One day hair color

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Alex’s New Halloween Hair Color | One Day At A Time

568 941 views | 14 Apr. 2020

Alex surprises the family

Alex surprises the family when he comes home with silver hair.


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Papito is such a gwapito

H20 Turtle

He dyed his hair in real life thats why

Bxbby Jazzy

What’s this episode called cause I don’t remember seeing it

Antonio Chumillas

Please, you have to come back!!


As a Cuban this show makes me so proud ❤️

Shemaita Pedzisai

He was shorter in breakthrough

Nathalya Pimenta

A namorada do Alex é muito fofa ?

bethany garney



Guys!!!! Guys!!!!!
There has been a new season for over 5months??????


Where are you watching this?

Malachi Anthony

Can't believe they cancelled it

DISNEY Matthew Skunk

George Clooney

Rachael Baumeister

is this season 4?

Rodrigo Rangel

Where can I watch these



K'Chelle Cherie'

didn't this get canceled?

Maria Martinez

Alex is a tiktoker now

Miley kat

This didnt come out for me yet

Oɢ ᴄʀʏʙᴀʙʏ ᪥

Is this on Netflix


Where can I watch this besides Netflix bc they are stupido and stopped putting it on there

Tino Tse

Alex made a huge Mistake all right

SF Edits

She almost lost it

Zion Wells

When is this go be on Netflix

Stephanie Marie Duque

Lydia is the best P.S. she is so funny and kind

Oɢ ᴄʀʏʙᴀʙʏ ᪥

Wait how have I not seen this

NSB 2003

He looks like a young george clooney or taylor hicks


r these new episodes??

wage earner

Is he dressed as Tan France?

cassey VLOGS

What is this show called?!

Ashley Last name

Should I know who that girl alex was with? I didn’t know they still had episodes so I just watched what was on Netflix many many times

Erin Pasimio

Alex be looking like Jack frost,


Hallie Luckett

What episode is this?

Katie Tan

What season is this....it’s not on Netflix is it?

Peter Gould

How are so many be oblivious to that after Netflix canceling ODAAT was then picked up by CBS’s Pop TV.
Boy gots a girl and dyed hair silver but is grey to anyone over 30.
Someone is having sex
Someone is knocked up


When your in Australia and can’t watch season 4 ????

stephanie Mcclendon

Wear is this show i don't see it on Netflix

Msfts_ethan X

what season is this?




Wait where can I find the next season??? I loved 1-3 which where on netflix but I wanna watch the new onesss

Jeremiah Inyangotu

it's the peace sign when he said hi to penelope for me ?

Jamie Marielle Santos

What episode is thiz

Daphnie Flores

Did season 4 go out already?


I HATEDDDDDD the actor that plays Alex’s girlfriend on Andi Mack and now she here!! OUT OF EVERY ACTOR YOU CHOSE HER

Christopher Spight

Doesn't it look like he can be in a boy band" YES BOYS TO ALL MEN

Kingston Ryals

I'm just so upset that this got Cancelled AGAIN.

Tina Woo

Papito creciendo tan rápido??

Princess Serenity

Whats the name of the show and whwre can I watch it please?

Amy Lopez

does anymore know wheee i can watch the fourth season?

Angelina Gonzalez

Why is he so tall ???

Lali Gamer

What season or

Viviana Ortiz

Darci and rogeilos mom look different here

cecilia avelar

mds que saudades deles

Rubie Brink

I am not used to see her acting happy xDlol

Lilly Northcutt

Did I miss a season-


Never ever touch original shows

Marea Newman

where can i watch this

AJ Animation

those this mean there is a 4th season cause theres only a season 3 on netflix


It doesn't suit him

Noah Jackson 20

Ima miss this show, it felt like I was in that family ?, that was the first show I binge watched for the first time during summer this year

Adilenne Orozco

How come One Day At A Time not on Netflix anymore?

Lohepe Games

Where can I see the seasonnnnnn????

tom shahar

What show is that? It seem pretty owsome to me?

Wait.. is that la familia or im wrong?

dEbRa aMaH

He looks like Ban ?

Viky M



I want to watch the show but there’s no PopTV here in my country ?

Angeleen Negrete

What season is this

Carmela Newkirk

I can only watch one Episode. On pop tv and the rest is lock and have to pay for ?

Cassie Corzine

WTH HE’S SO TALL?? I haven’t seen the show since it left Netflix so this was a shock lmao


I wanna diy my hair dark red
ugh somebody hook my up with a salon ?


Boys to old men.
that cracked me up.

Nicolas Lopez Herrera

Hey, Wich season is this scene from?


This was such a good, family friendly show and funny as hell too. Sucks Netflix had to go and cancel just after 3 seasons and half of a 4th season with just 7 episodes


That woman acts like she is in a live theater play

Emily Balcazar

when does it come out?

valentina silva

is this for season 4bc if it is I'm even more excited then before ?


Can I watch this on Netflix?

Mia Castillo

Did this come out already

Sawyer Ramos

Ppl really do this?

Amy Yu

Why I’m a in CANADA???????

lily pourhashemi

ugh his silver hair is ?? *chefs kiss*

Vikrant Gupta

which episode is this?

Delaney Myers

"PaPiTo WhAt HaVe YoU dOnE"

Joshua McDonnell-woods

Think there being a sign of Max being gay

Valeria Marquez

What’s the episodes name?

Ryan Johnson


sarah shawe

What season is this?

COmplex COmpound

Holy shit! I just watched season 2. How is he getting so tall so fast???


They gone add season 4


I actually like his hair

Hafsa Chokri

I fount in Netflix to 3 seizoen bit i dont Find dis wan

Mishta Moose

It takes a certain type of person to make white hair look good... This kid is not that type of person.

Double Trouble

I can't wait for the season to come on Netflix.

Ashley Orozco

What season is this?

Chiquis Espinosa

how is there a season four it’s not on netflix?

Amy Gilmore

Where is this airing? Because this seasons not on Netflix ?

Fort nite Bro’s

I love how she’s less concerned about her son making out on a door and seeing it then his hair that can be bleached lll

Leydi P

What episode is this?

Madi Townley

What season is this ?????
Can someone tell me

Belén Gajardo Rodríguez

Where I can see this in latin América? Please help me


puberty hit him like a train

One day hair color

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[Honest Review] L'oreal COLORISTA Hair Makeup 1-Day Color - for Brunettes - Watch til the end!!!!

35 638 views | 17 Dec. 2018

If you like this video

If you like this video please give me a "thumbs up" Thank you!

Hi Guys, I am testing this 1 day color thing and I have to say i don't really recommend it, the result is just ok, it is really hard to even out the color. But the worst part is that it ruined my bath tub, make sure to watch till the end, all the pigment left in my bathtub took me a while to clean up. So I wouldn't do this again.

I hope this video is helpful and please subscribe to my channel for more!!!!! Love you,




Adventures by A Himitsu https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCgFw...

Creative Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported— CC BY 3.0


Music released by Argofox https://youtu.be/8BXNwnxaVQE

Music provided by Audio Library https://youtu.be/MkNeIUgNPQ8

Marlene Nava

you just got a new subscriber! ?

Beanie MV Shorts

I’m going to try my blue color tomorrow for school!


It washes off? All of it?


Did you notice if the color rubs off easily once dry? For example would it rub off onto your clothes?

Em’s Life

How many washes did it take to come out?

Winston Wong

So why some part of your hair is purple and some other parts are red?

Bruce Lee

Looks great

golden nxtae

Omg you look so adorable i fell in love with you??? im gonna buy the same dye soon

Emilia Zawada

I want to buy one but i dont know which one the one for brunettes or blondes /light blonde my hair is dark blonde


Does it wash out after 1 day

meat in the gutter

how long did it take to come out, some people have said its taken ages to come out?

Leah Nicole

Hey there! I recently bought the same exact color and came on here to watch any how to’s on using this since it’s been forever since I’ve colored my own hair. So anyways, long story short: Like I mentioned, I searched on YT, came across your video as one of my search results, watched your video, and just wanted to say ??? from your new subscriber! ?

Winston Wong

Also is this product toxic?

Izzy Boyer

You were supposed to start from the bottom to the top, and brush it while it's wet

James Bond

I will give every one of your videos a thumbs up

Ebtesam Elbouzidi

can u straighten ur hair when u put it in?

By Grace Beauty

I'm so happy i found this color. Just rake it in and go...no color damage ???

Nicola Reddish

I got this and it wasn't very bright, I recommend going over it a few times

One day hair color

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DIY Hair Color At Home | Temporary Hair Color For A Day - POPxo

128 746 views | 8 Jan. 2017

Want to experiment with

Want to experiment with your hair colour but too scared to try it? Then this DIY hair color method is perfect for you! This temporary hair color lasts only for a day, and we promise you'll love it!

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Asha Ingale

does it stick on our dress??

Vandana Ganesh Pandey

You look so good in colored hair shraddha

Shadrak Christos

I like it

Ayushi Khetan

will the color not leave stains on my clothes?

Priyanka Yadav

This is such a stupid idea ??‍♀️

harshaali xoxo

Not an बादe idea

Hiba shakir

thnx for ur support unknown person but seriously u shouldnt be sooo angry. actually ik! they will be making the video

Sakina Kapadia

You guys are so inspiration...please comment back

Priya Handa

thanks for the idea

Jaishree Yadav 392

Can we do this with straightening?????????

The Simpsons

I try it doesnt work at all hit a like and reply if u agree

Gitima Narzary

it's gross

Tamanna D

Ummm. isnt eyeshadow bad for your hair??

i need meds k


Mussrat Bhatti

It didn't work. I tried ?

jannat khadija

you can also do this with craepe paper

Mr legend

nice video but im boy

Lee Martin

I have too short of hair to curl it. I need to die my hair black for a day for a cosplay. Help!

Aliya Farooq

plz tell me
is it harmful for hair

Disha yadav

Woow shraddha!! u r looking so good in this video

bts holo yay

You can also use soft pastel

Janella Torres

Idk if my mom would be to happy about me using her eyeshadow for my hair

Anoushka Mathur


Gurpreet Kaur

can we straighten r hair...instead of curling..?

Jaya Amarkhed

that's cool

ramsha hamayun

Gud idea thankx u pretty?

Saakshi Sudhir

which brand is the best for burgundy streaks

Fvddvf S

this is very innovative

saloni bisoi


sindhu krishnan

i love your hairstyle shraddha

Rashi Sharma

very nice

Vanshika Abroal

what if my hair is naturally curly?

Tahiryusuf Killedar

can we do the girl with a straightner and if we don't put hairspray so it's k plz reply

Pallak Dhabalia

no curling iron ?

layaan makrani

I tried it but doesn't work

Ahana Basu

Hairs Kharab karne ka fullto idea ha

Dania Noman

love Popxo xoxo

R Vyas

It can stain your cloyhes

jannat khadija

love blue hairs

Dania Noman

It's amazing

Alpha Babe

And ruin your white shirt once done??

Shivangi jain

wow..its amazing ...but does the eye-shadow fall down on clothes and ruin them ?? if we don't use hairspray..

Namrata Mukherjee

instead of curler can a straightener be used?or curling is needed for the whole procedure?

Amisha Nahar

Not so jobles?

Raghuraman R

Worst way

Ishita Nadar

the colour transfers a lot....did anyone see her hand

Durga Pathak

is it ok to use hair straighter

nancy lulla

it was d best video..such a amazing video..lysm popxo.com..keep doing nd may u reach ur goal??✌

Babli Agarwal

We can use straitner

Shalini Sharma


Mrunali Mane

ssly?? lol

Durga Pathak

I have seen that pop xo yum

Tahiryusuf Killedar


Vaidehi Joshi

Can I use straightener instead of Curler?

Manaal Noorani

isn't it harmful for our hair

Krishna Priya H

but won't the color get on to ur dress

tanuvi gulati

I already have curly hair

Priya S

But doesn't it rub off on our top throughout the day?



lakshmipadmavathi Naredla

This is a worse idea actually . If we apply eye shadow to our hair it totally becomes rough

Mano khan khan

Sharada kajal dont suit on u so plz avoid too much kajal

safa usman

mene try kia he PR eye-shadow ka colour surf 5 min tak RHA bas me ne jab aye shadow laga ke straight kr ke aur spray lagake doosri shirt pehna to school party me gai raaste me eyeshade ka colour poorer kapre me aagaya its fake guys

ZuneraTaher MCZ 012

find the difference if you do fine the difference you have to subscribe to an amazing channel which is LILHIJABICOOKSNCRAFTS


Sania Saber

but from loos eyeshadow and applying it on hair our hair will get rough


Cool Idea..will try it some day using some other eye shadow color :D

Amisha Das

if our hair gets damaged then

Rajat Kansal

not so good

Esha Muzaffar

Is it compulsory to curl your hair

banu kannan

awesome !!! popxo

Varnika Jain

will the color not come on the top we are wearing?
pls reply popxo

Ayisha Yousafzai

u blink so much it's irritating


Kya isse krne se hairfall or hair khrab nhi honge ?????

Pawnowa Navishthee

can u please do it using another thing ??

ZuneraTaher MCZ 012


Resh Mant

excuse me that would just dehydrateyour hair

Alefiya Battiwala

Copied from sarabeautycorner

Unknown person

this isnt fair. cant u just help a commenter? you make sooooo much freaking awesome videos. and reply to all the commenters and is there no me? actually u guys r not taking any offence to my and hibashakir's comments. pls just one request. make a video on types of parentsand if u r working on it then atleast tell us that u r making it!

ramesh shrestha

Make your hair care routine!!! Please!!!?????

Dania Noman

never seen like this before

Resh Mant

I mean dehydrate..

Babli Agarwal

Answer fast

Hannah Joseph

hey popxo children can try this?


Is it temporary once!!??

ZuneraTaher MCZ 012


Riyaz Siddiqui

is it compulsory to curl ......m a girl


can we straighten our hair instead of curling or does it need to be curly

Shruti Jain

and all the color patches on the outfit. ?

Maira Maria

Amazed. Loose eye shadow is easy to find. I will definitely try this amazing idea.

Durga Pathak

plzz reply

Diya Rajguru

Once it to s coloured dose it gets white

Falguni Shah

but is it k if we don't use machinery n spary pls reply

Adiba Ghaus

Will eyeshadow not harm our hair ?

Shilpa Shetty

Nice trick,..

parth setia

how much time the colour would set in our hairs?
plz reply me popxo (3

Vivek Wuike

how Wash this hair colors

Rohini Todkar

You are looking cool

Dania Noman

awesome I can do it for parties

Oscars Seasme


Chethan Chethan

hi shrardha
I saw the veidio I have a question that ,

how can we color our hair if we don't have curler and hairspray??

Because I don't have those .?

BTS are the kings Fight me Bitches