So baby

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353 166 views | 18 Oct. 2015

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Baby · Donnie & Joe Emerson

Dreamin' Wild

℗ 2012 Light In The Attic Records & Distribution, LLC. PO Box 31970 Seattle, WA 98103 USA

℗ 2013 Light in the Attic

Released on: 2012-06-26

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Diego Alonso Barreda Joo

la mejor cancion

Snapp Time

My donnie green eyes

al johnson

Planet Caravan


this song makes me so fuckin sad for some reason.

Christian Duarte

Not sure i got to this song , but damn im glad I did

Joann Miller

I talked to one of these guys daughter she's on YouTube.

Oriette Kapank

Thank you "Love Life S1 E10" for bringing me here. Love this song ?

Mario Alexandro

Both look and sound like richard ramirez

David Southwell

Takes me straight back to a place just off the beach in 1980

Sajousse Modeline

Nice baby

Thomas fim ayisyen

Bn trvy baby

Christian Tijerina

Everyone go check outOn the ground by Soul Doc. for cool remix

Cullen Cochran

a song for the playful and tender at heart :)


This song is beautiful. Goes into your soul

Ewan McEwan

What a found treasure. The purity and yearning of this song brings a tear to the old peepers. It evokes that innocence in life before everything gets complicated. Just breathtaking.


So I guess finding treasure is still possible! Jut discovered this Gem!


Love !!_!!

Fiona A

BABY!!! ??????????

Julian Truelove

You so baby!!


Who else came here because of nardwuar vs aziz ansari?

Matteo Restuccia

Big Little Lies 2x05

Miriam Perez

This song blew me away (in a good way lol). Can’t believe I’ve never heard this song before and I’m a product of the 1970’s! Yes thank you “Big Little Lies” for playing this song ❤️. Such talent beautiful music... kudos ?

Stormy Weather

In the movie "Babyteeth" there is this guy in his 40s(?) singing this song at a Karaoke Club. No one else in the club except for him and a boy/girl couple (the actors). The song just blew me away. So happy to have found it.

Ace Mula

what do you categorize this kinda music under ?


Better than Kendrick

Lorinda Tapia

pure classic..

Ali Choudhry

aziz ansari is why im here

Matt Lohr

I have no clue how I've lived this long without this marvelous song in my life. I heard it tonight over the opening scene of the movie "The Comedy," and I was like, "Oooh! What IS this?"

Jimmy Thompson

The comedy, with tim heidecker, is how i found this amazing song. Movie itself is truly something special as well.

Michael Hopek

Made out with a girl at a party with this song playin in background. Still haven't found a better romantic moment.

S. B.

I’m here bcoz of Ugly Delicious (s2/e1), it was a remake, but I’m liking this original a tad bit better. ?

Sara T

L O V E❤️

Jessica Perez

Apple Musics “Light in the Attic” playlist brought me here. ✨

Sheila G

I wish I would of had the chance to hear your songs back in the 70’s & 80’s I would of been a #1 fan well it’s not to late I’m still a little young. Lmao ?. Donnie & Joe Emerson I just read a little about y’all. Very interesting, thanks to Big Little Lies I fell asleep watching that movie and heard the most amazing sound your song “BABY” omg ? I thought I was in heaven y’all are blessed much love too you both. Always ❤️❤️❤️❤️



fent anal

i can't even remember how i found this song, but i know i heard Hype Williams play it first not even knowing it was a cover. their version is great but the original is still KING!!

Liam Donovan

Ariel Pink has a version of this

trevor worldly

He sounds ass and good all at the same time


Sick Les Paul that kid has.

Feriel Bugazia

Thank you big little lies ❤️


First Time ever hearing this song..Totally Love it.

The Love Bug

I want to make genuine love to a female I have true genuine affection for whilst this song is on repeat in the background and the lights are dim and the candles are burning

michael carpenter

Collar game is on point

big ol'

Cant place where I've heard this


이야 이씨.


Thank you Big Time Adolescence (And Ariel Pink) for this gem

Celia Xavier

I love this song and especially the lyrics. You're so baby and don't tell me it's anything other.


Big Little Lies


I love fade ins.

I love fade outs.

I would have loved this song to fade out minus the lead vocal. No offense; stay with me: Just these backing vocals and these other instruments. Maybe for --- I don't know --- for example --- one minute. Make the song five minutes, 10 seconds.

Just easing out.

The end indiscernible.

(Everybody's a critic.)

Apart from this song, I've never been called 'so baby'. And I love being called 'so baby' --- though I'm not sure why. But I think every one [sic] should be called 'so baby' at least once in their life. (Though I can imagine situations that would feel --- I don't know --- for example --- creepy. Or maybe just uncomfortable --- in a bad way.)

Perhaps I'll fade out. Just easing out. The end indiscernible.

heath thomas

best make out Song

Quantum of Conscience

I don't get it... the creator of this song has 400 subs? Why not 40,000? Chris Isaak before Chris Isaak.


Ariel pink did a great cover on this classic hidden gem


Whats with the dislikes?

Adam Dimitrijevic

It's a crime they didn't get recognition as soon as this song was released.

Jorge Alberto León Júarez

Old but motherfucking gold

Blair Sheane

My wife likes it


Tim Sousa

Who saw The Comedy? You will never listen to this song the same again :) hilarious movie though.

Arcenia Macedo

I played this song to my boyfriend when we first started dating and we still cry to it every time. ??? also there's an article written about Donnie & Joe Emerson and how they were farm boys who loved singing and their dad believed in their talent so much he nearly lost his farm to get his sons a recording studio and in that time they didn't make a dime and it took decades for them to get recognition ?? & it's the cutest/saddest story bc this song is gold. My love João Eu te amo ? UPDATE MY BOYFRIEND AT THE TIME ENDED UP CHEATING ON ME FOR A WHOLE YEAR. I still listen to this song and love it and it no longer gives me feelings of nostalgia of him. I just listen to it as the beautiful song it is. ?


Coldblooded stone cold pantie dropping savages???

Henry Moses

My Tiny loves this song! I’d never heard it before. I love that she loves music just like her Father “Me”. She’s turned me on to songs I’d never heard before. Thank you my beautiful blue eyed princess. Bless you always.

Jack Bowen

One of the most perfect songs of all time. I firmly believe that.


thanks ariel pink for showing me this incredible song <3

Aiyana's Rainbow Bridge

Celeste and Jesse brought me here???

Jake Simmons

The greatest love song of all time. Hands down


Too good

Edmond Saliba

this song SLAPS

The Gastronaught

This is the greatest song ever made. Madaline, my baby, this will forever be ours


This song is everything❤

Everyday Cliché

I stumbled upon this and its been my favorite record the past few weeks.

Abraham Kalili

Can't believe there are no comments. Something very right about this song.


Nicely done...

Shannon Anders

I've never heard this before...this is so bitchin'! I can't believe how it makes me feel!

Mma NtrLvr


me,myself & I

5 years late

Killian Do

trop beau


I'M so baby?

Des Macveigh

Wow....this tune blew me away . So so beautiful. Anyone who's been in love will understand ??
And to the emerson's. Big up your dad ?

Misa rai

thank you big little lies, thank you donnie and joe, this song is beautiful, genuinely sweet. their voices are like honey

Hannah Oram

Magical land with your lover. Let’s play forever. This song gives me such good love vibes

Mma NtrLvr

Maybe next summer -shake it jam-???............?

Magic Penny Productions

it's an awesome song and great playing.

Avéa Emerson

So proud of my dad ♥️

Ivan Flores

I was watching ugly delicious and I heard this play. I thought for A second... I know this song. Revisited the song. Now I'm hooked again

So baby

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So baby pull me closer in the backseat of your Rover,? - The Chainsmokers

86 214 views | 29 Aug. 2018

So baby pull me closer in

So baby pull me closer in the backseat of your Rover,? - The Chainsmokers

The Chainsmokres "Closer" ft. Halsey out now: http://smarturl.it/tcsCLOSER

Directed, Shot, and Edited By: Rory Kramer

Drone Operator: ThatOneBlondKid

Actors: TaylorCutFilms and Alyssa Lynch

Contributing Footage: TaylorCutFilms and Matt Komo

Production Assistants: Ben Wolin and Enes Kolenovic


I liks this

The Piedrasanta's

I love is song


So baby pull me closer in the bathtub with a toaster.

natasha van der westhuizen

So baby pull me closer in the backseat of

Lps Dark cookies

Lol it’s stolen

Kayla Meyers

Me: I need a new phone
Mom: why
Me: because I can’t play so baby pull me closer
Mom:OMG that’s bad I will buy u a new one

Belinda Marshall

I love that song with lol (lots of love or laugh out loud)




I like this

Rick Phillips

Me mom

Kisha Smith


HALA Zaidخ٥%مم٦٨ك

i love it sooooooooooooooooo much

Gaming Dinuri

Baby Pull me Closer in back seat of your rover

Rick Phillips

I want a. New phone

matt fogarty

A pessimist vs an optimist

Minotaur M

This so cute ❤️

Rick Phillips


Rick Phillips

Cuse I want to play. Bab y pull me closer


Baby is not pulling, baby is riding the Rover ??

King Kai

Ok im going upstairs and the best of the most part of the day of school and work with the same croner virus

Roland Aberdeen

V. D. V?

Rick Phillips

Omg thanks

Rick Phillips


natasha van der westhuizen


Nita Jain

I like it soooooooooooooo much

Alfonzo McCarter

That is so......


I feel like most people are starting to use this animation

Rick Phillips


ashif khan behena

Enjoy ur ????

Babita Barman

That's Good??..Yaap...??

ᏨᖇᾀẔ⁅⁅ Zo Fie

Oh you don’t know the song title? Its closer!

najiba anbar

rhe songs name is closer



Roland Aberdeen


Sara mohsin

I love it

Bonnie Smith

Sweet love this song.

Anastasia Rodriguez

I love this song

Taraji Lawshea

Cool song ?

King Aragorn II

? Marry Poppins BF... ???

Toxic XoX

I hate this

Scott Murray

Love it soooooooo much ❤?????

Rick Phillips

OMG ok. That's my favorite so g here is a new phone

Carol F

Its called closer but still love it♡︎

Rick Phillips

Ne mom

So baby

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Chubby Baby So Cute - Chubby Videos

986 447 views | 9 Feb. 2020

☞ Video: Chubby Baby So

☞ Video: Chubby Baby So Cute - Chubby Videos

☞ Link video:

Thanks for watching! Wait to see more new video everyday on Baby Awesome!

For more funny babies: https://bitly.com.vn/rcko4o

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►About us:

Hi All!

Welcome to Baby Awesome, where you can find the best and the funniest baby videos in the world.

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#babyawesome #funnybaby #cutebaby

Subash Badu

Wow so cute baby?

Wiedya Paramita


Harolyn Allison

Arent these kids a treasure. Hold them close love them and arm then with knowledge and a sense of decency. They are God's children and the parents of these beautiful children are lucky to have them

Sahanna S

The first one is funny and cute ?

L. C.

Ty for this. Today I was at my grandmother’s, who suffers of severe dementia. Seeing these babies (she has always loved children) she started to smile and to laugh like she never did in years. Found a key. Ty from Italy

Higor Guedes


Lunatic Luni

Aww ?

Hilarious Baby

It seems that the babies make me forget about the fatigue,

Sulakhan Masi


Шура Самоходкина

О чем...

nam soon choi


shehla khan


Josiel Moura

vou ter um irmãozinho.

nur yantini

Lucu dedek ini gantian subcribs chanel namaku m

rema Mani

Cutiee kids???

shehla khan


Hilarious Baby

The babies are priceless gifts that God gives us. Love baby




why isn't my baby sister in this don't hate these babies are ADORABLE they are angels

Maria Barbosa

Muito lindos

Marwa Badrat


Нурболат Уагапов


jose ferreira jr

Deus abençoes os bebês....God bless all babies

Doug Roberts

So sweet, I gained five pounds watching this. ????❤️❤️❤️❤️??????????

Raquel Ulep

So cute babies ???

Annelies Wallace

All these moron parents making their babies cry! Why are they included in this compilation?


?? nice

Linh Linh

I love you baby ?

Reni Chubby


Blanca Monar

Que rico son Bendito?❤❤❤?☘??? los bebés ??‍?‍????

shehla khan


Лана Милющенко

Детки-чудо,но какие противные писклявые голоса у мамочек-иностранок,вот наша мамочка скажет,так скажет

Léa Mounigan


nur yantini

Lucunys subscribs namaku m


Un gros bebe .C'est vrai j'aime voir les gros bebes.


Nhớ hai bạn Cò. Khi hai bạn í bé, hai bạn í cũng nghịch ngợm, đáng yêu và có phần đáng thương vì mình chăm nom hai bạn í chưa thực sự chu đáo.

Meiko Yasunaka


Urmila uzir


vanix Cerna

So cute just like my baby girl sister??❤️?????

Helen Smith

Tickling is toture

Татьяна Бессорабова

Маленькие сокровища

Ace Hardy


Sabir khan niazi

ah shweet



Kebal Kc39

Heartly lov all babies

Precious Passion

Dear YouTube owners please put all these adds in ur mommy's asshole happy new year 2021

Aynur Yuruk

Great ?????Sweet?? ??Cute???? babies Thanks??

Zillehuma Peerbux

Mashallah small angels

Muhammad Shafeeque

Very nice

Elena Yanchevcka

Как хотите,а я наслаждаюсь!!!

Sonal Kumari

So cute baby and nice

Joe Trung

They all look like cherubs ?❤️

Josiel Moura

pq tem pessoas que não gosta de bebês? que fofuraaaaaaaa.

Syeda Bena Parsha Jahan.Bibhor

Bless you all the valuable beautiful adorable sweet cute Angles??❤ Lot's of love & blessings for you all the darling little Angles..

Nailah Quero


jesus pappa

So cute god bless all gutties

Rakiah Baker


Kiara Aker

Can I have one of the baby's for a week plz

ลําเจียก แก้วสนธิ

สงสารตอนให้หมาเลียหน้า ปากของลูกสกปรกมากคนเราไม่ทำเด๋กหัวเราะน่ารักสดชื่นดีต่อใจ

Nassi Diva Queen

Hhhhh hello

Debra Lynn Paxton

Precious babies/families :D ♥♥♥♥♥♥

satria hamzah

oh..so cute


Nothing cute about fatso babies!!! Gross

Yam Art

Super cute???

kristina tollefson

cute video

Maura Salete

Hahaha ??? eu morro de tanto rir desses fofuchos ??????
Coisas mais fofas ??❤️