Microcurrent face lift

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Microcurrent facial treatment. Lunchtime face lift.

97 views | 11 Jan. 2021

So many people think when

So many people think when I say facial, that I mean putting make up on. So I thought I would make a video to show you exactly what I do when I perform a facial on a client. If you are interested in a more in-depth description than watch the longer video that has me talking in it. Thanks guys have a great day!



Lunchtime face lift.

Microcurrent face lift

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Myolift Mini Microcurrent Full Face and Neck Tutorial

51 076 views | 18 Jan. 2020


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Today on Beauty Beyond 40, I walk you through a tutorial using the Myolift Mini on your whole face and neck.

PLEASE NOTE: When using microcurrent on the neck area, be careful to avoid the carotid artery and the throat area. For help or more info while using your Myolift Mini device, consult your user manual or contact 7E Wellness at [email protected]

I am not a licensed esthetician.

ALSO PLEASE READ: When working with the Myolift Mini probes, be sure they don't touch each other. In this video, when I'm doing the erase mode, my probes sometimes slide together and touch. If you do this, according to the user manual, you will lose the flow of current.

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NOTES: I usually see this info on microcurrent manufacturers' sites, so I wanted to share it here: "Microcurrent should not be used if you are pregnant, have a pacemaker, electronic implanted device, have epilepsy/seizures or active cancer, or are under the age of 18. If you have any medical concerns, please consult your doctor before using the device."


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✔ FTC DISCLAIMER: This video is not sponsored. Some links are affiliate links and the Myolift Mini device was gifted to me.


Channel Disclaimer: All content and media on the Beauty Beyond 40 YouTube channel is created and published online for educational purposes only. It is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice and should not be relied on as health or personal advice.


Thank you so much for this tutorial. I was looking into this device to purchase as a mother's day gift and your video has been really helpful! Unfortunately it looks like the device is currently out of stock, but I'll be sure to use your code when purchasing.

Michele C

Just used my myolift mini for the first time following along with you. Thank you so much!?

Ik V

What crap, they suddenly have it back in stock at a higher price. This tells me it was never fully out of stock, since it was relatively unknown device, and they were just inflating a need for demand to hike up prices. How tacky. Definitely not buying it.

Debbie Green

I just got my Myolift Mini and found your video. I've been watching other videos, and I have to say I think yours is the BEST hands down. I was struggling a little bit but with your step by step instructions, I realize I was doing some things right and wrong. Thanks for this video. I also just asked to join your Facebook group because I tried the NuFace a few years ago and it really turned me off of Microcurrent until I got the Myolift.

Marisol Fregoso

I love your videos! You are the best! Can I used a different gel?


What if I combine the NuFace and the Myolift on days I dont have time to do myolift? Different days of the week?

Anne-Marie Stuart-King

My mini arrived in the `uk today! Thanks for this video... soooooo hepful!!! I followed you for my first treatment (and defo will continue til I really get the hang of it)! Also bought the Newa which I did before. Can see some results already! You're a super star!!

Ruchi Srivastava

Wud u suggest between nu face mini or the trinity? Or the refa? What do u think? The myolift is 2much4 me

Faye Giblin

Used your code and it has just been delivered... charging now. Can barely wait to give it a whirl... thanks for the great video - it made me buy it ;) xx

Cristiane Citadin, daí

For this device, is ok to use the aloe vera gel that you talk about in the other video?

zoe noore

Wonderful video. I'd be grateful for any feedback-
Nothing I do can get conductivity to hold on my forehead.
Also, I'm wondering about deep nasiolabia folds. Can you do erase mode over the fold? Or should you only do the pinch and hold ?

Kyle Bradley

Will this work on guys with a beard? It's not a real thick long haired beard.

Be Strong and Love Yourself

Thank you! ???


What intensity did you use on the cheeks on the educate mode??

Marisol Fregoso

Hello Beauty! I have a question, I am doing the Myolift and the Palovia and now I saw your videos about micro-needle, can I do microneedle if I am doing already Microcurrent and laser?
I can't leave the laser (palovia) until I finish the 30 days (is helping me a lot with my sun spots) and same with microcurrent I need to finish the month. but I really want to try the dr. pen! please let me know, I appreciate your opinion. Thank you!

Natalia M

Can I use this device if I am 30?

Aging Naturally with Jodylynn

This is wonderful! Thank you! Just got mine in the mail and I can't wait to use it! This was a perfect tutorial!


Can this help give a lip lift? / one side of my lip pulls down because of the depressor anguli muscle under the mouth and I want to fix it...

Yoga GirlsWorld

Hey Trina!!???I love your videos!! I've been watching and taking notes! I just got my MyoLift today and I'm using the Video to do my first treatment!! Yay, DIY Gang!!????‍♀️?

Heike Eichhorn

Hello, where can I purchase the Myolift Mini, couldn't find it on amazon or ebay. Thanks

Neelam Goswami

Hi , how can get this delivered to India


Do you have a Nuface and do you still use it?

Stephanie Wolkoff

Need this so bad. I have the nuface but want to try the myolift. Its sold out! waaaaaa. any idea where i can find it available?

Penélope Lavender

Just bought this machine. I am so happy that I found this lovely lady. I just did the video with her. And I can see a huge difference thank you so much love this machine

Silvana K.

Hi, have you ever tryed microneedeling ( Dr. Pen
A 6, or A 7, or A8), or with any other microneedeling pen?
Thank you

phoebe rubin

This was really helpful. Thank You!

Jennifer Arts_et_Metiers

I honestly really appreciate that you don’t use Botox or fillers. I see some of these other videos out there and nothing against the personal choice to have injectables... but how is anyone to actually gauge how and if something works to make you look younger on people who’ve used those methods?

Susan Loyet-Williams

I have a nuface which only lasted just a little over two years. The battery will not hold a charge. If anyone is thinking of the nuface, I would not recommend it.

Stefania Mason

Love your videos, im a bit worry about some people said that using two wands if you don't know the face hanatomy you can have a different effects?
I have a very skiny face


Hi Trina, does the device has to be used with the conductive gel sold on the website or would regular ultrasound gel work just as well?

barbie ken

Is myo lift better for under eye wrinkles? Or is the nu face elle attachment better?

Alanna A.

I received my myolift mini two nights ago. I ordered it using your code after watching this video and seeing how easy it was to use. Tonight was my first time following along and using it, and I love it! My friend let me borrow his ZIIP but I’m seeing results after one use of the Myolift that I didn’t see after three uses from the ZIIP. If it wasn’t for you, Trina, I would’ve never bought nor attempted to use what appears to be a complicated bit a machinery. However, after following your video tonight, I’m confident I will get more adept at using this. Thank you for your simple, easy to follow instructions.

Isabella Belau

What about the double chin ( turkey chin) ??? I know you don’t have any but an exercise (educate) for that? ???

steph soppanish

This is out of stock everywhere so yea good luck everyone ??

Ik V

How to buy, they are out of stock?!

Andy Moskowitz

What happens if the probes accidentally touch?

Marisol Fregoso

Thank you so much for the video! I already have one, but I have a question, is this devise good for dark circles? or for sun spots? I appreciate your opinion, you are really Good!

Helen Fernee

I’m in UK. I would love one too, but apart from fact that international shipping is horrendously expensive and that’s before customs and “handling” charges they are out of stock again. Hopefully they will ultimately have a UK stockist. Thanks for the demo though, really enjoyed it. Love enviously from UK. Hx

Panama Girl

Usually I see many fairer skin women look older, but you look amazing. You look about 28.?

Regina Ford

I just received my Myolift kit yesterday and I am so excited to use it! I will be doing it along with this video. Thank you and I used your code for the discount.


First of all, what???!!!! There is NO WAY you are 44!! You look INCREDIBLE, just sayin! Next, FANTASTIC video tutorial, thanks! I DO HAVE A QUESTION: Can you do this between your boobies to get rid of those sleep wrinkles you get from sleeping on your side? Also, I was reading below where you answered to someone that you are not supposed to use microcurrent in conjunction with Retin-A but you didn't say why?? I am assuming you are only referring to using the Retin-A in place of the gel conductivity solution but if it's that you can't use Retin-A at all; please explain?? Thanks so much and I look forward to trying this out:-)

Vanesa G

Has anyone traveled with this machine? TSA approved?

Blah X

Can you work on the nose bridge? I literally have a horizontal wrinkle dead center between my eyes. Not 11's between the brows but the eyes. lol!

Kelly Ludwin

I just ordered mine. Said 10-15 days. Thank you for the code. It saved me $15 and I sent a request to join your facebook group.

Karen Janes

Can you get the Myolift Mini in the UK? Thank you.


BTW: This machine is great for any young people who are prone to Bell’s Palsy as it will tone your facial muscles and reduce symptoms and keep your face more functional and symentrical.

bobbie DANNY

I just ordered the Myolift 600 so excited to try this new devise!


trina I love you videos can you tell me how old are you. im 52 and is looking to tighten my neck area and jowls what do you suggest ?

Salma Shahab

I've been using myolift for over a year and it works well. Could I use the same device for scalp stimulation? Google hasn't offered any answers. Thanks.

Tracy Chou

How do you take care of your neck? You don't seem to have any neckline? It would be really helpful if you can share with us how you take care of your neck?

Misun Oh

Thank you Trina. This was very helpful & informative.

Ro Brockway

Hi, I'm new to your channel. I have a myolift mini and I want to use the gloves. Do I need to buy extra leads to use the gloves? My device is a bit older and I'm not sure if my leads will separate from the longer electrode/rod?

Ingrid Energy Practitioner & Inspired Jewelry

What is the micro-current amp on this devise please?

Metatron Men

I bought one, I tried first time but for be honest I cant feel nothing in my face, no twitches in my face even in highest intensity, just like a metal flavor in my mouth.
This is normal? or the machine is probably defective?


Just came across your channel, it's very informative! I am deciding between the nuface trinity, and the myolift mini. Which do you think is most effective? Using it every day doesn't really bother me. Thanks!


I have both the myolift and Nuface. Nuface is so much easier : )

Sirlei Martin

Hi Trina. I am 52 years old and new to micro current, trying to decide if I should get a MyoLift mini. How often you have to do this routine?

barbie ken

It would be nice if there is sign saying if the movement is erase or educate mode.

Carrie Ginn

Where do I order from?

Joan S

Good for you! Studies are now linking Botox to ALS. Stay away from it!

Some One

I received my myolift the day before yesterday so excited to use it

Shachi Srivastava

Shipping is $75 to UAE.....too expensive ?

Rosa V. Nieves

Wish I could buy one, but had been out of stock for a while.

Patricia Kim

How long does the whole thing take? Just got one but have 2 small kids and can’t do it for too long. Do you break it up?

Aby MM

Hello! I have been investigating and catching up with your videos (very educative!). I have been meaning to buy the Foreo bear mini to start with micro current. I am 29, almost 30. Thought I could start with the bear as the others are intimidating. Do you think that is worth buying or should I jump right into the myolift?

Lorraine Bonilla

Thank you for sharing this is the first time I've ever seen a tutorial. Many talk about but you deliver the how to cant wait to try it. IM 63 yrs young and want to look younger hahaha. Thank yoy beautiful!

Ofelia Franco

Hi can I use the myolift mini more than once a day? I'd like to use it on my elevens. Thank you.

Solent Solent

This was a perfect video, as I just received my myolift machine this morning.

Oriana Shamoun


Tonya St2021

Myolift is sold out


Is it ok to use this if you have filler? Thanks! It seems like this product is more effective that the Nuface. Do you agree?

Melisa Palmorn

?? This was amazing! I am an Esthetician and I have a diagram to follow but to visually see the movements helps me so much more! Thank you thank you!!❤️

Alex h

Another video meantioned if one is using Retin A nightly that it shouldn't be used if doing microcurrent treatments. Is this true?

Rachel Salapka

This is terrific. I purchased a myolift it has been sitting in my office for over three weeks and I finally got the courage to use it after watching this video. Thank you so much.

providence phelps

I did it! Thanks to this amazing tutorial I was able to use my brand new myolift mini for the first time this evening. Thank you so much Trina for your wonderful presentations. You’ve made it so easy for the rest of us! ??❤️❤️

Ruchi Srivastava

U look great btw


I love your intro. It gives me so much hope! My skin is sagging, basically sliding off my skull, lol. I’ve been thinking of getting fillers but... $$$! Plus I hate needles! I hope you are right about the shift. I’ll def give micro-current a try. Plus it’s like 10x cheaper. Thank you!


Hi First of all I love your videos, so informative, seriously have recommended you to several friends :-)
I'm about to buy one and wonder about a few things that I hope you can help with....Do they deliver to New Zealand?, Do you think I should wait until Black Friday to see if its on special? I am 50 with smokers lines really bad above my lip, and deep wrinkles to the side of my mouth will this help that area?

Stefania Mason

I bought the myolift miny today as used but has everything except the gel
I have lot of nuface gel
And also do I have to spray the face with water?
I can't afford the myolift gel at this moment

Elaine Wallace

I think you are getting a lot of commission on promoting the MyoLift, you not have given the other devices a fair review, you said you only used the ZIIP around your eye area, you need to do a full face routine to get the full benefit, I have both the NUface and the ZIIP. The ZIIP isamazing, and one bottle of gel lasted six months, it also has programs no other device has. It effectively tackled my pigmentation, clears the skin of impurities, it leaves your face like a babies bum. Also the Nuface and ZIIP do not give similar results, the Ziip is superior

Sherrie Olsen

Is this proven to be safe ?


Best tutorial ever

Tina Cheung

Love your clear and down to earth presentation style, it’s like listening to a girl friend talk. The hooded eye techniques are phenomenal, can’t wait for my myolift mini to arrive ❤️

Ruchi Srivastava

Ur n amazing teacher.. make it seem ez!! Thank u so much. Really like the mini lift but am 2 lazy 2 do this.

Pat Armstrong

I would love one! Out of stock :(


Hello, I have a question about the contraindications for using Myolift Mini. After removing the braces, I have permanent metal wires on my teeth. Can i use Myolift?

Sunny van Vlijmen

I just purchased the Myolift Mini and was looking for a CLEAR and concise video that I could simply follow along as I am doing the microcurrent treatment. This is the absolute best video I found on YouTube :) Thank you!!!


After how many sessions can you increase the intensity or move to level 2

Tracy Chou

When I use it close to the eyes, I see flashes. is it normal?

Astrid Crabbe

I hope you’re right but you’re still too young to say you’ll never use filler. I felt like you and my face look great with micro current and facials at 44. Fast forward about 3 years and suddenly face volume was an issue and fine lines and hollows start appearing. Micro current cannot replace that volume to what it was. I’m 49 now and after trying to use all sorts of treatment and devices that I used to think were enough I’m about to get filler for the first time. The changes really do come on fairly quickly and you don’t know what hit you!

♡ Winterbird ♡

when you said you're seeing some difference right now, i went back to the beginning of the video and it was exactly the same??? you even said that you're using level 2 so you're definiitely* seeing a difference....???

Claudia Ralston

When you glide, pinch and hold the eyelid to meet in the middle, are the probes touching? Are they supposed to? I thought I read that you lose conductivity when the probes touch? I have a hard time replicating this move without touching the probes together, since it's such a small area. Can you please elaborate on what's the proper movement? Thanks!

shawna wyland

I just found you yesterday and love your channel. I am wondering if you have tried the clareblend mini?

Zelda Fitzgerald

Hi - I've had my Myolift for more than a week and watched about 5 tutorials and they were all very confusing - I managed to do the 7e tutorial - but it was so boring and uninspiring. I followed your routine tonight - and will definitely be following you - you not only made it easy to work out how to hold the probes you also explained what you were doing and what the end result that was being targeted. Thanks for the video.

009Girl jxijkaj

Is this effective for reducing double chin ?

Ursula iriarte

Thanks. This tutorial was awesome. I could not understand the cards that came with the myolift ...again thanks?

Sheri Robbins

Such a great video! Can you please tell me what movements I can do for the platysma muscles? Do you think it's really possible to make them less prominent? Thanks again!

Lulu Vela

Thank you for the great videos!!
Would it be possible for you to do a demo only focusing on jowls?
That would b greatly appreciated

Debbie Bonvillain

Love your demo. Very easy to follow for beginners like me. Thank you.

Esther Mercedes Rivera Murphy