Scabbing rash

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Quick scab & gravel rash SFX makeup tutorial

51 507 views | 20 Aug. 2016

A quick little trick you

A quick little trick you can wear out to parties or during halloween. The process of making scabs with coffee grounds or flocking has been around for many years but I thought I'd share my spin on it.

What you'll need to create this look is:


Spirit gum

Instant coffee

Red cream makeup

Fake blood


Cotton tips

Setting powder or anti shine cream

Me in other places…





"The House of Leaves" Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)

Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0


Warning: Be safe and only work with what you understand. With any makeup please make sure you patch test on the skin before applying materials to yourself or someone else to ensure there's no allergic reaction.

Witte Artistry

What a realistic effect! Well done! How in the world did you ever come up with using coffee grounds for scabbing? Also, do you know of a product you could use for gravel pieces on your skin for looks like this? I a sure you could use small gravel, but I would think it might be too heavy and flake off.


is that liquid latex?

me is me

powder powdah


amazing video

chris cauley

5 like and where's the beard

Remas 34

I love your videos, keep up ??? . From kuwait??

Yesenia Alamo

Powdah, I have been a subscriber for a while and seeing you progress is awesome! Keep up the great work!


AMAZING VIDEOS! Where do you purchase your products btw//?

Audrone Baskeviciute

I tried it snd it looked really good

Pancake With Single Shot Gun

Make a prank with ur makeups


Looks great! Awesome easy tutorial :D

Lisa pooler

Do a riped off eye

Isabella Love


peanut butter

I was taken aback by the masterpiece that was his mustache. Keep it, please.


Is that instant coffee grounds or reg coffee grounds?


this was really helpful because I'm 12 and someone asked my parents if I did sfx and they said yeah and I am supposed to make it look like he got in a bad fight. So this video is going to be very helpful

Anna South

You're so good at these quick effects! Question for anyone who can answer: I've been looking for that type of thick brush latex for quite a while, but I haven't been able to find it. Only the cheap runny stuff. Does anyone know where I can find some?

Gal Gagoat

Beautiful work!


You’re just so good!!

TheDarkLordTeddyBoo TDLTB

Check out my Instagram @_the_dark_lord_teddy_boo_

KyLie Boaz

Using this for Halloween 2019??????

Zombiesko Gaming

Where i can buy this Spirit gum ??

Angel Lara

good stuff man!

Dumplings Gang

love it

Bean Gaming


Voodoo Pitbull


Ava Keil

I am allergic to latex so am often challenged finding some good alternatives, has anyone got any suggestions?

Ava Summer

You had a majestic beard, man!

Ajax White

i cringed a little bit when he lifted some of the latex up XD calm down me its not real

Carlos Ramos E Silva

Muito bom?????

Mishel Hernandez

I love this!!! <3 :0)

Ashley Lamp

I am planing on going as a biker for Halloween and I wanna put it on my face

JoAnn Abbott

Now show how to easily remove it please!


i dont have spirit gum, with that i can replace it?

Alika Rakhimova

Офигенно, ты мастер)

Luis Olsson

i love your videos so much!

Rachael Divers

Thank you for this awesome tutorial! Can't wait to try this xoxo

Kreset KoolKatt

HE SAID DAB!!!!!??????:O

John Turley

Your channel is by far the best In effects

Autumn Baines

it won't play

Rumana Kauser

It luks so real...#luv frm INDIA


Amazing! I just love your work! Thank you!

mario acoriba

can I use crafting knife instead of spatula thingy

Samantha Ratcliffe

I really like your tutorial! Thanks :)

Erika Natalia

Can I use a little bit of bondo instead of latex??

Jordan McDonald

This is way easier than other scab tutorials I've seen

Cheyanne Dubose

That is one cool mustache

dean b

I winced when you started poking it with the Q-tip. Too real haha

Leon Sims

What brand of latex do you use?

Makeup By A Red Head

Amazing as always

Lama E

could I use latex instead of spirit gum?


I think that you could be an makeup artist for Hollywood movies❤

Stacey mendoza

looks awesome!! ?

jolan soyer

hi , great makeup! I love what you do . continues like this! sorry for the mistakes , I'm french

Nina Alviar

You are crazy talented! I am pro with non-effect MU but just starting and self teaching SFX and I cannot WAIT to try this. Thank you for generously sharing!

Steph M

so using this trick for Halloween, looks awesome.

ana luisa

You're actually one of my favorite SFX makeup artists, you inspire me alot! your work is amazing, thank you.


My Mom says you're brilliant!

Sabryna Strickland

Is anyone else's glitching about halfway through going back to the beginning with the video but continuing with the audio?


Can I use eye lash glue if I'm out of spirit gum? I've never used eye lash glue for this but I don't want to waste the time if it doesn't work

Nahla hassan


Georgie Prebble

Where did the beard go?!?

Antisocialmakeupartist Taylor Yuill

could u use lighter coffee be use I can't find any that's dark like the ine u used lol?

Jason Lopez

Thats a kick-ass mustache ??

Tiago Oliveira

Where can i buy te materials to do this type of makeup?

Tiffany Tran

I just wanted to say that I love your mustache and your videos. :D new subscriber~


In my country we call it road rash.

Hellen Farias

Love it! ?