Is shampoo bad for your hair

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The Benefits Of Not Using Shampoo For Your Hair

17 100 views | 23 Sep. 2017

We need to accept the

We need to accept the fact that all shampoos are made up of chemicals, some manufacturers may boast that they use natural ingredients but when these combine together, collectively they too change into various chemical compounds.

A very simple example taken for instance is “Limewater” which is a very natural ingredient which is the juice extracted from the lime fruit being mixed up with water.

These two natural ingredients make up a chemical compound called “Calcium Hydroxide” which is the mineral Calcium from the lime fruit and the Hydrogen and Oxygen in the water, mixing together to form it.

Hence the argument is that every ingredient in a hair shampoo are chemical compounds and when a host of them mix up inside a bottle or plastic dispenser, it becomes a concoction of various chemicals, which could also react with each other when kept together over a period of time to form other chemical compounds.

Using this concoction on our hair would not be a very advisable and even if some of us do presently use a shampoo and fortunately have not experienced any discomfort like itching, damaged scalps, splitting hair or any other reaction it may not be the same with others.

Each of us has distinct characteristics and allergies which could surface either within or without our bodies and some of those could be mild whilst others could be quite serious with even hospitalization being required.

In such a context it would be prudent to keep away from using hair shampoo and find other ways of washing and keeping the hair clean.

There is no alternative to keeping your hair clean, healthy and shiny, it has to be washed but washing with what is the pertinent question, if using shampoo is not a good idea.

There are some of us with oily hair, others having dry hair whilst many having such diverse types of hair which needs to be kept clean if not you could contract other sicknesses.

Keeping hair clean is a must if we are to have a healthy lifestyle and not forgetting a healthy body and also a very healthy head of hair because it is the hair on our head that would make us beautiful or handsome as the case may be.

Shampoo, was introduced into the world only about a century or so ago, which does not mean that, Man did not wash their hair during all the time before that, they did of course!

It is ultimately not what you use to wash your hair that matters it is what is good for you that is important and with each of us a separate individual with different bodies how we would react to each of those would be what we need to know before we put it on our hair.

Even the simple “Lime Water” could be an allergy for some and when that is so, finding the right natural ingredient to wash your hair becomes each individual’s prerogative.

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Ana María Stephan

Well, that was a stupid video!

Jude K


Arwen Brimhall

Lime water has nothing to do with the citrus fruit. Do your research‼️

Hannaneh STM

So we shouldn't drink Lemonade cause it's a chemical compound?

becky 22

I suffer with alopecia (my hair falling out A LOT), especially when I'm stressed,it's so bad I was once asked was I having chemotherapy! Would this approach help?
Thank you

Brian Moore

Click bait

Gamer 123


Is shampoo bad for your hair

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Hair Ingredients You Should Avoid

16 108 views | 3 May. 2017

Open For More

Open For More Info!

Hairstyle Tutorial: https://youtu.be/LLvZu7SxUSY





-Night / Morning Routine for Curly Hair: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L4zMNJQ4JDA

-How to Grow Long Hair: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YyaK47OaNPQ

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Karoline Michelle

um, I need a hair and make up tutorial?? Like... PLEASE?! ?? I love the Head Scarf + Bun + Hoops look omg ?

Karen Nunez

Thank you for this video!
Love you girlie ?

Sara Fetene

I know the struggle. I really love the macadamia deep repair mask even though it has silicones. I just can't find an alternative that does my hair right. I guess it's not too bad if I'm cutting out silicones, sulfates, petroleum, etc. in all my other styling products ??‍♀️. I guess I'm going to have to invest in the deva curl buildup buster & use that once a month or so to get rid of the buildup. Thanks for the info girl, it's greatly appreciated


idk if u guys will see this but for the people unaware, DO NOT USE DEVACURL!! the product has caused hair loss, frizzyniss en scalp irritation!! back in the day it was okay to use but they changed the formula!!!

Mary alsina

Your hair looks so cute in a bun I feel like it would look really cute in a sleek high pony tail too

I'm human

Starts at 2:25


So Cantu bad ?

Renee David

Great video ! Do you find that products you buy and use for maybe 2 or 3 weeks will not work they they use to after a few weeks ? I love your hair, its so similar to mine! :)

Diana B

Castor oil is not water-soluble. This ingredient is a NO NO if you're doing the CG method. Unfortunately, a lot of products-and brands- that claim to be CG approve, use castor oil. I seen YouTubers who call themselves Hair Educators, use this oil. If it's altered, meaning PEG-(and a number), do research before using it, but in my opinion it is okay to use. If you can avoid it, use coconut oil instead. Plus, coconut oil actually repairs the hair, rather than just being moisturizing, like castor oil.

Pass on this information, please....


Is motion good?


I love that you said "do whatever works for your hair" A lot of times when someone first goes natural, it can be overwhelming to keep track of all the bad ingredients. I slowly transitioned to using natural hair products but I stll occasionally use Aussie Moisture conditioner.

DeMonica McIver

I love this headband!!! Where's it from? I've been wanting one...

Morgan Simmons

Omg pls don’t use devacurl

Maurane Montreau

I just wanted to add that of course you can choose what ingredients you want to avoid and those that you accept, but it might be written "silicone free" or "sulfate free" but sometimes they just replace them by other chemicals that aren't good for your hair/scalp either... So be careful


Be sure to send me more video requests!! And please feel free to comment any ingredients that don't work for your curls.

Justine Horton

I've got a hairstyle options. a variation of a half up half down. the top half in a ball at the back of the head and the loose halh possibly braided.

I think it would look cute. Take artistic freedom on the interpretation of the style.

aesthetic purple

you are so gorgeous ???

Joana Santos

Loved your advice ^_^ please make another video like this one sharing what ingredients we should look for in hair products

Danae From The Bay

I’m a nurse, parabens do not cause cancer! They keep our products from growing mold and bacteria etc. they instead change the preservative to something even worse than parabens now FYI you’re really better off with the parabens

Whereis Juanpa

Is Cantu bad then?

Kristie Cruz

You are so beautiful!!!

Crystal Benjamin

aussie moist is bomb, i wouldn't give that up either lol

Yahaira OKeefe

Sadly I just found out that Shea moistures conditioners contain silicones. I don't know what other companies to use instead they've been my go to for about 2 years now


i like ur channel its VERY informative. ......?❤
new Subbie. ....

Mia S.

can you make a video on how to thicken your hair? bc mine is naturally thin even though it's curly and I have a lot of it but I still want it to be thick Haha lol

Rosanne Jimenez

Love your videos! Great job :)

Marleen G.

Personally, I have to use sulfates on my scalp as I have a scalp condition and need to keep my scalp squeaky clean. It is what it is. I'm glad they still make products with sulfates because I can't go sulfate-free or CO-wash. I also use silicones as I would not be able to detangle my hair at all without them. I have hip+ length hair and wash weekly. I cleanse and double condition. I have been doing this for... ages, and it works for me. I'm 45! My stylers are more natural though, as I use stylers by Shea Moisture, Aunt Jackie's, Cantu, Every Strand, etc... My gel is Eco Styler and my serum is silicone-filled as well. Whatever works, right?


Great video love! Very informative! xoxo

Chantal Lorena

lexi!! I really love your videos????

Ayanna Douglas

Your so pretty

Is shampoo bad for your hair

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Is Cheap Shampoo Bad for Your Hair? : Hairstyles From a Pro

1 576 views | 10 Apr. 2013


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Cheap shampoo is often considered to be "bad" for your hair for a number of different reasons. Find out if cheap shampoo is actually bad for your hair with help from a professional hair and makeup artist in this free video clip.

Expert: T. Cooper

Filmmaker: Victor Varnado

Series Description: You don't actually have to be a professional in order to style your hair like one. Find out about hairstyles that you can easily do at home with help from a professional hair and makeup artist in this free video series.

Fa Ahm

However I have heard that cheap shampoo generally have chemicals in it like parabens and sulphates that are not good. So read the label!

Presious Pupsalot

Actually that’s not true. Cheap shampoos have a lot of bad chemicals in them to help preserve them so that they can sit on the shelves at stores for long periods of time (I’m talking years!) Products you but in the salon have expiration dates because they are only meant to sit on the shelves for a certain period of time before they become expired. They usually only sit for a year maybe less. The chemicals they add in cheap shampoos and conditioners are really bad for your hair and they actually cause a build up on the hair strands that you don’t actually see or realize are there. It’s kinda like a oily paste that builds up over time the more and more you use it. When people go in to the salon and get their hair colored and the color washes off within a few washes it’s because the color didn’t actually stick to the hair it stuck to the build up and it just slides right off of it. You can actually take something and scrape the hair and see the pasty build up come off and it’s really nasty. There are videos of it on YouTube just watch them and you’ll see and you’ll immediately question the products you’re using on your hair. I’m a cosmetology student and we learned all about this is school and we learn about all the different products that are bad for your hair that we would have never known. That’s why we always recommend to buy your hair products from the salon because although they may be more expensive we actually know what’s in them and we use them on day to day based and so we know how they react onto the hair. We aren’t just selling them so make money but we’re actually trying to help protect your hair and wouldn’t you rather pay a little extra for healthy beautiful hair then be cheap and have damaged yucky hair. Not to mention when you flat iron or use any heat on your hair you’re basically baking that gunk into your hair and making it deeper which will be even harder to get off. We have to use treatments to get that stuff off. Anyways sorry about my rant I’m very passionate about helping people. I hope this helps someone out there.