Sunscreen moisturizer for acne prone skin

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Skincare for Acne Prone Skin | Coffee, Sunscreen, Active Acne and more

4 335 views | 15 Feb. 2020

Ladies, welcome to FAQs

Ladies, welcome to FAQs for acne-prone skin.

The products, as listed.

Mcaffeine Scrub


Stone Chandan Chakla -


Moisturizer -


Sunscreen -

Suncoat - https://amzn.to/2Ozp5C7

Photostable - https://amzn.to/31DP6oX

Biotique - https://amzn.to/37a1375

Jade Roller - https://amzn.to/38dxDq7

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Jst wow

Mam pls share moisturiser and sunscreen for highly oily,sensitive ,acne prone skin

Priyanka Pandey

Thank you mam so much mam for solving our doubts . Mam could you please suggest me something for bacacne and some food items that should be taken or avoided to prevent breakouts ??

nidhishri hegde

Was waiting for the vid mam..thank uu

the Himalayan shepherd .

Iam your quora follower.

Shivansh Tripathi

Lol di, I saw ur profile on quora, u write pretty well there :)

Anita Nehra

Hello ma'am
Do we have to wash our face every time we reapply sunscreen ?

k. jl

can we use johnson baby lotion does it suit adult skin .

Sana Rose

Totally know what you said about introvert but never knew about coffee effects on introversion/extraversion when learning psychology. But this makes pure sense. Being an introvert really messes up the brain already. ?
I should chuck coffee and tea in the evening. It's mostly around 6 pm. No wonder am tossing and turning in my bed at night ?

Shabin Ps

Good presentation ??

pihu joshi

How effective this curatio (suncote) is.. ?.. Can you pls review it or just reply me in this comment section only.. I'm kind of combination person in skin type. So i probably go for suncote one cuz it looks like it has gel type consistency.. So maybe it would wrk fr my skin.. Not sure yettt. So pls reply if I should go for suncote or not !!!!

Aanchal Pant

Have been liking your videos so much lately.
Your videos are very insightful.
I couldn't find the second part of this video.

Guntupalli Krishna

Mam is it compulsory to apply moisturiser before photostable sunscreen. Please let me know


Di, can you please make a video on skincare for dry skin? Like moisturizing and getting rid of pigmented areas...

Nadim Sheikh

Ma'am are you connected to fashion or food Blogging?


Ma'am will you please help with some good enough vit C products out there.
Also, I have been binge watching you.
You are such a lovely person, trying your best to explain the art of skin care.
Thank you so much. ❤

Deepika Sharma

I wanted to know about La shield sunscreen. They have wild spf of 40 and spf of 50. Plz can u look at the products ingredients and let me know in the comments that should I use them.. Yes/No. It Will be of get help?