Shampoo for oily hair at walmart

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Week of Walmart GRWM Vlog | Hair & Makeup Tutorial | WOW Week, Fall 2020, Episode #1

231 views | 21 Sep. 2020

It's officially WOW Week

It's officially WOW Week (Week of Walmart)! I'm doing 9 total Walmart Videos here on my channel, starting tonight! This is a brand new series that I created - and I'm super pumped!

I also vlogged behind the scenes footage for WOW week and this is the first vlog - a get ready with me (hair and makeup). The next vlog that will be released is going to provide a peak at behind the scenes of filming WOW week and what it's like to be a you tuber.


WOW Week is basically one MASSIVE Walmart try-on haul but broken down into categories (1 category/video) - so the audience can experience:

1. Shorter videos

2. Direct content you are interested in, since it's broken out by category


With each try-on segment broken down in this way - you can easily choose the videos that you're most interested in - versus one massive try-on haul video - and getting lost somewhere in the middle of it!⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀


WOW Week - Week of Walmart videos will include the following 9 videos (no particular order) - you'll have to tune in to see for yourself!





-Sofia Vergara Jeans - casual edition

-Sofia Vergara Jeans - dressy edition


-Fall (basically what didn't fit into the other categories)

-VLOG, GRWM for the filming of WOW Week

-VLOG, Behind the Scenes of WOW Week - and being a You Tuber



Stud Earrings Set - Walmart - Time & Tru


Gold Lock & Key Layered Necklace - SHEIN


Bandeau peaking out for under shirt - Walmart - No Boundaries - XL


Shirt - Walmart - No Boundaries - L



*I use self tanner

*I highlight my hair blonder (love that cool-toned blonde!)

*I am wearing false strip lashes

*Wearing a FULL FACE of makeup :)

*Thumbnail photos took about 45 attempts to get the “perfect/effortless” shot (for all of WOW week thumbnails)

*Feeling self conscious about that I'm pretty bad at vlogging - yikes! This was my first time.

I tell you this because my mission here online is to be completely transparent and authentic with my audience!  Much love to you!  XOXO


I am the proud founder of the realfluencer movement here on social media where our goal is authenticity and transparency online...and turning the highlight reel that we're all used to seeing into actual real and relatable everyday life! Photoshop & beauty filters aren't in our vocabulary!

I can't do this alone - I need your help to turn influencing into realfluencing! Please use the following ways to join or support the movement...or even be featured on our IG page!

Tags: @realfluencermovement #realfluencer #realfluencermovement

Please head over to my website to learn more about me and why I wanted to start this movement!



Find me on Instagram @jentherealfluencer

Business Inquiries: [email protected]

I also have another You Tube channel focused on affordable everyday interior design ideas, called Real Design your Home, where I magically transform into Jen the Homefluencer! This channel meets at the intersection of REAL everyday people [had to have my word..."real"!] and approachable interior DESIGN, which is why it's called REAL DESIGN your Home [linked below]. We discuss do's and don'ts, tips & tricks, DIY projects, and understanding the thought process behind interior design so we can all be real designers! I upload once per week, every Wednesday at 7:30pm EST.

My corresponding Instagram for this channel is @jenthehomefluencer. I hope to see you over there!



Camera - Sony ZV1 - Walmart


Soft Box Lighting Set - Amazon


18" Ringlight & Tripod Stand - Amazon


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Jadeja jadeja

I NAVER do haire colour in my life??I love it's?


Girl, you ain’t old. Wait til you get 50. ENJOY them mid 30s. ?

Cosmic Intuition

I loved your makeup so much, the gold compliments your eyes so well :D

Laurel Adelle

Love the new intro!!!

GusTune Music

Awesome Ilove your Hair Color New Friend Here

Shampoo for oily hair at walmart

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THE POWER OF PURPLE SHAMPOO | Which one Should You Buy?

414 138 views | 11 Jun. 2018



THE POWER OF PURPLE SHAMPOO !! Which BRAND is the BEST for TONING Brassy and naturally curly hair? All items in this video can be found below. Be sure to Like & Subscribe! :)

Find all of my FAVORITE Products here: https://www.amazon.com/shop/inickigomez

The Power of Blue Shampoo Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hqzIjO7oh24

Clairol Professional Shimmer Lights Purple Shampoo (Amazon): https://bit.ly/2LEHFos

Clairol Professional Shimmer Lights Purple Shampoo (Walmart): https://bit.ly/2kZzo31

Joico Color Balance Purple Shampoo (Amazon): https://bit.ly/2LANAeb

Joico Color Balance Purple Shampoo (Ulta): https://bit.ly/2kZyzHB

Fanola No Yellow Purple Shampoo (Amazon): https://bit.ly/2xZnS1b

Fanola No Yellow Purple Shampoo (AMR): https://bit.ly/2sNlxkA

BUniq Now Yellow Silver Shampoo (Amazon): https://bit.ly/2xWAc2c

Olaplex No.3 (Website): https://bit.ly/2uYeMf7

Olaplex No.3 (Sephora): https://bit.ly/2JvbNWV

Denman 9 Row Styling Brush: https://bit.ly/2y9us5l

Denman Cushion Brush Nylon Bristles: https://bit.ly/2xZ2QPV

Subscribe to my channel: https://bit.ly/2nyxTv2

Hey what's good! It's your girl Nicki & welcome to my channel! Now that you're here be prepared for the realist, most keep it 100 lifestyle and fashion reviews! I create and share content about things that I love and enjoy doing - this includes food, sneakers, beauty, fashion, vlogs, curly hair tutorials and more! NEW VIDEOS EVERY WEEK! Follow and subscribe to my channel so you can always have a female that will keep it real with you! Peace + Blessings - Nicki :)

My Dimensions:

Shoe: 4 (Youth), 5.5 (Women)

Height: 5'0

Weight: 126 lbs


IG: @iNickiGomez

Twitter: @iNickiGomez

Snapchat: @iNickiGomez

Google+: @iNickiGomez

Wanna send me something? I got you.

P.O. Box 228

Snellville, GA 30078

Husky/Pit Fam

Thank you for the video ?

Colleen Carey

Great video! I'm also a Blondie with naturally curly hair trying to combat brassiness & damage all while not ruining my curls not to mention going bankrupt to achieve this "Cool Blonde". Thank you for sharing.


I have box dye hair that got highlights later but it’s blonde and I want to basically purple shampoo but pretty much tone it what is the strongest?


I love you for doing this experiment!!! You're awesome, girl! Now, thanks to you, I know what to get!!! ❤️?

Debbie Blanchard

I color my own hair i have black underneath and blonde on top . This time it turned a brassy yellowish tint. . Do i put toner all over or just the spots the brassy color? Thanks .

Christina Yates

Agreed color wise the Shimmer lights worked the best. If it’s drying your hair out out coconut oil in it then wash it. The oils protect that and DEEP CONDITION.. they do have purple deep conditioners and purple drops you put in any of your shampoos or Olaplex

amber schraer

My biggest fear is turning my hair purple! Fanola did, bunique as well. I just want to maintain my close to platinum blonde. Any suggestions with you being more up close and personal with your hair lol


Lol this test needs to be done over!! Special person you put conditioner on first!!! Lol

Sophie Trevena

The Fanola purple shampoo is only $40 when you buy the 1l bottle


The only reason purple shampoo will make someone’s hair gray or purple is because they leave it in to long. As long as you don’t do that it won’t turn a crazy color and even if it does it will wash out after a couple washes . Not permanent

Every Haircolor

Love the soft silvery shade :)

Crystal Kadletc

I currently use shimmering lights just cuz it’s cheap. But I’m glad to know the Fanola is worth the price and isn’t damaging.


FRAMESI DYNAMIC BLONDE VIOLET shampoo. Nothing absolutely NOTHING compares to this product in the color results and how nourishing it is. Try!

Christina Yates

Also Amika bust your brsss is amazing. Noticeable after a single use

Nubia Territt

Number 3 for look but I definitely would prefer 4 to avoid drying my hair. BTW Great video!! Subscribed!!!

say ooof5

شكرا ?

Amatielle Sativa

So I think number 4 because the color variation was the same on all of them, but because you said it's more curly girl friendly. I will try it.

Kristen Myers

Best purple shampoos are Pravana perfect color, Biolage color last, and Pulp Riot Barcelona.

Kristen Flannery

This is the best review yet thanks..


shimmer lights hands down



Rosa S

I actually like to mix the shimmer lights with a natural conditioning mask and it works great without over drying.

Brooklyn Landers



My dogs blow dryer. ? great review!

Lady Baa Baa

Right now I have bleach blonde hair and I've tried a few different purple and blue shampoos. The Fanola No Yellow shampoo is SO effective on me! Almost TOO effective if Ieave it on for even 2 minutes on sections of my hair that are already very light and fragile.

The Fanola No Orange blue hair mask is kind of weird for me. When I was in the process of lightening my hair, for a while it was more prone to orange than yellow so I bought this product. I never found it overly useful, and as my hair got lighter and more pale yellow, if I used it, my hair would be tinged either a pale blue, or a kind of muddy ashy greeny / grey.

I've tried the Schwarzkopf purple shampoo which was average.

I've tried the Tresemme purple conditioner which is quite pale and I only bought it so I would have a toning conditioner instead of just shampoos. The only reason I didn't buy the Fanola No Yellow conditioner is because I'm pretty sure my hair would turn BRIGHT PURPLE when combined with the shampoo! lol

A product I did not expect to like is Provoke A Touch of Silver purple shampoo. I find this the best all-around purple / toning shampoo. It's dark, like the Fanola, but is less intense in terms of its end results, and more brightening rather than straight purple.

Another product I love is the Goldwell Colorance toning mousse (semi permanent) in 10P (pearl). It gives a gorgeous soft but bright colour as opposed to actual purple. It's also nice and conditioning for the hair. You can leave it on for ages too, and it won't progressively turn your hair lavender.

I've just received a free sample of the Matrix Brass Off shampoo which many people seem to love, so I'll be trying this tomorrow, woo!

pao ludovice

where i can but this purple shampoo

Ashley Allen

I recently used Joico and it did NOT work on me. The shimmer lights worked way better on my hair. I do HIGHLY recommend the Pravana purple shampoo and conditioner. It is my holy grail and will turn your hair purple if you’re not careful!

Latino Channel

34? Years how old are you!?


The fanola works great for me

sakura hoora

I am brassy i have old dye on it which was semi perminent ?? they are virgin hair thk


Watch cbc marketplace episode on Amazon products. They're all fake lmao


Use violet hair dye

Katie Bell

I have been using a purple conditioner from Loreal and it makes my hair super soft, I plan on trying the shampoo also, its sulfate free

Jackee Trinidad

Them Olaplex curls!! Thanks for this video!!!!

Karen Kertesz

I use pureology

Donna Shrum

I haven't had to pay a professional for highlights since I started using fanola no yellow. ?2 minutes ...totally awesome.

Prudence Reilly

I love that

lex mchenry

fanola is my fav??

Paige Martin

I use the brand milkshake!!

Andy HC

Its Amazing all are same...


The Fanola worked best in removing the brass in my opinion but the Joyco kept it the most healthy. Brass off by Matrix is my favorite and Clairol is a great affordable alternative

Ethan Hag

I really like the way you broke this down for us! Thank you

Candace Zianna

They all did the same thing lol


you need to review function of beauty purple shampoo

Em Bowling

Use Sally knock off shimmer lights with a good conditioner like Shea butter masks.......I used to have to wash my hair daily not anymore. I put the purple on dry for 15 min. wash then use the mask rinse and apply a drop of the mask. comb perfect hair for days.


Try the Pravana brand...Purple shampoo

Celene Sweeney

I definitely love Fanola products! I use the Botugen and Oro Therapy lines frequently and their purple shampoo is a must have for me

lu manprin

Great video I love!

Christina Yates

Also how is something that you got for $6 and retails for $12 high end? Oribe is high end and if way more than

Sarah Shanaa

Does the hair have to be clean ? I washed my hair yesterday but, I put leave in conditioner and hair serum in it

Dixie Solis

Number 1 did the best


Very insightful and helpful video! Thank you:)

Melanee Sharpe

Nikki, you the shit sis!??❤

Tássio Carvalho

Meu Deus seu cabelo está muito, mais muito poroso ?

krystle gregory


Laney Grace

I use fanola


It’s not GarniER it’s GarniYEY ?

Karla Dominguez

Which one do you recommend? I got highlights and they began to turn orange yellow :/ & I want them to go back to the regular color I had first. Which shampoo is the best??

Madalynn Millspaugh

Joico baby ? save money and buy the large bottle at Ulta during their buy one get one 50% off its sooo worth it

Bry Jones

I sleep with purple conditioner inn my hair over night turns it the lavender silver color!!!

Robin Wilson Valentine

Can you do a purple conditioner comparison?

Marily Alvarez


Angel's World 17

No videos on Redkin purple shampoo

Christina Yates

what’s the point in people bleaching their hair til it’s white when they can do less damage by lightening it to a yellow with a 20vol with olaplex then following up using a purple shampoo?

Michelle Perry

I use (not your mother's blonde moment treatment shampoo ) it smells great, it's conditioning I like it the best. It's about $7-$8. I have also used shimmer lights shampoo. I also use a temporary rinse by roux fanci-full, it rinses/washes out, it's conditioning also. For my really light blonde I use the color (sweet cream Ash #19), they have many colors & it lasts until you wash your hair. Great video ?❤️


I love joico, but I just found out that they test on animals. I won’t be using their products anymore.


girl you look like Bri Martinez

Diane Bays

Fanola no orange, blue shampoo is my all-time favorite. I tried the no yellow, but prefer the no orange.

IThinkTheFuckNot YoutrickassBitch

She likes her hair Grey and her men like her coffee..MMHMMM

Mara Tyburec

Brass Out by matrix is usually what I use and I will use John Frieda brightening mask too

ema R

I would say 1


4 as far as all out but the shimmer took out the most yellow

M. M.

Obviously any of those shampoo really work because you're still yellow...

Racha Alzen

where do you buy the olaplex

Sheila’s Beauty/ Hair/ Nails/ Fashion

Fanola and Fudge are my favourites, there amazing

Amy Erhard

Does anyone know how to get the purple tint out of your hair

Marilyn Karina Carrera Morán

I just bought the be uniq one and glad i found your video with the thumbnail of that shampoo. Plus even happier to know that it felt softer than the others. Cant Wait to use mine

Jenny Dalton

I didn't like Joico but Fanola has been my go to. Would be curious to try a new one though

AmaXZ _

Rankings for the purple shampoo toner:

1. Clairol
2. Joico
3. Fanola
4. Buniq

Burger Mister

I use shimmering lights I have grey hair.

Andy HC

I thinkthe frint two ines are best

Katrina Norris


Sheba Sh

Why you taik so much????????

Yolanda Montalvo


MeLi GarZa

7:00 starts

LuCiA EsMeRaLdA MaDrIgAl LeAl

1 and 4 taking out the yellow and 4 looks softer and healthier but maybe if you leave it long it’ll get whiter

Carter Hemings

They all look the same to me

Joshua Alber

Clairol Professional Shimmer Lights Purple Shampoo drying?

Desirae Munguia

Love your hair color ?

Léa M

Shimmer lights is the only one I tried and I loveeee it

Yahaira Garcia


Malori & Nanook Hardcastle

I use redkeen.

Megan Carney

I really appreciate these videos fr

Mon Emm

For me it’s always going to be Fanola. I’ve tried at least 10 different brands and Fanola is the best! ?

Sendy Sendy

Can u put purple shampoo with light red hair color?


Shimmer lights is the truth

Rebecca Johnstone

Her hair is no where near light enough for the purple shampoos to work appropriately.


Dang I remember you from your water challenge. Your channel grew so much

Tissy Tiss

I was wondering if you used like a sun lightening spray if you could use this. Do you know? Loved the video!


The beunique one is sooo good! But super drying! Love it!