Skin care regimen

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Jada Pinkett's skincare routine

855 715 views | 7 Dec. 2020

My Skin Restarter

My Skin Restarter Routine

Hopefully there is a little something in here for everyone on this #selfcaresunday ✨

Here is one of my skin restarter routines that I use after wearing makeup everyday on shoots and so forth. I USE THIS ROUTINE ONCE EVERY 2 - 3 MONTHS. For instance... when I returned from shooting the Matrix, I hit this routine.

I AM NOT BEING PAID FOR THE USE OF ANY PRODUCTS IN THIS VID. This is ONE of many routines that I really use✨ I’m listing one product you might not be able to see in the video which is the Kreyol Essence Face Oil.

And here are the measurements for the DIY avocado and honey mask I use.

1/2 avocado ?

2 tablespoons of honey ?

This DIY mask is my fav!!! Skin is a living organism and loves nutrients like what this mask offers.

The rest of the products you’ll see in the video. I’ll share one of my daily routines next.

More to come?

✂️: @sequelsmith

Nikki M

What's good to put on hands? My hands are always dry and wrinkled looking, ever since I was a teenager.
I've tried mary kay products.
Avon silicon glove.
Burt's bees hand salve.
Gold bond, Aveeno, jergens etc.
O'Keefe's working hands.
Main and tail hand therapy.
Nothing works! ?


Wowwwww! She is just beautiful....period!!!

N Lopez

lawd I started steaming after seeing this and my face broke out like crazy. Be very careful with over steaming

baby luv

With all do respect Jada u had a major facelift yrs ago an u also do skin tightening as touch ups....Hence why u don't have a wrinkle or a crease on your face.....so it's quite misleading to act as if I'm using these products an my skin is so lush keep it real...
Jada I'm just saying! I have a derma machine as well an it's pretty good for exfoliating!!
But please stop acting like you found the holy grail!! more money more money more money lol!! These company's putting those coins in your pocket....who the heck uses 9000 products ???? on there damm face child please ?
Fake news ms.smith???u got more all right there paying ??u ching ching?

Phoebe Kate

It has just dawned upon me that the most beautiful women I have ever seen are the ones that are 40+ and take good care of themselves.
Undoubtedly Jada is, right now, one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen.

What About

This nails ??

Jonelle Ellis

She has such beautiful skin #jelly

Manny AW

I feel like I’m gonna be late everyday doing this skin “routine”.


She used to be black im so disappointed in her smh

alain disk


Victoria Taylor

We want all the skin routines!


I want that absolutely fabulous flawless skin


Maybe she is blind already because of the steam after steam she takes.

Monique Boea





I had no idea how much I needed this video Jada ?
(but to all viewers, her and her mother.... like those genetics... that’s like 90% all that beautiful PERFECTION!!!)

Chelsea Stockwell

Oh my goodness loved this much jada you look sensational ?x love to know what you eat to help that glow frtom the inside x

Expresso Mixed

Yes, Jada come forth with more skincare tips, please. Very helpful.



Chris Howell

She's such a dickhead. What a load of bull

Intrepid Goddess

I LOVE using honey in my skincare (either as a cleanser or masque). People are confused by me walking around with honey on my face so next time guess I’ll pretend I’m as fabulous as Jada. anyhow this video was so cute,! I’d love to see a GRWM.✨

michelle fish

Witchy claws. Just use coconut oil and wash in warm shower. So much cheaper.





Dark Angel

She is more beautiful without makeup

Gabriel Washington

Hey Jada check out sea moss for your skin.

Pink Rose

her skin looks great though

Alison Lewis


Tenendo conto dell'attuale situazione internazionale, comprendere l'essenza delle tecnologie di risparmio delle risorse ci impone di analizzare lo sviluppo graduale e coerente della società. La costante crescita quantitativa e la portata della nostra attività parla delle possibilità dei requisiti prioritari.?


Hahaaha I love her passion

Lina Logic

Steam Queen, hot damn! <3

Blacktinkerbell G

Beautiful Beautiful beautiful woman

Veronica Hollywood



Wow, my mom used to make us steam as kids with some menthol. We're Jamaican ? had no idea it was a skin regimen!


Because black don't crack! Yaaaas

Kristi S

Not many people can put avocado on their face and still look great

Real Deal

I watched the whole routine on 'mixed makeup' channel and made me laugh the amount of times she kept steaming her face ??‍♀️? her skin is just stunning!! She shouldn't have used the microdermabrasion machine though!! It left marks on her face! Only people with experience should use that ??‍♀️??‍♀️ Jada you should pre cleanse first, I bet you don't even need to do half of what you use here. Your skin is beautiful!! ? Make your videos longer ??

moi ouais

She bleach Her skin

India Moore

Jada is so beautiful jeeze ❤

Adriana ♡

her skin is sooo beautiful she looks poreless!!!

Nickie Enochs

Buy locally harvested raw honey. It makes a huge difference. ?

Chaiti Rector

She is such a Virgo ?? We are very detailed oriented type of people lol

Hanaan Harith

Too too harsh and too much. One steam, exfoliate, tone and moisturise. Face oils at night. End of!
Diet, water, exercise and stay out of the sun.


“ mama was tryna be a little cute “ lol

Renee Faison

Jesus Christ is soon to return. He alone is The Way. Repent and be saved today!



Debra Medina

Thank you for sharing your skincare tips. Beautiful skin takes good care. Thanks again.


WHO on God’s green earth care what this woman does?

Jamie-lee Nelson

I love that she refers to herself as mama?yo this woman is beautiiiiful


Beautiful clear skin. I really need that face oil!

Joyce Marmol

No Jada not the avocado avocado is sacred we eat the avocado ???

Anita Hazrati

Love you

Pink Rose

Her skincare routine is too much work I dont even bother

Helen VanDeWeg

She just looks absolutely flawless

Sharon W

Good morning, she is ever so beautiful and have beautiful skin but she must have time because I cant do that every day. Refer me a product(s), that takes no longer than 20 minutes.

Denise Owens

Watch it Jada the haters are coming. Your skin is beautiful your no make up look is off the chart.

Toni Blackstone

Where is the the “I took my husband's heart tossed it into the blender, and press the button for pureed extra fine” routine? ??

Yesenia Urbina

Damn she my favorite ? ?

Shannon Ferguson

THANK YOU SO MUCH JADA FOR SHARING! That skin be glowing honey...So Beautiful!!! Miss seeing ya in comedies... fun to watch! Really appreciate what you do... super cool!! ??????

J Doe

Just to manage everyone’s expectations, she actually didn’t have to do all that. She looks the way she does bc of her genetics, diet and exercise lol.

J. De Souza

Hi Jada, you and your family are incredible people. Keep up your positive and honest way of life.xoxo



Murder,Mystery& Makeup




Danielle Insalaco

This woman here is gorgeous! Better looking without makeup!

Rick Ortiz

BULLSHIT!! Surgeon HELP. You don’t even look like you used to FUCKEN LIAR!

TheresaRE Aberilla


La Bel Roussa

What’s the name of that machine?

La Bel Roussa

Why I feel like I need whatever she mentions in there? I trust that LADY

Aleshia Wilson

I love her bathroom

Ainsley Bailey

? looking so well, beautiful xxx



Rachael Burt

I have a serious question? I’ve watched lots of these celebs skin care routine. WHY ARE NONE OF THEM USING TRETINOIN? like seriously? Why they pay for expensive crap face creams when they can get a prescription for tretinoin. Honestly baffles me

Aqsa Iqbal

people need to read her description >>>>> "Here is one of my skin restarter routines that I use after wearing makeup everyday on shoots and so forth. I USE THIS ROUTINE ONCE EVERY 2 - 3 MONTHS. For instance... when I returned from shooting the Matrix, I hit this routine."

Sheila Waddy

Love it Jada!

Kevin Nguyen

Jada you are Beautiful I fell in love with you when I was 15 and watched the movie Set it Off, you set off my heart with your beautiful Eyes and pretty smile, your still pretty being 50 now, Im a big Fan!


She is so beautiful

Vickie Mckay


Vanessa Fortune


Tijuana J

Hey Jada ☺️ as a Esthetician you have great looking skin, great video and awesome job explaining your skincare routine. Thank you again. PS you sound like a Esthetician ?

Lilo Rih

This is home based. She catered to people that might not have the money for really high end products. I respect it



Genney Escalona

amazing skin and everything omg <3 fan

Deneice Scales

OG, ThunderCats ?

Kira Davis

Is that thayers rose petal witch hazel over there on the left with the red top

OilBlends Products

Great video..

Taylor Harper

Wonder how much that machine is? I like she does use affordable stuff as well.

Miss Ehi

She most likely doesn’t exfoliate everyday this is probably her end of the week skin care routine. I also do intense facial care (mask, scrubs) when I feel like my skin needs that extra love and care.

charlene brown

OMG my poor face just keeps breaking out something terrible I love the way you take care of your skin Jada thanks for sharing with us

Nora Edeke


Rhynda Watson

How often do you do this, this is a full time job here lol but your skin is gorgeous

Robin Walls

Gorgeous woman!

Isabel Rodriguez

I wish I can get a facial from you. You should be an esthetician. Love love your skin.

Janelle Speaks

change routine with the seasons.

Naz Ali

"Entanglement" skin care routine

Upnorth 3390

Seriously, Jada is so beautiful that if she said she put butter on her face I'd try it.

Eva Albrus

I just love her voice and vibe

Sigbert Altamirano

Those long fingernails would one day scratch your face and there goes your beauty routine!!!