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The high cost of free parking

3 889 179 views | 19 Jul. 2017

Hidden parking rules hurt

Hidden parking rules hurt our cities. Will Chilton and Paul Mackie of Mobility Lab explain.

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The cities we live in are shaped by the way we get around them. Over the past 60 years, with more and more people opting to drive cars, the need for parking spaces has increased with the boom in driving.

To accommodate that demand early on, cities and towns started requiring developers to include parking with their new buildings after World War II. These policies, known as mandatory parking minimums, set precise standards for parking spaces for each building. And these parking spaces don't come cheap.

To learn much more on free parking's affect on cities, Donald Shoup's book is here: https://www.amazon.com/High-Cost-Free-Parking-Updated/dp/193236496X

And Mobility Lab, who helped make this video, covers many more issues around infrastructure is here: https://mobilitylab.org/

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Lumina Essence

Make driving within cities to be prohibited, creating large parking structures on the outskirts for traveler's and such, then have a well developed public transit and make biking and walking extremely safe. Maybe even have an underground system for deliveries without interfering with the public area.

Hari Alderary

why not build underground parking lot under building?

Greg Cox

There’s nothing worse than dense cities with expensive parking.

Claude Dolorossa

you forget the advantages of parking - the free mobility. and you forget the downside of restricting the access of cars and the parking availability. i live in cph - a medium density city. city council has restricted access of cars and limited parking, for many years. result is that city center is dying ( rents going down - usage changing to lower value usage ) and suburb-centers, with parking available, is growing. so the OPPOSITE result to what we wanted to have happen, as this means we are building "los angeles" instead of "new york" city.

in a society that celebrate free choice and mobility = solve the problems instead of trying to suppress them.

anyway : parking problems will evaporate in the next 20-30 yrs as changes to the technologies used for cars are changing.

the most attractive cities are those with a high density of people - nice and liveable environment AND high ease of use - and that includes lots og parking, available where you need it and not miles away. in odense ( another medium density city ) they are building TWO cities - one BELOW ground with easy access and loads of parking and one ABOVE ground with limited parking and lots of inviting spaces.


Ben Lopez

More parking, means buildings further apart, encourages people to use car instead of walking, provoques more cars being used, booming the demand for parking.
Similar to what happened when the seat belts where introduced and made compulsory.

Well done gov

Nigel West

Cities are designed around cars not people

Enrico Gabuzzi

When you plan a
City based on the oligarchy interest you then end in
The actual American
Situation! Complete
Nonsense! The government does not Work thinking to improve the lives of the people but to enable big interests developing their businesses on everything!


4 words: Tesla self-driving cars

Filip Poutintsev

Well parking spaces are most important part of the city.

Anne L

Just wanna say that in my country, especially in dense cities, you see enough parking spots on commercial establishments. Okay. Good. However, the problem is when they get home, they park on the street cos they don't have a garage in the first place but have the guts to buy a car. ?

Patrick Byrne

I don't trust anyone who talks like that


This is why public transportation is a must.

Luko Radulic

You guys get free parking?

Pulido Duarte

It's neat how "densely packed city" isn't as romantic it used to be.
I wonder how much faster a virus could spread if everyone just took public transportation.

max kore

it doesn't sound that bad, if anything it means there's still plenty of room in the city ready for conversion, a kind of 'better safe than sorry' scenario

just offer incentives towards stacked parking lots or something

Daniel Hoff

This is the most libertarian video vox has ever put out ???

Double H

Parking law is awesome. Without parking streets will be heavily congested like in the Philippines.

Maxime K-G

I have an idea, what if they let the land developers decide?



Commander Waffles

Me who lives in Massachusetts is looking for this 8 parking spots per 1 car.

Zuffin -

People wonder why I'm libertarian

Dong S

why they dont dig land?


In Bulgaria we don't have such issues, we just park in the children's playground or on the pavement. It saves a lot of space and makes people learn that nothing is for granted :D

Danielius Vilnius

Why not using honeycon concreate blocks for parking spaces ? Grass can grow and looks a lot nicer.

James Handson


Brendon Potts

So sad. I'm glad someone is talking about this. Now if the planners would start acting on it.

Steve Johnson

That guy is a anticar crackpot...
Parking is essential to commerce and oh yeah SAFTEY!

Jay Patel

I assume you haven't been to India!?

James Hou

I live in a place where people park their car on the sidewalk in front of the house and there's no space to park along a road with a lot of stores, these cause so many problems. I like how in US you don't have to worry about parking in most places.


"Country home, take me to my parking spot, to the place, i belooooooong!, West Virginia!"

Maxime K-G

1:21 Seeing those pictures is kinda sad because we now know those people were the last to see what historic American cities looked like. I can just see the buildings move away from the street and a blob of parking appear in my head, so sad.

Kevin M. Haube

Pave paradise, put up a parking lot.


at the same time, squeezing more buildings in already crowded European city centers, without providing sufficient parking space for cars that are used by the owners anyway is also a major issue and doesn't make it neither easy or pretty.


Also since most American cars are huge the parking spaces are quite bigger than in other coutries

Pundarikaksh Narayan Tripathi

More and more people should use public transport and bicycles (which require way less parking space).
And one which I don't understand is why do most Americans use only cars for commuting when they have also option of two wheelers(very common in some Asian countries) which I think would cost much less, require less parking space and it is much easier to get around in it.

Ignacio Gonzalez

yes, as a European living in Chicago, parking spaces take a LOT of space

Jimi Viita-aho

If a business can set their parking needs properly and more accurately to their needs everyone would benefit ? the loss of business due to too few parking spots only affects the business owner

Helllooo World


Leonardo Franco

Yes, pay parks, but please don't steal DIY Perks free-to-use background music!


In the big city centres you have to pay for your stay and sometimes it can be limited to let’s say 3hours then you have to move your car or it gets lifted

Dark Vulcan

Seeing all these cars together really makes one think how useless it is to buy a "new" car. Most used cars were hardly even used at all, they sat idle over 90% of the time.

The way to solve these problems is to have 2 PER CAPITA of a population. One so theres enough for every resident of a state, and a backup, for emergencies, annual fluxuations annual fluxuations in tourism or population density, that sort of thing. We're overthinking it in some respects I think. Accounting for 7.8 billion is only as easy as you efficiently let people seperate into natural cohorts and groups, not label them. Let people tell you what they need, dont set requirements on what they ought to have according to standards.

35 Tan Ze Qi



If public transport is horrible you are better off with parking laws

Penguin Lord Sauron

5:17-5:27 is the most important part of this video for me. Prefect example of how political our physical infrastructure can be, and how we need to reevaluate how we build and how we plan to accommodate and encourage a future based on renewables. Oil won't last forever, and nuclear isn't the utopian solution it's portrayed as. We're still nowhere near fusion after 45+ years of research, and if we powered whole world on fission at our current energy demand rates (which are increasing!!!), we'd be out of uranium in 60 years, (and yeah, i know uranium isn't the only nuclear element, but extrapolate. The example still stands)


If there was investment in mass transit infrastructure, we wouldn't so much parking space. Not sure why we continue to only rely on CARS!!


This is just one reason why I want to move to The Netherlands.

Alin mathuo

Check NUOM the new Saudi city that has no cars and high tech . THE LINE


I looked up a usa nuclear reactor on google maps once. It had literally (yes, literally) thousands of parking spots. That was behind all the security and a miles long road leading up to the plant in the middle of nowhere. Only a couple dozen were occupied. Why?

Isaiah _

And yet I still can't find anywhere to park


Can you move some of them to here in Cambridge we have way to little

Laura Morales

Build housing instead of parking ? Sure but where will people park ? Or are we expecting people to have no cars ?

yahya ahmed

Why don't Americans just ride a bike


why tf would a city demand parking space on a private property, is this that american freedom? no thx


Turn on Captions

Thank me later

Daniel Moolman

Wrong. The Free Parking space in Monopoly doesn’t charge any rent. Also, you can get money if you land on it.

Wahyu Amirulloh

How about public transportation ? Japan never problematic about transportation

Venkat Raman

It's the automobile lobby

Ketchup Rod

I totally get it! But I will never take a job with no parking at all ever again. I’ve walked out of interviews when I asked ‘and for parking?’... “oh see now for that we have street parking... these spaces here are for the offi” ‘on no thanks this isn’t going to work out for me thank you’. I’ve gotten my car broke
Into before so the boss can just be like “I hope you get home safe!” When passing by my car while I’m stranded with no battery.

Henrik Mosesi

John Cleese lookalike

Sam & I

Body: Lets go for a run.
Brain: hehehehehe lets learn about parking spots.???‍♂️


Everyone talking about the reduction of public parking, meanwhile the city near me has barely any parking space and if it is anywhere near the center, you basically only have the paid option.

I would've just use the public transport if the bus line that was connected to my town hadn't went bankrupt.

Turtles_R Crazy3000!

I wonder what made him choose this career

Nako simpson


Daniel Dougan

That clip of Steve Jobs from 2011 looked like it was from 1983.

Jimmy Neutron

It's free real - estate

pako pepe fdez

The high cost of individual transportation


Buddy, have you ever actually tried pakring in a city? 8 spaces per car
Ya right
Come to Beantown


8 parking spaces for every car and I still spend half my time out looking for a space

Wad Jay

No more housing, build habitat for nature and wildlife. More housing requires more parking and more congestion unless we restructure a more bike friendly society.

sai harshith kotla

In my city they are building public parking buildings in every area as possible because of no space

Angus Noble

America is so backwards

Rodrigo Hackos

Cant solar panels be placed above parking spaces so the space can also be used for energy?


I wish we had more parking spaces in Mexico


Also parking and traffic in general in cities like Paris ist awful! Maybe convert the excessive parking space Info parks and other recreational spots instead of slamming in even more people in even tighter spaces. Don't make the same miatakes as we european people have done.

matthew swider

You know, if this guy would open his mouth when he spoke it would be one more parking space.

Miranda N

Probably the car industry has been lobbying for this.

Aurore Melie

America is totally new country compared to those in Europe, but yet, it is so badly designed.


Yes, the problem of parking is real, but you think the only problem is COST? Maybe talk about CARS and car centric culture? Remember if you take the bus or the train you don't need to park.


All this parking space sitting unused, mostly at night, but people are homeless living in cars with no where to go. More proof the wealthy don’t want to help anyone but themself.

Carlos Bueno

Guys im living in a city/country without a free parking and we don’t decreased the need of cars, the traffic become more dense and the street have a lot of parked cars. Its a mess.


We need to learn from Japan's system of planning cities. They don't have these kind of problems


In Switzerland free parking is prohibited but we don't have an automobile industry

Ruby B

Him saying “Well I’m worn out” at the end lol


Rich ppl who have the money to live near mass transit and have the free time to use it asking middle class ppl why do you drive everywhere.

Piotr Zaborowski

The cost is so worth it! Free parking ftw!


This guy seriously looks like Victor Hugo!


So that's why walmarts parking lot is so big. But to be fair, a majority of the spots be taken so they needed all that.

Andrew Wallace

Awesome I was involved in the AC2 project

Jimmy Neutron

Jobs smoked weed?

F Singh

while India has 0.00000001 parking spots for every car ????


Well, you learn something new every day.

Nisarg Patel

So did we changed policy? When old man says we must listen.


Now everyone is working from home

You know Who I am

Um hello. We need parking for those buildings. Seems pretty logical to be. Don't understand what the guys beef us.

Deepjyoti Ojah

That parking policy if it would have been brought to India, people would live on streets. Oh wait.


In Germany you drive to parking lots and then take busses into the city.

L0rd Carrot

And that's why we need cars that turns into little boxes, just like in the Jetsons

Julianna Kocsis

"we have a terrific opportunity to convert underused parking lots into housing where people want to live" except I definitely do not want to live somewhere that makes parking my car a nightmare. That also doesn't fix the issue of our shops being further apart which is causing the need for parking lots anyway. I agree that this is a problem but that is most definitely not the solution.

siddharth gunecha

I don't think this is correct. The video shows about double space per car for a parking space. Whereas, if you think about it, the same empty/free space can be used by the car opposite. Hence parking space required would be 1.5x the size of the average car.

Jack Skoskiewicz

I wanna know the locations of some of these photos, find em on google maps.

Strip pricing

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Rosemary Lopez

I really like the colors

Nancy Walker

That is absolutely beautiful...thanks for sharing ?

Ineke Geernaert

Glenda, that's an amazing technique! I don't mind watching you coloring. LOVE the colors you chose, LOVE the card!

Sherry Andrews

Love it! Will def try this! And yes I remember the kaleidoscope..must be old too!