Mon facebook est yesuh laulau
Je présente des origine
Fille avec plusieurs photos
My facebook is yesuh laulau
I present origin
Girl with a lot picture

Brasileiros marquem presença ????


numpang komen


I think that mindset may be helpful but it's also extreme important to address the actual conditions in which people live and how the society normalizes conditions generating extreme stress.

Unfortunately often positive thinking is often used as an excuse to not help people in need, instead telling them to change their mindset.

She keeps coming back to looking young and living longer.

She looks so much more comfortable than she did in 2016. Love the arms.

Alucard go for a walk

Yes, but how to achieve such a mindset?
And I'm not sure whether the people with the right mindset can also stay calm in stress inducing situations. I know people who are never stressed, but only because they chill out and always take the easy way.


Looking pretty ?????????


Muito linda ??

very nice Girl, Great Haircut ???

ขอบคุณค่ะชอบวิธีตัดผมของคุณมากค่ะ ดูไม่ชับช้อน


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Fuck poor guy

I kept holding my breath with him. Now I'm sweating for no reason.

Good way to lose an eye.

Would have been better i


Any silicon mix type with a bit of Kanechom combo is freaking amazing.

How often do u deep condition?

Silicone is not good for your hair, its actually bad and it's not helping your hair.

I want to try this.. do you still use it? Your hair is goals!!!???

I am a Caucasian full
Lace wig wearer I must say. This product and kanechom combo with a little heat works so well keeping wig and extension hair hydrated. Better than anything I’ve purchased

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the cocoa butter one is life

whats your insta ?

this isnt your video

Can cocoa butter petroleum jelly help your eyelashes grow?

Do it for Dark marks under the eyes plz get back

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hi mam main aak boy hon mere baalon ki lenght knee lenght ho ghi ha kiya moje ab apne baal trim karwane cheye plz reply kon si hair cutt suit kare ghi moje jis se mere baal stylish bhi lage or lenght bhi kaam na ho plz reply fast

Wow beautiful haircut


Good job! Keep it up!

Very helpful video

Very good.

best face mask

Hello! Thanks for posting this video!


who else misses her? ?

Absolutely beautiful ? ?

what did you ask for when you got your hair cut????

totally gorgeous!
your hair is a fascination
Regards ????✌️?

subbed :D


can it be use as daily moiturizer?

Is it okay for oily skin?

Tysm my face is allyas red its soo annoying

Wishtrend & Klairs products were my introduction to quality kbeauty skincare. Every product was gentle, yet so effective, on my dehydrated & sometimes sensitive, 40 year old skin.

so would this product work for skin that is constantly red all day? because in the morning i start off okay but as i go on throughout my day i get red and it won't go away(it also shows up through my makeup and i color correct too), so a follow up question is if i am able to apply this on areas that aren't red yet but will be later on to prevent it?

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I will build a wall so high, that the sun won't shine.


What height are you cutting your yard at? I have been mowing mine at 4 to 4.25 with timemaster but it seems like it is just laying the grass over. Should i lower the the height of cut?

Lawn looks awesome Ben !!

Subscribed because you remind me of me last year (my first year as a LCN)! Had the same issues with the ortho. Might I suggest a good backpack sprayer (electric). I had a 105ex and worked great and cut my app time in half!

Sold my 12,000 sq ft Zoysa lawn and am now taking on a 42,000 sq ft St Aug..... lotta work to do! So now I have a tow behind sprayer :)

Lawn is looking good Ben. Got the rain to water it in for sure. Happy Memorial Day.



I just bought it today

You were so honest in your review. Pretty much a great product I can see

i looove your skinn. omg

i love the packaging

Never heard of this one, sounds like it's working though. Gorgeous!


Client ke upar kam krne ke waqt kese smjhenge?

Aap kon se brand ka konsa foundation use ki hai ?Meri skin clr ap ke haisa hai ,pls tell me ..Kaise regular make up karu?

Hello ma'am
Hair color ke bare me bhi bataiye skin tone ke according !!!!

Hi di aap bahut acha samjate ho?

Black skin undertone kya hota h mam??? Pls reply

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Girl 6ix9ine


Not if you say it meen

her hair looks like rainbow dash

Did you watched she was crying

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I had this CD when I was pregnant with my daughter. I played it for her in the womb all the time and sang it to her to get her to calm down after she was born. She's 9 now. And I can't sing it anymore without crying. Why do they have to grow up? ???

Beautiful song! :)

❤❤ a mother's love

Why would anyone thumb down this song?



It's a beautiful color. I have never dyed my hair, but I have always wanted to. Stay safe! TFS! ~ Nona

Wow your hair turn out beautiful color. Can you believe that i have never color my hair ? your daughter and cat are so cute. This is good for who color their hair. Thank you for sharing hun. Have a great weekend ?

thanks for the video!

Waaow beautiful hair color before and after too ???? new frnd here to support ????hope to see you around ???wish you good luck and health ?????

I did the Red for Brown. I rinsed in my kitchen sink because stainless is hard to stain. It worked! Trying the espresso next because don't love the fade from the red.


Love the stencils this set came out amazing ????

Hermoso ???? Beautiful ???? bravissima

Ahhh I made the shoutout....so cool

El diseño de las uñas son espectaculares

So excited you use an airbrush! Tysmfs can't wait until the next one


More videos pleaseeeeee omg

since quarantine, mag make up tutorial ka??


Anak, I love you. You know I love you, anak.

-Mama Timmy

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We can drink

Thanks :)

We are selling activated bamboo charcoal on amazon US. They are great odor absorber. Look up 'orlandopure' please and read our satisfied customers' feedback!

Thanks sister,one Caribbean sister to another very to the point and forward ????????

Do you need coconut shell charcoal? https://etsy.me/33BfaTb


Wow ! I never knew about this range or maybe they didn't release it in Germany. Would try it for sure in the summer.
Great derailed video ! Also, a video suggestion - your top pick from each category.

Is this a nicer smelling version of the zesty lemon?

The Lemon line is so very popular here in Canada as well, the customers are going to be super HAPPY!!! I heard in an update we are to receive it in 2021. Thank You for the presentation, I love it and look forward to Tuesdays line up of information. I hope you feel better soon. Much Love


Finally another Ram with the hemi!!

So much fun?? Enjoyed it again! Look forward to the next lub it up?

Another great video...
Keep up the great work..

When you put the p i in the gas tank for the first time while doing the oil change does it need to be a full tank of gas?

I have run Amsoil and the amsoil filter and I had to change my filter due to low oil pressure. But the oil is great


I think there hair is really cool ?
Like if you do to
??like or comment

The girl with the purple is so adorable ☺️ she’s so wholesome

Gurll : NoT tRyInG tO bE rUdE 2 aNyOnE rN bUt I dOnT lIkE iT

Me : How is that rudeee gurll

Let's appreciate the way the last girl died her WHITE hair orange with a FULL face of makeup on, and a white sweatshirt. I-

The first girl:

oh mah gwad, like OH mAH GWAD. This is gonna be hot pink. Oh mwah gwad.


Dear Maria, thank you for all these technical details. I also have dark blond hair. And for now I know I how hard it is to color hair with tints, and without bleaching it. That would be great, if you make more videos about your experience with hair tints.

This helped me out a lot I have used Lime crime and was debating jumping to overtone colors. Thanks again.

Maria, I like your gray green dirty blond) but you are pretty in any color


Gorgeous hair

Gang gang

I love your hair ? I just subscribed , show love : Myfamilt_Thatprays

Hermoso peinado

For some reason, notifications aren’t being sent out for my video so let me know if you guys were notified? I hope you guys loved this style! Subscribe if you haven’t done so because more protective styles & hair growth challenges/tips are coming up??

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Maddie looks so beautiful, I ? her SO MUCH, she's AWESOME. ?

Omg i love you I just ordered you’re pallet super excited

I have the palette

Have no idea who she is.

The picayune trip interstingly replace because low chronically behave plus a obnoxious wing. lacking, evanescent root


Thanks for sharing! Never heard of these techniques

Just tried it! It was so satisfying watching the peach fuzz flake off lol

Do you still do your same skincare routine?

Follow HEREPA. com tips to Remove Most Types of Scars and Acne Marks

How do you dispose of your scalpels? Could I use a tinkle razor to do this instead of the scalpel? I'm a little nervous about the scalpel...


Thank you so much for having me Sharron! It was great fun speaking with you.

These are the business tips I needed in my life! ? Keep rising to be who you want to be! ? #keeprising #risingtobe #aswerise #riser

Have you had thoughts of creating your own product line?

And if you have a line already what type of product is it?


Maybe burkas aren’t such a bad idea.

Now the face masks make sense

I think so much has changed over the last few decades some are good and some are bad, but as technology progresses there has to be a level of healthy skepticism to ask the question to whom in society does it really benefit, is it the whole community at large or only a few at the top gets the piece of the pie and what are the mechanism to balance out those groups in a fair and just manner, these sort of technology needs to be evaluated, debated and put into a vote by the public because it is concerning to see how much power the government have on the individuals nowadays even in a democratic society.

I don't know if you guys have known the patterns already, first they introduced finger prints globally (by globalists), then non-consent full body searches and now this so called 'Facial Recognition' technology, so what's next implant a chip into our brain. I think any individuals in society ought to ask and start questioning when is enough because it is starting to get ridiculous and intrusive not the betterment for society though.

This intrusive cameras will hit cheaters harder

Since 1997 face recognition cameras were in use in parts of Britain

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