Virgin castor oil

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260 views | 19 May. 2020

Hello lovelies how are you

Hello lovelies how are you all doing so in today's video i will talking on the effectiveness of castor oil/virgin hair fertilizer, hope you all will enjoy watching please, kindly subscribe like, share & comment. Sending lots of love to you all?

Emms Vlogz

what a beauty.. your indeed a beautiful girl

Talk & Gist

Very good Information

Chichi Nwa Chukwu.

I have used it before, is very nice. Thanks for sharing.??


What a coincidence I just feel this video hair virgin it works I am a testimony is really good guys try it out

Rainy Zion

Virgin is a very nice product for hair ?

the ss fam

i love castor oil it works weller.tfs

Amaka Njoku

You’re right sis! Castor oil is very good and Virgin hair fertilizer works great ?TFS

Joan Mae

Thats a good idea girl..thats your secret to look more beautiful

subashini mixedchannel

Super sis pleas instra

mimitv Belgium

Congrats sis

Sarah Otas

First to comment

Lady F K kichen

This is nice but I have use this products before maybe I didn't buy the original one I will give it a try again ??

Sarah Otas

thank you for sharing sis

Kiddies Family reality TV

Yes we did enjoy the video. Stay connected, Well done.

cm hix

Great product my friend. How can i have that

neneth castillo

hi ate chi


Wow, what a wonderful product. Thanks for sharing this.

Queen J Vlog Tv

this is very informative sis thanks for sharing!

AB's Kitchen Recipes

Good idea...New friend joined...6:49 view

Dinosaur Lover Team

Hello... hello

Arlyn Moorcraft

Nice products

Kuya Dhing Tv

Keep on Vlogging and God bless

food n voyage

very very useful video and timely for trying too

Keven Reyes

happy to see you again see you around


Amazing one this sissy.thanks for sharing

Pat izzytv

Amazing product thanks for sharing

Virgin castor oil

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Black Castor Growth Oil for Natural Hair Growth Review | Does it really work??

1 009 views | 8 Jan. 2018

Link for the castor oil :

Link for the castor oil :


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Nonya3428 Not

I was using bjco also and my hair was itching to the point of me scratching sores ?..but as soon as I stopped using it the itching stopped..(now my hair can grow back in peace)..So yeah, it’s not for everyone..I thought I was the only one that went through this..??‍♀️?Great video!

Ralph X

i been using castor oil since christias and i feel like its made a big change on the health of my hair, i feel like its made my hair grow faster, but i'm not 100% sure, how long do you plan on growing your hair out for btw? i'm on month 20 and its really changed my life

Charmaine Espeut

Omg I haven't been on here in a while. You cut your hair?! When? Why?

Virgin castor oil

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Black Castor Oil Vs Extra Virgin Castor Oil

10 406 views | 19 Apr. 2014

The differences between

The differences between JBCO and Cold pressed/ extra virgin Castor oil and the benefits of their use.

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Where can ger the original black castor oil please?


cool thankz for sharing! :)

Tasha Burns

Thank you for explaining the difference, great video!


Yes, you did. Very detailed info. Mi love mi Jbco especially di burn strong smell. Lol...

Maria Yates

Hola Yo vivo en Italia donde puedo
En contrar El olio Blake casto? Gracias

Nelly B.

the hair is looking good hunni

two ladies

Is it darker. N n. N. We're can n. I buy the darker dark 1

Tina Haha

I love your hair. God Bless you always !


Very informative.

Botanical Dawta'

Thanks for the breakdown about the oil, very informative. When it first hit the UK it was real expensive has gone down a little so may tr it on my edges.

Keisha Clark

I've wanted to know this so thanks a lot.

Andrine Brown - Cover

i am sure this video is very informative but the echo in the room affects the audio, so i couldn't hear you. 

Stacy Robinson

Thanks for sharing. Love to see my fellow island people on YouTube.

Mocha Dier

used both of them... love them. love the thick oil for sealing my hair. 


Very good video! Thanks so much and yes I have subscribed!