How to learn to sleep on your back

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13 788 views | 10 Oct. 2019

Hey Louzers! Years ago I

Hey Louzers! Years ago I trained myself to sleep on my back. Since then I've realized the many benefits of doing so. Enjoy. oxoxo Lou

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FTR: I'm just a girl, standing in front of a mirror, asking it if it can tell that I sleep on my back.

Diane Erickson

Your sublle humor kept me listening.

Noa Noa

Nope, when I sleep on my bacj, sleep paralysis will kick in. Use the beauty pillow case for smooth facial skin and a special sleep bra


Can i still buy the pillow ?

Vvv Nnn

How long did it took for you to adjust to sleeping on your back?

Stella Bøgfeldt

I already sleep on my back, coz of cronic pain. So I have too, otherwise I get in more pain than I already am in,

Havent you made a video about this before? I believe I have watched you make one before ?

Rose Solis

Hello. Do you still have a pillow?

Miss G

Im a subbie and I was looking for videos on this subject and you came up! I literally just ordered your pillow.l!! fingers crossed ??
Love ya btw! ?


What about sleep boners tho ?

Radu Alexandru Theodor

How to have a sleep paralysis 101

Cheryl Peat

Awesome, helpful, healthful video! I feel so safe and cozy when I sleep in the fetal position. When I’m training myself to back sleep, I put big pillows on my frontal torso and it really helps calm me to sleep.

Debbie MacKenzie

Sadly I’ve had spine surgery and can only sleep on my right side, so I’m just going to get wrinkly but at least I can walk without pain ?

Cynthia Hawkins

Thank you! Very helpful. I tried sleeping on back last night for the first time, before watching this video. I actually think I fell asleep faster. Could be coincidence but I definitely am going to try to make this my sleep pattern.

KarenRene Beauty

Well, now I know why my pillowcase doesn’t have any wrinkles but my face does! Makes perfect sense now.

Jane Doe

I try sleeping on my back as much as possible but I have acid reflux and unfortunately that position makes it worse for me

Ta'Neile Simmons

lol I love your personality

Loving Life

I can only sleep on my back. No other position is comfy for me. I’ve been sleeping in my back my whole life.


All the pillows!!! Also, I started sleeping on my back 4 years ago, today. I had two brain surgeries and spent 23 days in the ICU where they wouldn't let me sleep at all ?

Carina Whitham

I know it is better for you but if you have a body pillow they say it is safe to sleep on your right side so you do not squish your lungs or heart. Stomach sleeping is the best but then you look like you were at an all nighter when you wake up!

Lala Here

aaaaww Sold Out... so bummed! :(

Jordan Tyson

You’re hilarious ??

Sindija Buksa

Stomach sleeper here, it is just easier for me to fall asleep, but I want to try to become a back sleeper. Will try to this night :)

barb hermes

Hi Lou!

Manny G

i’m trying to sleep on my back because recently i’ve been breaking out a lot with acne on the side of my face so i just want to sleep on my back and get rid of it

sküll düggery

does the humped side go under your neck? i'm not real bright and need supervision...cancel that. maybe i should've just laid on it to dig the feel.


I just found you tonight and Ive been binging your content! Im so glad I found you. Subbed!

Horny Cini Minis

Sleeping on a side is also heatlhy for your spine, just pull your kness to your stomach

April Thomas

I've read it's good to prevent dark circles under the eyes. It gives the blood the opportunity to dissipate.

Cwsing 7

G V ??

Luv Autumn Blaze Pony

Sorry I can’t sleep on my back. Too uncomfortable for me.

George Not Found

Bruh I only have one pillow. I just moved in and I have a twin bed


I’m a back sleeper naturally, it was so hard to sleep when I was pregnant, since you have to sleep on your side.


It is a great tip. I'm always a back sleeper. Thanks, Lou! xoxo


This looks promising www.retouchpillow.com


About 5 years ago my daughter showed me your pillow video. I couldn't find it in Russia, but managed to make a similar myself. I only made it close my ears, silence and warmth are really cosy. THANK YOU SO MUCH! I sleep better, I look better, I feel better - seriously, my hypertension and bloating occur a lot more seldom.

Cwsing 7

Inspiration!!!!!??❌❌❌❌?true talking my chest is like that very wrinkly and I slept 5 days before on my back and I looked 10 years younger, and you are beautiful I make sure I copy you , thank you

jennifer whitworth

Another reason is allow you bladder to talk to you. So you are not being told in the morning that your bladder is over full.

Carrie Kernel

Side Sleeper here, but working on the back, and let me tell you it may be too late for the damage I've already created ~ So glad to see you Lou :)

sarai isabelle

this was a very helpful video


Sadly my husband would kill me if I slept on my back because I am a heavy snorer. He would never sleep again.


I’m a stomach sleeper, slept on my back for 1 night, and woke up feeling amazing

Karen Walton

I sleep like a corpse in a casket too!!! On my back, propped up a bit with my hands resting, on my chest/abdomen. Sometimes I cross my ankles as well. I also don't move in my sleep. I only shift position if I wake all the way up and then move. And usually once I wake up I just get up.
It's creepy, I know.
The tip about a knee pillow is great. If you've never done it, try it. So comfy.

家はobito 首

When i sleep on my back i feel dizzy and uncomfortable.


Definitely buying that product, and there’s something sexy about this woman


This pillow looks so comfortable.. www.retoucpillow.com

The McGuire Life

Hi Lou This Is Jermey McGuire I Sleep On My Left Side.i’m Going To Do What You Said I’m Going To Put A Pillow Under My Knees.” I’m Going To Sleep On My Back Tonight.

Lisa Kerr

Do you still have stock of your pillows???

Crystal Osinoski

So I do have sleep apnea, and I do use a CPAP machine. Mine is mild. But, I also have shoulder pain which is caused by side-sleeping. When I wake up after sleeping on my back, I feel so much better. Like I got more restful sleep. So, does anyone know if I can keep training myself, or if I should not do it due to the apnea. I will eventually ask a sleep doc, but I am wondering if anyone out there knows. Thanks.

How to learn to sleep on your back

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Sleeping on your Back: Why & How I Learned it

422 views | 14 Apr. 2020

Sleeping on your back has

Sleeping on your back has several benefits but not everyone is able to do it. The Captain could not back-sleep and got determined to learn it. This video contains his success story and tips for how to sleep on your back. It's all about knowledge, dedication and being strong.

Be aware that I'm no medical expert but just a strong individual sharing his thoughts about sleeping positions. People with medical conditions or pregnant women should NOT take my advice.


Neat video

How do you like the Therm-a-rest Z-lite pad? I'm thinking about buying one

Jan-Wijbrand Kolman

Thanks for the encouragement to keep on trying. It would be so convenient if I could finally get myself to sleep on my back.

Ramón Pérez

Really nice video. Im was about to buy the full size Z Lite pad. Where could u find it half size?

How to learn to sleep on your back

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Learning to Sleep on Your Side

19 531 views | 9 Sep. 2016

In this video Psoas

In this video Psoas co-owner, Scott, shows you how to properly sleep on

your side. It is recommended to sleep on your back (check out our

video "Learning to Sleep on Your Back"), but if your toss and turn or

prefer sleeping on your side, this video is for you. Learning the

proper side sleeping technique can help reduce morning aches and pains

in your neck, shoulders, hips, and knee. Hopefully, you'll be having a

comfortable nights sleep after trying this out.

Tyler Can-campbell

I know how to do that I just kneed to know

Tabitha Burch

I thought I was the only one! I have used 3 pillows like that for years. Can't sleep without one under my arm lol


My hands fall asleep (carpel tunnel) don’t know how to keep my arms while sleeping on my side.