Really long hair

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8 Things Girls With Extremely Long Hair Can Relate To

1 639 009 views | 31 Dec. 2015

Hey guys! Having long hair

Hey guys! Having long hair is a struggle for most girls. But, there are also struggles or problems for girls with EXTREMELY long hair. In this video, I have compiled a list of eight things girls with extremely long hair can relate to or understand. I hope those girls out there with extremely long hair can also relate to this!

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Here is the link to the previous video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mqcZUJRiTcI

Really long hair

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The Rapunzel Family

63 612 772 views | 6 Mar. 2013

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Mum Tere Lynn Svetlecich Russell, 43, and her daughters have a combined hair length of over FOUR METRES - like a family of real life Rapunzels. The mother-of-five has had flowing locks since she was a toddler and still has it today because it drives husband Chip, 47, wild. Amazingly, she is forced to wash it by kneeling every time because it DRAGS her to the floor when wet. But most of the time her tresses are winning her acclaim across Illinois state where she regularly scoops first place in 'Longest Pony Tail Competitions' at annual fetes and fairs - and now her girls are following in her footsteps.

At it's longest, Tere Lynn's hair cascades over her shoulders at an incredible 74 inches. Her eldest Callan, 11, sports 36 3/4 (thirty-six and three-quarter) inch locks, while Cendalyn, nine, is just behind with a straight 36-inch hairdo. Chesney, six, is catching up with a 26 1/4 (twenty-six and one-quarter)-inch mane, while adorable Chapin, one, has the beginnings of a sprout too.

Apart from little Chapin, each of the females use a quarter-bottle of conditioner every time they wash their hair. Tere Lynn often accidentally slams her hair in car doors, gets it sucked up when vacuum cleaning at home, and the kids are always standing on it. But she keeps it for Chip, who first asked her on a date as a teenager because of her luscious long locks. Last week the mum and daughters took their first EVER trip to a hair salon - to show the girls what it was like as a treat. Tere Lynn's mum Patricia, 69, has been the only person to cut her hair since she was born, and Tere Lynn is carrying on the tradition with her own girls.

Feng Shi

Sorry if this is rude, but why is the oldest daughters smile look SO FRICKIN CRINGY UGH

Farting Is Natural

When my mom dries my hair while standing up my feet are like dying i can’t imagine them drying hair standing up


Mom is the queen they three are princesses :"))


me: has hair that is around my belly and is a lot shorter than theirs

their hair: p.e.r.f.e.c.t.i.o.n.

my hair: tangled as hell that one time my mom was thinking of cutting the hair on the back of my head-

Hany Walker

Who got this in their recommended list 7 years later

ღ kaori miyazono ღ

my hair is about as long as the smallest girl's

Santha Savarirajan

I. Love it when I see you again in a few days but I'm not going anywhere else

Pancake Gacha

My mum didn’t let me cut my hair until I was 7 because my hair was as short as a boy when I was 3 years old and I never cut it. But then it started to get long so she helped me do a trim and she joked that she was afraid that when I was 18 I would go shave it all xd I don’t really mind since my hair was nice and now I cut my hair every two years or so


I’d like hair like the middle child but black with pink on top

Tudomime Tukukame

How do they use the toilet without getting the hair in there

Randomly Scheduled Random Uploads

A quarter of a bottle of shampoo per wash?!

Aquatic Ava

Who saw this on their recommendation
??if so??

khuluds township

How watching in 2021 ?

anne marie colligan

My hair will never be that long

Rachel_ 69

they could literally donate that hair to people with cancer and lucimeia

Philbert Plummer

Amazing but I know some black girls that have longer hair


Ok, I think the second daughter has longer hair than the first daughter

sofia espinoza

i love long hair .

Broad Man

This makes me smile. I hope one day I get to have a beautiful daughter with my girlfriend and she gets her long and beautiful hair from her mother.

Tina Do Thuy Trang

Im wondering how long their hair would be today? 7-8 years later...?


theres a girl with 7 kids, who all have never had haircuts. and the women had hair that was 2x the size as hers.
they are still alive.

m o c h i c l o u d

Um... my cousins hair is as long as theirs it's nothing special.. ;-;

Mochi_Gacha Games

I can’t believe they want to cut it ( actually I can) but I have always wanted long hair I do have medium length now but like I would die to have hair that long just a bit shorter

Dixie Rodriguez



I bet when they get a letter home about lice she is like “KIDS! LOCKDOWN! I REPEAT LOCKDOWN!”




And yet rapunzel still walks around like if she doesn’t have 70 feet of hair on her head

PewDiePies Dingleberries

imagine they cook for you and you find a hair in that sombis

Raman Sandhu


TaeTae Donut

I also had as long hair as that a few month ago... over night i didnt like it anymore and now my longest hair is 10cm long... I LOVE IT ^^


Imagine having to wash that hair.


Me: mom i want Rapunzal
Mom: we have rapunzal at home
rapunzel at home
(Im not bullying i like there hair) :D

Bebs Tea

See if you can commit a murder on one of these people all you Gotta do is strangle them with their own hair there you go the hair will have so much bacteria from touching the ground all day that they won’t be able to tell that you did it

princess gilo lymo

Wow i wish i could have that long hair!!!! Plz pray for me so i can have it...

Mohammed hassan Al tuhamy

Woooah this is 8 years ago man emagine now how could it be woaaaaaahhhhh tooooo much

Ânyà Štár ✨

Also use virgin coconut oil in your hair care routine to make it more healthier and thicker

Bokuto Kōtarō

0:49 they look so different in the picture?


I feel bad for the husband

Ori Ochoga

They should produce wigs for sale

No none of it .2

It's true!!! If you have bomb hair you'll get a lover. I don't have long hair though...

Itz midnight panda

It must take a long time to brush it

Mari Shungun

Imagine it gets in your mouth or in your food?

Beware of Meh

Bro, imagine how terrifying humans would be in the wild if we never cut any hair, including body hair or nails. We would be running and our hair would look like capes.


I got over waist long hair and I am struggling. How are they doing it?


dude, i can bearly handle short hair ;-;

Betu Yaye

How do you're hair grown like that

Alexandra Slingerland

The family is so cute!

Binoee Arefin

Everyone: Rapunzel family!
Me: "The Grudge" family!!


moistcr1tikal be like

c l o u d y d a y s

I wonder how the mom feels when she wakes up and her hair is all tangled

Cristina Guadarrama

Imagine how hard it is too brush the moms hair

Elle Lane

That's a weird idolatry.

It's just hair.

AukkiMan X

1 like = 1 cm longer hair


When I was little I was bald until I was like 4 then I got this super curly mess that's so hard to brush and always gets tangled and when it's straight (that's very rare) it's almost to my butt which I thought was long but after seeing this.. I-

Fruit fairy


katherine soh

When they turned around in the start I saw a donkey

Choco Zpt

Curly hair can never ??

Mochi_Gacha Games

I could only imagine-

Brenda Hedden

i love yalls hair... i always had long hair .. usually to my butt tho been years half way i get split ends so i have a shampoo conditioner is good on it now. i live in Chicago so kl yall live IL

Queue Kumber

I'd put hair removal cream in their conditioner for a joke.

Gael Felix-Dominguez

At 0:15 the girls in the middle have about the same long hair as my sisters hair...


Imagine the rough daily school routine they go through....

Melody Martinez

I used to have hair like that but i cut it

Baller 123

My hair is as the oldest girls?

Ava Stockhauser

I wish ??❤️


I just wanna pull there hairs so bad! idk why!xDDD

Chill Vibrations

The mom would look so pretty with loose curls ?

《Fluffy Kat》

I probably have the same hair length as one of th3m-
It goes down to my bottom

Sinead McKendry

Im gonna measure my hair now

The last comment

My hair used to be that long
It was usually windy so I looked like my head turned into a bush

Am Dzi

Them:are ok with having long hair
Me:begs my mom to cut it even though it didnt even grow

Nadia Ottoni

if i were the mom i would let it grow but trim it every 3 month

physc0 senpaii

1:44 “it’s a little painful” black women: ?

Vaidehi Chakka

My hair is 34 inches


I'm sorry if I ruined your childhood but Rapunzel actually was quarantined in her house and guess what the castle was named Corona now if we give a little guesses this is probably why her stepmother didn't let her go out because she had the virus and we know what the rabbits is called covid-19 or coronavirus and now if you don't know Rapunzel is actually 19 so this is kind of weird or suspicious well we never know this is probably growing your whole entire childhood but I'll give you some hints or clues to give a chance


imagine unclogging the shower drain

nariii world

i wonder how they're doing today

shafed :3


Your local bts Simpシ

Bruh I cant even get my hair up to my shoulder DANG- ?

Kadence Henshall

Bruh I can't even get my hair the length of the youngest girl


I think it’s great but i really hope they have plans to donate to women in chemotherapy. Gotta put the good hair genes to help those in need.

Kio- Kun

I actually have my hair same length as her oldest daughter...and i haven't been to salon for 13 years ? i only cutted my hair when I was 1 years old..i am 14 now...i mostly just trim them a lil at the end so the ends look equal


When she is at the shop someone steps on hair
Person| steps on hair
Person| OMG I am so sorry-
Mom| still walking
Person| how is her hair so long-

Bridget Warner

No offense but the mom looks like the witch from Tangled no Rapunzel

Samurai Levi

From what I hear, long hair can cause massive headaches. I hope that doesn’t happen to them.

kid Squad.

Imagine how girls look at them

peiyee zhov

Wow!Imagine how long do they need to dry their hair?!?

Malia Ajhahahahahsjsjsh

Anyone 2021?


She has good hair genetics.

It's Heath

Hair dressers: ??? ??


i hope a few of the people in this comment section know that lice remedies are a thing

Hailey Hung

And I just cut my hair into a bob yesterday...

Theflowmustgoon !

Where’s the long haired dad?

Sarah Vivas

That hair looks so unhealthy

Emi's Surprises

I wish i had that much long hair

Excuse me why are your mashed potatoes crunchy?

7 years, huh.. their hair must be hella long now.

Tahira Khan

toilet time must be a tough jobb?but mash'allah

jazy glane glory

Even the youngest has longer hair then me ???


Someone commented that their hair looks damaged at the end. This is most likely because of "split ends" which are basically when one strand of hair splits into two strands. Apparently you should always cut split ends because that part is unhealthy and damaging. Trimming off the split ends will help your hair grow healthier and faster! :)

Brenna Petersen

I would have been the happiest hair stylist on the whole planet.

Really long hair

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Real Life Rapunzels ? Extremely Very Long Hair Girls! Amazing hair! People are awesome

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#superlonghair #longhair #verylonghair #realrapunzel #hair #amazing #satisfafying #modernworld

Real Life Rapunzels ? Extremely Very Long Hair Girls! Amazing hair! People are awesome 2018

Have a great time.

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