How to take amla powder

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Week 1 guideline - Have Amla daily - 12-week fitness project 2020

287 930 views | 7 Jan. 2020

Week 1 guideline –

Week 1 guideline – 12-week fitness project 2020

An Amla a day, keeps cold, coughs and flu away.

An indigenous fruit, Amla has a long tradition of being used as a therapeutic fruit across all regions of India. Indian homes and our dadis, nanis, appas, ammas have always known about the benefits of Amla, then why did it lose favour in modern India? Well, one reason is that the farmer cannot buy billboards or sponsor TV shows like orange juice makers or kiwi sellers can. And your grandmom doesn’t speak with an accent or tells you about its benefits from an exotic locale. Toh follow the money and you will figure where we lost our common sense.

But it’s time to revive it and this is how you can include Amla daily this winter –

1. As the whole fruit by itself, with kala namak

2. As sherbets, fresh and homemade

3. As moravla (murabba) or amla jams that are made at home and stored literally for ages (the older the better). Have it with a meal.

4. Amla pickle – Have it with lunch or dinner.

5. Chyawanprash – main ingredient is amla. Can have with milk, water or just like that.

6. Amla supari - dried and salted amla used as a mouth freshener and as a digestive and antacid.


Eating one amla daily in winters (because that is its season) will –

- Prevent cold, coughs and flus and even help you recover from them

- Help you burn fat and sport a slimmer waist

- Improve insulin sensitivity and help regulate blood sugars

- Regulate production of cholesterol and has cardio-protective abilities

- Provide 20 times, you heard that right, the Vit C of orange. So, if you are tired, dull, irritated, it will help perk you up.

- Work as a co-factor for iron assimilation. So if you are low on Hb, have this. Especially useful for all of you who have a tough time waking up, are around puberty, have bad PMS or endometriosis.

- Prevent wrinkling and greying of hair (even used as a hair dye).

- Improve eye sight, oral health and help heal bruises faster.

- Rich in Vit B1 and B2, will help you if have heavy flow on second day of the period.

Basically, this winter, "ek amle ka dose, har roz."

Registration for the 12-week Fitness project 2020 will close shortly. Fill this form to register – bit.ly/12week2020


Madhuri Pawar

Mam continue awala juice kiti diwas gheu shakto

Kishore Makkar

Please speak hindi ????

jyoti kandekar

Mam please hindi marathi bashet nahi ka

Deepak Sonawane

Overacting like. ...Bollywood #.

Sarita Thakur

Too much body gestures .....plz make it normal.....

Amey Desai

How much should be the amount of eating avla daily


Amla churna

shibani nathani

I want to take in empty stomach? Hw to take ? What to mix fr weight loss

Tanu Garg

How many amla a person have to take in a day?

Ratnalle Kibbay

12 weeks चे पुस्तक विकत कुठे मिळेल

Dr.Koyel Koley

Can I drink amla juice available in market ?
Please please please answer

Randy Sampogna

Anyone tried the Custokebon Secrets? I have heard many great things about it and my mate lost crazy amounts of weight with Custokebon Secrets (just search it on google).

i c

Kya ma'am white hair ke liye regular amla khane se thik hoga?

Aqila Hussain

U r so good. I live in USA where do I get Amla. I enjoyed your yoga asan too and follow aswell.

Aqila Hussain

Pls respond

sahista khoja

Can we take amla in tablet form - as it is easy for us ( NRI) ??????

Shivanand G. Biradi

Will there be any side effects if I have two amlas a day? One during lunch and one during dinner? I just like got addicted to it.. Now I am worried will it affect me adversely?

Shaguna Kanwar

Wow! What an initiative. Really thankful to you Rujuta for helping me to not fall for fad diets and moving towards a more healthy and sustainable lifestyle. Just one request - it'll be great if you can also specify the quantity in which we should consume the food items that you are suggesting. For example - I don't know how much saffron should I take and if it's eaten raw or should I dissolve it in a glass of water. A bit about these aspects as well would help a lot. Thanks a lot again. You are really inspiring!

Anu Rawal

I like you coz you advocate eating


Amla murabba shi hota h kya kha sakte h kya plz tell me

jai Garkoti

Mam in uttarakhand sometime awla are not available in market...can we take its juice

Sreekala A

Mam..my son has a deficiency of VIT D. Can u pls suggest some food..

Ruchita Shah

I have seriosis (dandruff) in my hair what should I eat?

Srimoyee Mukhopadhyay

Can someone give a summary of this video

rajesh bajpai

क्या पतंजलि का आंवला जूस ले सकता हूँ? क्योंकि अब आँवला का सीजन नही है।

Madhuri Bardia

Thanks mam....u r so good.

Shaheen Parveen

Mam Amla ka murabba kha sakte h

Roopam Raghuvashi

Can pregnant ladies eat amla. Specially approaching last trimester

Nirvair Kaur

Please make this vedio in hindi also

meeta jain

I have Amla everyday in my morning juice..which includes vegegies and apple and Amla

pooja boora

Thanku so much rujuta mam ...U guide us .....U have made my life healthy

Kriti Sharma

Can we consume chayawanprash in summers also , in all seasons????
In north India ??

Salma Aahil

Mam how is baidyanath amla juice??can i consume it plz rep thnk u!!

Asha Bhoir

Rujuta ma'am please video Hindi madhe banwa na ???

Nibedita Ghorui

Mam pls hindi me bolie


Ma'am bauli in Punjab is very famous(first milk given by cow after delivered a calf)k bare mein Kuch btaayie..hmari pardadi isko best btate theh..
Milk cake Jaise bhi bna sakte hai isko dry Karke aur paneer Jaise bann jata hai normal boil karte hi...For migraine it is awesome...aur bhi bahut benefits honge

shahada k

Can we drink amla drink

Panduranga Bhat

What is the quantity of amla juice we have to drink daily.

Ayesha Khan

kitnay khanaky hy din ma

Saeeda Aziz

What do u call amla in english dear?tq. is it gooseberries?

Monikaba Sarvaiya

Hi ma'am, I love all you diet plans. I have question, can we eat frozen ambla ?

Satya Mohana

Hi ma'am can we have amla powder?

Amita Shirapure

Hindi rujuta प्लीज

Vinanti Kaluste

Bakwas drugs lati ahi boliwood

Uzma Nazli

Hello from Pakistan Rujita. thank you for explaining that well about Amla fruit. Can we use readymade Amla ka Murabba? I mean the Amla in Syrup

Nikita Sharma

Amble ka murabba subah uthkar khali pet kha skte h????

Pooja Goyal

Hi Rujuta
Started watching your vedios today, just loved them ?

Kala Grafix

what about pathanjali amla juice ?
can we go for it

Vageesh Kumar

Ma'am good afternoon. I am not finding form to fill . I am searching and watching your video. Where it is available ma'am? Please inform

Sharmila Teke

How energetic you are,lots of love,thanks for sharing the knowledge with us

Bikash Kataruka

Could we take the bottle wala amla dilute?

Panchashilaa Lahane

Thanks dear mam...

joyson sundaran

For heavy dry skin can Aavla good

Nitin Gupta

Can ,we use awla juice daily

Pravat Singh

How many raw amla can eat per day.


Hi my uncle stay in USA and he s asking similar alternatives to eat their local food... Can u suggest

Swati Gadia

Can we drink raw amla juice early in morning

vijay sagar Naidu

your amazing mam...

Anita Devi

Mam Hindi mein bhi Dalo na video

Chandrima Dey

Maam can I boil amla with my rice or khichdi and have it in my lunch?


Thank you so much mam..love u a lot..god bless u ?☺️

Priya Anand Singh

Amla ko boil krne se iska vit C kam ho jata hai kya??

neha patel

Lovely talk with us


Lady with superb knowledge.... she is amazing... i love her because she always support home made food. No supplements nothing.

Rafz Siddiq

Great knowledge masahAllah. Superb lady!

nitika dhimaan

Amala khate khate video dekh rhe hu or benefits sun k khane ke himaat aa rhe hai ?

Aastha Jain

Mam plz ek baat bataey ??? Kya hum avle ka juice nikalva k kach ki bottle mae freeze mae 1 month k liy store kr sakte hai kya??? Plzz bataee koi problem to nhi hai ase use karne mae??????????????

suchita mishra

Over ???


Plz plz mam Hindi language mein Jada video s dnnao plz plz plz mam

Hema Ramanujam

Hello Rujuta !! Love your videos and follow most of it. I have a query. Whenever I have amla for a few days continuously, my teeth become sensitive. Is there a way to get over this issue?

Vibha Singh

love you maam

shahada k

Is it okay to have amla juice post [email protected]

runa gomes

Can I have it after lunch if I am taking apple cider vinegar before lunch

Hemangi B

Rujuta mam, can we incorporate Amala in juices like carrot, tomato, etc without strainning?

SomeOther Name

Question: can a person suffering from vitiligo eat amlas?

Nayana Kumbhar

Which Chyawanprash is best.. any brand or seller name u can suggest it would be helpful mam..

Phenicia O

Hello. I just went to my local alma lndian store, they didn't have the fruit Alma, but they didn't have the actual fruit, is their and organic Alma juice that I can purchase online please send me the info. I'm very interested. I did purchase the Alma powder, I added with water but didn't like it.

Samiksha Singh

Amla should be eaten during day
Particularly when the sun is strong (10 am - 3 pm)

Dr. Neena Hasheef

Wow wow wow

Garima Agarwal

You talk about indian traditional ways of eating habits. It is better ur videos should be in Hindi than in English.

Komal Trivedi

Plz ap Hindi me apni baate harbar boliye to sabko apki baato ko follo karsakte he harbar .

Look Gorgeous

Thanks to you! Lost alot of weight

Neelam Saraswat

More than one amla can also be taken?

Indira Roy Mandal

Does boiling amla reduce its nutritional value?

Surabhi Gupta

pif i eat amla i get v bad acidity.throwing up sensation

Shweta Mahajan

How to take kesar in the morning??

Ekta Kapoor

U r superb maam....

Heena Shah

How much fresh Amla should we have?

Lekha Mahajan

Is it beneficial to have amla murabba after the season is over? In that case i want make it soonest... pl tell

Hema Malini

I boil and eat by mixing in dhal.

Simi Kaur

Mam ager weight loose journey pe h to alla muraba kha sakte h

Ashok A

Thank u sis

Kavita Gupta

Can v eat Amla powder

Awanika Plus

Hey mam.. I love your "bewak" style of talking..

Nilufer Kar

you are lovely please keep making videos...

Gynanvi Rajesh

Superb tips !! can i have the amla juice early morning empty stomach ? amla juice from patanjali

Ruchika Kandari

Kareena kapoor from jab we met

Mayur Chandwani

100 kat overacting ka?

Yamini Singh

Thx for the info..ur a celebrity dietician but ur vdos has made life simple to normal.ppl


Seems like you show fake enthusiasm

How to take amla powder

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Milk lo amla powder kalpithe palu virgipotgunai

How to take amla powder

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