How to maintain a spray tan

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How to Workout With a Spray Tan

11 901 views | 28 Jul. 2016

Good news, you CAN

Good news, you CAN workout with a SPRAY TAN! Watch the *How to Workout With a Spray Tan* video to learn my secret to not messing your spray tan while you workout!!!

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Thanks for the tips!!

Crystal Williams

I’ve been looking for a video like this forever! Thank you for making it

Banana Breezy

I just got my first spray tan and I have a photoshoot today but it's not until later..it's totally a gym day too so I'm like ..ahhhh do I skip the work out or can I manage this!!


Haha the pat the boob thing, I feel you!

Marina Guarrasi

awesome tips! thanks ! im a long islander who wants to be part of the bite sized army please! LOL im 4'11 and 27 and a mom and ready for my fitness journey to begin!!! ?

How to maintain a spray tan

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Maintaining Your Spray Tan Miami Glow Tanning

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Miami Glow Tanning

Miami Glow Tanning Presents: How to Maintain your Spray Tan After Care Mobile Airbrush Tanning Miami Spray Tan Tips