Purchasing glycerin

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How to Talk to Teens and Young Adults About Vaping

1 470 views | 23 Jan. 2020

Q&A with pediatrician and

Q&A with pediatrician and host Dr. Angela Mattke and Dr. Jon Ebbert, associate director of the Mayo Clinic Nicotine Dependence Center, and Dr. Sophia Pillia pediatric pulmonologist about vaping and e-cigarettes use in teens and young adults.

Joshua Foong

I"m 26 years old,am i a middle aged adult?


I'm watching this video because your title says how to talk to teens about vaping. I'd listen to 15 minutes of you doing nothing but talking about the actual Vape system I ain't heard nothing about talking to my teen about it sorry but my thumb is pointing down and I'm not going to continue to listen to you talk about the Vapes and about the batteries and about the juice

Danny Dunkin’

35+ minute vid and only 400 views I feel bad

Roli Jain

The program failed to talk about skills and startegies parents can use to talk to kids. They are talking about data, resource list , websites, product description etc...
The last one thing he said ...look at the pain of kids and what they use to escape the pain should be the beginning of this whole video.

Roli Jain

Can a 13 year old buy vaping products from a store without any rules?

Purchasing glycerin

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GLYCERIN FREE Creamy Stylers for HIGH PORSOSITY Natural Hair | MelissaQ

3 816 views | 14 Nov. 2017

HEY Beauties and Curls!

HEY Beauties and Curls! Today's video is a HIGH REQUESTED video for my #highporosity gals watching! Here's my GLYCERIN FREE Creamy Stylers that I love and some that are NEW! Let me know what you love in the comments! I can't wait to chat with you! xo





I will add really soon! Until then...Smoothes dolls and gents! xo


MIXING 21 LEAVE IN CONDITIONERS to create the BEST Leave IN Ever! https://youtu.be/2zhbSOXQAtk

High Porosity Struggles - DRY HAIR and How to FIX IT! https://youtu.be/wygXONijq48

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✔ E M A I L

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Melissa Fykes

P.O. BOX 3348

El Segundo, CA 90245

Welcome to my channel! I initially started YouTube as a journal in order to remember what natural hair and beauty products I loved and document my progression, changes, transformations...thus my journey. After seeing that people battled the same issues and liked the same products as I do, it has become a platform for me to relate to fellow beauty and lifestyle enthusiasts! I love exploring hair, beauty, and lifestyle products that fit a glam mom lifestyle! Take the journey with me and let's explore and discover together!

I post videos every Tuesday, Fridays, and Sunday! Make sure to subscribe to my channel to get all the notifications and updates!

Mayra Ramos

Awesome video! I hate glycerine, too...well, my hair hate it! Where is the gel video? Cant find it.

sc p

Perfect strands is gone ?

Kathy MahoneStreet

Thanks, agree with everything you said.

Sha'Ron Mabson

Ooooooo thanks girl. I’ve been waiting on this! So glad you threw some things in there for us THICK GIRLS cause my hair is highly porous
and THICK!

Kristina Lopez

It all depends on your environment...my hair did fine in north Florida area but since moving to Orlando, my hair is not having the devil in my house! Lol


Im on a shopping ban for the rest of the year! Why are you tempting me??!! LOL

Wendy PΩΩh

Hoping to get some of these glycerin free products on sale during this holiday season...great video suga???

Remonde Victor

Love this video!!!!


I've been trying to find out what my hair hates and I think Its glycerin too. Makes it soft but will revert back within and hour. My hair will look like 4 day old hair. Frizzy and dull.


Your video is right on time and thank you for sharing!

nuclearsock s

do you use the almond jai twisting butter as your L or C in the LCO method?


Great video! You know you’re my go-to for everything high porosity. Tfs ?


Those are great suggestions


I've watched twice and I am still not sure which deva curl styler that is :(

Marleen G.

My favorites are the Frizz-taming smoothie, the curl enhancing smoothie, and the JBCO leave-in from Shea Moisture. Also the Cantu leave-in, the Every Strand curl cream (can't use it with gel or it will flake), and the Aunt Jackie's curl la la (same as the Every Strand, it flakes with gel). I'm not sure about the glycerine status, but I am low porosity so it probably doesn't matter.

Heidi Roberts

Glycerin IS the devil!! Thank you for this! I lose 2 inches of length on humid days when using a glycerin product. Even Aveda's anti-humectant doesn't help. You may want to add Upnorthnaturals styling cream. No glycerin, and loads of hold!


Even though my hair loves both products with glycerin and products w/o glycerin too, I have to say, I absolutely enjoy it everytime you say "Glycerin is the Devil". Watching your videos are everything to me, I just have to say that! You never disappoint us, ever!

Camille Rose Naturals creamy styles are what I absolutely swear by. As, I am totally living off of their Almond Jai Twisting Butter and Aloe Whipped Butter Gel right now like crazy. I have ever tried any of the Maui Moisture marks as a styler or leave in, but I love how bomb they work as deep conditioners that's for sure! Now, I have only tried one actual styler from Sarenzo, (it's a styling pudding), and I don't remember if it has glycerin in it or not, but that product left my hair super dry, and it gave me flakes too. Which is why, I have been on the fence about trying any of their other stylers. However, their Creamy Oil is really awesome though! And, I have heard good things about their clay wash too.

I have only tried one styler thus far from Bekura Beauty, their Tonga Mousse, which I definitely liked. However, I need to get my hands on more of their products, and I need to jump on the Smooth Naturals bandwagon too! Since I know that you've been down with them and have been loving their products for a very long time. They need to make you an ambassador of theirs, for real, I swear! Because no one would be more perfect for such than you!

Purchasing glycerin

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5 780 views | 1 Mar. 2019


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