How to make short straight hair wavy

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How To Have Natural Wavy Hair For Men With Short Hair

94 226 views | 20 Apr. 2013

It is often difficult for

It is often difficult for asian guys with naturally really straight short hair to achieve a natural wave without the help of products! Here I demonstrate how I achieve my everyday hair, usually in a lot less time, skipping a few of those steps ha!

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Junaid Noor

Man im lucky to have better hair than this guy. He literally has hedgehog hair so basically looks like mr kittynessal my hedgehog lmao

Trúc Thanh

Người VN ạ ?

GhostDM play

That ain’t wavy dawg

sazarul mukmin

exactly same,u need to grow ur hair first .

Ken choi

Keep up the good work and make more videos :)) Fuck these haters :))



Mr how to do ??

Grow your hair then curl it .there will be a difference


dude I get that hair without any products, no need for me to try, I just have good flow. Take and Hold the L

Mike Marovelli

Your hairs too short to be wavy. Let it grow out to like 4 inches. Being Asian doesn't help either

Leeroy The Man

weird but what? the hell??


Wtf is this bullshit? There is no fcking difference

jay taylor

did u want it to look exactlt the same as when you started or....?

Joseph Almonte

dam bruh hella hairspray

Ken choi

Wow you have such nice hair :D I have the same type and i'm mixed. (Mostly black) :D

Olivia Imnottellingyou

I see a difference, it's just the lighting that is bad, good job!

Fadil Muhammad

U need to let ur hair grow more than that so u can easily styling it with iron to create wavy hair *sorrybadenglish

Sneaker Reviewerz

BRUHHH YOU SAID 'How To Have Natural Wavy Hair For Men With Short Hair'. That shit ain't natural, if you add heat to your hair it will damage and it's not natural! I HAVE A VIDEO ON MY YOUTUBE OF HOW TO HAVE CURLS NATURALLY

Marcelo Tiguila

damn he's sooooo cute

Javi V

I should change the title to more volume

nicholas tanuwijaya

too much products for short hair tho hair wax and hairspray are enough if the hair are short heat protection also great.. nice video tho :)

DriPiE BReAd

More dislikes than likes ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????yall fucked up??????


what the hell did I just see???

Aj Fajardo

how i am so amaze on how you use the products of your hair and then nothing happens great job!


There's no difference.... you used all that product for nothing. You need to grow your hair.....


At least he somewhat tries

hershey coookieee

No diff hahhaah

Anton Joakim

at least you don't have bad cowlicks like me. either I have to cut it really short or grow it out really long. I like wavy and curly hair too, i love how it flows in the wind.


It's the same. ?

Buyu Dino


Bryan Sam

IM CRYING READING ALL OF THESE COMMENTS?? All that mf hair product and it didn’t do anythingg?? im Asian but I didn’t get screwed over with hedgehog hair if you rlly wanted to do a vid like this grow your hair out my guy but thx for making this video it rlly got me dead asf????

James Osorio

Who gonna tell him


it looks exactly the same

j p

Bruh there’s no difference ? grow your hair out way longer then try it again

Richard Eduardo

Dude, I am sorry, but... I don't understand why you don't like you hair the way it is. It's fucking awesome. STOP IT. There are a bunch of people who's desiring your type of hair, including me... and you're kinda unsatisfied with it... Raise your hands to the sky and say thank you.


Poker straight ass Asian hair

Adam Zaman

it's not even curly mte

ماجد Als

Lbp 2 omg that music

Mr. Reanu Keeves

still lookin straight though! LOL




Looks the same as before..your hair is too short and you need layers. Because when asian hair is short it sticks up because asian hair is very strong...when it gets longer then you should..

just pass

still no different o_O

Eduardo Hernández


Shy Dalos

wtf is that?! where's the change????? lol. whatta an useless tutorial

Carl James

Yoooo that’s so wavy

The Real Bleach

I can't tell if he's trying to be funny or not

Big Black Boykyn

Dude this isn't a girls Make up video. What's the need for those dumb faces that only appeal to chicks

Shinji D

Straight hair is so easy to maintain. Why do u want to have wavy hair? I hate my wavy asian hair cause it doesnt do what I want. The fringe dun want to go right or left or both sides. So confusing that i just cut my hair short and blow dry upwards-_-

Sonny Tai

Don't mind the haters. I have straight hair like you, and I'm trying to grow it out and get a wavier hairstyle. Thanks for the help!

Ricky on the Webs

It is true that there is little difference between the before and after. But I think maybe he might have only wanted a slight bend in the hair which a lot of asians don't have and having that slight bend, still, for an asian makes quite a difference cos it's not easy to manipulate the hair with product alone. 

On another note, I'm not too sure what conditioning milk is, but a heat protectant spray might be a better option as it really does help you do a better job of curling or straightening hair besides protecting your hair from heat. 
Also he doesn't need to grow his hair out to achieve a better curl. He needs to actually roll the hair up in the curling tong. But it really depends on how curled or bent he wants his hair. 

Sorry for the long comment.


hes fit tho

Javier Garcia

I don't get it haha whack ass tutorial

Ron Joseph Francisco

your hair annoys me tbh no flow at all..

Roger Fernandes

If that's Curly than am Bobby Pharrel ?

021_ Afarrel Nadhif Aldrino

lol no different


Hehehe ???‍♂️

Ferris Hryshi

Me , I'don Loss time on doin' that even before cuttin' my hair to 0
I'm lookin so funny !! i see my self through the mirror n' what the fuck is that guy !
Sorry for less respectin'

Ferris Hryshi

Hey There ! My Hair is naturally wavy but it still very short to straighten it !
Yo , Greeting To Asian People I'm From Tunisia !


lol it is still straight. I have naturally wavy hair I think you should appreciate your hair as it is.


curly where?


What's the difference lmao


Your hair looks exactly the same from the start of the video to the end hahahahahahahahaha

blahblah blah

what curler do u u use?

How to make short straight hair wavy

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Wet & Wavy Short Hair Tutorial

308 807 views | 5 Aug. 2015


Products Used:

CLEAR Ultra Nourishing Conditioner

Organic Unrefined Coconut Oil

ECO Styling Gel

THEHAIRAZOR STORE: http://astore.amazon.com/the0e92d-20

BOOK ME: http://www.styleseat.com/TheHaiRazor


WEBSITE: http://www.thehairazor.com

SALON http://thehairazorsalon.com

FACEBOOK: http://www.facebook.com/TheHaiRazor

TWITTER: http://www.twitter.com/TheHaiRazor

INSTAGRAM: http://www.instagram.com/thehairazor

CAMERA: Canon T3i


MUSIC: Bakah http://www.iambakah.com

CONTACT ME: [email protected]

erica reynoso

Que utilizas para hacer las olas? Soy de rep.dom.

Cerease Augustus

what perm do you use

Ricardo Salmon

Like it

A.E. W

Hair. Skin. Nails ?
She remind me alot of Loretta Devine in the movie 'Waiting to Exhale', her hair was short like that ?

Beauty by Kinette

I use to wear my hair like that all the time when I was wearing it natural.

Amanda Knox

perfect shade of blue ??


Do you have a relaxer?

Aviana Wiles

I swear I needed this last week lol. I was racking my brain trying to figure out a way to get a curly style with my short relaxed hair. This is great! Definitely will be trying this very soon.

Doris Gibson

Thanks I like it.

Cori Renee

I wear the gel down all the time. Soo happy to see a quicky curly alternative for when I havent gotten a partial or relaxer in a minute. PLus your page is great!!!

ivory Lewis

I like the video but why are u doing your eyes like that

Deb Lowery21

There's not a damn thang natural about your hair! And natural isn't nappy it's our culture... Please get your facts right before making a video

Tasha Redmon

I love that hair style. It's so easy and quick. I recently subscribed to your channel since I cut my hair a month ago so I'm still very new to the whole maintaining short hair thing. I was wondering if you can do some tutorials on hairstyles you do when it's close to relaxer time and short hair for beginners. Thank you I really love your channel


Do you have a relaxer?

linda raiford

You did a beautiful job you was the only one i looked on her and found that answer all my questions Thank You so much God Bless

Shirley Harris

Wow, you just helped me!!!❤❤

Royal Violet Reigns

I'm not sure if u have made a video of this particular topic already or not, but I wanted to know if u could speak on the importance of how u take care of ur color treated hair and if or not u do anything different. is there a certain type of relaxer ur supposed to use? I know that u always use a milder relaxer if ur color treated but is there anything u would have suggested for someone to do. and can someone with relaxed hair really have healthy color treated hair? is it a difference in the permanently colored hair than the hair that has been bleached? and I have short hair now and it's color treated I love my hair short and I love my color but sometimes it's hard to try and fit in the timing for the color and the relaxer. and Im going to cosmetology school. but my school doesn't really have any teachers that are experienced in this area so I thought to ask someone like urself. Thanks in advance for ur help.

Mimi_ lifestyles

fab tips

Johanna Maclara Castro

HelloHow often do you relax your hair?

Lenn Lenn

I love ah-ha moments too! (regarding your epiphany, lol) Eco Styling Gel is the truth!

Felicia Freeman

Love It!!!!!

lorettalynn Davis

You're an artist! A true "sculptor" of hair.
Also your make up is fierce girl! I wanna be YOU girl
(only with natural hair) lol!

Matia Smith

I just use gel and water.

Britney Campbell

so I did this on my hair today. my hair is a bit taller than yours though and the sides. Some people told me it gave me an Indian look and some think it's JerryCurl. it looked ok-ish and I just got my hair relaxed like on Dec 31. And it was a Virgin hair. So yeah.


Very nice!!! And I really love your blue streaks on top. Gorgeous!!!

Kourtney Franke


Monica Alexander

If you want to stretch this style for two days, what do when you wake up (especially when the scarf that you went to bed with is jacked up when you wake up?   Thanks for taking your time to teach. Most appreciative.


I love the tutorials you do so helpful

maryrose alajo

Can eco styler be bad for your hair or no cause my friends telling me it's bad for your hair ???

Guerline Cherenfant

amazing! but I would like to have the list of the products you used! thanks in advance.


I wish I could do the waves on my natural. Haha. I Love this ...

catrice barron

I have Short hair I love yo video how u keep your color hair from being so dry

Colotta C

My hair is long but I love your short Sexy look.

valerie brown

What kind of rinse you use on your hair if used, it’s very beautiful


Thank you for sharing looks lovely ?☺?

Kristina Taylor

Wish I could see the back of your hair

Ebony Muller

You're short hair is super cute


New tutorial! Wet and wavy short hair tutorial!


or relaxed

Katherine Johnson

I just recently chopped all my hair off this video was very helpful. ?

cheryl oglesby


poni beatrice

Is your blue lol but it's cute

ericka moore

hey girl,
I love this post but can you tell me how to NOT get the clear gel to dry with white flakes? thanks


You can use the tail of the comb to make the scrunches too,

Monica Mcmillian

I know this a old video, but new to watching your videos, I haven't verrrry short natural hair, Can I achieve this look?

Bertha Wilson

I love it!! Can you do a video on how you dyed your hair that very beautiful blue!!

Yvonne Candis

you have a beautiful face! Your Make up is perfect.


I really love your hair color ??

Mizz Bella So Fly

I remember when I chopped off my hair and it was short like this ❤ its now 15 1/2 inches long now


I guess her hair is permed

Tumom Galvin

I love it. I will try it . I'm sure it will take time for it to look anything like yours!!

Shola Rod

Thank you so much for this video ??

Toya White

When i use the Nairobi my Hair comes out very wavy


Your hair & the blue ❤️

Nyota Marcus

Mine’s looks the exact same,except the color#still working on that,thx for this great video?


This is awesome. I just chopped mine off and had no clue what to do. Thank you so much!


girl I love your tutorials! I'm turning 24 and I've decided I'm taking the next 5-10 years to do all the short cuts I ever wanted and I love the styles and tips you giving. thank you love

Nechele Watts


Caremal Green

Thank you this is my go to style this christmas


Loved the video. I was truly in need of a new and quick hairstyle. Thanks for all the hairstyles that you share for us women with pixie cuts?

Nadia Vauss

you are amazing where is your hair salon?

How to make short straight hair wavy

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Men's Straight to Wavy Hair | Hair Tutorial

26 546 views | 10 Jul. 2019

This is how I do my hair

This is how I do my hair everyday! I have very straight flat hair and I want what I don't have. I hope you enjoy watching!

INSTA: vo_steven


ninjoi. - Foolish Heart [Thematic Exclusive] - https://thmatc.co/?l=488C9D6B

Alpharo - Too Early - https://thmatc.co/?l=FED9D190


Hi how long does this last?

SkitZ -

Noice thx

Twan Loushambam

Is this permanent


The make up was unnecessary

ccc. terry

Girl or guy??


Will this damage your hair if you do it every day


Will this work for hella thick hair

Whole lotta red

Having long hair is the best decision i made. Use a bun and get waves out of it


i hope he gets the dimand click button

Solomon Thawng

you look okay

Elmer Soto

I tried it and it worked thanks ?

Tommy rue

Who needs a perm!!! Thanks man

Rivera Brian

Heat protection is needed yes or no ur gonna blow up one day

OPM Riotyy

Why is everyone so rude he’s just r
Trying to help

black sharelefox

Boys use make up ? Wth

Dasia Lee

Omg you are so cute??❣️

Kian Keido

Hair destruction 100


Why you have a chubby face ?

Donald Doan

i honestly hope this channel gets more popular


Ur so cwute!? Thank u so much for this it really helped even tho my hair isn't as thin as yours, besides that I love your hair no joke. I subbed, ??

Nethan Cauthon

It works but dame you are so ducking gay no afinese or anything but dame

It's Coco

Wtf what kind of nigga puts in makeup wtf are you doing

angel mai

work it sis!!


Dang thank you for this I hated my hair in my face ?

dystopian renegade

new subb; nice hair btwww♡


I got natural wavy hair ???‍♂️

Francine Vo

OH SHIT ??????


thank you

Rock egg

I was going to watch the vid but I notice your gay and ur voice sounds eh so I click off

Uday Patel

Ima have to give this a try my trash ass straight hair ain’t shit ?


Doesnt work anymore developers patched it

un known

what is the length of your hair in this video ?




Yo hair so thin

Tommy rue

Nice video man you have a great smile

Tanner Rauschenberger

Ur gonna blow up one day