How to get thick hair again

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Thin to Thick Hair Transformation

15 727 views | 19 Dec. 2019

Thin to Thick Hair

Thin to Thick Hair Transformation! In this video I will be sharing some Hair hacks every woman should know! How to grow your hair faster and longer! Our hormones play a huge role in healthy hair. Grow your hair with different hair tips and hair tricks! This is how to grow your hair fast the REAL WAY! These tips will accelerate Hair Growth. Use these hair care tips to grow long hair, prevent hair fallout and less hair breakage.

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Vinuri Suleka

Hi Jessica I found your video while Google for why my hair is thinning. You're an expert! Thank you ♥️ can I write to you through this email [email protected]jessicaspiers.com

Cimren Singh

I really loved watching this video. You’re extremely informed and explained everything so positively & calmly. I’m 22 and recently experienced a lot of weight loss (56kg to 48kg), as well as a very stressful 2 year relationship I recently got out of - I think all of this contributed towards my hair thinning. I’ve been so stressed and crying over this but your videos have made me feel so comforted. I also just got my hair extensions taken out and have been following your advice on incorporating more fibre rich food in my diet, hair oil treatments and supplements. My nails grow extremely fast and have been much stronger recently. Would you recommend I start taking 1000 ug biotin? Also, do you recommend with Nioxin thinning treatment? Please don’t ever stop making these video, you’re really making a difference here. Thank you xxx

Sakura Izumi

I used to have such thick hair when i was young that i even needed 3 to 4 rubberbands to hold my hair,now i only need 2 and my hair is getting thinner and thinner time past,my hair also keeps on shedding and because of that shedding,my hair is now not thick anymore ? i have been wanting to get my thick hair back ???

Raindrop in paradise

I used to have very very thick hair but since my last barber visit, it keeps falling out and thinning and I literally just turned 16


I'm a boy..and my hair has been thinning recently even tho I'm pretty young...does most of this info apply to males too??... anything I could do to help my hair be healthy and thicken ??

Palvi Khargotre

Plz can u give me trused result therapy for thicker hair plzzz


I’m 18 (still in high school) and five minutes into the video I started to feel like this doesn’t apply to me that much but I really want thicker hair :(

Deborah Diehl

I'm 44, our family has just gone through quarantine as so many have, and it seems we may be heading that direction again. That being said we all gained weight and my husband and I decided to begin intermittent fasting which oddly feels so natural to do. What you've described regarding hormones though is not only on point but also clarified quite a few suspicions; especially with insulin and estrogen. Thank you for being so comprehensive with this information.

Farzana Firoz

Finally some real info! How can we find out about our hormone levels like all the ones you talked about? Like how to test? I would like to ask my doctor to order them Thanks! I'm 42 but started noticing my hair thinning early 30s. I used to have thick hair and I'm down to a quarter. I saw a hormonal doc few years ago as I was getting monthly headaches and she started me in progesterone cream but I've stopped that a year ago.

Besiana Bislimi

Thank you so much! Everything you mentioned makes SO much sense and I really feel like almost everything applies to me even though I'm only 20. My diet def isn't the greatest and I do have hypothyroidism even though it's within the normal range. Literally so thankful for holistic approaches and for people like you that just give straight facts!!

Jessica EvilTwin

The truth is I'm wearing a wig whenever I'm selling it does not work trust me it does not work I tried it I put it on the motherfuker does not work so I still wear wigs like Wendy Williams

Katrina Hannan

I naturally have thick Moroccan hair, I remember when i was in grade school i use to be so embarrassed by it! I wanted thin hair haha. but I’m definitely interested in maintaining it and keeping it healthy. Loved this video!

Depressed Otaku

I have vitamin D deficiency and I’ve had it for years and I heard it has to do with hair loss I’m taking supplements now but my hair doesn’t seem to thicken and my hair was so thick before


My hair used to be so thick that I needed 2 scrunchies to hold it into a ponytail & after turning 15 my hair never returned to its normal form. Im 23 now. I have tried everything from no heat, to cutting it neck length, to homemade remedies , vitamins & nothing has helped me gain my natural luscious hair back.

Jessica Spiers

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