How to make skin color frosting

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Minnie Mouse Cake | Buttercream Frosting

639 899 views | 8 Aug. 2018

Minnie Mouse Cakes are

Minnie Mouse Cakes are pretty popular as birthday cake for little ones.This Minnie Mouse Cake was prepared by using buttercream frosting & chocolate cake. I'm not a pro, but I love baking as a hobby. Please let me know what kind of treat you would like me to make next. Enjoy Watching!


Step 1: Buttercream Frosting

• Unsalted/ Salted Butter 400 gm

• Powdered Sugar 900 gm

• Milk 5 tbsp (If required)

• Vanilla Extract/ Essence 1 tsp

Other recipes amounts:

100 gm Butter/ 225 gm Sugar/ 1-2 tbsp Milk/ Few drops of Vanilla

200 gm Butter/ 450 gm Sugar/ 2-3 tbsp Milk/ Few drops of Vanilla

300 gm butter/ 675 gm Sugar/ 3-4 tbsp milk/ Vanilla ½ tsp

Step 2: Buttercream Colouring

• Cocoa Powder 20 gm (½ cup)

• Black Icing Gel Colour

• Red Icing Gel Colour

• Pink Icing Gel Colour

• Skin Icing Gel Colour

Eggless Chocolate Cake Recipe: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X58fojCD9fo


Life of Riley by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/)

Source: http://incompetech.com/music/royalty-free/index.html?isrc=USUAN1400054

Artist: http://incompetech.com/

sujata hulepatil

Nice mam whip cream cha vapar Karu shakto ka

neetipriya rai

I always use black jel colour .but it seems grey..what to do for dark black cream

Arya girish

Superb , very helpful video

Janelle Right

I love this ?

Subin Subin

Please give me the image link of minnimouse which you have taken..I am going to try..I am your new subscriber..because that image should be set to 8 inch pan size

Julie Shiju

Price please

Taste the Best With Aqsa Azeemi

I want to make this but can I bake 1 big choclate cake then divide it into three layers is it okay or not please reply As I have one 7 inch mould and it takes too much time to bake three .. times please reply

The sweet hours

which color you have use ? cake is very beautiful

minakshi negi

This is really very beautiful ????????

akhila k a

Super ????hats off?

Yasmeen Mokashi

Sir aapne chocolate cake banaya hai agar vanilla sponge hoga tab cocoa powder cream me add krdiya to chalega kya?


Can I ask a question ? Instead of using three cakes can I bake one large enough and then cut the face?????

geetu dhiman

Thank u for th video..just want to know why the cake is not sliced and filled??? Will it not be dry???if we only apply on the top

Chmidi Kumari


Ovini Fernando


Deanna Harper

That was very good. Thanks for sharing

Naila Begum

Hats off to ur effort.each n every thing explained so well .keep it up

Francis Casillas


emmi anshi


Mr Jain


Karvy Mehta

Wow what a execution. So perfect. Thank u???????

Rupali Kamble - Nadagonde

Plz share link for photo

Safahabi Pilayithodi

Will u pls make hellokitty theme cake


Love the cake! You make it look so easy. Where do I find a template or cut-out that big to print?

Shanthini Saladi

Super awesome marvelous amazing

Sonia Mondaqui

Muy bonito ???


I made it. My two y.o.girl was screaming from joy ♥️♥️♥️

Mary Fernando


Veena S

Can you give the picture layout as image

Zainab Saifi

Which icing taste is good whipp cream or butter cream??? Plzz rply

geetu dhiman

Pls let us know the icing nozzle number.

divya dadi

Mam where did u get the black gel?plzz tell me

Terane Khaligzadeh

SUPERRRRRRRRRR, BRAVOOOOOOOO??????????????????????????

garima sharma

Hi I loved ur way of baking.. So amazing work u have done. I want to prepare thus cake for my daughter's 2 birthday. Can I make this cake two days before and rest it in refrigerator.

Slawa Krause

Sleeping Minnie

ahmad j alasfar

It very very bouteful mekemause I like it

Banu Memmedli

Ay ne guzel mende bele edecem??

Nandini Gupta

Pls tell how to get deep black colour?

Nikita Jacob

How much red food colouring was used for the red part?
I find it very difficult to achieve the colour

marge sinclair

Great job

Janne Smith

Absolutely ? Stunning!

ansa Khan

kon si country sy hai

Mohamed Naleem

I don't have skin colour can you tell another suitable colour for face plz

Lashly M

Wow just saw now this cake wonderful

Aziz Mechebbek

You are an artiste

Priscilla Adame

Which gel icing colors did you use to make the skin color? I can’t find one ? I’m desperate since her party is tomorrow

princy crasto

Awesome ?vl definitely give a try n let you know how was it

Jennifer nunez

Thank you! I did it for my baby 2nd birthday party today Is so cute and delicious.

Elvira Aguirre

wow you are so patient . Me encantò !!!


Which brand black color used?

Rinky Das

What would be the best to use buttercream or whipped cream?

Noora Ashik

Super cake?


Queda hermosos. ? una pregunta ese frosting resistirá el calor?? Gracias !!

Nikki's Cook Book

Super se upar??


Covering it with stars still looked cool. I always thought it would look very uneven. Thanks for sharing :-)

Josiane Venancio

Parabéns belississimo trabalho ?? muito obrigada por ensinar o buttercrem porque ñ é todos que ensina como fazer?????


Hiya, did you just use a normal star shape for the piping bag. Thanks

Taste the Best With Aqsa Azeemi

Can I use whipped cream instead of butter cream please reply I want to make it for my small sis


Awesome ??????

Vaishali Barse

hello mam i want to say you somthing how you make the cake spongi i can not make cake spongi

Mrs Ansari

Simple n easy

Veena S

Mickey mouse nte layout tharammuo

Senna 1998

Plz share the price details of this cake.. whether we can fix same price for Mickey and Minnie

Nisha Alleyne

Hi amazing work. What size piping tip did you use?

Nandana Priyantha

First time line eka anda nozzle eke no mokadda

shaista jabi

Meri sister ka birthday to mai ye cake banakar use surprised krna chahti hun

jaiwati bondwal

Its wonderful

Slawa Krause

Minnie Mouse Voice

Maleesha D Fernando

What size of Minnie mouse print

Shaikh Tabassum

Wow sooo beautiful

Akanksha Garg

Superb... so far the easiest and cleanest way of decorating cake. You made it look so simple.. Just loved all your techniques. Thanks for sharing :)

Divyesh Rana

can u send me link to purchase black colour?
I have bought black colour but it doesn't work

Priya Nachimuthu

Mam printout A3 sheet la yentha size???..yentha size nu measurement solunga pls..

Subin Subin

Weight of each cake?

Helena Kah

Super !!! ???

Lulu Hdez

Hermoso!! Gracias, saludos desde Villahermosa Tabasco México

Priscilla Adame

Can you link the template you used please I wanna make this cake for my daughter on Sunday! ??

Divya Mars

' wow,

Catherine Milligan

So excited to try this for my daughters 3rd birthday thank you for the tutorial

smita dali

Nice design
Which icing cream most use on cake for decoration (butter cream / whipping cream) because I am confuse. Plz suggest your answer. Thanks.

Subhasmita Behera

Just wow.. u showed everything from cake making to frosting to decoration... thanks a lot???

ghizlane hlaiss

I love It so beautiful ?

Yasmeen Mokashi

Butter cream k jagah whipping cream use krni hogi toh same process hogi kya

Gayatri Acharya

Wow amazing

Mukesh Singh

Very nice cake but jis photo ka as aapne use Kiya is cake ko banane ke liye vo photo hm shop pr jakar Kya kahenge to hme vo mil jayega please please bata dijiye please

Lourdes Rodrigues

Just Superrbbb... So neat..

neha kale

Hi beautiful cake and easy. Instead of doing butter cream frosting can we do whipping cream frosting

my art

Awesome ??❤️

Jesus Basanta


Beautiful Women Dresses

ilove this how can he make this?wedone

Ulker Quliyeva


Renu Soni

Can I use whipped cream instead of using buttercream???

Yasmeen Mokashi

Very nice sir... It's amazing.....

Ferron Perera


Nahid Mammadov


Renjini Ramesh

Awesome...thankyou so much..

S B R Khans Baking Cakes

Maa sha ALLAH bohat acha

Shilpa sawant

Can u share d pic of minnie birthday o take on A3 paper

kaveri shn

Really impressed with ur work .Can u make baby shower cakes.

cookries zone

Kitne kg ka hai ye cake beautiful cake

How to make skin color frosting

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How to make 3 tones of skin colored fondant/sugarpaste

30 599 views | 7 Nov. 2017


Hello everyone,

today I am showing you how to color fondant to get 3 different tones of skin color.

I hope you enjoy it, like my video and subscribe my channel!

See you next week,


Homepage: http://www.leonors.com/cake-academy/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LeonorsSweetCreations/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/leonorssweetcreations/

Kontakt: [email protected]


Karla Felix

Thank you so much

Jean Villanueva

This is really helpful! Thank you so much ❤️

mobby mudz

How do you make dark brown skin tone?

Catherine Lowery


mobby mudz

How do you make dark brown skin tone?

yashila lobo

Amazing! Thank you so much!

How to make skin color frosting

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How to make pale skin colored fondant how to cook that ann reardon

153 130 views | 22 May. 2012

How to mix skin colored

How to mix skin colored fondant cake decorating tutorial

for fondant basics tutorial http://www.howtocookthat.net/public_html/sugar-paste-fondant-cake-decorations/

fondant recipe http://www.howtocookthat.net/public_html/recipe-for-home-made-fondant-sugar-paste/

How to Cook That is a dessert cooking channel with step by step video tutorials for yummy desserts, macarons, cupcakes, chocolate and cake decorating lessons.

For printable copies of the recipes visit the website at http://www.howtocookthat.net

❤️merch: https://youtube.com/howtocookthat/store

❤️Support on Patreon: https://patreon.com/h2ct

SUBSCRIBE : http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=howtocookthat

CHOCOLATE TUTORIALS: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BkIvy9Hz8r0&list=SP2D2F4E4B08214BC2

DESSERT RECIPES: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t3Ur6IRgAxw&list=PL568F5B0E018FF937

CAKE DECORATING LESSONS: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6mGkcynKQBc&list=PL2639AB7064048F68&feature=plcp

CAKE POPS AND MACARON: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qS4DJgFmNFM&list=PL2FB2964D0EFB635B&feature=view_all

Business enquiries only: howtocookthat [at] iinet.net.au SEND MAIL TO:

Ann Reardon

PO Box 202

Chirnside Park LPO

Australia 3116


if you feel like being exceptionally nitpicky, which it seems that you do, then you're being "a bit racist" by implying that the color of one's skin always denotes what race you are. everyone, of every race, is all sorts of colors.


Haha sorry, I was joking but thanks cause that's good info :)

Kaci Feighery

how long does mmf last

ahoy angela

Will this work on frosting too? (:

cidem tasli

hi.i have tried to do this but my one turned out to be deep yellow :(

How To Cook That

hi poopsicles, we all have beautiful skin colors, no offense intended if the one made is not your exact tone. For paler or darker skin as it says in the video use more or less of the pink, green, yellow and blue in proportion to the white fondant.

TNTOscar and buddy the dog

Wow you mix that very fast!!!

jade bob

If this works you are the best.


Lol referring to that colour as "Skin Colour" is a bit racist isn't it? I mean everyone is all sorts of colours.

Nayeli Mende

I was wondering if you would know how to make this color but with food coloring to dip in strawberries!!

Ougi Oshino

Hi there, i was wondering if you could add measurements?

Aryanna Williams

Not everyone's skin is that color. How can you make it darker, paler etc.?

Mary Winford

Is there a way to paint the skin tone after someone has made it?

The Fakey Cake Maker

Some people's skin is that colour, how is it racist?

How To Cook That

thanks for leaving a comment TheKiwiCook

How To Cook That

lol I wish I could mix that fast - mixing takes so much time when you have a lot of colours to make.

clare turner

Mine came out green :-(

angel tortona

good video its like magic.

How To Cook That

thanks angel tortona

How To Cook That

Hi Nessuhh Chavez you can make it - there is a link in the description below the video, or you can buy it ready made at cake decorating stores.

john alamariz

To achieve that color just just use americolor IVORY,


I was joking, but not every one's skin colour is that colour that why. Referring it to just that one colour as skin colour lol.

Kadeeja Halen

This is not good it is very bad you won’t get the colour no one try this

Kasanova B



does this work for butter cream?

Anita Barnard

I'm making a Mickey mouse and the colour i mixed came out a touch too dark. what colour do i add to lighten it; tried everything now.

How To Cook That

Hi therealnanineroman, Yes you will need the same colours mixed to give skin colour, but experiment with a small amount first to check your quantities ie start witht he pink and add half of the other colours that you think you need, you can always add more as needed.

How To Cook That

Hi RocketFingers127, yes if you mix yourself a similar colour of pink green yellow and blue and then mix in appropriate quantities of each.

How To Cook That

Hi cidem tasli either your yellow fondant or green fondant must have more dye in it than mine. Try with tiny portions and adjust accordingly.


perfect! I used this recipe to make BAND-AIDs FOR DOC MCSTUFFIN CUPCAKES. VERY NICE. 

Nurul Hafizah

Wow ! Haha its like a magic

Trevor Nilsom

Avatar The Last Airbender cake?

The Fakey Cake Maker

Yeah mine's not that colour either... ;-)

Isabella Henderson

Hi so I watched this video and I got like a deep green/blue ugly color... I don't know what happened b/c before I mixed my different colors they looked very similar to yours... Then I mixed and it did not turn out!!! Please help me and tell me what I did wrong????

Caitlyn Pardo

I want to mix the colors in when I'm melting the marshmallows or do you think this would be better?? The whole cake I'm making is a flesh color so how much of each color will I need the cake is about the size of a sheet cake

Hafsa Khan

This shit turns out green ????