How to get rid of a stye before it forms

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how to get rid of a stye before it forms

153 views | 4 Jul. 2019

how to get rid of a stye

how to get rid of a stye before it forms. Here in this video i talk about how to get rid of a stye before it forms

FT Swexfer

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I am PG Dylan

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How to get rid of a stye before it forms

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How to get rid of a stye "My story"

2 859 views | 31 Jul. 2014

Christianna Arango gives

Christianna Arango gives tips and tricks on help for anyone out there suffering from those horrible styes and also describes her trials and tribulations along the way. If you like this channel please subscribe and thank you for viewing.


okay thanks for letting me kno,I raeally hope it works for you and you get better!


Thank you lol?


I'm sorry to hear that seriously. The baby soap I use is just the regular kind that says baby soap and its in a yellow bottle. As for the hard bump,I had one actually for about five months. Fortunately mine absorbed itself and went away.This could still be a possibility for yours but if not it might need to be surgically removed. I know that's not the best news lol but that's only other solution I can think of. I really hope it goes away and sorry it took me so long to get back to you.

Nirmini Rav

Hey i'm a grade 9er and I got a stye 1 year ago and it's been two years since I had an stye!!! I hate it all I want to do is literally cut my eye.. I've been trapped in my depression for very long.. all i want is my eye to get fixed.. surgery is the only option now


?? your funny af! Nd you keep it real!??????

streetbass 786

i had to get my stye surgicaly removed and fuck me did it hurt, now its come back again on my lower eyelid this time

F. Sanchez

Cute kid, thanks for the advice! I’m a grown woman and got one last month and it was so painful! I wish I knew then this trick you speak of to wash your eye out real good. Keep your videos up! ???


Have a terrible stye, I'm gonna try this tonight, I hope it gets better by tomorrow or Friday, thanks for the advice and I'll lyk how it works!

vivian Violet

I've had that tissue like wear my stye was had it for bout 5 months now and I have two in my left eye they r so annoying been putting the warm tea bag compress hope I don't have too get it surgically removed ?

LA Curly Girls

Some people use ear wax or fresh human breast milk on styes. 

Enjoy your sophomore year!


How to get rid of a stye "My story": http://youtu.be/hFGllae3Xfk

Aj Martlock

Yo this works I am so hype I don't even feel the irritation. It started like a couple hours ago and got bad real fast then I was like yolo. I did this and it doesn't even hurt and I can feel the pus being released thank you for this


Awww u poor thing! I thought I got a lot of styes but every week?! Do you happen to put oils or oily hair products on ur hair? I feel like maybe when u sweat your hair products probably clogs up the pores in ur eyes. I actually had to get surgery to remove mine last time... Not something I recommend so yeah good thing u treat them ASAP! Also did u say u have scars from them?

Gabriel Andrade

I was like that freshmen year too but