Rodan and fields eye cream review

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Rodan + Fields Review!!!

2 869 views | 12 Jun. 2020

Such a high end brand but

Such a high end brand but is it the best bang for your buck?

A huge thank you to Andrea Keplinger who provided the samples.

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Jessica Zuno

It's important to note that all of their products are backed by a 60 day empty bottle, money back, guarantee.

kelle gomez

Don't be so cheap!! When it come to ur face u only get one face !! Just suck it up dont tell people it expensive. It not ur money dont worry about. Ur whole channel such sit down mind ur business not ur mess !! Haters dont ever make it .so sad that your not up and down make up your mind .your tragic ?

Be Brave Beauty

I love the microdermabrasion scrub as a shaving cream. But yes, very expensive!

Chelsea Allen

Could u do a review on younique products?


My friend just posted this product on her FB page today, and I was interested in knowing more about it. Come YouTube to check out reviews and yours was the first one I came upon, and you just posted it today, so that made it even better. Thank you for this review. I won't be ordering this after hearing your review on it not being worth it considering the price amount. Thank you, again.

KC's Beautiful Lifestyle

Another great review. I used this on and off for several years and liked the product ok, but the price was just too much for what it was. I am looking for a good, moderate priced Retinol product. Do you have any that you recommend? Thanks!

Susan Yakus

I have to say, your skin is amazing! I want to know what you use on your chest to get it so even looking? Great video, and your eyes look incredible! I am curious, do you still use Lipsense on your lips?

Muse of Swords Tarot

Was thinking about selling it but def gonna think it through a little more! Expensive skincare with ingredients (that like you said, you can find in other cheaper brands) is not necessary! Thank you for being honest!

ApocaLIPS Gorgeous

Okay. I thought I wasn't subbed. I am. Thank you for this review. Well done as always. Love the research you put into it. I used the Lash boost once. It really did grow my lashes. However, my eyes were bloodshot, burning, and my eyes drooped for months. I had no clue it was the Lash boost till I quit using it. But my lashes looked amazeballs!!! ???

Hanan Muse

Are you Canadian? I believe it’s banned here. I’m just inquiring because I’d like to get my hands on the serum aswell

Sakura Mochi

AH serum, if you use only face, twice a day, it last about 4 months.

Rodan and fields eye cream review

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How to Use Lashboost and Does It Really Work? | Review, Demo + Before & Afters

52 431 views | 22 Dec. 2017

Hello everyone and welcome

Hello everyone and welcome back to my channel! If you are new here, welcome & please subscribe so you don't miss out on any great videos! Today I share my experience with the Rodan And Fields Lashboost. I give you my full review, demo how to use it and show you my before and after pics after using up my first tube.

If you want to see how to use lashboost, and how it worked for me, then check out this video! Also if you have any questions about Lashboost, please don't hesitate to comment or reach out to me!

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Christina Martinez

I can’t wait to try this Lash Boost. ♥️

Sophia O'Neal

Just bought this and I'm so excited to try it! I was wondering what happens if you stop using it? Do your lashes just automatically start to get shorter again after the 3rd month or just stop getting longer? And how long can you wait before purchasing a new bottle?

Trinity 27xoxo

A lot od people in comments say its so good but I have sensitive eyes will it be okay???

Sami Stafford

So you put it on your eyebrows too?

Grand tiny living McCreary

Are you still using this product



Wendy Rubalcava

Excuse me, so one you stop using it the result will go away?

Angie Bennett

Do you ever use the product both at night and morning if you are not going to wear make up?


This is such a informative and well thought out video!!!! I love everything about it! Thank you so much! I definitely want to buy this product! thanks for all the awesome before and after pictures! :)

Catrina Rasmussen

Is it a gel or is it more like water?

Jennifer Crawford

What is the silver necklace you are wearing in the before pic?? I love it... sorry not on topic.... but could you please tell me the necklace you’re wearing?

Logan Lynn Spain

I’m shook over these results. Omg!! Need!!

Mary Davidson

Thank you! I like the tip about shaking it up and also about blinking a couple of times to aid in it getting to the lower lashes. I have been trying to make sure it dried on the top so I will try the blinking method?

Elizabeth McEldery

Omg this was so hard to watch your brows are so off. Oh man I can’t watch.

Olivia Chavez

Can you apply to your bottom eyelashes ?

Janis Larrimer

I just bought this and am excited to try it! I am a little worried though if it might irritate my eyes. Since you have been using this for a while, can you say if you’ve ever experienced any irritation etc..?


This is real! My coworker’s lashes are unbelievably long. I can attest to that.


I just purchased some. Really Hoping it works as my eyelashes so damaged by long wear of eyelash extensions.


This is the best video I’ve seen on this product. I just got mine in the mail Friday so I can’t wait to see the results and I’m going to make a video to! Thanks again

JuJu T

Amazinggggg results girl!!!! I can’t wait to start with mine. Thanks for this awesome video. And I LOVE your eyes!

Claudia Mendoza

For how long have you been using the product. I use it kast year and love it and 4 months after bought another bottle. Bith times worked so well nut after I both a kess expensive product and did not have the same good results but my eye lid looked different. Not from the Ridan product but for the other but in general I am seeing this more online and I am concern. I love that this product does make my lashes look pretty big but checking in the long run.

Hanan Muse

Did you put it on your brows because they grow out so beautifully! I wish this wasn’t banned in Canada?

Sue Kruse

Why can’t the product be used on the lower lashes?

Ana Carrillo

Hello!do you still use this serum? What happens when you stop using it? Do you lose your lashes?

Satina Cooper

You are a fabulous example of what this product does. Really great video

Andrea Lobos

Regarding your brows, did you have your brows shaped during your experience?

Rodan and fields eye cream review

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673 views | 27 Dec. 2017

Rodan and Fields REDEFINE


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