Laser eyebrow removal

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Shocking footage shows woman's horrible eyebrow tattoo laser removal

2 312 views | 26 Mar. 2018

This video shows a woman

This video shows a woman before and after she gets removed an ugly eyebrow tattoo with a laser technique in Thailand. Before the operation, Kanyarat Chaichan, 26, feared she would be "stuck" with that tattoo for the...

Laser eyebrow removal

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Laser Eyebrow Tattoo Removal Procedure Treatment with PicoWay Pulse Light Clinic

23 964 views | 24 Apr. 2018

Have you had eyebrow

Have you had eyebrow tattoos that are fading or not really what you thought they would look like? We can help remove this safely with laser tattoo removal. For more information, visit http://www.pulselightclinic.co.uk/tattoo-removal-london

At Pulse Light Clinic London. we specialise in Laser Tattoo Removal in London. Using the latest innovation in tattoo removal using the PicoSure & PicoWay Tattoo Removal system, we can remove your tattoo faster than any other clinic in the UK. With the PicoSure & PicoWay machine it can remove a tattoo within 4- 8 treatments (varies for all clients), whereas the standard tattoo machines take up to about 10-15 treatments, taking over 1- 2 years, depending on sizes of tattoos.

We have three clinics in London

Bank using PicoWay and PicoSure laser

20 Eastcheap, Peek House, EC3M 1EB

Tottenham Court Road using PicoWay laser

5 Percy Street, W1T 1DG

Fenchurch using Q-Switch laser

150-152 Fenchurch Stree, EC3M 6BB

BOOK YOUR FREE INSTANT CONSULTATION AND PATCH TEST HERE: https://booking.clinicsoftware.com/pulselightclinic/book_consultation

Kyla Evans

Did the ink have titanium dioxide in it? I read it will turn black with laser?

Kiki Jay

Does it affect the hair?

Laser eyebrow removal

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Laser tattoo removal one week down time

36 855 views | 1 Apr. 2019

In this video I went to

In this video I went to remove my tattoo with laser since I couldn't stand it anymore and it takes me around 1 week to heel. So I want to share with you the process of this removal and how I did after care.

صمتي حكايه


My Smile

Ты русская?

alexa smith

Where is this place located?please send me the name and address

Salon m

Omg.. It shoukd not look like that

Egypt Love

Can you please tell me the address please i need to remove mine

Lucrecia Flores

So your recommendation is "DON'T TATTOO YOUR EYEBROWS!!!!!"

italian first lady TV

Please can you please send me the location please

Nickey Love

Did your eyebrow hairs grow back regular? And did you use anything for it to grow ? My mother wants to remove her eyebrow tattoo.

alka deshmukh

I saw few other of your videos, looks like you micro bladed twice and removed twice. Is this the second removal. Where did you get the treatment done? What laser was used, ex Pico sure? Are you planning to get more laser treatment? Is your tatoo all gone? How much it cost you? Thank you for your video.

Shanti & Vika Show

I dont wanna say it-

Marie Ange

How many session ?


That’s painful to watch. The person doing it looks like it’s handling it rough.

Rebecca Phelps


La Reyna Nelly

Me encanto tu video y gracias por dar el paso a paso ?? de donde eres en qué sudad te is hicisteis esto???

Big Pig Studios

Make a microneedle session for sunburn . It’s mild and works

Shanti & Vika Show

I mom look nice in the future

Marie C

Did it leave the scar between eyebrows too hun xx?

Irena Nováková

The Best will be Microneedling with BB GLOW Combination. The Brows look good like now.I went 5 Days ago too :)


Wat een mietje zeg.wie mooi wil zijn moet pijnlijden??

Jackie Rishmawy

What laser was it? Picosure?

Willard Walters

"I recommend this guide:
So grateful it exists."

Jackie Rishmawy

How long after the tattoo removal day did it remained swollen? I did it today with picosure and my eyes are burning and lids and brows very swollen. I hace anxiety. They are red exactly like yours. Same

Matt Chaidez

How many sessions did you do for full removal?


Thanks for the upload...scared to do mine??‍♀️

Laura Pena

Did your eyebrow hair grow back?

Maria Osuna

Did your eyebrows stay red because I got this done and their red I have to go back but it was painful and haven’t gone back

Angel Aiko

Thank you for this video and all the info super helpful !

kris paseva

How are your eyebrows now? Are there any scars?

Google Account User

Dear Jesus....

Angel Almaden

How many days did it take for the bloody redness to go away? Just had mines done and they’re bloody red. Are you able to put make over it after a few days after treatment ?

official stainless

Hi am interested to remove my eyebrows tattoo were is your location? Please

Paulina Bezubik

"I recommend this guide:
So grateful it exists."

Η τέλεια μέθοδος για όλους

Alele Lovethisioma

Hi, good afternoon please I want to do laser because my tattoo artist did a bad job on me please help me

Sanna Diney

O my god it’s ?

Annora Terrell

wow.. what kind of tattoo it is. whatever it is, it is too good. Similar to this I also like this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XSKCKScT5KI i think you guys should check it

Gabriela Pino

This is exactly what happened to me. I’m going to do a video about my experience soon. Ugh ???

Thuy Nguyen

You are a strong women and with a warm heart. I love your video. It reflects the real story and show how strong are you. Love you.

Gabriela Luchu

Laser shouldn’t do that in eyebrows

Paige MacBeth

Why is there a scar line running horizontally across between your brows? I need to have my eyebrow tattoos removed...I am curious. Thanks.

Liz Marquez

Wow it looks good for only 1 treatment. What type of lasser did you do?

shobha ಕನ್ನಡತಿ vlogs in kannada

Now looking nice

Mea -

Hey can you let us know what makeup you used for eyebrow powder after removal? Thanks

annie hang

Thank u for this! I just got part of my eyebrow tattoo removed yesterday and it turned red. Was concerned, but this gives me hope that the redness will go away. ?✨

Genevieve Miranda

What's it look like now?

Egypt Love

Hi how much

↬ IsuryGa♡

I m in process!!

Shanti & Vika Show

If u see my vids when I was little u will recognize the voice

Gabriela Luchu

Poor lady. I’m so sorry ?

Judy Wangui

I've been researching simplest natural treatment to remove for tattoos and found a fantastic website at Chads Tattoo Tactic (google it if you're interested)

Liz Marquez

Did it all heal in only 1 week?

Quind Catherine

"I recommend this guide:
So grateful it exists in 2020."

Tina Idita

Why loking so after i make the first time and not loking so in 2days i must make again i am scared why come blade

Stephanie Amaya

Hi i had a question you did say that the 1st microblading went away on its own how long did it take .I just got microblading done last Saturday it was a horrible mistake and i went it to go away as soon as possible. I will not be going back for a touch up I am hoping this will help it go away asap ...So i am just wondering how long did your qst microblading take to go away? And did it completely go away?


Thank you so much my dear. I this video is perfect and come at the right time. ?????????????

Azulmary Zumba

Omg that happen to me

Em Yeu

Hi! I’m interested in doing this as well, could you do an updated video on what it looks like now, did your hairs grow back, how many times did you have to laser...??

La Reyna Nelly

I'm sorry to ask you in what city did you do this ??? 

Kavita Kothari

Thank you for showing reality


hello my dear, i want to do tattoo removal to my eyebrowns and i have appointment the next week, but after your video im afraid

Mary Hernandez

Does your eye brow hair color go back to normal? I did my first laser treatment and my brows are blonde now. Is that normal?

Bubis A

Ohhh gooood.. It looks sooo painful ?

Hair Extensions by Denise

Did you use a pico laser? is this after 1 treatment? Thanks :)

Unknown Error

What was the aftercare, could you have a shower after?

Dr Reem

So we need only one week break from work
How often we can repeat it

say ooof5

What is the name of the device or machine please

Angie Sauceda

Any progress videos?

Harley Quinn

Yea no thank you lol!

Angie Sauceda

Did you have a heAled picture?

Mea -

How long did u have your tattoo before u went to get these lasered off? I had microblading and powder shading 1 month ago and saline removal. How did u go to work with no eyebrows for a week? Im in a customer facing job and i dont know what i would do.

LovedByTheMostHigh YHWH