abandoned concept for both Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and Cinderella.

Disney Rules

Fun Fact: The running gag of Aurora's dress changing from pink to blue was based on a real life disagreement of what color her dress should be.

Justin Quigley

The prince sank to his knees.His chest heaved with exhaustion,and his eyes burned from the smoke.Around him fluttered three white lights.The prince Knew that the fairies had saved his life.Someday he would thank them,but right now no words could escape his parched throat.Beside him, sniffing curiously,was samson.He had returned to his master.For the first time, since his capture, prince Philip smiled.Then he noticed more movement around him.The thorny vines were shrinking, dissolving back into the ground.The fire blew out like the candles on a birthday cake.The smoke vanished into the sky, and the sun shine brilliant and warm.The fairies smiled, jumping up and down excitedly.Rising before them,no longer hidden by thorns and fire,was king stefan's castle.It glimmered as if washed by a spring rain, and it's gates stood open.Inside,the courtiers and townspeople were still fast asleep.Prince Philip walked past them, escorted by the fairies.They went straight to the castle tower and climbed the steps to the room in which Aurora lay sleeping.The prince pushed the door open.His breath caught in his throat.She was almost as lovely asleep as she was awake.The prince was overcome with the desire to look into her eyes again.He knelt beside her and planted a soft kiss on her lips.The fairies held their breath.Slowly Aurora's eyes flickered once,then twice.When they caught sight of Prince Philip,they opened fully.Then a warm smile brought the princesses face back to life.Bursting with happiness,the fairies squealed and hugged each other.Come,you two!Flora said happily to the couple.To the royal court!All over the castle, people began to stir.Arms stretched, and mouths yawned.In the throne room,a groggy King Stefan picked up his head.Oh...forgive me,he said to king hubert,who was yawning beside him.You were saying... something about Philip?Huh?King Hubert mumbled.Oh,yes!Well,to come to the point,my son Philip says he's going to marry a-The blare of a trumpet fanfare cut him off.All eyes focused on the top of the grand stairway.Prince Philip and princess Aurora appeared arm in arm, beaming with a joy that lit up the room.King Stefan rose to his feet.His heart filled with happiness.His daughter was alive and well-and more beautiful than he could have imagined.Its Aurora,she's here!He cried.King Hubert rubbed his eyes.And...and...Philip?The young couple approached the throne.Queen Leah's eyes brimmed with tears of relief.The years of worry seemed to rise from deep within her and fly away.When Aurora got close to the Queen,she could restrain herself no longer.She ran into Leah's arms.And she received an embrace that poured sixteen years of a mother's love into her heart.Around them,the townspeople and courtiers burst into applause.It was the happiest day any of them had ever known.The couple hugged and kissed King Stefan,then King Hubert.What...what does this mean,boy?King Hubert asked his son,still confused.But the court musicians had struck up a dance, and Prince Philip whisked the princess away to the dance floor.I don't understand,King Hubert muttered.Then with a sigh,he shrugged his shoulders and swayed to the music.From a balcony high above,the fairies watched the prince and the princess dance.Fauna sobbed uncontrollably.Why Fauna,what's the matter dear ?Flora asked.Fauna sniffled.Oh,I just love happy endings.Yes,I do too,Flora said.She turned contentedly to see Aurora swirling gracefully,her dress a whirl of sky blue,Blue?She blurted,her contentment disappearing.Zzzing!She waved her wand and turned it pink.Now Merryweather's smile disappeared.Blue!She demanded.Zzzing went her wand.On the dance floor, Aurora looked lovingly into the eyes of her prince.Her dress flashed pink and blue in a swirl of motion.But to her and everyone around her,it was just another magical part of this most magical dream come true.

bunny chan universe

As Steven and bunny chan get married and they had the happiest ever after of disney magic of love.

Keertana Vinod

Lol nobody gives a damn about Philip's dad being so confused, love it??

Ramell James

Sleeing Beauty???????

Lux Vella

Does anyone stop to think that the on-lookers didn't go: "how does Aurora's dress change color like that?!" But then again, they coexist with fairies so it was probably a normal thing.

MBart MBart

Why did Aurora feel glad to see Phillip again at 0:54 to 0:59?

Annie Lynch

I still find it very amusing that through most of this movie Aurora/Rose actually wears the blue dress, but all the promotional Princess material shows her with the pink dress. I feel like Merrywether, "make it blue!!!", haha. It's lovely in pink as well ofc, and I do love it anyway, but oh, how it confused me as a kid!


O heck no


I have always loved all DISNEY PRINCESS MOVIES...THE REAL PRINCESS ARE ASLEEP IN HEAVEN (EPIDEMIC ISSUE....HELL WITH THIS MESS DOWN HERE ON EARTH)...For all THE REAL DISNEY Princess it is hard for all of us to give up our rightful names...
I CREATED THEM TO HAVE NO VILLAINS... to this very day... DISNEY CANNOT ANSWER ME TO THIS like I said... to this very day....ALL I CREATE COMES TO LIFE...WHY GIVE US PAIN TO REACH TO OUR PRINCE....now we give up our rightful names....

Stephen Luke

Say goodbye to Taylor Holmes because these are his final words of acting. 2:11

Le noble prince

It's funny that despite all her screen time,maleficient has 10 times more in kingdom hearts


I remember getting salty as a kid, when the dress turned pink before the book closed (I wanted it to end with blue). ? (4:05) I was, and still am, a proponent of the blue dress. ?

At least the blue dress was used for most of this film. ?


Waltzing in the 14th century ?

Klo Muca

I didn't watch the disney movies for a while bc I didn't know where and I missed them so so much I grew up with these especially Ariel Aurora and cinderella these are my favourite movies of all and then we have all the other disney movies witch made my childhood

Matthew Hedrich Jr.

1:46, Lord Duke: Ladies and gentleman, please rise to stand for our national anthem of France to present the arrival of their royal highnesses, Prince Phillip and Princess Aurora!

(George Bruns's version of the ballet version of the royal anthem of France plays)

Chris Balanda

? pink

Justin Quigley

Aurora's physical appearance in this scene
4.Creamy white skin
5.Purple eyes
6.Long beautiful elegant golden hair with curls on each end
7.Golden necklace
8.Golden crown
9.Beautiful Stunning ball gown that changes from a Gorgeous blue to a stunning pink

April Walker

I just love happy endings ????????

Kamomile Tea

I went into this expecting Sleeping Beauty to be bad because everyone hates on it. And yeah, Aurora doesn't get any lines towards the end. But the movie is still about her. And c'mon, Aurora is lovely. Prince Phillip is adorable. The fairies are wholesome. Maleficent is a great villain. And the art and music is great. I'd say this is a pretty good Disney movie that deserves more love as a classic.

Milton Thornton Jr.

Poor King Hubert, he is just confused out of his mind.



Faraway -

Why are Philip’s thighs so thicc?

Dimitriy Mykhaylov

4:21 The book looks creepy when it glows in the dark.

Gaby Eryn Vergara

I love that movie ever!❤


Fauna should have made it green

Elvin Sanchez

2:28 if they make a Disney princess crossover series where aurora befriends the other princess, i would like her mother queen Leah to have redesigned long blonde hair in a different style than aurora’s hairstyle. maybe in a braided low bun or waterfall hairstyle. and for it to show how king Stefan met Leah before they became king and queen and had aurora

Destined Bunny

Hold up! Before King Stefan and Queen Leah were asleep, Aurora was in the castle. And noone bothered to check if Aurora was OK? What a strange land

Tito Orduno

3:24 Daffy Crying START

pavel stefanovic

And maleficent enjoy in hell the Lucifer will put her to boil personally . And she D deserve like in one czech fairy tale torture her with what she ruined people . And Fauna and her sisters fun argue over colar id make red blue green and say Happy ladies ??

Gaby Eryn Vergara


Little Red Vixen


Arouras dress:RGB mode

Will Haggerty

I have loved sleeping beauty all my life

Le noble prince

Facts:the blue looked better on her

Adi Alkabetz

This movie is a ginious masterpiece. The music, the animation, the characters... It'd always been one of my fevur Disney movies. I think the crew should've get more credit since he was the one who actually found Orora for Mallificent. And anyway he is such adorable - smart and evil creature, and all this without saying a single word!
And one more interesting point - the real heroes of this story are actually the fairies - because they rescued Philip and helped him out during the whole battle against Mallificent. No chance that he would've ever done this on his own. He is actually quite impotant and helpless on his own... But he still gets all the credit for saving the princess... So this is kind of a feminist story but a yet realistic and a bit sad because the fairies didn't get any of this credit although they have done all the tough and dirty work...

Justin Quigley

The only other color that can make that gown gorgeous is purple

pavel stefanovic

King Hubert he thoaght trouble and suddenly its the one ?

Danielle Neri

The swell in the music right when Aurora opens her eyes!! Chills!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lizzie Flint

I just love Happy Endings don’t you? ?????????


0:58 "hello again."

David. Aini

This is truly a classic Phillip is truly one charming dude indeed ?????


Thank goodness she woke up with lashes, brows, and lipstick intact. ?

Justin Quigley

Two fun facts about sleeping beauty
1.The last Fairy tale created by Walt Disney before he passed away
2.Walt Disney's 16th animated masterpiece

Seetharaman V

I always love ?happy ending


Finally finished watching Sleeping Beauty for the first time. Tbh I liked the blue or pink joke XD

MTN - A Rainbow Pastures Company

And then, it happened, last week, a guy and his girlfriend went to see “Sleeping Beauty”, and then, out of nowhere is a scene where he kissed and then stopped the film and he said to her, “Will you live happily ever after with me?” And she says, “Yes!”, and then a special ending came on where “Once Upon A Dream (Reprise)” was heard with fireworks, along with footage from “Beauty and the Beast” (the original) and “The Little Mermaid” where the fireworks were shown, and then cuts to a special sequence that leads into a book closing, and a special “The End” title appeared where “A Walt Disney Production” was not shown, and then wiped out and it says “The Beginning”. That was what they called a fantasy proposal. If you have not seen it, here is the special ending.



Should be notes Aurora & Philip's dance look best than Anna & Hans' dance

Will Haggerty

I love this happy ending just like beauty and the beast

What did sleeping beauty and beauty and the beast have in common?

Amelia Jones

I don’t think Aurora cares what color her dress is.

One Normal Person

You don’t learn how to kill the dragon bro, you just know

jordana moon


The Official Andy Saenz

Blue and pink combined gives you purple! They should have just settled that conflict by making Aurora’s dress purple, the color of royalty! ?

Stephen Luke

Final Film of
Taylor Holmes

In Memory of
Bob Amsberry

Disney Rules

Fun Fact: This was the last Disney movie to be based on a fairy tale, until The Little Mermaid came out 30 years later in 1989.

Bren Dan

Who came back to see this after watching the Sleeping Beauty Proposal Video?

Will Haggerty

I will always love sleeping beauty forever

Emily Crossen

This scene made me emotionally happy when Aurora is awakened by Phillip. That is a true fairy tale ending.

Simon Kaiser

One of the dislikes is from Maleficent for Sure

Zombie DPiece

I love when he kisses Aurora and she wakes up.
Probably one of my most favorite scenes in hand-drawn animation.

Bruno Góes

The best in my opinion is the music.

bryan hates you

Fact: The song played when Phillip and Aurora were stepping down the stairs is actually the French royal anthem "Marche de Henri IV" or "March of Henry IV". The song has lyrics but people don't sing it out like the current Spanish anthem https://youtu.be/QWhxoAKxEmo

Justin Quigley

Aurora is Sweet,Kind hearted, Optimistic, Respectful, Responsible, Intelligent, Innocent, Loveable, Obedient,Calm, Peaceful,Chill, Serene, Generous, Beautiful, Elegant,Polite, Graceful,Poised, Friendly, Humble,Fair, Loving and Affectionate.

Alexander Wells

After Maleficent is dead Prince Phillip heads back to the Castle and everyone asleep.

Fulfilling Happiness

people who hate on the sleeping beauty and criticize that she's asleep for most of the movie, have they even read the title? Yes, she suppose to be asleep and saved by her true love. It was a nice addition that she has met Phillip before she knew he was the prince and fell in love with him.

S Perry

This is the one Disney movie where I don't get teary at the end, because the dress color argument is so hilarious

Deonna Hailstalk

Beautiful and amazing and gorgeous and wonderful masterpiece love the song once upon a dream from the Disney movie Sleeping Beauty I imagine dancing with someone special like a beautiful and handsome prince who I can call my own and cherish memories with forevermore I hope to meet someone special someday maybe in my dreams of course this movie brings back so many memories I love the whole story and songs too I’d dance into my happily ever after too

Alexander Wells

3:37 Here we go again.

Diego Villarruel

I finally saw this movie for the first time & I love it :)

Ethan Peterson

0:29 (Walks up stairs for 2 hours)


Andrea Louise Jackson

You fairies quit arguing over the color of the dress, Prince Phillip was brave.

Allison Carroll

Did they fire Aurora and Philips voice actors halfway through the movie?

Mike Lynch

Aurora looks like her mom

Will Haggerty

Looks like king stefan and king hubert will have grandchildren like the king in cinderella

D'Angelo Tringali

I can't believe she didn't just let the Blue fairy have her blue dress. She may have been a little tough but ultimately she worked the hardest to save Aroura. I know I'm getting way too heated bu Merriwheters overrated.

Sajedul Bappy

What a lovely happy ending !

Disney Rules

Fun Fact: The music when Aurora and Prince Philip descend the stairs during the finale is the Royal Anthem of France, it was used before the French Revolution.

Cotton Ball

Wake up people this is the 14th sentury and Arora's dress can make weird noises and can change colour ?❤️

I ❤️ Florida/Warrior Cat Fan

I liked the pink dress better

Gaby Eryn Vergara

I love that movie ever!?❤❤??


2:28 she so small

chocolate bar 15

I bet everyone watching their dancing was thinking,"What on earth is going on? Why is this dress changing colour constantly every three seconds?"

Alexander Wells

Prince Phillip kissed her and Princess Aurora is back to life and everyone woke up