Laser hair removal timeline

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Laser Hair Removal 4th Session Update - MTF Transgender

691 views | 12 Aug. 2016

Out of the eight sessions

Out of the eight sessions of laser hair removal I have paid for so far I have just had my 4th session just a few weeks ago. Now that the hairs have had some time to eject themselves I thought I would make an update of how it is all going....


Campbell Campbell

how long in between your 8 treatments?

Isla Sw

Looks to be going well Melissa!

Am looking at laser trying laser. I started electrolysis last year & had around 8 or 9 sessions where she concentrated on my cheeks. It's thinned the growth there so that the shadow isn't visible after a shave but the rash after the treatment wasn't nice. Everyone seems to say laser is quicker & a bit more bearable!

May I ask what type of laser they used? (Believe there are a few different types)

Laser hair removal timeline

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MTF My Laser Hair Removal! ( 1 year body hair update HRT) Tonii_Gorgeous

7 199 views | 9 Oct. 2018

Hi hi!! My name is Tonii

Hi hi!! My name is Tonii Gorgeous and I hope you enjoy this video about my laser hair removal.. and my update on my HRT and body hair.I try to do lots of videos about life, MRT, wig, and everything beauty.

Lets be girlfriends Follow me on the gram

Instagram: Tonii_Gorgeous

I sometimes snap : Adillauren

If you ever wanna reach out to me message me on instagram I try to always respond to you.


Work email.

[email protected]

samone pacheco

girl.... where u get yo hair from...

kristys life

Love it siss yassss

Yuuri Shibuya

What numbing cream did u use? Did you have to wipe it off prior to laser?


Beauty hurts but results are worth it some people do electrolysis to permanently remove hair


Have you thought about electrolysis?

Avos Cast

Most of them do it super fast. First time is slow to get you used to it. That's just normal. Pain is acceptable to get rid of the curse


Ohhhh shit, my bitch is cuuuute! I’m 17 and I’ll be starting hormones this month hopefully!

James Senik

Can I follow u on instagram

V Mafnas

Gurl....I had a full on beast chest with hair. I am on 4 months HRT. Will that lighten like a woman’s body hair? Or will I need electrolysis? I have tattoos. So I can’t get laser where I have ink ?

Isabella Perez

Heyy you look sooo beautiful ive been watching your vidoes for while now im so happy and proud of you. Im myself am transgender and plan to transition using hormones and getting small procedures done for a few years now ive been full time female. Ive gotten laser done but i never finished all of my sessions so i do plan on going back to get it over with. There was a place i used to go to and it was so beautiful and and the results were amazing the only thing i will say is that they are a lil pricy. They would numb me, and after my treatments aply aloe vera on my skin and give me a ice pack for redness and swelling. Hit me up and we can talk about it in private. Btw im sure you dont know but im the younger sister of your old close friend from high school.

Jeff riggs

You look fantastic, love the blonde hair

Ayaan tuba Rajpoot

How much time u go and remove hair last time permanently plz reply tell me

Laser hair removal timeline

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Trans girl gets Laser Hair removal

1 150 views | 16 Sep. 2020

Hello my Gorgeous friends

Hello my Gorgeous friends

welcome to my channel my name is Toni Andrea and I make all kinds of videos that follow my transition journey. If that's something that you are interested in then be ready to stick around and become a part of the family. I try and be as honest as I can with all of you, during the ups and downs.

in this video I'm brining you all along as I get my 8th laser hair removal treatment. everyones process will be different but if you want to have it done I fully support you. If you live in OC check out orange twist tell them Toni sent you.


lets be friends


tik tok


any company that wants to email me about working together

[email protected]

or my second email

[email protected]

#orangetwist #irvine #trans #transformation

James Senik

How are you doing today

isabell Ochoa

In your other video did you go to a different location ? I’m going to laser away


Your mic is trash, at first I was like damn is she even talking? ? love your vids, but I don’t love when I have the volume all the way up and an add pops up and my volume is so High just to hear your voice that my neighbors next to me bang on the wall❤️

alfredo lopez

Im doing both electrolosys and laser and face look great.


Since you don’t have a lot of hair left, try get into electrolysis

alfredo lopez

I thought u was a man


Hi, I see that your facial hair disappeared.
How much is one session of 45 min?
Is it worth it if I have full dark facial hair?

Ruben Cornejo

How many treatments did it take you to get the results that you have now?

alfredo lopez

Did you do your lips?

Tamari Love

The upper lip area hurts the most for me too ?


I started electrolysis it's more permanent

alfredo lopez

I am on my 2year electrolosys" full face take up to 3 years