Sleeping naked is healthy

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28 HEALTHY IDEAS to make all your days easier

266 932 views | 1 Oct. 2020

0:08 How to calm

0:08 How to calm down

0:24 Sand pictures relaxation

1:17 How to avoid panic attack

1:43 Palm trick to calm down

2:34 Naked trick for sleep

3:05 Balloon trick

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Sleeping naked is healthy

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Sleeping Naked Sexy or Health? - Story Time

219 280 views | 23 Sep. 2015

Sleeping Naked Sexy or

Sleeping Naked Sexy or Health? - Story Time

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Robert Johannsen


Kenny Ringger

I’m thinking about sleeping naked

Mark Thompson

I think yur hubby should film yu sleeping ;)

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tu est une femme magnifique !!

Howard Barta

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Abel Wutke

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Dave Layton

I heard or read somewhere many years ago that sleeping naked helps us sleep sounder. For the reason you mentioned. struggling with our clothing. The pulling and tugging of our sleepwear actually wakes us up. My wife and I have been sleeping naked for nearly 41 years. Love you love your show.

Chris Blake

You're not naked. You are covered during the entire speech. You may not have clothes on, per se, but you are still covered.

Ronnie Boardman

I'm the same I need at least 8 hours 9 or 10 is even better and I always watch every minute of your videos.

Nish Pereira

got it thanks so much btw it's great

Ruby Manning

I love you

Nish Pereira

do u hav a porn video?


swet dreams baby

David Haynes

, I love to sleep naked

Louise Bohm

I just started <<3

Bill McCormick

I just need a tea shirt. For some reason my chest gets cold

TheLegendzGamer13 -roblox

Show the twins

Seren Dipity

Au natural is the BEST way to slumber but it does limit one's invitation to slumber parties Lol

jeff snow

You are so cute! - I just want to wrap myself around you!

Md Suaib Suaib Md

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yay naked vlog has returned. sometimes i also sleep naked. but not always because i share room with someone else

الشبح الجبوري

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Alex Wheeldon

I sleep naked every day xxxxxxxxxxxx

Naethan Tagawa

I sleep naked

Rene Fleurent

i love sleeping nude,, so comfortable

Jose Antonio Muñoz Ruiz

???YOU are very nice???YOU are very beauty???YOU are a stars of the Sky Blue???only you!!!?????

Munchmah Quchi

I sleep in basketball shorts and boxers. Woo.

Gabriel Escoto

hey gorgeous woman, how have you been lately?

Eric Dc Estrella

hi ruby i sleep wearing boxer short only bcoz im comfortable in that way


I totally agree with you, and the way I sleep is so important for me. I've been called weird for it but I don't care.

Kalana Ranasinghe

I love to sleep naked too.

shaheer shujaat

Sleeping naked is the best thing that can make everyone relax comfortable and have sex amazing video well done ️️??❤️❤️??

Hot Mango

Bare ass baby, bare ass. Its strictly a comfort thing. I do it for comfort too. Like you, a couple times a year I'll wear a t-shirt. Yes, it comes off during the night for the same reasons.
Spooning naked is definitely warming even non sexually. Naked is natural, oui?
If you're comfy and happy naked, then I'm naked happy with you.

Chillin With Mikey

I sleep naked. I've been doing it since I was a fresh man


im only in middle school and I looooooove sleeping naked

william castleberry

I sleep nude ever night. While I’m home I am nude 100%of the time. Just so much more comfortable.

Geovanny González

I love

Gert Thy

I been sleeping nude 4 20 yrs love it!!!!!!!!! I don't require much sleep tho. I can happily run on 4hrs a night 4 weeks then I'll need some catch up but very few ppl can tell when I don't sleep well. I spend a lot of my time trying to brighten ppls day so I don't have time to b grumpy.

E'zT aFa


david wilcox

I sleep naked all the. I Love it time it is the only way to sleep

Harold Davis

I sleep naked all the time

Pablo Zuniga

Ruby day what if u had kid would u sleep naked

Trevor Panno

When I get married, my wife and I will be sleeping naked.

Damien Stenhouse

Yes i sleep naked

Jason Lou

Thank you!I am beginning to sleep naked these days.

Clifford Carlisle

I have always slept naked when I was home ever since I was potty trained lol

Nudist Nudism

I love sleeping naked. It's the best way to be relaxed and comfortable. Love your videos, glad to see someone who shares my sentiments :) Have a good day/night. Keep calm and be nude ;) That needs to be a t-shirt lol

saleh almatry

love you ruby

roy comer

Did just wake up I'm this video


I sleep naked too. But only in the summer.

Land Time

I'm thinking your partner will lucky of a good wife because you will care him also in sleeping and I love you advice and I'm fan of you

Hexa. Novian19

Wooouw so beutiful women

J.R. Prust

Some people call it
wanna get naked do a naturist thing..

craig kmieske

i love to sleep naked

Honey Singh

ruby plz will you marry with me plz plz plz plz plz plz plz

Stacey Chiveral

I sleep naked all the time Naked

G Houston

Me and my wife sleep naked as its only us to and our dog if the whether is nice we tend to walk around naked but we have all so bee to a nudist resort and love the freedom have you tryed it if not you should trust us you'll love it

josh summers

Ruby Day I sleep naked and I love it

ohworldywoo hoo

I allways sleep naked but Im a part time naturist so that makes sense :)Awesome video as allways Ruby and ofcourse your fans allways watch your videos right to the end



Scott01 Hoggard

I sleep naked whenever i can it feels so good

Ken Rozmislowicz

Ruby I love sleeping naked and I have been sleeping naked for about the last 3 years and it feels so good I feel free and I do get a good sleep and may I also say you're a very beautiful lady

Steve Maxwell

have you ever drive your car nake and do a vllog

Alvin Davis

I sleep naked also..

Hector Zuluaga

Sin palabras ruby Day eres una mamá cita que viva ? las monas

Kenny Ringger

What can I expect

Crystal Shay

My partner and I sleep naked and spoon. We always have. We cant live without each other.

Jay Pearce

Ate you inclined to get sexual release at bedtme

wahed zaman


John Foster

Ruby Darling, I Prefer sleeping naked. If I'm forced to sleep in cloths I always get to hot. Hate that with a passion.

Edward Renteria

I sleep naked and I too like to snuggle you are pretty

Jose Antonio Muñoz Ruiz

?? Beautiful woman.... ?? You illuminate the universe entire per inside with you beauty! .... And per it, and only for you Roses ?????


I can't get a good sleep if I wear any clothes. naked is natural and most comfortable.

Nick Berend

Come over help sleep nake

PSE Mentalist

I've slept naked for a long time I would say many yrs past . With my mental health issues I need a great night sleep at least 8 or 12 hours. I love sleeping naked it feels good and I'm more relaxed and comfortable in my bed I like being air cooled. Much love and respect to you sweetie two thumbs up in the air for you

Hussein Alnasrawi

Remove the cover to understand more ??

Jim Tidwell

I've slept naked for years, only because I find PJs or boxers way too uncomfortable.

Lesbo Girl

I sleep but nacked.. mostly on my back.. during winner days I prefer wearing panties or nighties


I sleep with boxers n no shirt

Charlie Christianson

less laundry


Sleeping naked is amazing and awesome. Ruby, thank you so much for this great video. ;)

Fly Demon

Sleeping naked is one thing but as we're in LOCKDOWN I am ALWAYS Naked


Yes, I sleep nude whenever I can. If I sleep with clothes, I get heat rash and nightmares! And I'm also a long sleeper, I need about 10-12 hours.


I sleep naked too. But only in the summer.


You're really sexy


the problem my wife has sleeping naked is that me knowing shes naked under those covers keeps me up all night wanting to kiss every inch of her

John Juneau

Yes i sleep naked /nude all the time bin sleeping naked since i left home no matter where i am at i sleep naked love it


You're to sexy and health for me! ❤️❤️❤️??

Sleeping naked is healthy

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51 views | 10 Feb. 2021



I bet you don't know sleeping naked is very important














ikoko blessing

Eki is saying thank you for the lecture??