Skin grafts for acne scars

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FAT grafting for scars (does it work?) Venkat Center Bangalore. India fat grafting

1 631 views | 10 Jul. 2020

Scars on the face are

Scars on the face are never pleasant. They take away from other parts of your face and can be painful reminders.

Fat grafting can be an effective treatment for scars. It can improve both depth and surface and is a simple procedure done under local anesthesia.

Dr. Aniketh from the Venkat Center Bangalore explains all about this procedure.

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Dr, Aniketh Venkataram has trained in aesthetic surgery all over the world including Belgium, where he was awarded the prestigious DAFPRAS fellowship, USA where he was one of 2 people worldwide awarded the ASAPS fellowship. In addition he has traveled to Istanbul, the global hub of rhinoplasty, Dubai and Taiwan. All to bring the best and latest techniques to India.

The Venkat Center Bangalore is a premier institute for plastic surgery in India. First started in 2003, we have 3 branches in Bangalore. Our motto is 'EXPERTISE. EXPERIENCE. ETHICS'



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Whatsapp= 7022101689

Instagram- draniketh

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Samru Gaikwad

How many treatments we have to get good results

Nilesh Malusare


jyothi bandaru

Hello doctor, I have deep acne pores on my cheeks and forehead. Derma roller treatment was done but still the pores were there. Is this treatment helps us...

Vinoth s

Dear doctor, will this treatment works for frown lines and fine lines?

Riddhi Jain

Hello ..!
Is fat grafting good for neck lines....?

Sheetal Nagpal

Fat grafting healing/recovery is a week or more?

And how much time it takes for the results to be visible?

Can Nano fat grafting done for dark circles or hollow eyes?

Vinoth s

Dear doctor, do you fill fat under each scar or will you inject fat at one common entry to the entire check?

Md zabi

How long will fat grafting last for acne scarring.

Samru Gaikwad

Are these results permanent

jyothi bandaru

Is that treatment so expensive


How long it last for?

Sheetal Nagpal

Fat grafting healing/recovery is a week or more?

And how much time it takes for the results to be visible?

Can Nano fat grafting done for dark circles or hollow eyes?

Priya Shaw

Dear doctor can we fix our weak chin help of fat grafting


Thank you Dr, very informative video.

Pawan_ Bawa_4u

Sir I have deep box acne scars. Nd m taking treatment from Chandigarh P.G.I. With 6-7 sittings dermo roller treatment bt that is not much helpful for me.
So this fat grafting treatment is best for my acne scars ??

Skin grafts for acne scars

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Autologous Microfat and Nanofat Grafting for Treating Acne Scars

7 143 views | 20 Mar. 2020

Autologous Fat Grafting

Autologous Fat Grafting has been used extensively with varying results for aesthetic & anti ageing indications . Nanofat is popularly known as liquid gold. Microfat brings forth newer concepts in Fat Grafting about the improved survival of smaller diameter grafts.

In this video, I have demonstrated techniques of Fat Grafting - Tumescent Anesthesia, Fat Harvesting , Fat Processing with Decantation / Centrifugation / Washing & Filtration and the subsequent injection technique in a patient with Acne Scars. Have also shared results that we can expect in patients with the same.

Jiji Pink

Does this treatment really help to get ride of acne scars? Reply please

Dr. Smita Chakote

Good job dr dhanraj...

Saswata Roy

Sir how much cost this treatment....

Skin Care Clinic

Sir i have older Instruments.....from where can i buy the Instruments you are using


Ummm cn we do this to cover 2mm old chiken pox scar?

Pramod Prajapati

Don't do this treatment. It is waste of money only

Shahid Khan

How many sessions will be required..


Can I get your number ???

Vishal Anand

Pehle socha tha lekin ab nhi karaonga ??

Nilesh Malusare

Clinic pune

ahmad mansor

Need more details please
For doctors ?

vaibhav patel

Its parmenet????

barsarani palak

Sir, is there any risk of fat necrosis afterwards of this procedure nd if happen than how to prevent the complications.... how many sessions are usually needed to enhance the facial volume....

poonam Hurdoyal

Is this process is painful?

Dev Dutta

How much would u charge for this treatment, as i have acne scars.

Skin grafts for acne scars

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Skin grafting scar treatment

1 293 views | 10 Jul. 2020

#Burn scar #Skin

#Burn scar #Skin grafting scar #Korean doctor

Burn scar laser surgery specialist - MISO SARANG Clinic (Pinholxel method)

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3F 309, Seocho-daero, Seocho-gu, Seoul, South Korea


I'm a doctor who treat burn scar in South Korea.

There is no way to treat burn scars fully yet, but I have a unique laser surgery that remove burn scars effectively.

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I hope everyone who need a cure for burn scar know about 'Pinholxel Method'.

I wish to give hope to patients who doesn't know that there is still possible treatment for their burn scar.

And I also wished to share this new treatment method to doctors who are interested in burn scar treatment.

david bayode


Asisipho Asisipho

I need this ???

M O m O M

You're doing a good job.