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First Impression vs How to KISS MAGNETIC EYELINER & LASHES REVIEW! 3INA Cosmetics GLAM ROCK Palette

91 views | 20 Jan. 2021


#kissmagneticlashes #carmiebellebeauty #magneticeyeliner #glamrockeyeshadowpalette #crueltyfreeandveganeyeshadows #parabenfree #3inacosmetics @Kiss Beauty Products

Hey Bellas,

YASSS The day is came where I´m trying Magnetic Eyelashes for the first time of my life and you guys send me a couple of DMs to do it online!

Go for it! I´m testing Magnetic eyelashes and Magnetic Eyeliner by @Kiss Beauty Products .

Also I´ve just found a nice affordable and cruelty free brand called 3INA Cosmetics. I´ve of course headed to order an eyeshadowpalette called Glam Rock from them to test!

Sooooo Let´s GO Have FUN!

3INA COSMETICS Glam Rock Eyeshadow Palette, Lidschatten glitzer- Lidschatten langanhaltend- Einfache Anwendung- Lidschatten vegan -Keine Parabene-Vegane-Tierversuchsfreie


3INA COSMETICS Glam Rock Eye Shadow Palette


Magnetic Eyeliner & Magnetic Lashes


KISS Magnetic Eyeliner & Lash Kit - Lure


KISS Magnetic Lashes - Crowd Pleaser ( That one I´ve showed U)


Conceal & Hydrate Concealer


Conceal & Hydrate Foundation


Makeup Revolution Ultimate Eye Base Eye Primer


Also Babes,

If you are interested in UCANBE eyeshadows, I have an Referral Link and also a cupon code which gives U 15% Off from your order for UCANBE Beauty.

Referral Link


For Coupon Code 15% off KLICK ON THE LINK BELOW!



Just type CAMIEBELLE at checkink out.

I DO NOT HAVE any sponsorship with anybody!


THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR WATCHING!!! Don´t forget about one important thing: YOU ARE AWESOME!

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These colors are awesome on you :o

Alessia Teresko

Omg you’re so talented!!!! Love the eyes ??

Morgane Podence

stunning look girl!

Living La Vida Linda

Love the makeup! The colors look great on you ?

Jasmine L

You look pretty my dear! stay connected ?

Delia Lefay

Beautiful as always ?

Meg Cahill

Such a cool look?


Beautiful and glamorous, girl You look good! love the glam rock power intro, very nice editing?
Lashes look fabulous, hope they can stay on the whole day. Easy to use and perfect for daily slay

Bicoastal Beauty

Such a great review Carmie ! Very thorough . Aren’t those lashes amazing! I love them too ???

39 Flaverz

I think that palette looks so cool! It’s unique and beautiful ????

Greg and Shay

Love the art on the eyes ???

Rainbow Goth

I feel like this palette needs a bright hot pink.

Beauty on a budget with Sarah xxx

Your eyes are stunning ?????? love the colours ???. Xxxxxxx

Crueltyfree Makeup Heaven

Absolutely LOVE the intro! so badass hehe. The palette looks supercool?, it didn't really speak to me when I saw the swatches (but i am also on a no-buy haha), I could tell some of them didn't swatch amazing... but still pretty and love the look! Thankyou for reaching out to them when it comes to their crueltyfree status! And for showing us how to apply magnetic lashes. Great video xxx

kesha Alexis

Gorgeous ?

MakeUp Glori

Absolutely amazing honey ??❤️❤️

Malia Cruz

this is such a fun look mama I love it???

Rainbow Goth

This palette shape gives me Gem and David Bowie vibes

Steffi Dominique



Wow creative look honey ?

kelsey hickey

these lashes seem so nice! love the makeup look!!

Katie’May Hunt


Cassie Layne

Loved this review! Also eyeshadow is beautiful!

Marie Caroline

Yess girl this look is everything ? Wish I had your makeup skills haha x

Delia Lefay

The colors are really pretty and went on nice ?

Life With Diane

Amazing! Look at those eyes beautiful. Thanks for sharing your talent . I wanna try , interesting colours .

Greg and Shay

New genuine supporters here watching ❤️❤️

Delia Lefay

Pallet packaging is cute ?

Candace Marie

I’m obsessed with this look!!!


Lashes look fantastic ,easy to use i hope they last all day,such a georgeous look!

Delia Lefay

I love magnetic eyelashes ??

Adri Duran

You're right, that palette is very unique in it's packaging!


The packaging is so cool, but the eyeshadows seem just okay so I think I'll pass. Thanks for the review!

Rainbow Goth

You always have the best intros!

Paraben free eyeliner

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287 968 views | 27 Sep. 2017




INSTAGRAM : SHWETAVJ7 https://www.instagram.com/shwetavj7/


FACEBOOK : VJ SHWETA https://www.facebook.com/VJShweta/?fref=nf



Previous videos |

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Products mentioned :

medium category

1. maybelline master drama ultra black https://www.superdrug.com/Maybelline/Maybelline-Master-Drama-Khol-EyeLiner-Ultra-Black/p/314860

2. Chamber smokey eyes intense black https://www.shoppersstop.com/chambor-smoky-eyes-intense-kohl-black/p-8680966

3. Blue heaven soft kajal https://www.amazon.in/Blue-Heaven-Soft-Kajal-Eyeliner/dp/B01LYL40XM

4. Nyx slide on glide on eye pencil https://www.nyxcosmetics.co.uk/en_GB/eyes/eyeliner/slide-on-pencil/NYX_022.html

Good category

1. Charlotte tilbury bedroom black http://www.charlottetilbury.com/uk/rock-n-kohl-bedroom-black.html

2. Chamber dazzle eye pencil 101 http://www.nykaa.com/brands/chambor/chambor-dazzle-eye-liner-pencil-black-101.html?root=brand_Chambor%20Must%20Have!%20Eye%20Makeup%20Collection&ptype=product&brand=brand_chambor+must+have!+eye+makeup+collection&skuId=67002

3. Plum cosmetics natures studio black https://plumgoodness.com/products/naturstudio-all-day-wear-kohl-kajal

4. Faces mangeteyes kajal http://www.nykaa.com/faces-magneteyes-kajal-lasts-all-day-black.html


1. Nykaa eye m bold http://www.nykaa.com/nykaa-eyem-bold-kajal-launch.html#Meganav-brand-z

2. faces long wear eye pencil https://www.amazon.com/Faces-Pencil-Solid-Black-1-2g/dp/B00791CZKQ

3. Miss & mrs slide waterproof pencil black gold body https://makeupempire.in/product/miss-mrs-slide-waterproof-pencils/ (also available in global village dubai )

4. urban decay perversion https://www.urbandecay.co.uk/en_GB/eyes/eyeliner/24-7/122.html#q=perversion+eye+pencil&start=1


Not sponsored


#darkesteyeliner #topkajalpencils


arshika anwar

Actually I was writing something while watching but u r so indulging that it was difficult for me to get distracted From uh... I just forgot about that n when at climax u mentioned to comment for the sake of your quality content I just got in senses...so...
Miss shweta... I mean I just loved this review... I always look out for eye pencils n I mean I just fucking loved this review.... And whenever m there I just watch your 3 4 videos straight until I get some work.... I mean u r soooo soooo soooo damn down to earth... U r beautiful u r sensuous u look like Indian beauty... U r an all-rounder beautiful person who's talented and stunning at the same time... Just love your everything... May god bless you... Give you more health and wealth... Keep u fit n hot like hell always... Love from India ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤???????

Bernarda Ossandon

Nice video!lots of details!profesional!grettings!!!

debashree deb

Your review of each product is jus bomb ?

Positive vibes from universe Hare krishna

Faces Canada


Thanks Hindi mein explain Karte to acha tha


Lol the irony is I don't wear kajal, but I watched the entire video... You are an addiction, dear?

t h

Love love love your channel

Disha Desai

The Miss & Mrs. Slide waterproof pencil is available on www.makeupempire.in , as the website you've mentioned doesn't work. And that's is the best kajal I've used till date, your feedback was geniune and worked in my case, thankyou! ♥️

Keertika Gupta

Why didn't you mention mac's kajal?

Deep Mathew

Bought the urban decay perversion after watching this episode , but now have a dilemma. The wood is so hard, but the kajal material inside is too soft. Too much of it is being wasted while sharpening. Any idea on how to sharpen this properly? Thx.

rayane alrammal

Thank you so so much! It really helped me <3

Seema Seema

Best Kajal kon sa waterproof name bta do

ringa andrew

So authentic! Love your content : )

Neha Rana

More dn giving suggestion u scaring me... as if i'll nt going to buy any of the kajal u will kill me.. ??

manali saxena

Hey shweta...thx for al reviews ...plz make video on drugstore products (UK) suitable for indian skin

keerti gupta

Super good.. THANKYOU

Ruby Munde

Which one is best mr and mrs simple eye pencil or mr and mrs twist up pencil

Sana Shamim Rentia

Thanks a lot for d info
It is really very useful
Faces means faces Canada which is Rs 494 plz do reply

valli ramasundram

Thank you Shweta for sharing l would like to among all the kajal black eye pencils which is organic and safe to use.


Oh my God,, the best informative video,, loved it,, I'm ordering faces and Miss and Mrs from the list for sure.. Oh loved it,, thank you so much Shweta...♥♥♥

Samiullah mgr Samiullah

Superb tq sisy


Love you for such a brief and markable demo on eye pencils... Helped a lot???

Manisha Patel

PLEASE can some add a link to a Uk site for the Miss & Mrs stockist thank you.

Daksha Sindal

the best in india is definitely Lakme eyeconic


hi i tried all your products...its good .. really good... i trust ur product reviews.. even i trued few of ur skin care products too ..thank you for your work..
could u suggest any organic kajal ?

khushbu saraf

y r u giving wrong review mam....On the basis of ur review i took mrs and miss slide waterproof kajal...it got smudged totally in 3 to 4 hr...750 was totally in vain...plz mam don't giving wrong review.u should pur that kajal in normal level..and the plum kajal which actually dat smudged ...as per u it is just good...plz make honest review bz on the basis of ur opinion people buy...so plz don't waste their money

drishti mahlawat

I love you ♥️

Anushka Malik

Thanks for the video. Which nail shade is that? Looks so pretty


Y u so underrated! Best beauty YouTuberrr!!! ❤

aashna Aahistha vlog

Which eye pencil u r wearing??it looks blue n black mix..thanku

Purva Bhandare

thanks for helping out!

Priya Chakravarty

You are amazing... I truly believe what you say now after trying a few from here

pravallika reddy

Wow superb ur really really help full video please make similar videos on eyeliners , face creams please

Pavneet Ahluwalia

Your English is bloody excellent

Sowmiya selladurai

Thank-you so much for the vedio??

ritika chaurasia

Hi Sweta, this is in reference to miss and mrs slide waterproof eye pencil,
Do we have to sharp it. Or it is just as much as it appears...??

Riya sahu

I really loved the way you explained.?

Heena Javed

Thnx for the video uh explained really really well m amazed lots of love thnx again

karishma sahu

We need an update on this video

Jasreen Gujral

Thanks for introducing to Miss & Mrs slide waterproof kajal. it is v dark and v affordable too, Thank u :) I live in Dubai and got it from Amazon UAE FOR 25 Dirhams

K's World

woww ur so wild

My Kingdom For a Horse

what gets me is how they start off good and then wont apply because they get sealed, dont transfer to skin. then later to sharpen is a nightmare.

Sandhya Reddy

I'm ur new subscriber and I'm also pet lover and I feed 20 steet dogs according to my capacity and i have 4 pets in my home ....finally i got true and humble YouTuber lots of love..I'm watching ur videos too too much filled with true products and also lots of knowledge about every product thanks dear...

Parsis Imran

Which kajal or kohl shade you hv worn?

Palak Jain

I don't know how I stumbled on this video, but I needed this!!!! Thankssss♥️♥️

Ananthan Raj

What is the name of first kajal??


Eversince I've started using Maybelline's colossal kajal there has been no other kajal for me - merely for the sake of how it stays put for the whole freaking day and it says put like it's freshly applied! It loves my waterline and my waterline loves it. It's a gorgeous pitch black colour and I love it coz it's the first kajal for me that I discovered was bang on for being completely smudge proof and long lasting other than of course being gorgeously black. Although, I do wish Maybelline was cruelty free coz it kinda sucks that they aren't and sometimes that thought bothers me.

Smriti Das

Very misleading information

Among all of the category only plum Kajal is awesome...rest all I have used , they are not at all good

pratul kumar

Hi niceeeee

Areeba Khan

Today I got my faces kajal from Amazon and the packaging is totally different there is no F logo on pencil but it is well sealed now I m very confused whether it is fake or not please help me if someone can

Suchetana Chanda

Which kajal u are wearing in ur thumbnail?


Faces is a very good brand..I used it once just Cz I was fed up with the kajals I used lakme colossal maybelline loreal.. It all got smugged or wud accumulate on waterline ..nd trust me faces is damn good nd at such reasonable or rather lesser cost..truly honest review.. Also great categorization.. Best video watched with no drama..thanks really ??

Surbhi Jain

Please mam make comparison video of faces and pac khol


How about a video about dark brown gel eyeliners?

Suman Mukherjee

Hi.. what's your lipstick shade?

Pooja More

I have ordered nykaa eye m bold considering your recommendation. Its superb. Thank you very much for honest review.

amna nisar

You English and your voice is so good


Thank you! The nyx is only $6 on Amazon

Bandana Barua

Ur very beautiful

Ayesha Dafedar

Hi Shweta, Thank you for such a great review video.I am looking for a smudge proof kajal, could you please suggest one.

Meenakshi Saxena

Nyka eye m bold... Did not suited me but suited my mom... This is amazing but my eye start burning and itching can not wear it

Χρυσάνθη Παπ

Oh wow great review!!now i want to by urban decay eye pencil?

Chelsia S Thomas

I really really was searching for a good eyeliner thank you for recommending ???

Neha Shivhare

Hi Shweta, loved your video. It is to the point and cover all the important details and proofs. Keep it up.

Priti Kumari Tiwary

Thank you for giving me such good options... Even affordable and good ones..

vrushali yadav

Mam mam mam please help me..
I m big fan of u..

Pls suggest me best kajal between this 2
Kay beauty gel kajal and miss & mrs kajal
I want to buy 1 kajal .
Mam pls help me

Zehra Noori

Omg I soo needed this in my life ......

sayali madhavi

you are true reviewer ...and i happy i brought it from www.makeupempire.in and kajal is really smudge proof for 9 hours that much i tried ... i just want to Thank You for genuine review


I love this video!! Thank you for sharing it with us. Please can you tell me what brand blue you are wearing in this video? I have searched everywhere for the name ... Thank you xoxo

deep kaur

I also bought Mrs glide slide kajal, but it is just waste of money, even that my chambor kajal is just perfect and never smudge. Please don't give wrong information try to be real.

Sarah & Momship

Where in global village. Which country

belareena jacob

Is the dark pigment the only parameter to rate an eye pencil? Why does the review not include the number of chemicals it has and how safe it is for the eyes?

Lisbeth Lopez

Thank you!

Div S

Hello miss Shweta I just bought miss & Mrs kajal but I would like to know how to sharpen the pencil...pls respond

All things venus

Make your eyes look bigger with khol https://youtu.be/Ku-TGb5uID8

Safya Patel

Wonderful content?

tasneem M

Hi sheets you know I had bought Lakme eyeconic kajal 4sticks and it had fungus what to do should I throw them I was shocked

sana firoz


jishna ali

Any idea where in global village is the ms and Mrs eye pencil available?

surbhi sehgal

Loved the video, only suggestion is to put the fair product quality purchase links in India

Munira Kachwala

I loved the way you categorised the eye pencils and explained it, u got a new subscriber!

Sharmistha Roy

i love the way you talk ???

manasa priya

After watching your video, i bought faces eye pencil, it tired my eyes, had severe headache. But the kajal is good, it was dark, long-lasting and smudge proof.
I request you can once again do a video on kajals that lasts long and have side effects

Ananya Mahapatra

I blindly trust u?

Adatrao Suseela

Useful information

Prachi singh

Also give the swatch review tutorial for lipstick that last longer like this tutorial.... I am hihly looking for lipstick from different brands that stay long... Lasting

Smita Kamble

From where to buy urban decay kajal pencil..pls provide me link or shops in mumbai

Nida Kazi

I broke the tip of my faces canada kajal and I'm here to buy a new Kajal. So glad to see my kajal rated 8/10
Thank you. This is such an informative video. Love the categories!

Mamta R

The faces eye pencil isn't great for someone who wears contact lenses.It can irritate and make the lenses blurry.The plum and chambor eye pencils are far better when it comes to contact lens wear.

Ashima Rai

Amazing!! loved this review!


very useful

Nikhila Pillai

Helloo you said miss and mrs pencil available in global village..Do you know which pavilion????

Ishba Khan

How do i sharpen the faces pencil?

neha roy

You are so informative such a good vedio

Manisha Lakra

Thank u mam


The waterproof eyepencils are really tough to remove right? And is it harmful to our eyes?

Oshin Sadaf

Woah ❤

devanshi t

I tried miss and mrs slide kajal ordered seeing your video mam but i didnt felt worth the bucks spend as it gets faded and removed even with the hands without any makeup remover such a damn dissapointed ??

charitha cherry


manjula ac

Pls tell me whether nyka and faces is smudge proof or not?
Plssss replyyy....

Paraben free eyeliner

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My TOP 5 Sketch Eyeliner Pens and Kajals in India | Cruelty Free, Alcohol Free, Paraben free, Vegan

1 939 views | 18 Jan. 2019

My TOP 5 Sketch Eyeliner

My TOP 5 Sketch Eyeliner Pens and Kajals in India | Cruelty Free, Alcohol Free, Paraben free and Vegan Options

#eyeliners, #bestkajals, #crueltyfreemakeup

Today's video is al about my favourite Cruelty Free Eyeliners and Kajals.

Products mentioned -

Jovees Herbals Signature Kajal

Nykaa Rock The Line Kajal

Sugar Cosmetics Twist and Shout Fadeproof Kajal

NELF Professional Eyeliner

Nicka K Bold Eyeliner

Milani Eye Tech Extreme Liquid Eyeliner

Blue heaven Sketch Eye Liner

Coloressence Ink Style Eyeliner Pen

BH Cosmetics Liquid Eyeliner

Zoeva Cat Eye Pen

Hilary Rhoda Dynamic Jet Black Liquid Liner

Copyright: Content on this video and channel are created and belong to me, Shyma Habeeb. Copying, publishing, using the content from videos without prior permission can be liable to legal action.

More about TheDesertRoseJournals -

As a cruelty free enthusiast I find a huge void space in the sphere of CrueltyFree Beauty and brands here in India. Thus I started my YouTube channel in the quest for more cruelty free options and share about the same through social media.

In today's world of fake followers and ghost-written blogs, The Desert Rose Journals strives to create an organic community of followers looking for cruelty free brands and products. Unlike the conventional beauty pages, blogs and channels out there, The Desert Rose Journals portrays things that I personally experience and prefer. While I don't claim to be an expert, I try my best to keep things as professional as possible.

Follow me -

Twitter - https://twitter.com/imdesertrose

Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/imdesertrose/

Facebook - https://m.facebook.com/thedesertrosejournals

Roposo - https://www.roposo.com/profile/129e670b-a252-41a9-84e2-883d804d9d62?s_ext=true

Facebook Page - https://www.facebook.com/thedesertrosejournals/

rathna' s kitchen

u dnt like plum kajal....

Manpreet Kaur


Niharika Papishetty

woww amazing picks.. loved ur reviews...

Samreen Ahmed

Woww so good picks . Really kajals r nice

azmina tamboli

Walaikum assalam dear. Loved the video especially the kajol section.


absolutely loving the best of 5 beauty series..I will come to these videos whenever I need to buy anything..and yea lighting is the first thing I noticed..lighting is just perfect..I know how much jiju helps you in the set up..and Alhamdulillah I am the lucky one who got chance to meet both of you..Jiju is such an gentleman..absolutely cherish the moments spent with you..respect for you increased 1000 times after meeting..you are such a sweetheart..

sakina Quadri

I hit like as soon as she started talkng .. And u can have betyer lightngs ..doesnt look natural

Salma Khatun

Are all the kajals mentioned here are paraben free?


Awesome recommendation

suman kushvaha

Your voice is so good....

Samreen Ahmed

Yes i also didn't like pencil kajal

Samreen Ahmed

U r looking beautiful dear

Samreen Ahmed

Wowww zoeva one is sooooooo Pigmented ?????

shaheen aslam

Ur scarf s very beautiful

Miti K

nice favs dear?


The lighting looks absolutely natural, and not too photoshopped loved the video


Watching to support you even tho I'm not a kajal or pen eyeliner person. Always appreciate your opinion


Is face s Canada magnetic eye kajal not a cruelty free one. Please do reply

Aswathy P Krishnan

Could you include the links for your products mentioned?


awesome video. this was a life saver!

Heer Jalundhwala

I can listen to you all day long. Your recommendations are always helpful ?

Samreen Ahmed

Very nice video and really enjoy this series its also so helpful

Archika Mahajan

You are really a rose

Parveen Pathan

Was looking for this kind of video and u had posted ... thank you so much ?

Pooja Kesh

Yea the lighting is nice? ???

Samreen Ahmed

Yes HR pen liner is also very nice and Easily available in Market

Pooja Ani

Love the way you talk ????? video ??????

Ayesha Fur

First to comment


Eyeliners are my fav too & have tried the Nykaa & Sugar from your list. For some reason, sugar's one broke off when I went a little hard on my waterline. Was disappointed. Nevertheless, love this content. Lighting is also good sis. Looking beautiful, Masha Allah.