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XXL STILETTO Nails on client | Watch me freestyle | All acrylic | Zulaysnails

6 220 views | 10 Feb. 2021

Smooth set

Smooth set Monomer


nail glue




xl stiletto/coffin tips


cluster gel



http://www. zulaysnails.bigcartel.com/product/mini-led-light-9-watt

bling adhesive





Swarovski crystals also available on Swarovski section Gel top Coat


acrylic #45




baby pink acrylic from Vanessa nails " pastel pink"

Music: Birthday

Musician: LiQWYD

URL: http://www.soundcloud.com/liqwyd

Nikie Model

Very beautiful.

dei williams

The purple hand is my favorite! What people have to understand is that pricing is about time quality of service and product. Doing nails ain't cheap. It costs time and money!

Rosalie Romero

Heck yesssss I would totally rock this set ??? so beautiful!

Nailed By Shy

Pink was my favorite, definitely worth $300. You used different products, different techniques and it’s quality work. Pretty ???✔️

Tracey Harvey-Nail Junky

Absolutely fabulous!! Every nail is so exciting!!!
Orange and yellow for your next set, brights would be awesome!! I need to see bright colours right now as the U.K. is all white with snow!!

Jeannicole Ray

Lovelymimi sent me here....i can't wait to watch all


Love your videos


That’s reasonable especially w all the $$ you spend on products & the quality of what you’re using
Also if they last a long time
Chase the bag ??


We’re u get Stan on your table that hold either phone or camera


I think the $300 is a reasonable price for what she has on her nails which is Bomb! Personally I wouldn’t wear them! But they are beautiful!! ❤️❤️

Nailah Donlan

Now these are jussst luuuurverly!!

Monique Moya

?‍♀️??Hi Zulay when will u get your kit#1 and mermaid brush available? I want to order some products on your website. My hubby said for valentines I can order your products. Looking for ur glue, slow set monomer, nails, brush and some powder. I also sent a message to your website. ??

Mary Avalos

Love the nails! I definitely would wear!! I think you should do like a money nail with gold flakes or teal green w/ flakes and of course bling!! ???

Don’t come fa Me purr

I definitely would wear them but the big bling would get in my way I love the colors and I want the pink and purple filter acrylic ? you zulay


Yaaaass!! Those are bomb!! I’m from Massachusetts that type of nail set would be about the same price maybe 50 bucks less. But hello you Zulay bissshh that price comes with experience and time in the industry. I hope to one day be able to charge 300 for set. Absolutely love your work?❤️

Easy Nails

I think that these are at least 350 if not more that a lot of work!! you should do purple ??????

Marlene M

Girlll you killed this set!!!

Dereon Aanae

$300 is fair for all those crystals

Ceci’s Nail World

Love these nails!!! ?

Mele Hicks

Bih u did yo thang on this set. I love ur freestyle. Been trying to catch up girl soon as mimi introduced u n heard how goofy ? asf u was I was like look her up now. Love u girl n ty for letting ur talent shine

Nail Struggles

You. Did. That!!! These are everything. You rant are the G.O.A.T. on these extra long nails purple don't understand how hard these are to do. Especially at this length

Jamie Kelley

Zulay, your flowers are so awesome! You have inspired me to try them myself, and I'm so anxious lol

kays klawss

you always come through ? I hope I get clients who like this kind of stuff tooo . so extra I love it so $300 is def understandable


???????omg those nail are everything!!!!!! I wish u lived near me!!!


I’m so in love with the color princess I have to get that in my collection I am in awe mode every time I see you use it???


hellos love you work I try to watch all your videos I don't always leave a comment but I do love your work I also follow you on Instagram and Facebook.and shop at your story's,yes yes I would rock the nails and pay for them to.where I live people don't pay that much for nail, you are so good.thank you


Girl I wish I had someone who want their nails as long as this and also in Stiletto
These look soooo good????

Tracey Kilgore

The camera is too far I love colors but those r very long

Janet Lopez

?Te botastes. Están HERMOSAS ?

April Zi Nails

Love it?

Skie Landis

I love love these nails. Definitely would rock these. I love 'junk' nails! Plz do more!!! I'm obsessed with bling


Your work is ?

Las Pochitas

These are so pretty and sooo long..I honestly thought que el shape iba ser cola de sirena. Mermaid ?‍♀️
I want to do a light purple for Easter. Thanks for another video girl♡♡.. any updates on your upcoming brushes?

Royal Blu

Very nice


I started watching your channel after the collab w Mimi. I’m binge watching your vids now lol I love your personality!!

Johnathan Santiago


Yasmin Garciag

I love this set❤️?

Breanna Blankenship

All them acrylics are beautiful!!!

April Zi

I never done that extra long nails.. I would love to try.. So pretty?


They came out beautiful Zulay mamita n yes that would be costing mad shacoins lmbo tsmfs my luv mucho besitos y abrazos cariño que Diosito te me bendiga hoy y siempre...?????

Ery P

I saw these in Instagram and I really believed it was a new shape LOL
This is such a smart technique but is it bad I kinda wanted to what it’d look like as a shape on its own?
If I ever see “hour glass nails” I’ll know you started the trend

Tori Thomas


Tia Chandler

Blue on the other hand yellow on the other and u can put certain blues with yellow to make match the other I dunno but I think it would be beautiful like a bright blue like royal blue electric blue I dunno lol those and pastel blue is pretty

Alyssa Flores

Totally a fair price!???✨

Alecia Valdez

They’re literally amazing

Tia Chandler

Omg you are so amazing mami love these damn nails omg u are seriously ridiculously talented girl u need to come to Atlanta and open a shop too lol love the pimp juice that shit is the best name. The bling in the flowers looked beautiful girl I definitely would have added them to it too. I fucking love that you speak Spanish and English

Janet Gonzalez

Love love this set !! There so beautiful!

Shamikka Pollard

These nails was BOMB... I love when you be like GIRLLL

Tanquile Roberts

I love the set, I couldn't wear my nails that long. But I would wear them a little shorter

Jo Jo

Green would look good with yellow ??


$300 is a good price ! & the clear top coat is my favorite part too cus I see all the sparkle underneath ?

Easy Nails

these are my favorite nails ever please more like these???????

Nails ByNitz

I would say it was definitely worth the price since you’re in California and they are so beautiful ??? oh btw thank you for my Zulay Adhesive glue and super fast shipping ?? definitely will buy again

Mayra Guillen

$300 is a great price, and with that big ass rock on her hand ? she can afford it.. ? Beautiful work as always??


Omg your work is just amazing may God continue to bless you ???????

Royal Blu

New subscriber from mimi video.?

Perla Guerrero

Do clients reuse the bling bling? Cus hunnnny, those are expensive ?

Charmainne Jackson

Hayyy girl hayyyy will you be restocking
the new bit box? LOVE this set wish I lived in LA!


I came here from Mimi’s channel your clients nails look ?I wouldn’t pay $300 because I’m cheap and I like doing my nails myself but I’m not mad at the price I subbed

A Cruz

Different strokes for different folks....para cada jardin se hizo las flores.is pretty kool....and bien chingona....las uñas..lol...? Nancy.....$250+..? ?....yes... ?

Beast at Nails

Next time put your jars of glitter out of frame cuz it keeps focusing on the glitter and glitter on the paper towel cuz it's the brightest and shinier thing in the shot. It does it to me lol

Jenice Walker

Hey zulay....girl you charge what you think you are worth...your work is impeccable and I love it...as for me 300 is definitely out of my budget to spend in nails but that’s just me... I don’t think that’s a crazy price tho. You take your time and you do bomb ass work so you deserve every penny....love you girly!

anna Lewis


Karla Alonso

You hooked her up gurl

Esme Esme

Beautiful set ??

Jo_r_ T

Love, love, love!!!
Hell yeah I'd pay $300 for this set! Especially with real Swarovski??!!! Heck yeah. You're the bomb girl!!!!

Stella Sanchez

Zulay, those nails are beautiful ? and worth paying $300 for them. Purple is my favorite color so im going to say I ? the purple hand especially the flowers. But both hands are amazing. I live in NY and I have yet to get anything as elaborate on my nails. I was in banking for almost 12 years and then my current job of 7 years now requires me to keep the free edge no more than 1/2 inch past the hyponychium.

Tabby Strucko

I think 300 is fair the work is gorgeous


These are absolutely ? amazing work!! I would definitely wear these. You are so talented???

rhiannon blackstone

I love your work bitchhh

Michelle E

Wow these are stunning, I love the colours! As for the price I wouldn't have a clue as I live in Ireland and prices here would be completely different. Thanks for sharing.

Tracey Kilgore

Yes I would say 300.00 but I myself would never pay that dont get me wrong the nails r beautiful but there just too long for me

Briana Jones

These some bomb ass nails ???

Eboni Johnson

$300 was less than what I thought! For everything you did...hunny!!! Beautiful set

Mari Nuñez

Perrona nails alverrr ?!! this set is EVERYTHING ZULAY you out did it again like always. Yeah $300-$320 I would say for this set. ????


Beautiful!! Yes, the purple flowers were beautiful!!

m x n - n o o n

These are so ?? these are so me the bling I feel like I went to glitter and bling heaven lol these are the type of nails I want to do... Ive been practicing every now and then I have a lash business I run another business of course not mine and have babies so its not me being lazy lol but now im even more excited to start school on the 22nd cant wait to see all your up coming designs ... When I seen a video of you doing lovely mimi's Valentine's day nails you had me hooked you are very talented and this is worth the 300.00 ...

Carla Eagle

What's with the f bombs...? Nails are absolutely beautiful purple nail favorite? yes 300

Mona Saunders

Okay I Got My 300??

Ann Fish

Hey girl!! I like your chitchat and OMG!! I love those nails!! I wish I had them!!???????❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ Fair price for all your work!

Neftali D.

I love all the bling!!! #blingqeen

Dali #1

Yes the nails are worth $300 + you really hooked her up. Especially in Cali.


I love grey with yellow, so maybe so the other hand in greys and silver?

GIN Nails

Beautyfull Nails I love both hands the desgin is so freaking cute defently worth 300 bucks, id love a set like that??????

Big Mama

Worth every dollar cheap people in New Orleans

Juicy J

Zulay, I can't wait to begin to purchase your products. Just waiting on my money to get back straight. The pandemic ain't no joke at all. But, it's all good. I wish you continued success, love. And you still crack me the hell up when you say "girlfreeen" ??


Loved this set !! ? all the colors are beautiful

Ayra R.

pls make press on nails ???



Monique Moya

❤️ saw how you did lovely Mimi’s nails they came out bomb just like these. ??

Viridiana Montufar

Hola!! Hermosa Zulay'z me encanta tú trabajo muy glamoroso ???? te mando un abrazo ??????

Don’t come fa Me purr

Love that pinky nail

Maria Tavarez

They are beautiful... Please explain a little more about
How you did the Nails longer? In a Video ?. Thanks.????????????

Kayla Lindley

Ok girl how can I make an appointment?

Savage ;Beauty

Dont forget to subscribe to my liddle channelll lol I luv ur voice ??


I would totally wear this but my husband would think I’m crazy lol but I don’t give a shit about it ??

Stef Au

I always love what u doing. ?? I do not like long nails because of my work but this ones are awesome. Excelente trabajo like always. ????

Jarrica H

Do you sell the pump juice glitter acrylic??

Mr.Fleek Official

Beautiful??? okay i love your videos


These are so freakin bomb... I can’t wait to see how you did them

Nails on

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1 754 978 views | 16 Apr. 2016

Official music video for

Official music video for the title track off NAILS' third full-length album, You Will Never Be One of Us.

Order album at http://nuclearblast.com/nails-youwillneverbeoneofus

Subscribe to Nuclear Blast on YouTube: http://bit.ly/subs-nb-yt

Directed by Jimmy Hubbard

Director of Photography Jeremy Danger


Nuclear Blast: http://nuclearblast.com/nails-youwillneverbeoneofus

iTunes: http://nblast.de/NailsYouWillNeverIT

Amazon (Physical): http://nblast.de/NailsYouWillNeverAMZ

Amazon (Digital): http://nblast.de/NailsYouWillNeverAZMP3

Google Play: http://nblast.de/NailsYouWillNeverGP

Southern California-based four man hatecrew, NAILS, will release their third full-length album entitled, You Will Never Be One Of Us, on June 17, 2016 via Nuclear Blast Entertainment.

Website: http://www.nailstyranny.com

Like: https://www.facebook.com/NAILSoxnard

Follow: https://twitter.com/NAILStyranny

Photos: https://www.instagram.com/nailstyranny

On Tour: http://bit.ly/nails-on-tour

Spotify: http://bit.ly/nails-spotify

Head misanthrope Todd Jones comments on their rabidly anticipated full-length vitriol:

"In fear of sounding redundant of how 97% of these pre-album release descriptions always come off, I won't try to describe how our new album You Will Never Be One Of Us sounds. What I will tell you is that the same care and the same attention went into this album as our previous albums Unsilent Death and Abandon All Life, and our new album sounds as inspired as either of those two full length recordings.

"Our new record has some new twists and turns that are built off the foundation we laid with our previous albums, as well as a lot of familiarity that you've come to expect from NAILS. You Will Never Be One Of Us is for us, for our fans, and for anybody else who feels disgusted and fed-up with social-climbing impostors, trying to leech off of anything they've ever dedicated themselves to. I can say with 110% certainty: We will not let you down."

"'You Will Never Be One Of Us' is the title track and also the opening track from our new album. I can't deal with trying to write some clever, witty, or whatever type of descriptive garbage filled with barbs about how our band is awesome and other bands suck (which is absolute peasant bullshit), so I'll cut to the chase. This is to date, our favorite song. It's a song which represents almost every side of NAILS. When it comes time to announce a record, it's really difficult for us to pick the first song to let the world hear because any NAILS record to date is more about the LP as a whole and not 1 song really represents the full LP, but I can say with no hesitation, this song represents this LP and we're confident that we should be releasing this song first. 'You Will Never Be One Of Us' is about about the pain and the pride that goes into being involved in hardcore/punk/metal unconditionally...being a lifer. It's a knife to the throat of the people who come and liter their bullshit and impose on everyone for their own selfish agenda. It's for everyone who dedicates themselves to their craft...their music...their passion...whatever the fuck it is, and seeing someone come along and attach themselves to what you do/love and abuse it, with no regard or respect for it. This song is not for NAILS, but for all of US.

"As far as the video goes, we needed something that represented us and wasn't fake. The world really doesn't need another 'band playing in a warehouse' music video, but again, without being condescending with some passively aggressive description and putting other videos down, we believe this video not only stands out as far as quality and expression, but represents us in the best possible way that a music video could. It conveys the emotions that you might experience from us if you come to one of our shows. This video shows what we are, doing what we do in this band. No pretense, no overblown image, no bullshit, no gimmicks, no artificial/cheap attention grab. This video IS NAILS. Fucking period.

"We hope you guys dig this shit. We worked really hard on everything with the LP. Wrest did the artwork which is undoubtedly the best representation NAILS has had so far for an album cover, the video you're seeing/hearing...everything. This record represents NAILS more so than any of our other records. You Will Never Be One Of Us is the epitome of NAILS to date. It is our apex (up to this point). We know if you're already a fan of the band that you'll love this record. If you've never heard of us before, we appreciate you checking this shit out. 'OUR PAIN IS NOT YOUR PAIN, OUR PRIDE IS NOT YOUR PRIDE - YOU WILL NEVER BE ONE OF US'. Much love and respect."

You Will Never Be One Of Us was recorded, mixed and produced by Kurt Ballou (CONVERGE, HIGH ON FIRE, VALLENFYRE, MISERY INDEX, TODAY IS THE DAY). Artwork was created by WHTHD.

Synester Gates

Pure hard noise . these guys are so intense I swear


I can only cum so many times in a day, but I feel the need to try again.
Amazing, just pure violence.
I love you with creamy justice.

X 3 N 0

I've never headbanged so hard before

Bas Zijlmans

What is he playing on the guitar? Really can not hear it.

Michael Sativa

Let’s a play game. It’s called “Are They Using A Metronome?”


ah a classic song. i needa see these guys live

Victor Lopez

Dedicated to Donnie trump

Tom Flanagan

Sid Delicious!


If Phil Anselmo and Henry Rollins had a child, he would be Todd Jones

The Green Bastard

I like my metal like my coffee...big tits?????

Todd Fishcrack

Amps aren’t even on ?

Bulk Brogan

Liquid rage in ur earholes

PJ Thomas

Uh YOU'LL never be one of US fool so ????‍♂️??

Robert Cantspell

I feel this song whenever I look at Youtube's trending section

Unknwn source

Until today I'm still play this songs,

Morris Band

I could be one of you


100% balls, 0% pussies.


Relaxing music for robbing a bank.

Andy Chinn

They don't take their selves to serious or nothing! PPPPPFFFFFF


I was dead set this was Anselmo until i started reading the comments ?.

jaizarul rohayu

Wow good clean sound

Chris Schmier

That time i got the answer back from that damn Magic the Gathering Club ...

Raul Boullosa

You can't sit with us

SamaeL Lascuña

at first, I thought its Phil Anselmo

Spitfire One

This makes me want to walk into Target without wearing my mask


Had to stop at 1:30 or they were going to explode into an angry oblivion!

Voorcafe Cerberus


Chuck Graham

The comments are the best. ??


Like being hit by a freight train, superb!

Judge Beard

Damn, that was fast





Galvanat TheGrey

A subreddit banned me for sharing this... Not even joking...

stephane lo sardo

???\m/ this sounds cool

charles Mccoy-williams

America to all immigrants

A B Cars N’ Guitars

Damn...ok.. you guys got a new fan

Guo Xinyi

So fucking heavy power !

Noan YoBiseniss

Total Suck

The Corsaro

You can conquer the world to the drums kicking in at :41


What's the tuning on the chainsaw?

William Palmer

Catchy. Do they do children’s parties?

Jack Cravford

I am a new fan of this band, same with Trap Them.
I guess it is cause phenomenal production/mix by Kurt Ballou. Double bass in the middle of this track, sounds monstrous. Insane sound quality.

Chris Raj



Jocko Willink

Joshua Thackaberry

You could say these guys are as hard as nails ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


Chris Benoit on Vocals!

Lucas McGee

Jesus! How heavy is that! ?

Vanessa ButtuhFly

I...said...GOD DAMN!!!!! The whole album is a friggin' masterpiece!!!!??


Ive seen posers wear nails shirts but ive never listened to them. Its great lol

J Slam

damnit pantera, you will treat your stepmom with respect


is that phil anselmo ??

Wylee elPuppo

muscles are too small, hate it.


patheticly common, why write lyrics? Horrible

Zagłada Pe



That guitar tone totally has some inspiration from the grindcore band Nasum!

Mark McGee

It's pretty much just the Carpenters speeded up with an angry bloke singing and a lack of melody. I wonder why he is so mad, do you think it's his bad haircut or poorly fitted clothing?

Hayrul Manoppo

Is very good. Is metal boobastic. Master of brutal

Voiceof reasonandfacts

Why would anyone want to be a poser?


man I wish they made this longer

Kampf Kustomer



Lawrence Monge


Ben Wagner

I can't believe this much noise and anger only comes out of three people


Yeah extreme d-beat

Tony Johnson

No truth
All lies
We are not the same

Fuck your trends, fuck your friends
Fuck your groupies that try to pretend that you're down
You're fucking not
Nobody wants what you've fucking got

You will never be one of us

Our pain is not your pain
Our pride is not your pride

No truth, no trust
You will never be one of us
Soaked in disgust
You will never be one of us

This is not for you to claim
We are not the same

No truth, no trust
You will never be one of us
Soaked in disgust
You will never be one of us


That's one of the hardest metal mixes I've ever heard, super thicc

Blake Moore

Looks like Pantera im broken video haha


I saw NAILS live a couple years back, and it had to be paused halfway through because someone broke their fucking leg in the pit. I'm never gonna forget that show.

Dre Fnu

Wtf am I listening to

Aino Kesonen

Yes, indeed.

Tony Jones

This song ended before I could tap out. Brutal ??????☠️☠️

Dorian Marin


Symon Metal

What's the fucking band!! ??


oh hell yes


Jack Johnson hittin hard now

Juliou Jones

Nails, Power Trip, and Pig Destroyer. My top 3 favorite bands to work out to

Albert Enriquez

This reminds me of early Pig Destroyer. Nice!

Donald Eldridge

Hard af ?

S. S.

I'm pleasantly surprised.

Max Mayfield

I went from "Hey There Deliah" to this-


Fuck Antifa

Aditya S Kumar

So you're telling me that's not Phil Anselmo? ...........ok.


Headbanging at 0:43 is legit

ᛉ M-Rakh ᛣ

Who is the last guy with Youth Code shirt?

James Mason

Cross dressers

Jack Burton

I am at awe at how large these fellas must be, it looks like they are playing children's instruments.

Kyle Furtwangler

If Angry was a genre

efraincardozo EBLP

The f*cking heaviest minute ever ?

Shugga Bizkit

My riff is so heavy I can’t even bench press it

Mr Wick

You were never one of us, You were nothing but a usurper, a false idol, my eyes have been open, let me help you to see... Slayer

Gregory Shuck

Was that JD Baizley at the beginning?


Woooohhhh intro beautiful

Бленно Белфегор

the best band from the world hahah

Carlos Quiroga

I thought that they were from Sweden cause of the Boss HM 2 sound xd

Relax Dean

Oh look its the blink 182 of power violence.

Zihaam Jama

i was searching a song with the lyrics cus i didnt know what it was called and i thought it was this and when i ell you my eyes were big when i saw 0:18 i-


Is it me or does it seem like this video is an homage to Pantera I'm Broken?

Jacob Marsh

Everyone 4 years ago says Todd Jones looks like Phil, but I'm here in 2020 to tell you he looks like a small less pissed Jocko Willink

Erick Ferreira

0:42 Good bye neck

Charlie Winter


Conner Davis

Millennial Anthem

Nails on

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How to Apply Acrylic Nails for Beginners

3 229 537 views | 3 Nov. 2017

Here at Kiara Sky and

Here at Kiara Sky and Glam and Glits our goal is to educate and inspire! This video is the first in our brand new series, Kiara Sky Nail University! This video goes back to the basics when working with the acrylic application. We’ll go over everything from prep, to shaping, to proper acrylic powder and monomer mix. Even if you’re not a professional nail tech, we hope everyone learns a little something or can appreciate the artistry behind a beautiful set of nails. Knowledge is power and we’re here to help!


1'st Impression: http://www.glamandglits.com/naked-color-acrylic-ncac397-1st-impression/

EMA Monomer: https://www.glamandglits.com/back-to-basics/

Bond/Dehydrator: https://www.kiarasky.com/kiara-sky-dip-bond/

Top Coat: https://www.kiarasky.com/search.php?search_query=top+coat





Visit our WEBSITE


Get our latest updates on FACEBOOK

USA: https://www.facebook.com/kiaraskynails/

UK: https://www.facebook.com/KiaraSkyUK/

Get inspired on INSTAGRAM

US: https://www.instagram.com/kiaraskynails/

UK: https://www.instagram.com/kiaraskynailsuk/

Know what's happening on TWITTER


Follow our passion through our eyes on SNAPCHAT

Official Snap: KiaraSkySnaps

Voted #1product to try by INSIDERbeauty! Go check it out ;)

♥ http://www.thisisinsider.com/glitter-nails-and-dip-nail-powder-2017-1

♥ http://www.businessinsider.com/dip-powder-is-the-no-1-beauty-product-to-try-in-2017-2016-12


Suman Jaiswar


Tia Mcdonald

Do you need a lamp for this?

Vianey Rodriguez



Well this is easy, she got a nail. But where do you put it if you got meat on the tip of your finger?

MadePure love

I love this thank you .


What brush size is this?

Lekhanh Loc

Is my is my mother goose club out.

kayla Marie

if anybody wants to cashapp me so i can’t start my nail business. feel free. $goatkay1

div m

How much monomer is taken out in dappen dish each time? Want to figure out how many manis can be done per oz of monomer

Taylor Roberts

Did she cut the clients cuticals?

Pamela Couch

You show so well how to do the acrylics I’ve tried for years to get the cuticles I didn’t go to school for it I just watched as mine were done by professionals but I just haven’t been able to get the monomer right for the acrylic powder I keep trying and still have some trouble and watching you I saw that your brush want as wet as I get mine so I’ll try to get it right after your show. Thank you for showing how to do the nails

Dorcas Bate

You are the best

Diamond Simmons

? IG @glamnailclub ?

Diamond Rayshawn

I’m confused as to how the numbers go to certain nails

Ogbolu Chika

When applying my own it's always dry quickly I don't know what to do

Tranminh Thinh

Que Dios nos perdone.

Krys.M P

What size brush or bristle do you use?

Diamond Simmons

? IG @glamnailclub ?

Tina Renton

It’s a really good video, maybe a black background rather than white would be better.

suyasha pandey

Always best???

Lucy Berthrand

See https://youtu.be/rMX3N2bJdvc

lovinqEricka _

quarantine really got me out here finna try and do my own nails lollll.

latazz1980 Morrison

I would like to see an ombré tutorial do you have any?

Paradise Pops

How would you add gems?

elena baka

Is primer and top coat the same thing please help

Vianey Rodriguez

Love the tips

Jolene Snider

Would a nail file work instead of that sander thing???

Shakilra’s Channel

Hey guys what do i put nails on with lol I’m new and never even did nails before but want to start

John John Gojetia

hi madams good day to you.
I hope someone notices my post.
I want to be a nail technician, my only problem is I have no equipment
I hope you have a good heart to give me even if you have used madam.
I'm from the Philippines.
hoping to have the tools to get me started.
I also want this kind of income for my children
I hope you have a good heart to give me attention

Chaima Beauty


Ardita Aliu

Great video and effective ?

Pauline Jackson

Awesome demo very nice and simple and told all the details that needed to be told

Hannah Rich

What size brush is this

Karen Dass

Hi what can I use instead of a filling band? I am a beginner now trying

Mila Parker

best video for beginners!!!!!

Golden Eagle

What kind of brush do you use and what size? I’m not a pro so can I get a good brush on Amazon? I have medium sized nail beds and hands-FYI. Im a size 0-1 nail tip on my thumbs and 8 on my pinky fingers if that matters at all??? Your own nails look beautiful btw and so does your work??

kathryn Ford

Yes but would someone please answer me the question that is. What is that liquid stuff called that your useing to do the acrilic beeds with?.

Hoang Tran

i like your work

Thu Vy

Yang pilih allah like.

Bi Noi

Iya ya Allah.

John Peterson

I still do not understand how to apliy the three acrylic on nails.

Clarissa Rhinehart

11/23 ?? ??????????????


Avalon Nichols

what tips ar eyou using? do you think you could send me the link?

Meagan Claasen

Can you plz send me the names of the things you use to paint the nails

imran babi

I wanna win the giveaway @pretty_nails494

kim dzul


Laura Copp

I wish the background was a darker color

simar pabla

Bro, I actually thought acterlic nails are glued on your natural nails and they don't push your cuticle back to put in the fake nail and I'm a girl. I'm never getting acterlic nails ????. And this can really damage your natural nails and it makes your natural weak and they can even fall off, and who knows how far they push your cuticle back it looks like the most painful pain in the world no thank you ???.

Peter Martin

I'm a guy but I'm here cause I refuse to believe that video I saw where they shove acrylics under the skin

Parishi Jain

Hi i wanted to know if you cure the primer under LED

Champy Boy

Tanks v much

Vianey Rodriguez

Thank you !

Fiordalissa Santiago

Beautifully done and clearly explained.❤❤❤

حمودي ياروحي

هلووو ممكن احد يكلي شنو هاذا لي تحطة الجل

Geeta Ramlal

Hey most of the video that I watch the start from the top and I am watching ur video for the first time and see u start from the bottom which one is the rite way plzzzz...reply thank u

Gayle Schneider

absolutely amazing video. I'm licenced Cosmetologist 30 yrs watches a lot of acrylic applications and this is by far the best! I just got into doing my own nail since my career concentration as a Color Specialist I don't have a lot of experience in nails . I always struggle with my non dominant hand when doing my own nails, this video is now going to be my go to the next time I do my full set. Thanks a bunch for making an amazing teaching video. I also subscribed!

amesophie YT

But what do you use to glue the tips?

Jolene Slusser

Thank you for posting this I’ve been doing my nails and everybody else’s for a bit now and your video just made me realize I was doing every so wrong ? thank you so much for all your help,

Dominique Sanford

I don’t mind watching the video BUT with a white back ground it’s hard to see you were placing the nail on

Kaylah Natalie

Where did you guys find the nail tips? I cant find good ones to use

Rhea Karnad

This video is sooo helpful thank you so much ❤️❤️❤️❤️???????❄️✌️✌️??????????????❄️❄️❄️??????


Definitely going to try ur method! Acryllic hadn't been allowing me to be great! Thanx!

Neelam Shaw - 43

Hello mam we should dry acrylic nail with the uv led rays?

Danielle Jackson

I need to get the acrylic process down pack I got the rest

Priyanka Jain

This also helped me to learn more about acrylic extension ❤️❤️

Nguyenminh Loc


Dawn Marie

Can you tell me everything I need to do my own nails? Like everything the kit.

Clarisha C

Do you have a branch in South Africa?

Brooke Harwood

This was a very useful video helped me a lot but I would love if you named the products that you used like the powders and everything thanks...

Oliver Bosch

Is the acrylic nail holding on to the real nail with no glue or was there glue applied? I see cutting and shapping of nail but no glue mentioned?

Noelia Color de amor

how can I buy it ?

Marife Orquina

I luv how you does acrylic extension.and the tutorial is good too.

Lady Phantom

Thank you for this ?. Im still learning and this really helps me ❤️❤️

Danny Nguyen

Thank you for every step you took..as a nail tech i have learned a lot from you..thank you..


good job I like that

Kali Nguyen

Halloween nail art https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AlMluFzSQYo

Audrena Surechief

Is cuticle revitalizer the same as dehydrator? Or primer?

Katya Bailey

Here from the Instagram giveaway @queenie_pure_

Muslim Kpoper

This is weirdly satisfying

Cutie pie Robertson

Hello I was wondering could I use the base coat for the primer hydration

cynthia CJ Johnson-LeJeune

I love your videos and your nails are so beautiful ?

Allyson playz

Where do you get your brush’s?

คุณแม่มือใหม่ ในอเมริกา

What size of brush are did used thank you

Nicole Mendoza

2020 anyone? You

kathryn Ford

Is it called nail polish remover or terps liquid u know for cleaning?. Or is it methylated spirits liquid. We have different names hear in Australia ??.

mrs allen

What size is that brush?

geeta tandon

Plz tell how to make gel polish ,thinner??

Dorcas Bate

Please i need more video to learn how to put Acrylic nails

Gaming _LizSavage

What do you use to glue the nails

Neredia Cambron

Love it ? . What nail kit would you recommend to start with ?

Champy Boy

I have to go n get these items n try it

I. E Davey

Thank you fantastic help ?


I don’t know if it’s my acrylic powder or my acrylic liquid but my beat always sticks to my brush and it gets sticky really fast so I can’t really form it how i want it to be, so my nail is always uneven...does somebody has any tips?

chessa moldez

you not use glue to attach the fake nails ?

Shaine Savoy

Great video. Definitely gonna watch again once I get my tools

Juliana Espinosa

I wish you would’ve actually showed her moving the bead around when she did the one bead method ??‍♀️

Chrissy Mayhew

I love how you did this tutorial, but honestly girl don't be so showy and smiley... Just be real... It looks a little forced and silly but everything else is A+!

Tricia Bradley

What size is your nail brush?

Tatiana Kelly


Rebekka - pity

Do you need a UV light for acrylics ?