Long textured hair

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Long Layered Haircut and Face Frame Technique | MATT BECK VLOG SEASON 2 006

57 104 views | 15 Dec. 2017

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Sparkly One

Very nice ???

Bertha Varas

Matt; thank You again for this Great excellent And Fast Long Hair layers Hair Cut $ STYLE, as always....and expected Marvelous.

Pooja Midha


Naziha Sleiman

Love it ur the best l learned a lot from you

parvin zarrin

Great cut and thank you for tips??

Silver Cloud

how would you do this cut If you weara side part

Salon Exclusive LTD

Fabulous thank you for sharing.


Could you do a long cut where the face frame is only around the face (i.e above shoulder level)?

Luci Staker

paul mitchell cape woot!

Krystin Pérez

I didn’t understand the blending from the back of the cut to the front. How did u check to see if it was all balanced?


Love it ❤️??


You didn't use any line on the top of her head, so how can that become a regular cut? Nice trick to use the curling iron afterwards, so that nobody can see, that you've cut a hole in the area of the occipital bone. Failed!

Balram kumar

Fabulous ?

Chris Dotson

Do you ever travel? My girlfriend would love for you to cut her hair. We are from TN! ?✂️✂️

Alex to Ally

you make it look effortless Matt.


More cuts on live models please - so useful!

Jamie Baker

Beautiful! I have a lot of trouble with face frame/slide cutting because I've been shown SO many ways to do it. This one looks the easiest and best

Destiny Venice

So you stay standing on the same side for the back layers for both sides of the head?

Ruth Carias

I love it

k c

How do you cut an balanced face frame off of a side part part?

Marilyn Jenkins

Omg that has been my favorite player technique Matt you’re the boss!, i’m going to see that video!, thank you!, ❤️❤️

Dee Studs

beautiful cut! you are so talented, thanks for sharing your knowledge with us. I wish I could find a salon like yours in the Reno, NV area. any tips on how to locate one?

Cara Elisabeth

Never even knew that you were literally 30 minutes away from me! I was speechless cause all the like the high end salons are either in Philly or NYC or anywhere else than Bucks county! You’ve taught me so many techniques and I never knew that your salon was so close to me!??❤️maybe I’ll have to sit in your chair sometime!?

Jessica Serna

How would you do the cut if she parted her hair to the side ??

Phil Hovey

Matt, you've done it once again. Always impressing me with your talents and teaching expertise.

Jamie Leigh Kahui

Thanks, good video ? Do u have advice for Lefty's who cut with their right hand lol - Ta

Nathan Campbell

Balance looks off matey

Brawl & Cross

As always, you created another amazing tutorial!

Mama Gen's Kitchen

Beautiful i love her hair omg


Thanks, Matt!!! Helped a Lot!!!?

Liz Herrera

Easy ! I love your videos very educational !!! ❤️❤️


had she wanted internal layers.. would you have cut them at the same angle you did the back?? 45?? thanks, awesome vid as usual!

Krystal Trujillo

I love watching you cut. Do you ever cross check?

Liz Sanchez

ur Awsome Matt Tu, and Happy Holidays watch all the time, in my spare time!

Farhan Ansari

Wonderful and I like it

Cynthia L

Love this..easy cut..did you do her color.it is beautiful


Great job!

Isli de Jesus

Incrivel! Seria ótimo um vídeo só de técnicas de definição e leveza para cabelos longos cacheados, sem o uso de calor. aposto que na mão desses profissionais qualquer cabelo ficaria indescritível.

teresa prajapati

Do you have a salon in New York City anywhere?


my hair is short and layers on top is a mess!! it doesn' look good with anything!!! Tell me what can I do???

Christos Armpouniotis

Very nice and simple technique !

Marvi González


blondie warrior

Amazing haircut. I ? it. The Hair Color? Absolutely Gorgeous. Thanks. Happy Holidays.??????

marcio silva

great work

Arturo Rodriguez

Me gusta el corte y la técnica es buena


Looks pretty. Love the finished look.

Jaskaran Singh

Which one digree???

Wafa B

So I work for Great Clips and we don't have that much time to actually style the hair. So can you show a long layered cut without having to style it? I mean like so you can actually see the layers without a style


After watching this I now know why after I get a layered haircut it feels heavy on top

Brittany Ramirez

As a new hair stylist your videos give me life!!!!!????

Jaklyn Daoud

Great job ??????????

Kirsty Macfarlane

Too long, makes her look a lot older than she is. Excellent cutting technique though

Lily Noah

????? undescribable !!
You really deserve the award of the best hair stylist ever !

Long textured hair

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Caring for Natural Long Textured Hair : HOW TO

123 036 views | 28 Oct. 2010

Many women have decided to

Many women have decided to keep their textured hair natural. But in doing so, a few problems arise. So how do you keep that beautiful, natural textured hair growing long and lovely? Let Liz Muller show you how.


Expert: Lizbeth Muller


Video Producer: Paul Louis


Music: Kevin MacLeod


Special Thanks to my lovely hair model,

Katherine Sifontes. :)

Nicole Scott

Hi Liz Wanted to know how to curl using a straightener, my flat iron is good but its a rounded on the edges and tip its quite straight and angular, and i tryed to curl and it created ridges in my hair, how do I stop this !

Nicole Scott

@LizbethMuller I live in England, london, and am a student, though will shop around and see what I can find ! :)


This was great. Thanks for the inspiration.

Tess M

Great video I have ethnic hair and I got it relaxed about 7 months ago and I have been trying to grow it out so I can go natural now so this is going to help me a lot with what I need to do :)


Her hair is gorgeous


@bahmaican Try baby bliss. It might be more affordable. When I get to the hair show in June I will update you and let you know what else you can buy.


yes, I did videos for them but i decided to do my own channel this way i can give you the best information out there without being told what to do. Thanks for your support. : ))


This is fabulous...I'm in the beginning stages of transitioning and I find your videos to be extremely helpful...and oh yeah shout out to Broward County...I no longer live in the state, but I always miss South Florida!

TheBlessed Florly

Liz, where have you been all my life!!! I live in west Miramar are and it has been so hard to find a hair stylist. As you can see from my videos. I just relaxed my hair myself after being natural for 3 years. I don't really know how to send you a personal message but I would love to stop by your salon for a consultation. My email is [email protected] or you may contact me via my channel. Your videos are so informative. I just found you because I was watching some videos on YT. I also subscribe!

Jo Gale

I Wanna Go Back Nautural... My Hair At The Moment Is Bob Length I Feel Like Cutting It All Off And Starting Off Fresh Because Growing It Out With Relaxer Often Breaks Hair... What Do You Think I Should Do?


Give her 2 deep treaatment a month. Get a stylist to work with you.


The client has such a baby face, I could've sworn she was 12 lol....beautiful hair btw


she looks a bit like emily from pretty little liars except blacker!!!


I'm dying to do it!! The only problem is i don't see her as often because of school. I'm in the process of contacting her. Maybe in the next two month. ( see what happens when you guys become totally natural you forget your stylist. lololol ) : ))


You can come by and see me. I go by appointment only but when you come I give a free consultation with service. Call me for an appointment. Go on my face book page Liz's hair design and you can get all my information there. I also started answering some question when I get some time. : )


loved the video! do you know any specific heat protection products? :) ohh and lol at her face 4:06

Nicole Scott

@LizbethMuller I use kerie care when blowdrying, and afrocare sheen oil when straightening, I also use coconut oil on my scalp and a hot oil treatment once in a while. I deep condition once every two to three weeks using organic hair mayonnaise. I would like to go back to my natural curls but without it going all mad and crazy, like tights curls and then a headscarf to tie it its a bun and leave it, though how do I keep those tight natural curls, also my hair is just past my shoulders.

Natalie Haskins

I wish I lived in FL, I surely would give u a ring:) Nice vid


And oh I live in Louisiana so the humidity is something over here, I mean really lol!


@postalass The iron I'm using is the FHI I forget the exact name but it is the only silver one they have.I recommend it for professional use only because it is very hot and you must be fast to work with it. If you are quick then you should buy this one. If not buy the FHI platform which is just as good with a little less heat. The products are macadamia oil products.


awww. thank you. move back so I can do your hair. lol. thanks for watching. ; ))

Sexx Kinkyness

Im in Fort Lauderdale! I have a Q: Some of my strands are shorter then others, and when I braid my hair down, it gets thinner at the ends, and my braid is really frizzy. This doesn't actually mean breakage do it?


@yhababy01 she had been growing it out for about a year or a little longer.


@shaquitacobb she has been transitioning for 10 months maybe a year.


@meikoblock It is good to have temperature controller on the iron so you can determine how much heat to apply on your texture. Try 300 at first if you can't flat iron with a bit of speed or do 250. I use different types of protectors. Moroccanoil line or semi de line or amika.protector.

Kegs O

say you want to go to bed how do you keep it neat( I need help anyone)

Mavis Maylove

very informative.thanks


Ty so much for posting this because i have been struggling with this for the last year. Never knew how to resolve this. thx again

Kyndra Tucker

Hi! I used to live in Miami but i'm in college now and I moved away, I think I want a texturizer but I'm not sure. I don't want my hair straight, I would simply like the curls to be more of a 3b curl pattern than the 3c/4a that it is now. Is there a healthy way for me to get that way with a texturizer? I want more manageable soffter but still curly hair that i can deal with.

Melissa W

i have natural hair and my hair puffs up in the humidity do you have any tips on how to keep it straight in the humidity?

Ready.Set. Bake!

are you careful not to damage the new natural hair?

synn doe

where in south fla is your shop im in palm beach county?


It takes some time to grow it out. You will need lots of patience. If you were t wash and go try the defining creams by amika, moroccanoil, macadamia oil, lanza, or alpa parf. Some people suggest mixed chicks.I don't know the line that well but it has a good reputation.best of luck.


@boobooface301 Thank you so much for subscribing The product is macadamia oil . I hope you enjoy my new videos. : )


@postalass lolololol, Fort lauderdale is not far from me.You can come at any time. Just make sure you give your self a deep treatment once a month. Use the products you asked about that will help. Don't forget to trim your hair regularly.: )


That's an interesting flat-iron-as-curling-iron technique.


hi liz, how was the clients hair prepped before styling?


@missaliciaworld Try the Amika products first. good luck.


The comb I'm using is the hair doctor comb. It does have rooting teeth. It is fantastic..


how do you grow out your hair like is there a definition a technique or is it just waiting also i love how ur music low key sounds like the simpsons opening x)


Try to keep the heating setting low until you get the hang of it 300 no more than that. you many need to go twice. use lots of protection and no more than once a month giving yourself breaks in between.Good luck. : )


maybe around 45 mins .


@virtuousathena Thank you! I responded to your comment on my wall too. God bless! :)


GREAT video thanks for sharing


I'm nervous about wearing my natural curly hair straight again, although I'm getting tired of wearing it curly year round. I use the same techniques you did in this video when I used to wear it straight, and always wound up having to cut 6 inches off due to permanent damage from the hot comb & iron. Only difference, I used the hot comb all throughout the length. Is this what the issue wad, or is there another method? I'm of African American & Caucasian mix in case this helps. Thanks!


Thank you for all your support!!!!! : ))))


Liz im currently in the same transition as well but im not sure my natural hair would stay straigten in this tropical heat wave we have in the caribbean... matter of fact i know... but i will try the products you suggest to keep everything in order for my transition ;)

Dana Frazier

Thank you for the Video Liz. I wish i lived in FL, Hollywood specifically so you can treat my hair. I haven't relaxed my hair since April 9, 2011... but I don't take care of it like I should.... nor can I afford to go to hair dresser often. My hair is pretty long, not as long as yours.. Texture. hmm, definitely not as beautiful as yours. but I need help starting. My hair dresser is great, just high. but seeing this inspired me to grow it out (naturally). I need help bad...

Ikhia Moore

for how long did she grow her natural hair out to the length it is in the video


F.H.I , Babyliss, I just got a new one with extra protection.I will see how it works first. lol


LOL,thank you. Your so sweet. : )))))


Hi Liz I am transitioning too. I have been growing out my natural hair for about 6 months & I have relaxed ends. Can you demonstrate a style that does not require heat? Thank you!!


@MsShanikaPixon You can cut it if you don't have someone to help you transition. If you find someone to set your own hair and work with it then you can grow and cut it a little at a time. : )


hydrating cream by moroccanoil and the oil. sometimes i use the thermal protector from amika.


lol, You have to just let it grow out. It takes a lot of patience. All the best. : )

ShopMinx byJessica

I'm happy to find out that u finally have ur own channel. I subscribed as soon as I found out about it. My question is what are the name of the products that I see in the ur video. If I'm not mistaken, the blue one on the shelf is the moraccan oil, but I would like the name of the one in ur hand. These are brands I can buy online? P. S. Thank u for ur videos, I've learned alot and will continue to learn more now that I decided to go natural in Jan. Thank u again.


@chevon1920 I don't recommend once a week. Sometimes people are allergic to the relaxer and they have to straighten their hair so this is the way they do it. With the right protection and good hair care the hair will be safe. : )

The Life of A Business Woman

I'm so glad I found your channel. I'm been growing out my natural hair "Transitioning" for 9 months now and it's so frustrating getting it straight or frizz free when I'm in between salon visits.


@UGotTubeOnUrFace I am in Hollywood Fl , broward county


This video is so awesome. I was almost going to buy a texturizer but I'll give my natural hair another shot

Stina Adam

Awww, only if you were in Guam, ughhh I can't find anyone that does natural hair down here! The hairstylist said they can't do my hair because it has color in it, what a bumm I wish I was back there in the states where the black hair salons are at):


YES!!! low settings please. 300 the max for fine hair. if you don't have the speed try to find a professional. I would rather most natural clients do this. : )


I know this is an old video but I needed this video because I am going natural without cutting my hair, I just get it trimmed every 3 months and my hair is long, I'm just slowly getting rid of the relaxer by getting those trims..


Hi liz, my hair is the same length , density and texture as that girl and i'm also transitioning with about 4 inches of new growth. i find that when i flat iron my hair it reverts within an hour or so and becomes very poufy at the roots and it remains very straight and silky at the relaxed ends (of course). How can i maintain straightness at the roots also? I deep conditioned and flat ironed last night and now my hair is a big puff ball : (


@milamonster The iron is FHI pro


@BARBIES101GANGSTA I'm at 4921 Sheridan street. in Hollywood Florida.I t takes a lot of hair care and patience to grow it the right way without damage. It you get it pressed every other week with the right protectors and a good iron that won't burn out your hair you should be fine. I also suggest rest periods in between. I don't recommend always straightening out the hair. You can do it. : )


@QueenHoney85 No I'm sorry I live in Florida. You can visit at any time. : )


@nickissexy1234yes this was water.


ok so what flat iron is that because I use the chi and I just dont like how I can choose how hot it can get and what heat protectant do you recommend?


What do you think about the Solia flat iron and the croc titanium flat iron? Thanks for this video. You know I put it in my favorites.


She was stunning! wow


If you straighten your hair once a week, then you might as well just keep the relaxer, what's the point?


@shaquitacobb Your welcome. .. : )


@artistmanga Are you asking about my hair or my model? : )

Kelsey T

Thx Liz for this vid, I have been transitioning now for 15 months and I do everything u recommend in this video.


@MzKinkyness You may need to get your hair trimmed. Usually this happens when you don't trim your hair as often. It also happens for people who have fine hair. : )


@bebegurl31291 Of course. I always use a protector on the hair. I also only recommend doing this every other week. My clients also take a break in the summer months. I give deep treatment to protect the hair and use as little heat as possible. But the amount of heat depends on the clients texture. I"m extremely careful with my clients.This is why I do have a high amount of natural hair clients. I believe in hair care so my clients can grow healthy long hair. : )


@RBsuperstar9 you can wrap your hair or you can put it in a bun. sometimes a very high ponytail works. : )


There are so many. affirm just came out with one. design , mixed chicks, moroccanoil, and many more.


good video! Very informative on how to transition with out doing the big chop.

E Mack

I'm really happy to see that straight hair is no longer the ONLY look, but one of many choices that Black women have for their hair.


@trnigyul If you start by using a good leave in like for example moroccanoil hydrating cream or soothe by framesi it will help control the puffy roots. take very thin sections when you do your straightening and don't forget to seal the hair with a anti humidity agent . Try the amika oil . 400 degrees in the flat iron on the roots and 350 on the ends. This should do the trick. Good luck. : )


@n2i2c2k2yTry to use some of the products that i use on my videos and don't blow dry your hair . Set your hair when possible.Good luck.


do the flat iron brand matter and how high the flat can before it burn out i have fine hair


@AnivlA84 Thank you!! : D


@chevon1920 the point is, your not appling damaging chemicals in your scalp anymore, but you can still have the straighten relaxed look, much healthy for you, this cuts down on hair thinning also.

Nicole Scott

@LizbethMuller Have you done a video about updo's for mid length hair, I like the styles of bee hives and other curl updo's ?




I went and got my hair done a couple of weeks ago. I have natural hair and my question is what can I do to keep my hair from reverting back. My hair looked good for that day went home and wrapped it up and woke up the next morning for work hair was drawn up and a mess.


It would be great if you did more Natural Hair Videos .. I enjoyed this one .. Job well done

Darlene W

What product line would you recommend for natural hair?


what iron is that? it gets her hair really staight! great job and technique =D

Michal Johnson

What products are you referring to towards the end of the video?


What brand flat iron did you use. Thanks so much I've been looking for someone to tell me how often I can flat iron my hair, I'm 9 months post relaxer


hi liz, wonder if you can do a video of a 4b model with natural hair, show how to flat iron and style.


@n2i2c2k2y It is very tricky. lol. You have to pull it out a little and then have some thing on your hair that lets it glide. Try not to hesitate. I will try to demonstrate it on one of my videos next time I use it . It is hard. Practice. Good luck. : )

Jennifer Murdock

How long did the straightening and curling take?

Monique Palmer

What kind of straightener do you recommend using? Also, how would you go about color damaged transitioning hair?


Her hair is gorgeous!!! You make me want these products!!!!


@postalass the macadamia oil does protect the hair so don't be afraid to use it . : )

Long textured hair

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I WOKE UP LIKE THIS HAIR TUTORIAL! Messy Loose Curls | Alexandrea Garza

303 643 views | 22 Mar. 2016

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FASHION BLOG: https://thealexandreagarza.com

Sam's Information: http://samglamm.com

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Lauren Georgia Rose

Love your hair! Doubt your stylist will travel to London though :( haha x

You Tube

Learnt a lot from this, gorgeous, thank you so much!!!! Xxx

Jordan Colston

Trying this out today ?

vanessa fernandez

What lip combo are you using in this vid.? Praying for Bubbles, to have a safe, fast recovery. ???

Ishie Olaviaga

Hi i just wanna ask what website did u get the too faced set on your snap chat ? Thank you


your blond is the perfect color. can you share what you tone with?

Andrea jueong

Beautiful! I could never use so much product on my hair. I like it on others, but my hair feels more sticky with the product.

Amy Barnes

Makeup tutorial on this look please

Lexi Cremeens

Love your videos Alex! Can you do a Spring/April Favorites Video soon? I'm looking for some new products and would love to see what your new favs are.

Vanessa Geaan

Love your lashes ❤️?

Alhalabi Katya

Omg - this is what I love! But my hair is long :< I hope it will work for me , thank u!

Priscilla Nieto

I feel like the weirdest person ever. If I wait until my hair is already greasy dry shampoo does nothing to fix it & I have tried about every one in the drugstore. If I apply dry shampoo to clean hair & religiously put more in each night my hair will stay completely clean until I have to wash it again. For me dry shampoo is a preventative measure, not a solution for already oily hair.

Sidney Fredrick

What lashes are you wearing in this video? They're gorgeous

Danielle Nicole

Ps- if you like shu, try their texture spray. It's amazing. Way better then the dry cleaner

Tida p

i love your hair! what color did you used?

Valerie Suarez

omg!! your eyelashes are giving me life right now??
what are you wearing???

Michelle Morgan

love the look because my hair has no body to it!!

Sam Silver

Obsessed with your cut!! ??

Allie Mason

I'm envious of how easily your hair gets volume from back combing! Mine takes forever then looks ratty lol

angelina beltran

GIRL! You should wear your hair parted to the side once in awhile! It looks good that way too! ❤️

Darren Yorgenson

I don't need this because that's how I wake up anyways!!!

Roses eches

I saw her dimples and I couldn't help but smile <3

Vanessa Baltazar

I love you so much I feel like your very genuine that's why I just subscribed. Where do you get your extensions does your hair dresser provide that?

Looloos Hair

This is very pretty. My daughter looloo and I have got some cute hair tutorials on our channel. If anyone reading this would go on our channel and have a look, we would appreciate it :) thank you xx

Zoelife with Amy

Hey! I'm a Pastor from Orlando, Florida and brand new YouTuber. You're beautiful and I love your posts. If you ever do any giveaway loops or have any advice on building my channel I would love to talk sometime. My channel name is "Zoelife with Amy". It's an inspirational/lifestyle channel. If you get a chance to check it out let me know what you think. Take care! God bless!! **Amy Smith

Sydney Mendoza

what eyelashes are you wearing?! love your videos <3

Jamie Annen

My problem is I don't know how to tease my hair! Can you do a video on that or include that in your next hair tutorial please?! How to, what brush/comb, tips, etc. I love this look!

Donna Joshi

very cute on u

Lori Marie

Will you ever go back to your natural roots or ombré? ? Btw love you Alex!

Jolene D

The Nume codes aren't working yet. Do those codes not start until tomorrow? Or should they be working now? Thanks in advance!

Isabel Mercado

Perfect look for a photo shoot ?

paulina barcenas

Alexandra I'm sure that everybody want to know how you do your hair color. pleaseeee. Love your videos!!!

Brandy Coffey

What color technique does she use on your hair?

Sarah Rocksdale

GORGEOUS! I love the messy, undone style! Fave!!!


Loveeeee this look ??

chastidy wiley

I would really like to see your hair straight with the bun on top, when you were sectioning it off it looked kind of cute! lol

Laura Leyva

I got your Ulta bag today!!! Love it! I love the bracelet you are wearing here, where did you get it? Thank you

Emily Bagnall

Are the nume products available with a uk plug?


she kinda reminds me of Demi Lovatoo ?

Sarah Barnett

Hi Alex,
I will be visiting Nashville soon and I just wondered where you get your nails done?



Jessica Canales

Hi Alex,

Your channel popped up out of nowhere yesterday and you are my vlog angel sent from like, YouTube heaven lol… seriously! I cannot stop watching both channels and I find you really, truly inspiring. Please know that you have successfully met your purpose in time and life on making these vlogs to touch someone because it has touched me in a really creative and inspiring way <3 so thank you :)

P.S. I'm also from the mitten (Grand Rapids), my boyfriend and I are also HUGE State fans (well mostly him) GO GREEN!!


You're so beautiful Alex...Although I like the blonde, I LOVE your hair dark...the darker hair makes you more striking! Regardless, you're fabulous. xoxo

des w

Where are your candles from?

Anna Kauppi

This video is probably the best curling vid I've seen. I've been looking for ways to curl my hair with making it look natural and easy

anna baker

Your hair?

Anna Herbeck

I love your makeup here! Do you have a video with this tutorial at all? If not you should!


❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ What Camera do
you Use for pictures and videos

Taylor Boyle

Hey just wondering- if I were to try this on my hair, which I would consider long, should I wrap it around twice or still once? Love your videos and watching your vlogs! <3

Selena Trevino

Your hair color is life! So beachy

Stacey Forbes

Love ur videos! Following u all the way from Scotland ? xx

Ariela Centeno


Irene Thanasi

ALEX you are stunning girl!!!


I have to say thank you for the codes !!! I got the octowand and I'm so excited to use it !

Lawrence Lam

very beautiful.

Audrey Whitehurst

I love your lashes here! ?

Liz J

Oh wow you're gorgeous! You've got amazing hair and your dimples are killin me ☺️

Ashlyn Jones


Kamille Velikki

Only looks good on blonde or light hair lol

Brittany Descoteaux

Do you have long layers or no layers?

Megan Stone

This is the first video I've watched on your channel, absolutely love this hairstyle! You wouldn't mind if I do a recreation on my channel?? So glad I found you!


Update the products you use on your hair!

Gretchen C

What size is the Nume you are using here?


Will you do a video explaining how you got your hair so light after it was so dark? Like the process? I love it so much!!

Ashley Angle

This is so random, but I noticed you doing your hair in front of your iMac. How do you not get products all over it. I hate that every time I use hairspray it gets all over my bathroom sink and mirror and walls leaving a nasty film. Just curious.... It bugs me to no end lol

Sharia Mckneely

Can you do a video on the process of going brunette to blonde with dark roots? I want to know the best way to do this without damaging your hair. I know you took a while from going brunette to blonde.

Katelyn Schalburg

Hi Alex! Love your video. I wanted to know if you've ever gotten a brazilian blowout or keratin treatment and if so, how did they work out for you? Thanks. xoxo

Hatch Man Do

What curls???

Alisha Phelps

do you wish you had had you your hair blonde for your wedding?

Ariana De Jesus

What lashes is she wearing?
In love with everything in this video

Loura Grace

What lashes are you wearing in the video. they are awesome!

Gigi Go

You're so prettyy. Love the teasing tips gonna try them tomorrow.

Selma C

You look so stunning ?

Lisa Askew

Love this style I did my hair for work like this today!!

Madi Church

what lashes?!


Alex, what size NuMe wand do you recommend for a short textured bob?

Emily Dovick

Love the messy look!!!!!

Haley King

What is your sister's channel called?

Ary Davila

You would get the same result from just jumping out the shower with no hair products or heat lol

Addy Jimenez

My hair is sooo thin, thinner than angel hair pasta ?? It will not stay

Danielle Nicole

You need to post more often! I love you videos but you only post them every week :(

Aixa Gomis

Love this hair style! It's making me think about cutting my hair... I just started my channel so if everyone is interested please check it out, it would mean the world to me, thanks!

Brenda Vargas

its very pretty but a little less tease will make it a lot more natural! js, xo

Lexie coconut

I wish i had thick hair :(

Nastasia Grace

your lashes though <3<3<3


This is great for me on the go :) Doing this tom ty! xo

Lisy C

What do you do to treat dryness in blonde hair

Lauren Davis

HI! I have been looking through your tutorials with the NuMe wand and the links you posted don't work. I'm wondering if NuMe is still selling their products? Do you have any updates links by chance?


love it!

Marilou Martinez Barrera

I love you hair so much ? it compliments your face so much ❤️

Dennii Bell

Your lashes are gorgeous, what are you using in this video?

Ida Devine

Great look!!!!! It is lax and lovely at the same time ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Kels Vaughne

Freaking obsessed ?

Lindsey Z

what heat setting do you use?

Dee Hdez

OMG I Loved it!! Definitely trying this tomorrow.

Ana Kcira

So pretty! It wouldn't look right on my long hair, but I always love watching your videos ?

Sully W

Hey alex, what carat is the diamond on your tiffany necklace?

Madyson Meadows

what lashes are you wearing? they're gorgeous!

Cynthia Castela

Your makeup is amazing in this video. I saw your glowing makeup tutorial but there is something about this makeup look in this video I love! Can you do a makeup tutorial on this look??

Karissa Rivera

loving your whole look: lashes, brows, hair <3