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SELF TANNING FOR MY FIRST TIME | Self Tan Routine ft. Loving Tan! (2 Hour Express + Face Tan DARK)

4 664 views | 16 Apr. 2020

here's me self tanning

here's me self tanning for my first time... LOL. self tan routine ft. loving tan!

use my code LAURYNDOAN for a free tanning mitt!!!

LOVINGTAN's WEBSITE --- www.lovingtan.com

products that I USED:

2 HR EXPRESS MOUSSE - https://usa.lovingtan.com/collections/mousses/products/2-hr-express-dark-self-tanning-mousse

DELUXE APPLICATOR MITT - https://usa.lovingtan.com/collections/accessories/products/deluxe-self-tanning-applicator-mitt

EXFOLIATING GLOVE - https://usa.lovingtan.com/collections/accessories/products/tan-removing-skin-polishing-glove-to-remove-self-tan

DELUXE FACE TAN - https://usa.lovingtan.com/collections/face/products/deluxe-face-tan-dark


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Thank you so much for watching my newest video. Make sure to check out my channel for more videos just like this one, and many many more. Every one of you mean the entire world to me and I couldn't thank you enough for hitting 13,000 SUBSCRIBERS! Share this video with your friends, fam, dog, and second cousins.


Lauryn ✰

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✰ for business inquiries ONLY: [email protected]


✰ how old are you? 20

✰ what camera do you use? Canon M50!

✰ where do you live? CA!

✰ what do you edit your vids on? FCPx

love you all so much. xoxo ツ

#SelfTanRoutine #LovingTan

adelyn elizabeth

this is so interesting!! thanks for sharing ☺️

Chloe Julian

I haven't self tanned in so long and this inspires me too!! I got spray tanned once for a dance and did not like it.


I tan easily sooo I don’t need self tanner

Ugne Jur

Looks great!

Julia Kristine

loving tan is literally the best self tanner EVER ?

Sam Elle

i dont use self tanner because i literally can step out the door for two seconds and be A MILLION SHADES DARKER

Alexa Paige

i don’t think i’ve gone a week without self tanning in over year, im addicted ?? so fun to try it for the first time!!

Miranda Maheri

ive never tried loving tan but I've heard so many good things! ill have to try them out

Sheyla Ricardo ramirez

I have never tried self tanning... well I mean I’ve gotten a tan from the sun but that’s about it but I’ve always been to scared that it wouldn’t turn out well. Btw I love the hairstyle you had on while you were putting on the tan. Your so beautiful! ❤️

Jadzia K

Looking good hon, came out great! I've given up I'll just be a ghost on the beach, whenever I can get back to the beach! It looks like rubbing on chocolate fudge ;-)

Julia Gonçalves

you’re sooo pretty!!! i love you so much????

Amanda Campbell

I’m a bit new to self tanning BUT I use the isle of paradise tanning water and I reviewed it and I love it!’


the code doesn’t work.. I’m trying to purchase

Bleep Bloop

looks great, good product!

Isabelle Dyer

i love loving tan!

Lauryn Doan

have you guys self tanned before? if so -- what do you use????!

Anna York

Wish I was as tan as your before lmao


I got a spray tan once and the lady gave me the darkest shade and literally made me a new race, didn’t come off for three weeks and I will never live it down with my friends so now fake tanning has scarred me ?

Zoey Villafuerte

i love youuuu ❤️?

Annika Yumang

never tried self tanning because I'm already tan and honestly I hate being tan before but kinda loving it now ❤️

Zoe Maya

omg i've never self tanned either but i wanna tryyy

Tanning faqs

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True Facts About The Armadillo

8 669 987 views | 31 Dec. 2013


music : http://soundcloud.com/querflote

Pre-historic armadillo/Thomas Quine


Taken at the Minnosota Science Museum: Dinosaurs and Fossils Gallery./Ryan Somma


AFP/Getty Images



Armadillo Coming Out Of Hole

Ben Pfeiffer

Baby Armadillos/2261889


Screaming Armadillo/Joe Furman


Screaming Hairy Armadillo/TropicEllie


Armadillo Says Hello/LincolnChildrensZoo


The World Bird Sanctuary


Giant Armadillo/amareta kelly

http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/6264985347/

Pink fairy armadillo/wikimediacommons


Tatou tronqué/wikimediacommons


#turtlecat/Alex Gunn


Dillan the dillo & Westie "Roxi"/equinevetmed


Perrin the scary Cat vs Dillan the Armadillo/equinevetmed


Sleeping armadillo (Chaetophractus villosus) in a dutch zoo/ Micha Klootwijk


A woman holds an armadillo, showing its belly. This is a juvenile three-banded armadillo./Matt Valentine


Chasing An Armadillo - 8 Seconds :)/Jeff Turner


Armadillo near Everglades/Heiko Kiera


Southern three-banded Armadillo/Joe Furman


THE PLAYERS Championship - Preview Day 3/Richard Heathcote/Staff


All others:

Film Footage courtesy of Shutterstock, Inc., Used by Permission

Whistle Teets

I see the 3 banders here in FL from time to time. Makes sense since we have lots of fire ants.


EPIC!!! keeping it real

April A

When my niece was little she would say "armadildo"



This guy: A R M A D I L D O


Also carries leprosy.

Steve McCann

Very informative and funny.
Also nice music! Thanks

Dark Amazon466

"Who did this research?... Jerry?".

Toby Lam

They also carry leprosy, and have incredibly long lifespans in captivity.

Fractured Raptor

" That's not a fairy. They have wings and tiny little underpants. I know, I've seen them. "

God I fucking love this channel.

Ben Reece

My nine banded armidillo story. On a gravel road in Ocala Florida my group of friends and I encountered an armidillo digging at the edge of the scrub grass cut line. Being teenage boys at the time, one guy started sneaking up to the oblivious critter, machete raised for the killing blow. That's when I threw a rock. The throw was inspired, and sailed between the hunters legs, lightly glancing off the armidillos back. This caused the armidillo to jump three feet up, making the hunter drop his machete and startling him very effectively.

Crazy Dean Show

He should like family guys

Geoffrey Herrick

Like Ron Burgundy, Zefrank has to read everything that is written down, to everyone's amusement. That is how Zefrank do.

Paul Wagner

Driving in the moments before dawn in Texas: thump thump thump "This road is really bumpy". Come dawn, armadillos all over the road.

Czerno Alpha

As a Texan, we don't refer to armadillos as opossums on the half shell, we refer to them as mobile speed bumps


Happy Hanukkah everyone


I think you may be the watched creator on YT if you compare your total output against your total subscribers. And you certainly earn it. But PLEASE give us more! :)

Rverse Pegasister2013

The three ba- that’s a cat. ??

Ginger Arkansas

That was worthless.

209CALI* *

I bet this guy has the weirdest internet search history

James healer

except the the sex jokes i appreciate every thing about this channel

Fritz Fedke

damn, this was as funny as it was informative....well done....armadildos...hahaha

Doc Tar

Good to know about the leprosy. Note to self: Never touch an armadillo (or an armored dildo for that matter).

timmytwoshoes 69

And the screaming armadillo wich is named so becau- WeA eErr

Plague Doctor

Why can I just imagine a bunch of armadillos charging into battle and one steps into a tiny land mine and lays on it's side giving an entire monologue to it's buddy as it dies


I love the way you ended on a philosophical point, that could enrich the lives of all your viewers.

Za hin

Even the narrator felt uncomfortable


LOL. I love your videos. Overall, they are well researched and provide intelligent information but, I must admit, in a hilarious and lighthearted way. Very enjoyable.

Dr. cake

2:18 when you cant afford to buy an armodillo?

Provoke Xero

alright Ill keep going but jerry's and idiot

eric tristan Labro

2:19 hahahahhaha

Jamallah Bergman

Honestly Jerry doesn't know how to do good research,lol

Ann Björklund

Interesting animals, boring jokes.

bred Boi

Me get scared
also me sniff my own ass

Konnos X

" there is no such thing as a pit of bomers in nature"

As opposed to landmines

Jeneva McGill



Love that ninja turtles reference .50

Bad Eugene Cops

Pit. Of. Boners.
I'm done.

Will I am Garrett

They also carry leprosy too.

Bro Look at that thing behind you

Can't talk about armadillos without bringing up a dick joke once

Carrie Parsons

It got real at the end. ?

Joseph SchianodiCola

that statistic of leprosy contraction is absolutely crazy and why aren't more people talking about it

Mark Cassel

Fairies wear boots, too.

Rey Rex

If it makes you feel any better human junk is massive compared to other great apes
The trade off is we are weak as hell compared to them, the strongest man can deadlift what like 1100lbs? A large chimp can bench press a ton and they’re like a third of our size, and that’s without knowing any exercise techniques

So yeah fuck “RoBoTs TaKiNg OvEr” worry about the day a monkey learns to make fire in a zoo

El Mostro

3:44 whaaaa?! for realz?!

Green Stachio

Ah yes the critter I see and scare off every once in a while these guys sometimes don't give a craps too since their bodies carry deceases had to clean my dogs nose once she didn't understand

noel hutchins

"Pit of dildos doesn't exist."...Google it, and scroll past 'hydrothermal tube worms', till you're proven wrong...

Jitoham Nath

Anyone else rewatching in 2021 ?

DragonkittyQueen MGA

Horny bones
Me: Horny Boners ??...
All rubbing together

Barby Riffle


До Победы

interesting facts about animals on my channel....

Project 88

Armodelo migrate here all the time where I live. They mostly become road kill tho... but they are cute and they turn out well.

Brady Hall

One good kick to their head can kill them nearly instantly. Depends on how big it is and how hard I... or anyone kicks. Square toe boots help too. I feel bad for what I've done in the past.


Texas speed bump

Joshua Pate

Armored dildo

i love food peeps21

Dats how they do tho

Anan Ebrahim

I studied this in science????


"....or stepping on a tiny land mine" i love tuis channel so much lmao


In the night, in the dark, in the forest, when you hear something that sounds like bigfoot shuffling your way, it's just an armadillo, snuffling around in the leaves. Scared me half to death.

Avas Man Maskey

whose jerry by the way

Face Mcshooty

Armadillos save lives

Bossman Jenkins

Lol try sticking your face in a fire ant pile... This little guy tougher than nails.




As i was walking out of work late at night i saw two creatures but it was too dark to tell. Luckily the light sensors for the store outdoor lights kicked on and i saw that it was a cat and an armadillo. The cat (which i assume was stalking the armadillo) got freaked out and ran away. Meanwhile the armadillo just sat there. i got in my car and for like a minute it was just chilling there before sauntering off lile "dum dee dum dee dum". It was the greatest thing ive seen in a long time.

Greg Hooks

Sweep the leg Johnny...


Pretty sure I saw Arnie the Armadillo in there.

Gigi Pretty

Natures Bakugan.

Alucard Moon

Put a boners I think that's a "special" kind of club


I wonder if any of the armadillo pet owners bathing their armadillo or letting it play with their cat and dog have weighed their chances of contracting leprosy and found it worth the risk as long as they get a few likes on their social media.

ThatSmell Gaming

Delightfully unexpected channel recommendation!
Great content, always have me laughing.

RO Sergio

That Thing about Spanish... Is true

Armadura - Armor
Armado -Armored
Armadillo - Little armored one

Cool isnt it?

Silvelena Znidarcis

Arma dildo

Pizzaball Jr.

What about leprosy?!?

Jonathan Green

Armadillos are so cute, too bad the only time I ever see them is roadkill.


Other than the lame attempt at humor, I did get some info.


ahh yes, the belt animal

AllThat Remains

Maybe this is an unpopular opinion, but I think armadillos are cute. I mean they’re ugly too, but in a cute way.

Andre McLaurin

Frog in His throat...a big one with to spheres under his chin...lol

Salvage Monster

“That’s a cat” hahahaha don’t know why I find that so funny

NoMiss Outdoors

Most worthless species ever.... they will not eat fire ants unless every grub and worm is gone... after they destroy your lawn.... i recommend #4 buckshot for instant incapacitation and gratification

Avocado Toast

"Prop up an iPad"


You forgot to mention it could teach us about karma. Once upon a time (might be 2015) there was a texan. He thought it was fun to shoot an armadillo. That was not a good idea. The bullet ricocheted from the armour and he got the bullet himself. The whole story was named karmadillo, obviously.


Ah you forgot to add that their other nickname is "Tactical Possum" XD.

Tammi Hartung

Damn it, Jerry!!!

Jolly Swift

Just remember, if you spend all of your life hiding behind armor, you will spend a lot of time sniffing your own butt"
This is weirdly inspiring and deep.

Lex Slate

I like the tactical assault possums. I wish they made good pets.

The Camocampaindude

You sound like morgan freeman

Daniel Lee


He jelly because he behbeh maker is big


Over 8 million views...
Talk about "late to the party"...

Mona Sabbat

Honestly, I live for that "bebehs" ?

LoL Tom

Can we stop to be concerned about a department of zoology studying just exactly how stiff an armadillos boner can get.


Just imagine if you’re first instinct when scared was to put your face by your butt. Oh my god we do do that don’t we? The fetal position.

Somebody’s grandma

Cool! I have an armadillo named Bob. Every year she has four bebes. Their shells are soft when they’re little and they grunt like pigs. Thanks for the education!

April Hudson

They ain’t beeeeeyerds. Like humming beeeeeeyerds. They are *YAWN* armed dillo’s. Totally capable of specie take over.

Their behbees will KILL you.

SpetsnatzLegion 336

I’m glad I never have to say armadillo because I would almost certainly Freudian slip myself into ruining a family gathering or something with a casual mention of an armadildo


You’re saying you don’t curl up into a ball when threatened? Liars all of you

Luca Daví

armadillo is pronounced armadiyo actually. Its one of many anglosized spanish words in this language. People sound ignorant when they say Armadillo at face value, but then out of nowhere they say quesadiya, the correct spanish pronunciation of quesadilla, tortiya the correct pronunciation of tortilla... etc.
2 × L = Y is a simple formula, which demonstrates the pronunciation of two L's in a spanish word...


Jerry may be an idiot, but what an amazing....!


Lost my shit at 2:30 ???? rollingg

Reza Amanat

Pit of boners??????????????????

Frostbite The Badass Ice Carnotaurus

1:23 falling into a pit of boners lmao

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1 344 views | 17 Apr. 2020



Youtube: Amie and Brodie


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[email protected]

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? FAQs

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Belinda Allerup

Does it harm the baby? When I get pregnant someday I really wanna keep tanning just like I do now, but I don’t wanna do anything bad for the baby growing inside ???❤️

Hannah Mowbray

Loved this video! The colour looks beautiful!! Just uploaded my own review of this tan? new subbie would love if we could support eachother x