I really want to have locs, I love your video about locs really

Good luck on your new journey !! I can’t wait to see the progress ?

You could still get a natural hair model and do the "natural" hair things on their hair.

Your loose natural hair was the closest to mine. I called it 4D

I love your hair too ?❤??


Nice n very helpful....mam plzz make video on best mascara

Can ppl with pco use this ( does these have any side effects?)

Thanks for sharing shalini.
Love your hair.

How you kill noise of fan during editing ???

14 661 views | 4 years ago days ago

This was quite helpful. Thanks!

It is hard to follow along. He says "this" but doesn't point, like we are supposed to know which molecule is which. I haven't taken biochem yet.

I think this is a good presentation but i cant follow it because no pointer T_T

Thanks for the information, but if you say ascorbate one more time...?

543 views | 2 years ago days ago

Şey would any one want to thin hair.



This is nice old photo


Interesting!! Do you still use this?

So dose the coco powder do??

love the video babe!! xx :) mind checking out my latest video? ^^

can I use corn flour instead of corn starch?

I dont have green clay and how is that? Thanks for responding

99 639 views | 3 years ago days ago

have you considered getting some vintage Chanel jackets? Sometimes you can score them for less than $1000!

Great tips! I think you should keep the Black because your other jacket is already in the same color as the one you are choosing between. I got lucky as Lord and Taylor had a sale and found a Channel-ish type dress in tweed by Karl Lagerfeld for a steal at $92 US. Love those Channel type shoes!

I would go with the black one, since you have the other lighter inspired piece that was $80 with matching skirt. Gorgeous Chanel inspired collection! I love pearls as well. They are classic! This was a very informative video for getting the “Chanel” look.
? ?. ?. ?

I would like to add purchasing a Chanel fragrance as well. That’s how I started my collection.

Thanks for sharing, very informative video

796 views | 1 year ago days ago

Very good content
Keep it up

3 628 212 views | 3 years ago days ago

Haha omg Gray in the thumbnail! He looks like hes possessed..... im a bit concerned

I think you should get an incomplete circle because a perfect circle doesn’t exist and it can remind you that nobody’s perfect and to be youself

Ethan and Gray pleade check your videos over cuz it might change

Boring ??‍♀️?

Boys, THANK YOU for sharing your tattoos with is...they are really awesome and how you explained each tattoo was awesome...????


Mam can this medicine used for removing fish bone stuck in throat

Bartholin cyst ka operation karne k baad bhe baar baar ho jaati hai.. irritation or pain hai.. bohot problem m hu pl medicine kya Leni hai

मेरा उम्र 27 साल हाइट 5'4" वजन 51 केजी है

मुझे हमेशा सुस्ती कमजोरी और थकान मेहसूस होती है कोई काम करने में मन नहीं लगता है
मुझे खाया पिया नहीं लगता है मैं हमेशा पोषक तत्व वाले भोजन लेता हूँ लेकिन फिर भी मुझे बार बार भूख लगती है ऐसा लगता है मानो कि मैं खाना ही नहीं खाया हूँ
मेरा ब्लड शुगर खाना खाने के बाद भी 100 के नीचे ही रहता है
प्लीज़ मुझे treatment बताइए क्या silicea ले सकते हैं क्या ? और यदि ले सकते हैं तो किस dose मे कितना जब और कैसे लेना हैं प्लीज

Gadha v bhrta h kya

I have nail fungus is it good for that and for how long should I use it.


Ati Sundar ji

V useful information ? keep sharing more videos

Thanks for sharing this information ?

Ye plant kanha se milega please reply ?

Very valuable and helpful information ?

4 850 views | 2 years ago days ago

Pale olive skin tones are not always warm. There is cool olive and warm olive. There are plenty of women that are olive with bright blue eyes and blonde hair. Unfortunately, the majority of people are still stuck in a stigma of green people. ?

I feel like this describes me almost! I have dark blonde hair, with some red glow to it. My veins look green on my wrist, so this makes me think I'm a warm. Also soft would describe me better than deep:) thank you!

its possible to have Olive skin and blonde hair.
even the melanesians are brown skinned who have naturally blonde hair or copper orange.

I have ivory skin my natural hair color is inbetween medium blonde to dark blonde
my eyes are green blue hazel but there never just blue it's green or hazel if it's
one but manly blue green hazel what about you??

I feel like I have an olive undertone but I also have blue eyes. Because of that I am wondering if I really have an olive undertone because the people with olive skin I have seen, all have hazel or mixed green eyes. Can someone help me?


SHAMELESS WALMART plug. Free false advertising?
yea sure Walmart generic brand YOU can trust. LOL


Can you make Ethiopian shuruba using double cream or unsalted butter. They have been using it since the dawn of times.

How many times do you have to do this in a week

So how
Long did you let the onion soak in the oil before draining it .. i see you didn’t mention it

I'm willing to experiment but I did a onion rinse and couldn't take my hair smelling like that afterwards so I'm now going to try the oil and rinse it out.

IL try d first method


What shade were you holding of the Maybelline gloss?? It’s really pretty.

ooooh stringy gloss ends up in the garbage in my house. LOL....I LOVE Maybelline Lifter Gloss and think I will stick with it. Awesome video, thank you!

I think I would go with Maybelline too.

Halfway full!?! ? oh nooo???

They all look the same ??‍♀️

33 506 views | 7 years ago days ago

how much Glycerine do you use in 8" cake

thank you very much! that was really helpful.....

Can I know what is glycerin make of

Good info....I was having trouble with fondant and the elephant skin....show much do I use 1, 2, 3 drops?

When using the glycerin in RI will the icing stand up to stacking, and is stamping doable for this as well?


You legit have the only video about this !!

Thank you for this video? i just flat ironed my hair using your tips. Now I'm running out to purchase the lottabody to retain length. This girl is underrated for sure. Thanks.

I was just looking through your videos (recent subscriber here), and another moisturizer that might work for your hair is the one from Melanin Haircare that Naptural85 made. I straighten my hair often and this doesn’t revert my hair no matter how much I put. Just another suggestion in case you wanted to try others. Thanks for sharing!

Very helpful, thank you! :) I was using a cream based moisturizer to moisturize my straightened hair but it reverted it a little bit. I will definitely try out the lotta body!

Love your stuff! New subbie!


Thank you sir.??????.sir ..is it compulsory..brainolife ke saath ..Kali phos..Lena...pls suggest me..

Thanks sir

Nice lotion

Good morning sir. This is very important & useful product for person who are having oily skin. Thank you so much. God bless you.

where can I buy it sir am from ludhiana punjab


Best antihairfall and hair growth shampoo in India plz make a video on this

Liked it


Plz make a vedio Best virgin coconut oil????

Thsym mam is chiz ka hi wait kar Rahi thi???

38 520 views | 6 years ago days ago

I'm enjoying your videos...thnx so much...you are a gentle man...

Eric I am sooo impressed with your artwork! In special when I look at that sooo thin brush you use. Wow! Amazing! Lots of congratulations and lots of thanks for your sharing. Blessings from Mexico.


Awesome video! You're a very detailed instructor! ;)

thank you for your video, very helpful


Link của kem dưỡng hong vô đc anh oii

A làm video về thâm mụn ik

A oi mk dùng toner rau má của Lucenbase xong dùng lọ xanh trị mụn của lucenbase mix với retinol a313 và mix với niacinamide 3% của lucenbase đc k ạ. Sau cùng là kem dưỡng B5 của la roche đc k ạ. E chưa dùng retinol nên đang muốn dùng thử a313 ah. Mong a giúp e ạ. E cảm ơn ạ !


22 tuổi dùng kcn có phải quá trễ k ạ


Lmao, you’re so crazy! I had one strip waxed on my leg once and said hell no! Razor for me! ?. Love you bunches! ❤️

best how to video I have EVER seen

I was having a not so good morning until I watched this your video. Your reaction had me laughing ? I got a professional wax once and it definitely hurts. I am thinking about ordering but wanted to see the reviews first. I can’t continue to use razors because they mess my skin up and I don’t want to keep using nair either. Thanks for the review

wait a sec. i don’t understand how people expect this to be “pain free.” youre literally stripping away the hairs on your body. of course it will hurt. ??

I can never believe that these kind of products are pain free ?? you’re so brave

25 831 views | 6 years ago days ago

Wow!!! You're 5-month results looks amazing. I was prescribed the Tazorac 0.05 back in 2014. I didn't use it as suggested bc I was peeling. Didn't know that was expected. So my nee dermatologist prescribed a surfer wash and gave me samples of Tazorac 0.1 and I started it tonight. I will continue using it now after seeing your video bc my skin is the pits (cystic acne) itchy and tender.....thanks for sharing.

Quick question, did you use the moisturizer before or after the tazorac?

I'm using Tazorac, as prescribed by my dermatologist. I like you have darker skin, and some scarring from previous pimples. I've  been using Tazorac for the past month, broke out more, now its more dryness and sometimes peeling of the skin. Did you find this?

hi!! so i've been on tazorac for about 6 weeks, after 3 months how clear was your skin and how were your acne scars? right now my skin is pretty bad but i know with tazorac your skin gets worse before it gets better, but i was just curious how the acne scars are and when did your skin start getting clearer within the 5 months?
thank you so much!!!

you are beautiful

3 527 views | 6 months ago days ago

I think is a cool mask but 90 dollars is way too much money for a mask.

Is this mask breathable ??

Count me in as a new subscriber. That is too cool.

Its way too big for your face ?

I just ordered her full face mask today.


I don't have words about you sir seriously you are a very good teacher

Sukrera sir jee

Great !!!!!! ?

Sir AP great ho

Thank u sir apke wajh se previous year me bhi ache marks aaye the...... and I hope ke is bar bhi esa hi hoga❤️


This i can tell smells so good, thank you for sharing. Love Sekhmet Sapphyre-Sun????

Can beeswax be used instead of shea or cocoa butter??

23 817 views | 1 year ago days ago

Thank you for your sharing whole story about how we treat the curl Afro hair .. best wish to you ????

Gostei bastante do seu vídeo ??

Gurl you don’t know how long I was searching for someone with my hair oml this is the best video I ever seen

When they say 4-7 mins or something like that always go for the higher number for the best results

Brush in circler motion .. please


Sir muje pain left side m hota h...or khna hajam nai hota...

Dr singla I had ultrasound few years back it showed severe swelling in my gallbladder and there was no stone. But Dr suggested me to be cautious.

I took it for granted but now it seems impossible from sometime I suffer unbearable pain In the Upper right sight of abdomen And rib cage.

As the pain starts get severe I feel something is moving in and out from my bladder to intestines.

And the pain is Unbearable.

From last 5 days I took 6 painkillers.

What might be the reason.

Sir I am having 19mm stone in gallbladder.... but its asymptomatic .......Pls suggest

Sir mujhe right side lower abdominal me cramps hota hai.....to kya ye bhi gallstone ke symptoms me aata hai

Dr vikas very nice information