How to straighten hair with volume

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How to flat iron your hair with VOLUME! No flat hair here folks.

848 638 views | 25 Oct. 2017

Find a list of products w/

Find a list of products w/ links on the blog post: http://wp.me/p4AqMS-4rh


this is my second video tonight. I was already doing a lot of your blow dry tips, but had never applied as much root lifter. That and the flat iron pulled straight out from the head I am going to try. Also the cooling the hair after blow drying it forward. I am slowly working on effectively using product as I have very fine and oily hair and cannot stand the feel of a lot of product on my head.

Take Tried


Jaqueline Bahu

Thanks for this video. I have thin, fine hair that is semi curly so I straighten it but hate flat hair. I wanted to tell you about a new product I found that you will love. I discovered through Dominique Sasche watch her March 14 YouTube she demos it and I was sold. It’s sold online in Florida called Healium .

Karen Parker

I use the same products you do & love them! I also love volume. Not "Mall Hair" volume but volume, nonetheless - lol. This is great! Thanks!


I know this video is old but i found it as I'm on the hunt for new volumizing products for my sad, flat hair lol. I'm definitely gonna check out that foam!


Thanks for all the tips. I did not use all the products because my hair is thick. But I used all your techniques (except the tease). Best flat iron job I ever achieved.


Great video

Debora Hanley

You’re so funny and so cute! You make me laugh at your funny common sense comments! I like your ‘soapbox’! ?

Peluche Productions

Great advice! I live in Miami in the humidity here is very high most part of the year. I dont like super straight hair so I will definitely try these tips. Thank you!

Dawn Hardin

Thank you SO much! I had no idea what I was doing wrong until I watched your video. From a straight haired gal, THANK YOU!

Marlene Stewart

Please link to the vented brush. Thank you.

emma simpson

What colur highlights do you have please?

nikki flowers

very pretty!


Your so entertaining love your humour so subtle love from ??

Easy Hair Tutorials

Hello everybody my name is Haven and I have a YouTube channel of my own where I do hair videos. I really would appreciate it if you would be kind enough to check it out. I'm pursuing my dream, and some support would be nice.


Wow! I’ve learned so much from your videos. Thank you for sharing your knowledge in such a classy and kind way.

Zyra Ducay

You look like Avril Lavigne bcoz of your teeth nad lips. ?

Sylvia richard

thank you!..like this video...

Website 18DWallPaper

look it How Do You Fine Thin Hair With A Flat Iron? http://www.kucomb.com/how-do-you-fine-thin-hair-with-a-flat-iron

Linda Lincoln

could you do a video on your haircut and what to ask your hairdresser to get it? Great video!

rl 2

How come u don't use a vent on your blow dryer?

Langy D

lol I do the same thing to let my hair cool instead of using the cool button, it’s easier, with the hair all forward and in my face. I have the CHI flat iron too it has to be the best one it has a nice weight to it when you hold it and it’s very solid

Samantha S

THANK GOD!!! A tutorial without any music!! Thank you ??

Jodiee Sherouse

I'm 49 years old..I have always loved doing my hair and makeup and found this very helpful!! Never too old to learn! Thank you!

Esther Loske


K Maye

why not just bend ends while blow drying? Would save the steps of having to flat iron . Also a blow dry gets hair nicer looking than the flat iron in my opinion.

J Heard

The best way to volumise hair is to use hair straighteners with large Velcro rollers. After straightening a section put it in a roller until you’ve done the whole head. The hair will cool being lifted away from the scalp. Remove the rollers and comb and spray lightly with Paul Mitchell Freeze and Shine. You will have a lovely thicker looking head of hair.

Chris S.

My favorite thing about your helpful vid is your sense of humor! Such fun! :D
Wish more tutorial creators had it.

Lisa Kosicki

I used your technique today and it is hands down the fullest, poufi-est my hair has been using a flat iron-EVER!!! I have very thin hair and always feel like when I flat iron it, it just makes it look that much thinner. Today I feel like I have a thick head of hair!! Thanks for your awesome tutorial.

Linda Boucher

Toothpaste used for hair or other uses

Michele Harman

What blush/bronzer are you wearing?

Maryland Girl

Love your hair!!! It would be helpful if you listed the products you used.

Tini Tini

hello! New subscriber here nbr:464265

andy zawojski

Omg I should have found this out years ago !!! You are amazing to do show us . I was doing it all wrong and wondered why my hairdresser could make it look so good ! Thank you?

Rebecca Kane

jennifer anistan hair


Wow throwback. I totally used to do this in college ?

Clara Vela

please could you go straight to the point.

Kelly Wilburn

Thanks so much for this video! I can't wait to try!

Purple Life

You look exactly like Avril Lavigne

Natasha Khan

U look alot like Elizabeth shew


Can you give me the name of the products you use again. Thank you.

Asya Moustfy

too many hair products

KristiLisa Kleiner

I learned things, thank you


This is great! Could you please list the products you use? Thank you!


Love your videos. Things I've learned and done: Cut my too long, unmanageable hair to almost your length; learned that I didn't have to wash my hair everyday which I've done for years, and you showed me how to use dry shampoo (never ever used it before); learned how to blow dry my hair and get the annoying curl out; learned how to flat iron my hair better - all without spending hours on doing these things. Please keep your videos coming, love the makeup ones as well.

Marcia Williams

Please give a how you apply your eye shadow tutorial. What color is your lipstick?


Oh my gosh do they even make a AQUAGE anymore!?! LOL!!!???


How do you describe your hair cut? what do you ask for at the salon? thanx!

CalBarrier, LLC

Im saving this video for when my pixie grows out and hair salons are open, cause I want a cut like this!

Alina Fischer

Can you still use aquage if you let your hair dry naturally? Need volume but i dont want to blow dry my hair

Pineapple Top

My hair gets lifeless with products. How do I avoid that please.

Quitte 3 summer

Ich mag deine Frisuren-Videos, hab auch schon viel nachgemacht und auspobiert. Nur leider verstehe ich nicht, was du dazu erzahlst, schade...wäre schön, wenn es die Videos auch in deutsch gebe...Liebe Grüße ?


I work for a salon equipment distributor and ghd sent us their tool information documents for us to review. The ghd tools don't have heat settings because they are literally hard-wired NOT to heat above 365 degrees F! 365 degrees is the optimal temperature to style your hair without damaging the cuticle. ghd (which stands for Good Hair Day) wants your hair to stay healthy while being styled! Great video! : )

Sharon Moore

Great! Thank you ?

Sheila West

what was the name of the spray you used for texture and the name of the hair spray used. Thanks.

Chrystal Telles

It’s so awesome how you say “I’m ok with it”???? love your tutorials!!!

Carmen Trevino

love the way you explained


Your voice is so smooth

Sara Sharpe

Weird question, but how often do you wash your hair? I have fine hair that gets oily fast. Lately, I feel like I'm abusing my dry shampoo because I try to go so long without washing in fear that I will make it worse by washing too often.


So pretty!

Jason Eric

great video but want to try a cordless iron which can take to anywhere, put in my bag, more convenient when there is no socket to plug in, just like this kind, not bad @t

Hannah Curtis

I apparently need some of that root lifter. I have smiliar hair to yours I think and I flat iron like that nut haven’t used the root lift.

Sam S

Would the methods and products she used before she blow dried her hair, work on dry hair? I don’t wanna put double heat on my hair after washing it, with straightening + blow drying. I just prefer to air dry my hair. But do you need the volume that comes from the blow drying for this to work?

Jessica Strong

O, Your a Hair Dresser Great ! ?

Melissa Rose

When you get your haircut, what exactly do you ask them to do? Face framing angles? It’s exactly what I hope and envision my hair to look like ( when I leave the salon) but never what I get. I have very flat, silky hair as well.

Piece Dealer Texas

Oh my I've been putting my root pump all wrong

Rosa Pariury

Well flat iron ruin your hair ?

Sophie Oshaughnessy

You have this awesome natural lick and lift in your hair line that you cover up. I’d kill for that. (Don’t worry I won’t:)

Stacy Greene

Your hair teases better than anyone's I ever seen. I bought the same kind of comb you use, and my hair still won't tease. Ugh!

Jen Juhl

Can I just say I love your personality? Giving me life over here <3

Brenda Hughes

Make sense, thank u.

jannatul Ferdous mou

Mousse can protect your hair from hair iron heat

Kara Willis

I just watched a vid for Sam Villa and the fella mentioned a great technique for a little life/body for your hair while flat-ironing. Make your sections diagonally rather than horizontal. Also, he mentioned it is not good to use anything sticky before flat-ironing as it will damage your hair. I hope these tips help you and others :)

Cheryl Lewis

wow, so much chemical junk-I do the same sectioning using a flat iron without all the chemical sprays? Mind you, you have beautiful thick hair, I have fine and thin hair-wonder if that makes any difference?


It was very helpful I am thinking of buying an flattener and I just have the same type of hair as you and I was always struggering with no volume in my hair. I will definitelly try it. It also seems to me that it is more gentle than drying hair with a round brush (plus I do not manage it at all :-)))


I betcha you are the one I was watching a long time ago, when I was just starting out on youtube and how to do this and do that. I came across a very beautiful young lady who had some really neat beauty tips.
Long story short, I stopped watching youtube so much ... college, career, etc., but, been back lately tuning in again, and stumbled across you today, and here you are saying that you did a hair video YEARS ago, and it's just occurred to me that YOU could be the one I've been wanting to find again.
Hope so.
Anyway, the few vids I've watched so far are very nice. Keep up the good work!

Jocelyn M

"divide it into at least three sections"
Me having to divide mine into 7: ???

Rapunzel z

Wow. No one has every explained to me how to do this.


You kinda look like Avril Lavigne a bit lol

Erika B.

Thank you for sharing this video its nice; I love it your tutorials tips. Guapa!!!!!!!!!!!


I love this, this will help me straighten my hair!??

Jayne Critchley

This is where my length of hair is again...after being an inch below my bra strap...love it...

Lori Ann Facas


Kristy Miller

You are adorable! Thank you for this video! I could never figure out how to straighten w/out flattening it. Your technique is a total game changer! ♥️

Sandie Castaneda

Great techniques!

Monique Washington

Great tip.


Thank you for this tutorial! I’ve always been horrible flat ironing my fine, thin hair but this worked wonders!!

Sandra Guajardo

I never quite understood why I wanna use root lifter. Watching this video sheds light on that product. Definitely going to try using it.


I remember that video you did on this back then. jk have no idea how I got in this area. So cute had to watch?

Brittney Lee

You’re hilarious great video

sharon conner

Amber Heard! Your nose and mouth...yes, Amber Heard, you guys! ;)


I am over 60 years old, and always loved doing my hair - it is still shoulder length and blonde - you taught me a lot here with different way to blow dry, flat iron, and also apply makeup - thank you!

Ginger Cat

I would happy already with your pre flat iron hair....

Evelyn Fredericks

I have that brush

kimmi 0427

I loved this I've got exact same cut and hair volume, BUT the top still looked flat to me? The sides. ?????


You have a marvellous voice

Jessica Strong

Very nice pretty & good teaching


HSI Professional Glider | Ceramic Tourmaline Ionic Flat Iron Hair Straightener | Straightens & Curls with Adjustable Temp | Incl Glove, Pouch, & Travel Size Argan Oil Hair Treatment | Packaging Varies

Jennifer Kleifgen

I happened across your video....hoping for amazing interview hair in a few days!

Teresa Underwood

Lovely!!! Thank you!!

How to straighten hair with volume

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How to get voluminous straight hair

272 879 views | 13 May. 2015

?. Thank you guys so much

?. Thank you guys so much for watching make sure that you subscribe if you want to see more videos by me and don't forget to like the video.


Madi Kay

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And so that I feel official ....

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Likitha Gowda

hey nayeee ogaelai nayee ???I hate this bloody girl


Omg you look like Debby Ryan ???❤️️❤️️❤️️??????

Mamta Gupta

true looks like selena gomez...


Where can I get that stress relief stuff?


Im a guy... I just am super attracted to this hairdo and wanted to know what its called

Vishwadeep saxena

You literally like a barbie doll I just loved it?

Vijayshree khandelwal

plzz suggest me some Indian tips

kyra may

her accent is super cute omg

Lara Nass

so helpful ty

Evella Bliss

Youre voice is so nice to listen to

Anya n

You have thick hair so that helps with volume

Soumya Behera

your contact number

Mohammad Usman


Aaniya Singh

you should be in hollywood...actually.....you are soooooooo gorgeous.........extremely mesmerising... i wish i was as beautiful as you.......
but ....i am still happy as me....because i am beautiful like me ???

Montse Rangel

Your face expressions and voice are so similar to young Britney

Dhrutika Halpati

Can u please upload video on how to get volume on bangs

Ameera Hiro

How old are you? Btw your hair looks great without straightening.

Mark Judd

Your so cute and I love your beautiful hair so soft and silky ??❤️❤️??????

B Starr

How old is she? She is so pretty!!?

Lyso D

You are a silly over efficient girl

Pearl Zoya

U r damm pretty cute fabulous omg cant explain

Vijayshree khandelwal

u r Like a cute cat like ohh I can't explain

Vijayshree khandelwal

ohhh... my god u look soooo... pretty madi Kay
I am so attaracted towards u. I wish if I can meet u once in my life ...
Awww u are so cute...


love ur hair ......blond ???

Vijayshree khandelwal

and remember that m the daughter of vijayshree khandelwal

Jacqueline Tr

I started using the coconut shampoo yesterday, such a huge difference from the last wash! ❤️

Beautiful Cotton

Helpful thanks

Pauly Bianucci

You’re drop dead gorgeous


Too much attitude

Blossom Henry

I have pin straight hair

amy elizabeth

chocolate is about drugs


childish gambino ♡♡♡

Sonam Khangkar

ik ur like a fetus but this look suited u so well. u look like old Victoria Secret- Rosie HW


I know this is an old video but I’m obsessed with the cut of your hair here! What would you tell your hair stylist for this?

Vijayshree khandelwal

ohhh... my god u look soooo... pretty madi Kay
I am so attaracted towards u. I wish if I can meet u once in my life ...
Awww u are so cute...

Amara Ali

U look good with makeup not without makeup

Vijayshree khandelwal

I wanna ask u some thing
where do u Iive???

Liza Kamran

whats the name of your iron?


Selena Gomez's blonde double ganger

vanessa waters

looks amazing! do u have any half up/half down styles to share? thanks n hugs

UnDeR tHe StArS oVeR ThE mOoN

You had way more voluminous hair after you woke up and brushed your hair. Didn’t look bad to me


That cringy intro ?

Ashok Poojary

looking soi beautiful my sis

ZaRa MiLaN

Too smart...?

Priyambada Yadav

U r so pretty ? ? ?

Jessica Zavala

What kind of haircut is this? It's cute!

kaponio T

this was acc helpful


Great totural but, if ur trying to get healthy thick hair do not straighten it or use any heat.


I love your accent <3

Steven Universe


Grake L

My favourite American accent! Love from the UK

Lilit Guevorgyan

cool. gorgeous hair???

team lazzy

I love ur voice, it has a nice pretty accent

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Monkey San

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Vinita Devi

You are so beautiful and I like your hair

Samantha Cruz

My hair used to look like this before I started dying it ?

Vijayshree khandelwal

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idc ;


Murshida Khatun

Hey u litteraly scared me whn u said 'hey guys ' at 1st

AnGeL Nicasio_02

You looks like a Barbie :*..


how old are you?

leah b

we have the exact same hair!!:-) except mine is shorter and brown. its looking gorgeous straightened AND when its bedhead hair. i personally always love wearing the messy look cause its so big and wavy and thick. ur hair slays!! i strive for ur hair length too




she iss goorrgeouuuusss ??

Cam Tien



I thought that was chocolate by the 1975 in the intro

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Halal girl

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tutorial starts at 3:06 she does a lot of unimportant talking for the first three minutes

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Maddie K.

hey we got the same name


Idk why I'm here. I'm a dude!


Love your hair but this didn’t really help considering from what I can see, your hair is naturally fairly voluminous :)

Shilpa Verma

Hi Dear where are you from .I Talk u personally dude

Bun Lush

Am I the only person with straight hair but wants fluffy curly hair!?

How to straighten hair with volume

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How To Flat Iron Hair And Maintain Volume!

405 511 views | 16 May. 2016

Just because your are

Just because your are smoothing your hair straight with an iron, doesn't mean it has to be flat!

more deets here: http://wp.me/p4AqMS-315

Jenna Gray

If you could help me out with this little dilemma of mine that'd be great! So I have naturally curly hair, not spirals but definitely not waves. I want to be able to curl my hair once in awhile but since I have to straighten it first, it never works, so I try brow drying it with a brush to be to the point where it's not straight but not too curly to curl, and it still won't hold the curl! How ironic right.

April Lemons

Kate, who colors your hair? I'm in Creedmoor which is outside of Raleigh and Durham. Also, does someone else cut your hair or do you cut your own hair?

Brianna V Scow

Do you have any tips for curling, straightening, and general styling for very very thick and coarse hair? It's taken me up to 3 hours to curl my hair before and my arms get super tired. (obviously I'm not very good at hair haha)


thank you! great video.

Kristen Summers

She’s so pretty. Like Avril Lavigne

Lusine Naljayan

so cute love this look very much

Bavarian Queen

Hard to buy aquage in australia

Laura Bracher

This kind of style really reminds me of rachels hair of the show friends?


great job


Really beautiful

Claire Johnson

Try the Kenra heat spray. It even helps my style stay longer.

Manpreet kaur

Which hair spray u applied ????

Duck Tastic 4

I recently found your channel; I love your videos and you make everything look so easy. God bless you and your family.


I love the lift you can get with blow-drying "upside down".  The way your hair is at the start of this video is basically how I've worn mine for years!!!  (a great cut helps with that as well :)............but even though I'm "all thumbs" with styling my own hair:  I have a new flat iron and I'm going to try this out.  Great style achieved at the end of this video.

affinity cruz

I really love your haircut. Is this a layered haircut?

Tanis Gentle

What about if your hair is really long so the weight pulls it down? Are there any additional steps or products, or would you suggest cutting interior layers, or cutting weight out of the bottom?

Eli de Cosio

instead of using the hand ,maybe we can use a round brush. ;)

Arianna Kane

How often do you wash your hair? My hair gets super oily and wash every day...

Bel Harper

Love this tute. You have the same flat irons as me, abt 10 years old! And i section my hair when straightening it the same way you do. I will try the wrist twist and be more patient with my hair. Thank you!

Ali Hormann

This is awesome. Thank you!


Wow thanks a lot for this video , I have always struggled to maintain volume of my hair after flat ironing. Thnx for ur help. Love all ur videos, keep it up ...:)

Janna S

please put products you use in your description box.

Teri Davis

How do you maintain the volume throughout the day, let alone overnight?! I feel like when I've just done my hair, I'll have good volume, but an hour later, it's gone completely flat again. :/ Any thoughts?

Preeti Khatri

great tips..can you please share your lipstick shade

Vicki Fuller

Is your shirt Is 40:31? Just made me think of that scripture when I saw it.

Julie Eller

Kate...you are a life saver!!  For some reason I get uptight every time I turn my flat iron on.  But...I'm trying different products to help smooth my colored hair that has some curl/frizz as I get older.  This video will help!  Thanks!

Anjana Naturelover

What style is your hair in plz? Loved the video from 6.20 onwards?Thank you,from India???

vanessa waters

simply fabulous. hugs

Bea Hathairaht

Love this and Love you :)

k k

Whats that hair cut

Gael Crane

She fails to inform us it has a lot to do with an expensive cut!


When I use Aquage on my roots, my hair kind of splits into greasey pieces at the root. Do you have any suggestions on how to eliminate that? Am I using too much?

Frazzled but Fabulous Beauty

Thank you for sharing! I can’t wait to try out these tips!


Yaaaaas love vintage Kate! Do you ever do "bouncy curled under" anymore? :-P

Nishtha Rana

You resemble Caroline from TVD in the thumbnail!

Nina Anders

I was wondering hot hot your flat iron is. I have fine color treated hair and worry about how hot the heat tool should be.


Will this work for somebody who has very flat and fine hair to begin with? Your hair looks like it has plenty of volume to start, whereas mine is flat against my head all the time ?

lil Ray

very helpful video. all of your tips worked...thank you!


Kate! I love your videos and I love your tips. Thanks! Keep at it and stay strong! :) God bless you...


Another great vid! I love that your explanations are always so easy to understand and follow! I'll have to try this out soon!

Taylor Jones

Great video, Kate :) I'd love to know where your shirt is from!

Johnny Morris

You are like a flatiron badass

Name Alsoname

Super cute haircut it reminds me of a modern "Rachel" cut


What’s the name of the product that you used?

SHERRY Dropauer

You are fantastic at teaching us! Thank you. I’m learning

Beth Oleyar

Thank you for this! Even though I've watched your older videos on this, it's a good reminder! Sometimes I forget little techniques

The Illuminated Muse*


Daniela Lavecchia

Could you do a tutorial on how to curl your hair with your straightener?

Meredith G

This is wonderful. You are so gorgeous inside and out.


I thought you were Rach from the drama Friends at first. I love your hair. sooo lovely?

Megan Harp

Recently purchased my second GHD iron, LOVE it! My hair is so thick and coarse, seems to work best for me! Your hair style looks so cute, been awhile since I've actually straightened mine.....think I'll try your technique today! TFS!!!

Kaur Baljinder

Hair cut nam mam

Savannah Bell

What nail color are you wearing? Great video, as always!

Leem Wavvvyy

Hi , ur hair is cut in a v?

Dal Ap

Great tips.. thanks a LOT! :)

Chrissie Des-Forges

Just bought my first set of straighteners and before I use them I needed to know how to have volume and hair to have a slight bend inwards at ends. This video was such a great help and the hints and methods of how to use the straighting tool was exceptional. Fantastic help. Practice makes perfect and here I go ......

The DIY Mommy

Ahhh, these are great tips! Thank you!

Nina M

I enjoyed your video...what root lift did you say you use?  I didn't catch it.  Thank you.


I loved this.
I need to flat iron my hair on hair washing day because of the texture, but day one I always do it way too stick straight! ||| so because of this I would love you to do this on someone who DOESN'T have naturally straight hair so that I can see you doing it from the root!

Jennifer Dahlke

Can you do a video about the color?

Susannah God is love

your videos are Awesome!!SUBSCRIBED

Analika Singh

thanks it worked

Alexis Dazley

She reminds me of Victoria from How I Met Your Mother idk why

Pamela Harrison

Loved this tutorial! I never flat iron my hair because I am someone who needs volume to balance my face shape. This gave me great inspiration to give it another try?

Danielle Clark

Love this! So gorgeous ❤️

Renuka Chaudhary

Which haircut is this, long layered V ?!

Cyna Joy

Tried it. Works great!

Connie Hall

Very helpful! Thank you!

Jessica Renee

Just as a side note: you aren't supposed to comb/brush/touch your hair after using heat. Let your hair cool first so frizz does not set in and the style can set in naturally.

Wendy Skiff

I love your hair!! Can you do a video on what you ask for when you have your hair cut and colored?

Living By Lynette

This was so helpful, thank you!!


Thanks for the tips! You have the best hair!!

candie crowther

What is the best thing to put in my hair to help hold my curl with my curling iron . After few hours the curls fall out.

lady love

great video . I will def try this . beautiful hair by the way

Jamie Garcia

your hair is amazing!

Stacy Angel

Great video as always been following you forever and I love your shirt, I started my channel in Oct. I am a 54 year old minister of the gospel that loves sharing my loves in life, faith, beauty, family, travel and food. Blessings, Stacy


Can't believe how long your hair is now. It seems like it grew really fast. You're so lucky because I can tell you have tons of hair and it also looks like it has a little natural lift to it. How would you say or describe the cut, textured, point cut or not etc., I love it.

Jennifer Fey

Kate - Where can I find the combs that you use in your tutorials?

Makeup Biz Tips

Thanks I learned a lot and especially about using a heat protector product.

Helna Sunny

May I know your hair cut ??


Thank you! Btw where did you get your t shirt?


멋져요~ 고마워요!

stephen laws

Just a quick question , am i the only guy here ? this woman is so sexy.

Anna Fontenot

Wow super easy and do-able! Thank you!

Wilna Calma

I just got my hair cut, and it looks like a bird's nest now.

Shelby Schneidtmiller

Was just trying to achieve this look this morning! Will have to try this out tonight! xo

Tracey Purves

Great t-shirt. Fab tutorial as ever ???

Dana Brown Ritter

How do I handle the little bit of curl/wave right at the root framing my face? I also have an unfortunate cowlick right at the front of my head. Makes it so unruly.

Saira G.



Such a useful tip

Carmen Cho

can u list the products used? thx

vanessa waters

looks amazing! thanks n hugs

Amanda Myers

You look like Jennifer Aniston with your hair like that! Love it (:

King Shan

you're Beautiful honey

Spark the Random gamer

My hair is as thick as anything I’m kinda hate it it as dry as straw

Just Because

That's how I flat iron my hair too. Except mine is short with layers. I have a lot of hair too.

Juliana Fonseca

Very Helpful!! Thanks for sharing your tips!!!


Hey Kate was wondering if you could do a video on how you grew your hair long ? And any hair growth tips ? Thank you x