How to hide a pimple without makeup

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How To Look Beautiful With Acne and Without Makeup | SilasQiu

35 735 views | 20 Apr. 2018

How To Look Beautiful

How To Look Beautiful Without Makeup | SilasQiu Here’s a tutorial on how to look beautiful without wearing ANY makeup. I struggle with having active acne and acne scars but I still rock my no makeup look when going out and I think you can do the same. These beauty tips will help you look beautiful without wearing makeup. Honestly doing these small things can make a huge difference. I hope Im able to inspire you to go natural once in a while at least and still feel confident.

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♡Hi there I'm SilasQiu, I hope my videos can make you a happier person. I share positivity and knowledge on many things such as acne, selfcare, inner beauty, etc. Just about anything related to growing and becoming the best version of yourself. I'd like to think my channel is a "Inspirational Beauty&Lifestyle" channel.

♡ I post videos every week on THURSDAYS & sometimes on MONDAYS as well

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Naya Chicha

A small tip to make your lashes look longer and fuller without mascara !! ?
~Step 1: curl your lashes
~Step 2: apply a little bit of vaseline on them, it will stick them a little and they will look BOMB, trust me
~Step 3: curl your lashes again if needed, and girl GO OUT LOOKING BOMB AF.

Jessica Kay

This video is so helpful! And you are a beautiful person ♥️

Nathália Pirolli de Campos

Girl, u are soooo beautiful! not just your looks, but your personality is too lovely! kisses from Brazil ❤

Rachel Eh?

I love this so much. I want to start embracing my severe hereditary dark circles.

Jediah Holman

Thank you for this. I really appreciate it.

Autumn SB

wow 3 months congrats thats amazing

Belen Murillo

Just found you ! I stopped wearing makeup 3 months ago too ! You are tilt beautiful ❤️

Zoe Rosa

inspiration <3 i am going to try this when I'm backpacking in a few weeks as I don't want the hassle of wearing makeup and I want to be more comfortable with my acne and scars! thanks for the tips x


Love this video! I play basketball and I don’t like to wear makeup while I play. This is so helpful! ❤️


Oh I've missed your humor. ?
Do these tips help for guys too?

Marjorie R

Is that mineral or chemical sunscreen? I’m still looking for a good one :) neutrogena spf 55?


I never wear foundation :p

first last

your lips.your lips.your lips are the most prettiest I've ever seen!! wow, lucky!!

Chloe Margareth

My mom told me to be ashamed of myself. It was the time when we were able to meet again after not seeing her for more than 2 years. I was effin excited and i can't even contain my happiness inside much longer to see my mom again. She came home in the morning and i just woke up. I tried to hug and kiss her but she avoided me. She shouted at me to wash my face and to scrub it all off, that my face was too oily and even asked me if my pimples ever bothered me and I answered 'no'. She told me that I should be and that just fvcking crashed me.

Taniya Bali

Now this is something dfrnt...I also hv a lot of skin issues and wear full coverage make up on daily basis..but now i will give it a break.thanks for giving me confidence dear..love from india

Silas Qiu

Here's an updated video on how my skin looks! https://youtu.be/kQryR_1DHrg

Saumya Singh

I am suffering from acne, and i personally loved your video.....

Kayla Hebert

I have EXTREMELY sensitive skin and I am very sensitive to sungreens. Which I hate because I am very fair skinned, so during the summer months I kind of have to deal with WAY more breakouts to keep my skin protected. Is that a good one for very sensitive skin?! Or would you have any recommendations for one for really sensitive skin?!

Ms. D

Been looking for vloggers to inspire me. This is the first day i am not going to work and not wearing make up at all! Because ive been suffering acne for years and i want my skin to breath but i am afraid of people like looking at me like "eiw acne!?" and i just want to cry again in the corner for this hideous skin i am seeing in the mirror ?

I pray that i can accept my face ?

Jassie Batth

Bruh someone give this an Oscar and my face looks real bad I got a lot of acne

Alexis Santana

You have beautiful eyes☺️

Nena Linda

I never wore makeup in high school and my first year of college when I had cystic acne. Surprisingly, no one ever said anything. I never got bullied and honestly got more compliments when I did have acne ??


TOMMOROW im gonna go out without makeup im really scared but i have to cause my skin is getting so oily i have a lot of problem with blackheads and acne im scarded of opinion other people of jugding wish me luck

Jaylen Ayala

This is my exact routine

un lindodia

These are great tips.

Rita Chase

You are so cute and beautiful and inspiration ❤️

Randee Kay

yes girl this is the positive content that the world need. I have started challenging myself to stop wearing makeup to cover my acne and it feels good.

Harmony Moody

Your gorgeous ❤

Beta's Inferno

I really appreciate your motives for making this video. I struggled with acne ever since I turned 20 and the only thing that’s made a difference is a super expensive skincare line (that my budget hates) but before hand I was so ashamed of my face and it made me feel so ugly even if I had great hair and a cute outfit I still thought it looked terrible. Acne effects peoples confidence on such a deep level even if someone has just a tiny pimple we think it’s the end of the world but it’s actually 100% normal. If you struggle with acne odds are it’s not as bad as you think and you can still be a cutie with it! As long as you are washing your face and putting sunblock on everyday you are taking care of the essentials so don’t worry!

Kat Evans

❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ thank you ?


I went bare face for the first time today (because I have acne) and I started off the day super nervous and insecure but it was so worth it. None of my friends judged me and my skin Is pretty happy about it to. Who cares what anyone thinks about your acne. Go bare faced and do it for yourself ❤

Amy D

i loved your resting bitch face ?❤️

kk sketches

Guurl you are cute

Vi G

So sick of worrying about my acne . It makes me so self conscious . One thing I've found really helpful is the tee tree conceal stick , it is made from all natural ingredients and covers and nourishes your skin . I've ran out and I have so many spots but I can't go and get more :(

Camille Monroe

You’re beautiful. I really really mean it.

Maya Shanice

She is honestly so pretty ?


Finally someone who really suffers acne or just hasn't got the perfect skin but still doesn't cleanse her skin to its dead and puts after that like 10000 million masks on her face. You are so beautiful, like really and I think your video is so much more helpful than all the others. I suffer the redness from keratosis pilaris and I don't know if it'll work but I don't want to wear make up the next few week. You are such an inspiration! You are amazing ❤️


Love your videos! Are you from NYC?

Idalii Hernandesss

As a woman who struggles with acne, I love this videos :)

LiV 24K

Do you find that the oil makes your eyes blurry??

j t

U r one of the strongest persons i have ever seen, and that makes u even more beautiful,ur confidence can completely makes ppl forget that u even have acne,wish i could be like u xo

Nombasa Kumalo

Thank you! This is so empowering. I have suffered with hormonal acne for years. I want to have healthy skin and not hide behind makeup

H. P.

You're my inspiration?

asiya hasson

I have acne too small little bumps


Why are you so underrated your videos are great keep going!

Lynn Hidrobo

Acne is 10X worse when you’re white! ??

Prince Caspian

These says the only makeup I do is my eyebrows, since my eyebrows are a different color than my hair and it bothers me

Maryam’s Art Artist

It is fine to wear makeup but if you wear soooo much and many makeup products on your face it could actually be bad for your skin

Oro-Oluwatoromo -The word of the Lord is dependable

thank God!!!!!!!!

Laura Meier

The reason why I stopped to wear makeup or just a little bit to even out redness but not to cover my acne and scars is really what you said in the beginning. When I used to pile on the concealer and then take it off later I cried often because it made me feel like shit but wearing less and less makeup made me feel so much better about myself. And also people didn't treat me any different so I realised what nonsense it was to be ashamed of the way my skin was or is. This body is the only one we have so hating it won't do anything besides making us feel bad but we can't change it. And this one body that we have will bring us through our whole life. So no matter how flawed it might be we can be so grateful that we have this body and that it does everything it can to keep us going as long as we treat it well and love it.

Jayne Angelina Skye

finally someone like me makes a video.

Semsari Latbone

Team acne with no makeup

Telesia Payne

You kinda look like Shenseea

Heaven Goebel

you’re adorable great video girl!


Thanks ?

yn yln

I'm going to go to the first week of school without makeup following what you said, I'm going to edit this comment when that happens and if at least one person says something bad about it I'm going back to makeup, I'm just that weak and insecure? but I'll try❤️

Yamilet Beato

Just found youuuu?❤️ please be my salvation

Sohini Sanyal

You are seriously so cute! Your smile is so beautiful. You don't know how gifted you are girl!

Delanie Carty

You can also put lip balm on your eyebrows.


So pretty!

loveyourself xx

I never wear makeup at school even though I have acne and of course I feel like everyone just looks at my skin and cares for it (I cry sometimes) but I am getting more comfortable with it the more I go to school


Love the video❤


I hate makeup but I have acne in my chin and forehead and I feel ugly and I feel like people don’t lay attention to anything about me and just my acne. I’ve had acne for 2 years now and I still don’t feel completely comfortable..

Mariah Danielle

I have acne and scarring and will walk out the door and not care ??‍♀️ lol thanks for sharing

Marziah Abbas

After watching this I have learned to love my self so much more ? ❤️?❤️? thank you sooooo much!!

Tini T

I have a lot of acne on my cheeks that never seem to go away (and if they do, another one would pop up) and i try to use my moisturizer (i think its jergens original scent one) but every time i put it on my face, it feels weird and heavy bc i feel like its just laying on my pimples and i get paranoid that i’ll break out too. Idk if my moisturizer is actually heavy or if it’s just my paranoia :(

Cloudy ASMR

your channel is so underrated, girly! ?
you’re a huge inspiration, thank you for this video- i needed it.

julia Melisek

Thank you so much for this

Kendra Grant

Thank you??

Fareeha Miah

Gurl yaas slay queen! X your so gorgeous its unreal! ???

s u n f l o w s i e


Rakshita Dayal

thank you for the video .... I enjoyed ??


Fantastic girl :)


check out olena beley on youtube for some acne tips, she's very knowledgeable and helpful!

Don’t-hate- Appreciate

It really takes confidence I’ve had hormonal acne for four years now and it’s finally calming down I’m done with makeup tbh

How to hide a pimple without makeup

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मेकअप से पिंपल्स कैसे छुपाए| How to hide pimple marks with makeup .#stayflawless with MG

64 views | 10 Feb. 2021

Hey guys

Today I'm

Hey guys

Today I'm sharing a video of how to cover pimple marks . Hope you will like this video, so guys pls don't forget to Subscribe, Like, Share & Comment. I wish all the love, luck and happiness for you.

How to hide pimples

How to cover pimples marks with makeup

How to cover pimples instantly

How to cover pimples with green corrector

Hide pimples marks with concealer

Makeup tutorials how to cover or hide pimples

Perfect eyebrows tutorial for beginners video https://youtu.be/Juh5B-xgEJY

Connect with me-

Instagram -https://www.instagram.com/p/CFuf8X2Dr_X/?igshid=26028slywknl

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Lots of love


Candace Marie

Love this!

ashish sumbria


Вадим Кибальчич


How to hide a pimple without makeup

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How to Remove Pimple Acne Mark Dark spots| Makeup Tutorial| Hide Pimple Acne Mark with Makeup|

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Aysha Ruhi

Wow, Great

neeru khurana

great ..kaafi simple or kaafi bttr h ye

Mercy sophia Nadar

Mam dark skin wala use karsakte kya????

Priyanka G

amaizing you always

vlog with reecha


Afiya Hasan

Mere face pe kafi til hain kya ye trick usme help kregi?

Nazia Shaikh

Mam red lipstick laga sakte hai Kya? Agar orange nhi hai toh

Monika verma

Wow nice

Vikram Kumar

Is it possible to remove accidental marks or scratch marks u can say...???

Inder Jeet 205

Mam red lipstick use kr skte hai?.


Mam its very helpful and soo true
This video can be trusted