Indian hair growth oil

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60 843 views | 5 Feb. 2017

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How to grow hair fast? How to stop hair fall? How to prevent hair loss? This DIY hair growth oil may help you grow hair quickly, stop balding, stop excessive hair fall and repair damaged hair from bleaching, coloring or using heat styling products.

This DIY hair growth oil is great for fast hair growth, repairing damage and balding or hair fall. I recommend making one batch at a time and using it within a day before making another batch.

You can find the ingredients here:

Mustard Oil:


Peppermint Essential Oil:


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Jalandhar by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/)

Source: http://incompetech.com/music/royalty-free/index.html?isrc=USUAN1400018

Artist: http://incompetech.com/

Vadodora Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)

Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License


Disclaimer: I am not a physician, dermatologist or specialist. Do not use any ingredients I speak about or show in any of my social media including YouTube if you think you may be allergic or have a negative reaction including to any of my DIY products. My homemade skincare has helped me with my own skin. Do a patch test to all of my DIY'S before using them over large areas of body or internally.

Little Miss shine brightly

okay I did it this time I chopped my hair off I think I was having a mid-life crisis so now what do I do to get my hair to grow back really fast I can buy stores nearby so what do you recommend this now I'm freaking out

Neama Ali

Can i use tea tree oil instead of peppermint oil ????!!!!!

yahaira Moreno

I love that oil...for hair growth..i have a question in this video what is the brand of that beautiful red lipstick u have on? ...Looks beautiful on u btw ☺

Mary Gouge

you're doing great as always! :)


I've been using this oil for all s year with great results.

chayanne Santiago

your hair is very beautiful and long can u get this oil at the super market?


I love that women are embracing beauty practices from other cultures. We grew up using henna and oils on our hair and it was exciting when the products became more available other the years. You're so gorgeous sometimes I just put your videos on to listen to while I'm cleaning or doing my own hair oiling.

Abby A.

it doesn't matter what mustard oil brand you use right? And can you get peppermint oil from any store?

Yolanda Rates

hi Steph, I enjoy seeing all your videos, can you tell me where you bought the comb you are useing? thank you

Laura Elaine DeSilets

Good job! Very effective and has been used for centuries. Good for Indian Woman to halt greying hair. ?????

Elsa Sacangundo

I would like to know if it also works with a 4c type hair?


Yay nice remedy and i love the indian music in the background too

Inspire Strength

Your looking so beautiful. Love the hair flips and lipstick. Great vid xoxo

faz swiz

awesome.... your videos are great ...??❤✌

Alice Kingsley

Smelling peppermint oil when I used this oil makes me think of a peppermint patty.

Prakruti Bhatt

hiiiii Steph !! your all hair growth secrets are amazing ......I love all your videos .....I m from India

Nisha Arora

Great video ! I am using Mastani Hair Oil of amruta pharma with great results
and my hair got shinier and stronger within a week, u also give review for this herbal product.


I think I will try this ASAP! ?❤️

Nasreen rehman

hi that was so good I will try it I always like watching your videos and trying out new things


How many times a week do you use this

Anna Thornsberry

Where do you live? Also I hope your into organic hair products

Sana Salman

oh god i love your Hair and you are soooooo beautiful and a very awsome person love you???


Great video! very simple ingredients.
I have noticed that I lose more hair when I oil my hair. I run my fingers through it and a chunk of hair comes along with it. Other days I don't lose as much. Am I doing something wrong? Could you do a video on how to massage the head correctly? Thanks!

Beautybeats400 Debra

I added pepperment oil like you do to your oil to my oil. thank you Dear. love your videos so direct and to the point. will be trying your natural shampoo.

RealBeautiful Beauty

Yes yes I love mustard oil for my hair...  My hair loves it so much!!   Love you Beautiful friend!  Hope all is going well with you!

Erwin Van Damme

again a wonderfull clip dear Steph ???


Hey Steph
Lovely as Always
Simple & Easy Hair Recipe
Thanks 4 Sharing

noora khann

u look like doll ?

Valentina Gra

i think this video is just informative not an DIY

Upashna Chettri

Today i wanna thank u, because by following your method i have grown my hair very long upto my hips. Thank you so much once again. ?????


Can I add peppermint and rosemary essential oil?

go natural

lovely! i am gonna try. Thanks for sharing

Zooni khan

steph u shared very useful oil recepie u can use dry amla in this oil too am using this since long and i have 5 feet long hairs ...your hairs are looking soo silky i was waiting for sunday for your video

H.L.A Solomonov

its hot oil the mustered specially during winter but smell a lil bad. Thank u

Denise Sharette

thank you for all your videos is there a special kind of mustard oil you prefer over others / your beautiful

Kay J

and this won't stain our scalps? I'm interested in giving this a try

Susana Agramonte

?, bellissima, adoro come curi tuoi bellissimi capelli, sei fantastica, unica, comparto tutti tuoi videos con tutte le mie amiche, ti adorano tanti baci ? ? ? dalla Italia

Ness Jezz

Mustard oil is best hair oil.

Zoey Richmond

How long till I see results?? I have 4c hair and I tried to buy the mustard oil you had but it got lost in shipping. But I did get pure mustard oil. Please respond ????

Fathima Shabana


chaitanya sai

u look like a Disney princess....and I like ur videos

Alexis Colby

You are so gorgeous...inside and out! I love all your DIY's the only channel on Youtube that actually has true recipe.

Ansari shazab

Hy steph please can you tell me what was the second ingredient plz

faz swiz

you look so pretty with red lips.. and your long thick red hair..??❤?

maya mohsen

How many times a week do you wash your hair and how many times you use soap or shampoo for washing and how many times you use herbal powders

Lee Sybrant

How often would u do this?? Great video. Lovely hair ?

Megha Bhatti

You deserve way more subscribers

Melina Moosavi

very good

Dreams AM

Hi Steph missed you , I suffer from falling hair do you think that mastered oil helps me


PERFECT shade of red on your lips! Can you tell me what's the product you're wearing please?)
And oh, BTW, one more question. I'm very curious about how thick is your hair in ponytail! I'm afraid myne is too thin and i need to do something :(

Asia Khan

beautiful hair

Susana Agramonte

Hello bellissima, adoro tuoi videos, sei bellissima ma tuoi capelli lo sono ancora di più, grazie mille per tutte le cose belle che ci dai, tanti baci ? ? ? ? dalla Italia, aspetto il prossimo video.

Ansari shazab

your hair are very very very very very very very very very beautiful

chaithra shetty

thank u for this video

Maral swift

in red lipstick you are just like a Taylor swift

Kay J

ok, thank you so much.?

smrati upadhyay

thank you so so much steph... i need this really..?? @steph arizona

Khatara Ahmad

Thank you beautiful I will try this

Jaf Kaka Kaka1987

ارجو الترجمة?

Marleen G.

Sadly, I have SD, seborrheic dermatitis, which means I can't use oils on the scalp directly (feeds the fungal overgrowth); I need to keep my scalp squeaky clean. I will try this on my lengths maybe as a regular moisturizing oil. It will take a lot though, to replace my baby oil (I just use a couple of drops on the ends).

Becky Silky

Thank you ?

Sana Salman

love you steph?

Lani Cosme

let me try this remedy! looks good let you know the results.

Ali Abdulkadir

I will definitely try it, I have both of these oils. Yaaaaaay


Your hair is fantastic! Lovely and simple diy ❤

Fathima Shabana

I like it

C. Anon

hair is genetic

Lidia Poet

I love watching you and your knowledge on beauty is amazing, great work keep it up

Geraldine Chery

hi, do you have to wash out the oil?

Verena Herlt

Nice Video! Is the mustard oil supposed to burn or tingle?

Onayssa Salman

i am from morocco.i love your hair color.can you tell me please how you get this color.i don't speak english well.excuse me.but your videos are intersting.i am weating for your answer.thinks.

shaheda mirza

Simple and effective. Good one :-)

Sarbani Debnath

Haha am Indian i also started using this oil since i hrd about a lady who use this oil and still she don't have any kind of gray hair and also my grandma use this oil she hardly have one gray hair and also she don't use shmpoo


I need to try this! I'm thinning :(

Cynthia Arguello

Luv u steph ....im gonna try thz easy DIY...thanks 4 all ur time ???

Susana Agramonte

mi piacerebbe sapere, quali degli olio mischiati che usi, vanno bene per far crescere i capelli, quali sono i migliori per avere dei capelli bellissimi come tuoi, grazie mille, te adoro, tanti baci ? ? ? della italia

Abby A.

man your hair is beautiful how long did it take for your grow it

Sealiza Brown

Gah you're so beautiful. I'm so jealous! Keep slaying, girl.

J Mason

Do you wash this out with your DIY shampoo?

Firdaus Althegah

I may finally got the solution for my hair. It is so difficult to grow my hair long. My hair is curly and thin! So thank you for sharing this video! I must try it soon!


That's a great pre poo #StephArizona!

x Esther

Hi Steph, I have a question. I have a lot of hair loss since the summer. It's because I oiled my hair too much through the years and now there is too much sebum on my scalp. I tried acv
on my scalp, baking soda and a lot of essential oils but nothing worked. Do you know something to stop my hairloss and my oily scalp? xx Esther :)

Bill M

Thank you for educating and inspiring! And of course one look at your amazing hair tells the whole story. ♥

Victoria Hove

I always massage my scalp with oïl before going to shower. but I like your mix with peppermint. I love the smell :)
I will try it soon !


I can't wait for my hair to be as long as yours, I think I have 3 years to go. It's a long journey but I'm determined

Chelsea Girl

what lipstick are you wearing?

Sienna s

This is perfect I don't think it will stain light hair looking at the colour darker oils do!

Beautybeats400 Debra

i am black, 4b hair type. I mix mustard oil and castor oil and put it on scalp and hair. after my rice washing.

Yfong Lee

can use olive oil for hair?

Steph Arizona

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Indian hair growth oil

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Herbal Hair Oil for Rapid Hair Growth / My Hair care routine / Long & Thick Hair / Samyuktha Diaries

74 899 views | 1 May. 2020

Ancient Indian Herbal

Ancient Indian Herbal Hair Growth Oil That Triples Hair Growth & Stops Hair Fall Very Fast. This hair oil does wonders to your hair growth. The ingredients used are 100% natural, it removes dandruff and scalp itchiness. It improves the quality of dry, frizzy, damaged and colored hair, it helps to get long hair and thick hair.

Buy Neem Powder:


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India -https://amzn.to/2UTfIhT

Buy Henna Powder:


Uk- https://amzn.to/2CwUfUz

US- https://amzn.to/2U0DriB

Inida - https://amzn.to/2UMoXAn

Buy Cast Iron Pan:


UK - https://amzn.to/2TXRINk

US - https://amzn.to/2HyPZZ4

India - https://amzn.to/2CvqEuW

Subscribe for DIY HairCare & SkinCare Recipes : https://bit.ly/2OptoSm


Homemade HERBAL Natural Shampoo : https://youtu.be/IEgYJyGefH4

Hair Regrowth Spray for Bald Spots & Thinning Hair for Men & Women : https://youtu.be/1rvN7M6qvAU

Triple Your Hair Growth With This Mustard Hair Mask : https://youtu.be/GrZYF__ncSs

Time Tested Remedy For Itchy Scalp & Dandruff : https://youtu.be/FSr6TpxFeI8

Ayurvedic Oil to Reverse Grey Hair from Roots : https://youtu.be/SIJom6l0XQg

How to Remove Facial Hair PERMANENTLY at home: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cJNJJbMWT5k

How I Grew My Hair Fast? Get Long & Thick hair in 30 Days : https://youtu.be/tsZgUSfGeMw

Homemade Intensive Moisturizing Lotion : https://youtu.be/iDQzBs-Z3KY

Reverse Grey Hair with Ridge Gourd Oil: https://youtu.be/SIJom6l0XQg

DIY Natural Hair Dye with COFFEE HAIR MASK: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wFeKzSokit8

How To STOP HAIR LOSS IMMEDIATELY: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=huUnaYSc_ks

DIY Sun Tan Removal Face Mask: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tq-hyf0F_ME

Homemade Natural Lipstick: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f85GhVhMnkk

DIY Homemade Deodorant: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OascRZPvlq4

Homemade Herbal Bath Powder: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OW4zDKDevQY

Thanks for watching and don’t forget to LIKE, SHARE & COMMENT!!


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Copyright (c): Samyuktha Diaries YouTube channel, this video is developed and first published on May 01, 2020 by Samyuktha Diaries YouTube channel.

Thanks for watching and don’t forget to LIKE, SHARE & COMMENT!!

DISCLAIMER: This is not a sponsored video. I am not a health practitioner. Please make sure you are not allergic to any of the ingredients used in this recipe. Viewers are subjected to use this information on their own risk. This channel doesn’t take any responsibility for any harm, side-effects, illness or any health or skin problems caused due to the use of our content or anything related to this.

©Samyuktha Diaries ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

Gayatri Rawat

Hi, I really like your videos. Wanted to ask whether the herbal shampoo made in your video will remove the oil from the hair.

Madhu rima

How many days I can store it plss let me know samyu

Shagana Fernando

Hi Madam,
My Daughter is 4years old.. can I use the same oil for her?


I am new to your site would you please send me the link for cold pressed organic sesame oil. Thank You

Parimala Manjunath

Hi mam please share a link of sesame oil to buy in online I am from India mam

Christina.A.G ARUL

If I used it daily , should I wash my hair daily mam..pls rply ..I am waiting for your reply

Pavani Kruthiventi

Hi samyuktha, can I mix almond oil, coconut oil, castor oil and other like fenugreek, kalonji etc and use everyday without hair wash ???


My daughter is 11 years full dandruff spilt hair lices plz give good suggestions

sandhya kanteti

Hi samyukthaji I have moved to USA 2 months ago from India. Since I have come here I have noticed drastic hair fall and the reason behind this is hard water ...I feel. Scalp has become very dry and flaky. I will definitely try this oil. Apart from this oil is there anything that you can suggest. What shampoo to be used? Do I have to install a shower filter?

Gunjan Chiripal

Great remedy??. I do have a query,how to prevent hairfall,while shampooing and oiling.?


I have been using this hair oil for a few months now with great results. I had major hair loss due to meds. This actually works, I apply it twice a week and substitute this with a hair mask once a month. Can I add a tsp of Amla powder as well?

Akshu's world

I m having lot of hair in my front portion alone, please tel me any remedy

Deepthi Byraboina

Can you show kids hight grow

UC Diaries

Actually I have neem leaves at my home..can I dry it under sunlight and make a powder

Sarah Tahir

How are you?

Pritha Sri

Thank you mam


Thank you for your great videos! Do you recommend applying the oil every day, and will we see immediate results or will it take some time?

Meenakshi Periyasamy

Hi hope u all r good.. pls suggest remedy for saddle bag..

Kuttan Kuttan

Ur videos r very nice

Poornima A

I need thick hair

Manoj kumar H J

is this helpful for 27 year old peoples

Sonam Ahuja

Can we use this oil on kids my daughter age is 4 and 10 years

Deepika Nirmal Kumar

Hi Mam , thank you for sharing this recipie. I also found the ridge gourd oil for grey hair can I mix both henna oil and ridge gourd oil together and apply for scalp . I have severe hair loss and grey hair too . Please reply

Parimala Manjunath

Hi mam , how to prepare sesame oil in home please share with us I waiting for your reply mam

Mehreen Badar

Mam may i make this oil in double boiler as boiling directly may effect its properties

lynne Gillette

I have salt & pepper hair. Will this receipe ruin my white hair?

Uma Maheswari

Hi mam. My hair is falling like anything ? I have a boy baby 5 months n m feading also . how to control hair fall is there any special oils r shampoos . please mam can you help me

Sarah Tahir

And too frizzy

Supriya Shyam

Is this oil for hair growth or changing grey hair to black bcoz my 16yrs daughter suffering from hair loss and iam suffering of grey hair so both of us can use this

Sairik s

Which oil is better ?? This one or the curry leaves and garlic oil ?? As I hv started using that

Poonam Deshwal

I make this oil and use 1 time its gud my question pls share urs herbal shampoo link.what can I do for white hairs.what I eat for healthy, and long hairs

Feathered Serpent

How many times a week would you use this?

Sarah Tahir


Rusha Thummar

Can I use dry leaves?? If yes then how

Manusha Mohan

But I need curly hair permanently... Actually I'm curly hair but I need more curl ...


Hi Samyukhta, I am having severe hair fall and hair thinning, will this oil help me with that?

Aaron Knosp

Curry Leaves can they be dried or is Fresh a KEY ingredient?

Priya Dharshini

Mam im your new follower.....can you suggest hair oil ....hair spa...nd all hair care routine specially for chemically straightened hair

Zahre Mar

I credit Ayurvedic oils for the good hair that I have. If you're consistent with weekly applications, your hair really will stay thick, glossy, won't fall and won't grey prematurely. I stopped for a year to see what happens and my hair is nowhere near as luscious as it used to be.

shafaq raja

It’s seems very good but I am living in Japan so all these ingredients r not available here and I am suffering from boldness being a woman it’s very difficult

Abhi Shiya

Can we use as our regular daily hair oil?

Juhi B

Madam instead of sesame oil which oil would be better to add Mustard or Castor.

Nageswari Yadavalli

Madam my age is 48i have grey hair and also hypothyroid.for grey hair i used henna and indigo process but i lost half my hair can i get good hair again and also suggest remedy forgreyhair which is natural.

Zeena Meena

Hai Samyukta I am a new subscriber and your videos are really very informative. I need to know that in this video one of your ingredient is cold pressed sesame oil. If this cold pressed oil while heating will it not lose its nutrients?

superb view

Yukta can i use this oil during d day instead of d night ! ?

Parimala Manjunath

Hii mam , I requesting second time for you I suffered a lot from pimples on scalp from one week please make a video please???

varshika m

Hi samyukutha Garu,I saw all your videos on hair care,I got hair loss on mid scalp region,which remedy first I have to start with,please suggest me the best remedy for hair loss
Do video on detangler

Susheela M

Cute n beautiful girls

harshitha nadiminti

Any replacement for neem powder?

Anitha Rajan

Hi Madam
Thanks for the video and women is always cautious about hair. I live in UK and found that henna powder is not available in Amazon. Please suggest someother brand. Thanks in advance

Ifeoma Asolo

Wonderful tutorial can i use curry powder for this tutorial

Damayanti Bhoite

Hii my daughter is 10 years old she’s having a lot of hair fall can this oil work on her hair ? Pls answer me....

Poonam Deshwal

Pls reply

emitha naveen

Hi samyuktha all your vedios are useful and interesting, can you suggest for herbalsunscreen lotions

deepika chandrashekar yallalu

Hi ur girls are lovely n lucky

Sarah Tahir

My hair is not good

Mariam Khan

Hiiii, i just came across your channel and I'm loving your videos?
Is it ok if i use cold pressed neem oil , as i have run out of powder and i can't go out due to the lockdown.

And also is there any other oil i can substitute the sesame seed oil with....lockdown is making it hard for me to go shopping??‍♀️??‍♀️

harshi sykam

Skin care for girls 8to10years pls

Hashim Ahmed

Hello I have one question Is this oil good for grey hair solutions

peter hart

Hi maam... I'm Divya... will this oil help to regrow hair in bald patches as well as increase volume... recently I ve lost so much hair and my hair volume has gone from bad to worse... kindly reply...thank you maam

Jgan mohan Goud

Mam namasthe many many thanks

Syed Humaid Bin Haroon

Wonderful tips!!!!!!! Pls mk a video on how 2 get rid ofdark pigmentation around lip area. Eagerly waiting . Thk u

Roshna Basnet

Did you said sesame oil or Ginger oil? Anything can do??

Deepal Gandhi

Hi Samyukta, I came across your YouTube channel few days ago and love all the hair oil videos. can you please recommend something for freckles and syringoma. Thanks a lot.

shaggy palande

Hindi me bol

Pooja Purshotam

Hi ma'am,
In your keratin treatment video can we use corn flour instead of corn starch?

Kavita Gounder

Get you post for weight gaining

Cristiane Nunes

Boa noite!

Minty pepper

After cooling this oil can i use onion juice in it and apply one hair???

Cristiane Nunes

Manda em português

sadhana reddy

What is the shelf life of the oil

Ch Yaqoob

Yes its nice remedy and I like it and I will try it must ...nice work always and so much beautiful and loving woman with so much decent personality...

Arron Malaczewski

Can you use almond oil as a sesame seed substitution

kousalya the all in one channel

Hi samyuktha iam kousalya again I have a few doubts plz plz plz clarify me please.
1.i don't have seseme oil so can I take coconut oil in the place of seseme oil.
2.i don't have neem leaves and tulsi leaves powder so can I take pastes both of then for the hair rinse whick u kept the video yester day
3.can I take neem and tulsi leaf pastes in the preparation of ur herbal hair oil
4. If I should not replace seseme oil in the herbal hair oil preparation can I add neem and tulsi leaf powders in our grandmas hair oil preparation
Plz plz reply to my questions

deepika chandrashekar yallalu

Luckily I n my daughter have long n thick hair but the actual problem is with the maintenance. I have grey hair while my daughter has dandruff. V tried many remedies like methi n curd paste, curry leaves n kalonje seeds oil. Pls help me out ??

Christy Monika

Shall we use it daily.....

Supriya Shyam

Instead of neem powder can i use fresh neem leaves like curry leaves

Radhika Jayaram

Hi samyukta
Thanks for the hair oil recipe, can this be used on daily basis even when we don't need to was the hair

Music Lovers

Could you please post a video on how to lower creatinine levels and also to overcome insomnia?

Bini Sasank

Confused you have verity of oils which one is good

savz tan

Mam... I get cold if I use sesame oil... Can I use only coconut oil

Asish Ghosh

Hi Mam Asish this side from Kolkata can you suggest me treatment for Psoriasis of Skin.

kavitha dinesh

Nice dear

Bijal Patel

Do you have a link of cold pressed sesame oil? I couldn’t find it under the video

soumya srivastava

Hello mam can I prepare this oil only the use of coconut oil...is it okk?? Or it is necessary to use sesame oil as well..??

tinku Susanipe

I did permanent straightening one year before. Now there are lots of hair fall .. can you suggest which hair oil can I use to regain hair

Fatima Juhi

Amazing one.... Mam i have white patches... On my shoulder... Is there any home remedy

Susu Abd

Hi .i wanna to know… how many times should i use the oil in a week ? Can i use it evey night?

Akshu's world

Instead of neen n henna powder can we use fresh henna n neem leaves sis?

Jahnavi Munnangi

Instead of sesame oil whick oil can we use?

Raghavedra nayak

mam it realy works or not realy me mam please

Seema Bhadri

Can I add amla powder instead of neem powder?

vijaya koneru

Plz suggest one oil.i didn't got ur point in which u gave a reply

Ranjeth Kumar

Hi mam im ur new subscriber....very informative tips.....hw to control lice ?

Ananya and the triplets!

Hello! Thank you for the oil recipe!! My question is, I made the oil last night in a cast iron pan and forgot to transfer it in a bottle when it cooled down. So, it was in the cast iron pan the whole night. Is it still ok to use the oil or it was needed to be transferred immediately after it cooled down?

Mehreen Badar

Mam plz reply and tell me that the colour of hibiscus flower matters of i can use any colour hibiscus in hair regrowth spray


Dis.is d first time I'm posting my comment....feeling...thrilled??
I'm v.glad to let u knw u r amazing.. nt only in giving d clear.picture of d product n d benefits.. of any of ur remedies fr most of our issues...?
I'm a graet fan of ur.. voice
Ur body language?
Ur accents
Ur look
U r soo cute n chubby
I Gav tried many of ur...videos...it has worked out...splendid....
Gud job..take care

superb view

Nice remedies doc

fahmida rahman

In Bangladesh we dont have curry leaf than what is the alternative we can use


Thank you maam. Can I apply and leave the oil on my hair for a few days and then wash?

Indian hair growth oil

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DIY Indian SUPER Hair Growth Oil

77 134 views | 18 Jan. 2018

Hey Guys!


Hey Guys!

This video is a step by step tutorial on how i make the Curly Proverbz Hair Growth Oil with my own twist!

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As always be sure to do a patch test before use and do not add any ingredients that you are allergic to. IF PREGNANT PLEASE KEEP IT SIMPLE USE COCONUT OIL OLIVE OIL AND HENNA. Essential oils are best to be avoided as is MSM particularly in the first trimester.

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Use this once a week at least for 1 to 3 months. Then can use twice a week but is strong for sensitive scalps so judge it from your own experience.


◊ 3/4 cups of Coconut oil



◊ 3/4 cups of Extra virgin oil


◊ Table spoon henna



◊ Cassia powder TO Replace Henna (also add to any

conditioner for thorough nourishment) https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F281695195082

◊ 1/2 - 3/4 cup fenugreek powder


◊ 5 tablespoons of castor oil http://amzn.to/1OYTB4r

◊ 5 Drops of Tea tree http://amzn.to/1OYTntX

◊ 5 drops of Rosemary http://amzn.to/1W3g0Nw

◊ 5 drops of Peppermint http://amzn.to/1W3fMWD

◊ 1 - 2 scoops of MSM (scoop given with powder) 1/4 - 1/2 tsp


◊ 5 drops of Argan Oil


◊ 2 Table spoons of Macadamia Oil

◊ 2 Table spoons of Kalahari Melon Seed oil


Thanks for watching stay tuned for monthly updates!

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◊ This is the link to the amazing Curly Proverbs Super hair growth oil where she explains how to create the oil and the benefits of each ingredient.


Curly proverbs Henna Gloss:


Music credit: Ikson - Angel

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Charin Covington

St. Tropica Hair vitamins grew my hair. I waa skeptical, but it actually works

Velvet Hayes-Dawson

Yes, I'm so excited to start making and using this hair growth treatment. This is for all three of my grown children and myself. Will be keeping in touch our progress.
Thank you, Velvet

Babeth Barjon

Cab you enumerate all the ingredients

Khan Zitafongweck

Your mixture is so amazing and I love it and I will like to do mine. My scalp itch alot please will this help me? Please can you list all the ingredients you used?


How often do you use it? And how long do you leave it in your hair? ❤️

Babeth Barjon

Name thé ingredients

Roy Monteverde

So beautiful!

wilmary bautista

hiiii got a question and i will love the you answer my question so like i think your indian i saw a video where they said the with neem oil your hair would grow like crazy and they also say the with neem oil you can get from shoulder length to waist or tailbone length in 6 months so i wanted to know if thats true cause im sholder length and my hair does not grow and i want waist length cause my 15 are 7 months so before the i want to get from shoulder length to waist length please help me to reach the please i wouldbe so thanksful please thax

Shallan Davar, Painter of Souls

I'm so happy she didn't measure everything in ML's. I get so confused when people do that.

Crystal Love

When using this oil do you keep it in your hair for day's or do you Wash this out?. I'm trying to make a daily herbal hair oil that I don't have to wash out.


No hair oil is complete without almond oil and argan oil i think some of the powder stuff u added is not really important also if u can add amla to coconut oil it will be even better

Jacqueline Russell

O.k I will thank you so much

Alyjah Flakes

I use whole fenugreek because thats what I saw on Farida's (curly proverbz) video but never thought to use ground. Do you think it makes a difference?

Sola Olaniyi

Wow! Thanks. Very good video. CP helped me too with her oils and henna etc. Bless her! And you! Me your New subbie!

Simmi Saad

Can I add MSM powder to my oil even if I am pregnant ??

Harry Nelson

God, your voice/accent, so in love ????you definitely need to make asmr videos ?


Do you put this on the scalp only?

Charlotte Knowles

Thank you so much for this ❤️


My hair is super oily already so How often do you use this oil?

Esmer Kız

Coconut oil makes my hair fall so much


this is nice and easy definitely going to try this.

Husanara Saleh

Great information will try this

Angella Kerr

Hi am going gray and it scratches a lot is there anything that u can recommend....thanks

A Russell

I've found that fenugreek has been the most effective ingredient in your mix for hair growth. An alternative to throwing the powder away is using it as a hair mask, loads of people swear by it. As for the essential oil you're supposed to use 2/3% dilution otherwise you can develop a skin sensitivity, that 2/3ml per 100ml. 1 teaspoon is about 7ml/30 drops. 1 teaspoon essential to 1 cup of carrier oil. I loved you video Misbah! I'm a Brit too.

Jacqueline Russell

Hi miss, I have low porosity hair type,will this oil be o.k to try.I want to try this oil. I have Androgenetic Alopecia in my front hair line.I noticed I started thinning in the front and then turn bald at the age of 50 after I went into the hormonal changes

Ivelice Morillo

King, queen, emperor, ruler. Love

Ireen Zulu

I would like to buy some
I like that mixture because its a combines of different hair growth products so I think I have to open an account and order from u just give me your WhatsApp number so that I do it some other day am in Zambia

indi mohamud

Do you put the oil on for overnight? Or just for couple hours and wash it off? And how many times a week should I put on the oil?. I would appreciate your recommendations.

Ann Evans

Hi! Thank you for your recipe! How do I wash it off afterwards? What do you recommend?

Tasha Deshone

Can you reuse the fenugreek and henna, left at the bottom of the jar, by re-adding the same oils?

Esmer Kız

Does the henna colour your hair...can we use it without henna

Sally So

Love this! will try it out!

Amal emily

Love uuu from morocco :-)

Denise Taft

Im gonna try the oil but how do u use it lov your channel

La Starr Wicks

love your oil mixture...suggestions: moringa powder & mustard seed oil

Mega Theoc



Hi...Im gonna try it!! I would like to know...if can leave on the hair using the CASSIA POWDER as well??..my hair is blonde.. THANK YOU!!

Felicia Carter

How do you use your oil?

kavitha vishnu

Do you black dye your hair? Because it's jet black.

Cherche Lafemme

Brilliant video!! Love the channel!!!

ayeni sia

I agree with you I made it since last year and I made another this year its fantastic ancient remedy I really love it bc it was my solution for my scalp issues now its healthy and grow back even my premature grey hair desapeared omg I add few spoons of my diffrents oils



Meraki and Honey

Can I leave this in my hair as a sealing oil?

SaSSy RareBreed

MEM-HAS SULFUR IN IT so be careful because a lot of people don't know that they're allergic to sulfur. Their scalp won't itch, tight, redness and irritation and can cause the hair to shed. Also just FYI when you're making these herbal Harry Fusion people also use milk thistle it also has sulfur in it so be careful even if you're using it for a medicinal remedy be careful.


Which is better - fenugreek powder or the whole seeds?

Tanya Fabuluje

Thanks for your great video!!

Manoj Simejia

Pls add commentary on screen for other country to know about recipe

Sonshine Singz

Don't forget to add Vitamin C. (1/2 the amount of MSM) Vitamin C is needed to make the MSM work its magic?

Gloria 1

I love your channel misbah s,have you ever taken msm internally alongside the growth oil. Or you used the oil only?

Nadia Miah

Have you seen your hair become thicker? My hair is very thin and fine so it didn't look nice even if it's long ?

kavitha vishnu

Can we use Hawaiian herbal best MSM powder brand?

Tara’s Kaur

Amazing! Thank you! I’m going to try!

Maurizio Di nocco

Hi there. You didn't mention how many times to do it in a week or month, and how long to keep it in the hair for. Quite a few people have mentioned this to you but you don't reply.

Lubna xo


Nicoleta Nico

Hi! I wanna ask, how much can be stored? I mean, I'd like to use it in the winters too... but then, inside there are just 22 Celsius degrees, so the coconut oil is not liquid anymore.. so I don't think it's possible the infusion. This is why I'm asking you for how long can be stored.. I was thinking to make a larger quantity now, in the summer to use it in the winter..

Sahra Guled

Hi can you let us know how to use it please.

Nkem's family

Hallo thanks for sharing. How long do you leave the oil and how do you apply it?